「《月》が揺れるプールサイド」 ((Suki) ga Yureru Puuru Saido)
“(Month) of the Poolside Swing”

It must absolutely suck to be Haruka right now. Besides getting dropped on a moment’s notice when a new girl appears, I feel so bad that she’s trying to hard when there’s so much working against her — and it’s not like these are thing she could even deal with! demons from other worlds and a life binding contract between Taito and Himea are just the tip of the giant iceberg that is “being with Taito”. It was a bit sad how she had put so much effort into making and presenting that bento for Taito only to have him run away in the end. I’m sure she didn’t mean to grab everyone’s attention while giving it to him, but she sure could have been a bit more tactful in her approach!

But with a conveniently timed call from Gekkou, it’s quite amazing how Taito managed to walk out of that classroom without losing his head. As I said last week, Gekkou’s constant flow of insults and overall rude exterior somehow gets balanced out with Taito’s unrelenting passion to ignore and talk back to his commands. The two actually form a pretty funny combination, with Taito taking every opportunity to shoot an insult right back at Gekkou. At the same time, it’s a shame that trust can’t be developed within days. I’m sure things would be a lot easier for everyone if Taito was brought up to speed completely. And even though Gekkou is probably the best person for the job, it looks like his inhibitions are going to prevent him from doing just that.

The question that’s been bugging me since last week is just how Taito came back to life even though he used up all seven lives during the fight with Hinata. I was whole-heartily expecting Himea to just give a long winded explanation about how he’s actually fully immortal or something. But it seems that she’s still holding important pieces of information from him. It’s a bit strange to watch the girl who’s usually all over him become completely silent. Unlike the hyperactive Mirai who is probably willing to tell anyone just about anything. Sure, the season preview already explained her origins and how she was sent to kill Gekkou only to be turned into his familiar, but it feels a bit odd (in a good, trusting way) that she’s willing to explain things in detail to Taito when everyone else seems to be hiding things.

With red rain that kills, dimension portals opening everywhere, and Gekkou’s Spell Error effectively rendered useless, it looks like the show isn’t taking any time to give us a break from the action. And since Hinata is still alive and what looks like hell opening up all around Miyasaka high school (the best place for it to happen), I hope there’s some good action next week. If not, I wouldn’t mind watching Taito get killed in the strangest fashions, since watching him act like it’s nothing still makes me crack a smile every time.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「Sparkling Kiss」 by 野水伊織 (Nozmizu Iori)
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  1. Small spoiler regarding Taito still being alive after the deaths in the previous ep.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. > “The question that’s been bugging me since last week is just how Taito came back to life even though he used up all seven lives during the fight with Hinata.”

    They covered this in episode two. When he dies, a 900 second (15 minutes) timer begins. His lives reset after those 900 seconds (the title of the first two episodes, you might recall) so long as he doesn’t die 7 times in that span.

    1. Oh, bah, completely went over my head about the whole thing at the end of the last episode…yeah, they didn’t explain that, did they? They just kind of implied there’s something else there, or something.

  3. i had to skip ahead when he started reading the book again to defeat the golem…. that shit takes way to much time than it should, that golem or the girl itself could have killed him 10 times over in the amount of time it took him to read all that shit, i hope they skip to a quick sequence of power summoning soon

  4. Divine, I think it has something to do with the curse himea gave him. Remember the lines in the beginning “We’ll be together until life and death” .

    well thats my predicition.

    The best line, that I think was good, was “I thought I was going to die. Oh, i already died.” This reminds me of Brook in one piece.

  5. athrun gekkou should have been the main char >:D .. with all this demon stuff going on.. i wonder how haruka can compete with himea 🙁 haruka will probably find out about demons eventually :(… im guessing..

      1. ahha, that wud be good.. i just hope that she isnt gonna be the innocent girl who got dragged into this demon bee eees and end up getting protected all the time.. cause atm im quite fond of her.. dont want to un-like/de-like her..

  6. This anime is weird in that there are some gruesome scenes in it for the way the characters are drawn. What I mean is they look like Sat morning kiddie characters or the main girls look like loli girls and yet some gross stuff happens.

    1. Yeah, who’s it aimed at?

      I read the sum and think, hey yeah, nice dark story and cool gimmicks…

      I watch the ep and feel like I’d rather be out on the swing set.

