「君と旅行鞄」 (Kimi to Ryokou Kaban)
“You and a Travel Bag”

I haven’t really watched detective series like Detective Conan or the more recent Gosick, but I’ve always enjoyed a good detective/mystery story. Kami-sama no Memo-chou seems to provide an average one in that department; I haven’t read the manga, but it looks like the format will revolve around a case-by-case basis, like Sherlock Holmes short stories. The first case was resolved in the double-episode premiere, and this week we have Meo, a mixed Thai-Japanese, who comes to Alice for help in finding her father Kusakabe Masaya, a former Yakuza. It seems that he was involved in money laundering and stole a few hundred million yen from the Kishiwada Yakuza before fleeing and leaving 200 million yen with Meo.

Clearly, this is a much more dangerous business to get involved in, as Alice’s mafia contact Yondaime (The Fourth) points out. On the other hand, Narumi our generic male protagonist really doesn’t understand the danger and risk involved. I think it’s fine to help Meo, but Narumi is rather naive in his ideals and he’s obviously very inexperienced in dealing with these professional criminal groups. Firsthand experience is good I suppose though, as long as he doesn’t die first. Meo’s emotions also tends to get in the way of her judgment, which is normal given that her father is in trouble, but idiots in these kinds of situations also tend to get killed or otherwise make things worse than they were. Her dad’s motives aren’t completely clear at this point, but I do think his foresight for Meo was probably for the best, even if his own actions weren’t so savory. Narumi means well too, but he probably should have chose his words more carefully, especially to someone like Meo, and shouldn’t have jumped so quickly to the conclusion that Kusakabe abandoned his daughter.

Those fools contrast sharply with others characters like the Yondaime or Alice. Alice may be a little egotistic and holds a lot of pride in her skills, but she is very knowledgeable and perceptive (as detectives should be) and also pretty cute at times. I like how she’s not easily ruffled, and her mindset is cold and calculating. However, Alice is also able to empathize with others and has a way with words that calms people down. Of course she also has her weak spots, especially things involving food, hygiene, and stuffed animals, but those are fairly amusing to watch. As for the actual case, I’m not finding it so gripping that I’m extremely eager to find out what’s next, but there’s enough intrigue to keep things interesting for now. There are bits of humor on the side, like the Yakuza mobsters surfing for porn or playboy/male prostitute Hiro’s antics, but the mystery aspect is not as captivating as I had hoped. The significance of the hidden cell phone is also a bit murky at the moment, but I suppose everything will be resolved next week.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「あすなろ」 (Asu Naru) by 鈴村健一 (Suzumura Kenichi)
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  1. Dunno why but I’m liking this show a lot, it certainly isn’t mind blowing but I’ve always liked shows with a big cast, all diverse different people from different backgrounds working together. Creates some interesting dynamics and dialogue.

    Even if the show stays at mysterys these small I reckon I’ll still enjoy so as long it’s varied enough. Just wish it’d stop with Narumi walking in on the girls who slapping and ‘PERVERT’ moments, GOD DAMN IT KAMISAMA YOU CAN BE BETTER THAN THIS ;__;

  2. Damn Meo’s hott. Always gad a thing for darker skin XD Seriously though, how many times is Ayaka gonna slap Narumi. He’s only listening to Alice lol. She has the adorable loli-power and he’s a protagonist, he has no choice but to obey!

    Can’t figure out why the father took that 1/3 of the money, but it definitely seems like he’s coming back. Maybe he knows a way to settle the debt with just that much? I hope someone yells at Meo for calling his phone though. She did that before everyone started doubting her father, so that was kinda dumb. I mean, I can understand it, but still… it’s not like Alice told her not to just to be mean.

    1. I realize we may have a thing for tans in anime because anime characters are usually so pale to the point where tans are unusual and often just come from another country! …….. and yes, she’s hot.

    2. I’m already tired of Ayaka slapping Narumi from the first time (second time was slightly understood but the first time was purely her fault).
      Hope this changes a bit soon.

    1. That’s what I thought too. Kusakabe married a Thai woman nine years prior to the events in the episode, and Meo certainly doesn’t look nine years old to me. She’s full-blood Thai, and Kusakabe is her step-father.

  3. This show might best DRRR!!!
    I love how lolis order people around, in real life, my only master are the girls within 145cm of height, cup A, and no one else.
    1st episode, they are amazed with how someone operates a computer, even using a scanner.
    2nd episode, they are amazed with how someone handles a virus/spyware situation due to surfing through porns quite easily.

    1. Yeah, the mooks of “friendly yakuza group” regard our protagonist as computer wizard 😛
      Alice bossing people around is fun to watch too…
      Still, the story itself seems less exciting than previous one. We need more clues!
      I think Meo’s dad probably tried to daw away pursuers from her not, the other way around. Also there is slight possiblilty that her mom is somehow alive and the hidden cell phone is the key to find her. Or is it just a memento to be passed? Anyway, for now primary concern are the “big bad yakuza” attacking the NEET detectives base. Silly Meo should have listened to Alice and not phone dad anymore…

  4. Ive got a question regarding ep 1. Maybe someone can answer me it.
    Why was Miu in jail at the end?
    From what I saw and heard she didnt have something to do with Shoukos death and didnt know Satoshi was hiding her corpse either.
    And I dont think you get in jail because of compensated dating. Or do you? I mean as a women/girl. And she didnt do anything illegal except maybe that.

  5. Prooof…

    I think there’s plenty of focus on the characters so far. Plus, it’s only the second episode. Isn’t it normal establish a setting before getting deeper into the characters?

  6. Glad this story arc is a bit less gloomy than the last one. I wonder when that dude will question why he is doing random things for who thinks are weird strangers. He reminds me of the main character from Durara, but except he has more balls and is far less annoying.

    1. Are you kidding? When this new guy forms the largest gang in Shibuya he’ll be more B.A. than the m.c. in Durarara. Until something prove otherwise hes still number 2 in my book.

  7. I think I might just put this on hold if it’s following the similar episodic format akin to DTB. As much as i loved DTB and am enjoying this show, I can’t imagine following this weekly and having a clear image of events and clues in my head along with everything else, real or otherwise.

  8. The anime is much better than the manga in my opinion. I dropped the manga after a few chapters. Didn’t read the novel, but I think the anime is likely to derive more from the novel than the manga, if it derives anything from the manga at all.

  9. boring as hell. pacing was ok, but the episode was just boring through out. and just when i thought it was getting better, the episode ends. i might come back to this series after the season has ended. but right now, i’m just not interested

  10. I must say I like the fact that we have a detective who’s not an omnipotent genius who can just come up with correct answers off the top of his/her brilliant head. And the Dr. Pepper addiction is simply awesome, if only because I kind of have the same problem.

    Btw, decided to pick up the light novel this anime’s based upon. I generally do this with animes I like, since the books tend to give more details left out by adaptations. But I must say this is one instance I like the anime better. The whole debate about meaning-of-life thing regarding the protagonist on his way to become full-fledged NEET is kind of weird in the book. I prefer anime sticking to “loli bossing people, drinking dr. pepper, and solving mysterious with a whole bunch of NEETs and whacky computer-retarded yakuzas” formula. It’s very good.


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