      Can we get a seinen version, please?

  7. Gosh, I feel so bad for Haruka. I really feel like giving Taito a good slapping. I still find Mirai and Himea to be irritating beyond belief, though the action (especially the stuff between Hinata and Gekkou) has still got me interested, haha. I also hope that Mirai turns out to be more yandere in the end.

  8. I don’t like himea’s jealousy already threating to kill all the school girls just because Taito looked at Mirai in a swimsuit sigh I guess she’s going to be one of those clingy jealous girls who are immature and think the main characters is theirs and theirs alone and won’t let any other female get near them.

  9. I love their explanation for why they built a high school on top of the nexus for uncountable hellish dimensions…

    It’s not as if they could have built some sort of private facility and then brought in kids of the appropriate age to guard/use the portals or something, it makes FAR more sense to have the handful of students that know what is going on surrounded by unsuspecting normal students and faculty who have no idea that a portal could open up at any given moment spawning giant flesh eating insects…

  10. First I’ll start with the good. The anime is a bit complex, but that’s mainly because they convey so very little that you have no idea what’s going on. I guess that makes it interesting but it has ‘rushed ending’ written all over it.

    Now the bad. This whole anime is trash, especially if it stays with the manga. But given the manga, I can’t really say I’m anticipating any kind of deep plot. The BS between Gekkou & Taito is ruining this & its completely overshadowing any kind of plot this stuff even tried to develop. Taito IS the worst male protagonist this season. I know that a terrible thing to say with all the white-lily wimps hanging around this season, but I don’t mind seeing him die all the time & there has to be a reason for that. So he might as well be trash. I hope this ends terribly so I can retire this to a nice dark part of my vault.

    1. It’s been said a lot, but if you hate it that much, you could choose not to watch it. I doubt your life is so miserably boring that you don’t have any other way to fill the 20 minutes or so that that you spend watching this show every week.

      Gekkou and Taito arguing is my favorite part of the show; Himea is getting annoying tho, with her jealousy and clinginess.

      1. I never said I hated it. For some reason I can’t hate any anime. To that point, Gekkou & Taito ARE this show and I could care less about the other underlings. They’re the plot as well which is interesting enough as it is. I guess I was being too sarcastic with the ‘trash’ that this anime is. Both Gekkou & Taito are being called trash, useless, & dullards. So since the anime are pretty much about those 2, then I can’t help calling it like I see it. The others aren’t even worth mentioning though.

  11. -Sigh- I was, understandably, concerned with how things were beginning to derail last ep, and it looks as though this one clinched it for me.

    I honestly can’t recall any recent anime that’s tried to steamroll itself through the story as ZEXCS has done here. It simply doesn’t work, as evidenced by the many skeptical viewers who decided to abandon Itsu-Ten as of this episode, not that I can really blame them. How do they expect us to connect with the characters when everything’s moving so quickly?

    As if that weren’t enough, what are they doing with Himea? Where did they come up with that shy schoolgirl attitude of hers? That isn’t like her character at all. o__O

    And for goodness sake, tone it down with all the fan service already. Why must they take every opportunity to try and shove such classless nonsense down our throats? If they have the time to be figuring out all these grandiose opportunities to flash a girl’s panties or to have her change her clothes, let’s try to devote a bit more of that towards the actual plot, ne?

    And as for you, larethian… well, I’m not even sure Gekkou knows what being dere-dere is. o__O

  12. Seems like Gekkou’s ‘trash’ talk is still rubbing off on me. Not too bad.

    Honestly, I don’t know what to expect for Itsuka. The art and animation still seems a little strange to me while the characters don’t seem to have much depth to them. For the benefit of doubt, I’ll put a ‘Yet’ behind that sentence. Perhaps there’s more to Himea than just her ‘clinginess’ or Mirai’s role as being a ‘leftover’ for Gekkou to use.

    The jibes between Taito and Gekkou are still one of the more entertaining parts so far. Aside from that, I don’t think Taito is the ‘worst male protagonist’ this season. Maybe it’s the art, maybe it’s the VA…But he certainly doesn’t seem particularly wimpy, definitely not after what he’s done in episode 2. Besides, there are still a few new characters that are yet to be shown, and the issue with Ba’alskhra doesn’t look like it’s over.

    There’s still something to look forward to, so I’ll go for patience and see how things develop. =)


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