「なげけとて」 (Negeke tote)
“Even If I Lament”

Well, four episodes later, we finally got the craaazy development we’ve been waiting for — is it a dog… or a cat!? I actually thought it looked like a small fox the first time I saw it, so I was always under the impression that it was a puppy. The only thing is, dogs don’t climb trees the last time I checked, nor do they vanish into thin air. I honestly question how much of a role our furry friend has in the story though, because Nono and Nene’s reaction about a supposed dog that Saya was chasing had me wondering if only she can see it. For now, I think I’m simply reading into the dialogue too much; however, keep this in mind if the puppy ends up talking (or transforming) later on. In hindsight, I may look like a genius. And if it doesn’t, I’ll just conveniently pretend like I never said anything. You guys won’t remember anyway… >_>

So… I originally had this image that Shinichirou was going to be the mysterious figure who takes this remake of the Blood concept to the next gear (i.e. the first gear), but it’s quickly fallen on Fumito after Shinichirou desperately saved Saya, blushed in front of her, and was rather curious about exactly how she “loves” Cafe Guimauve’s owner. He’s sort of degenerated from a cool and quiet classmate to one who simply has a crush on her. Fumito on the other hand does all the narration in the show and talked about having to replacing hatred with an equally powerful emotion — such as the desire to protect people — suggesting he knows all about Saya’s true nature. I’m not entirely convinced that he’s as benevolent as he seems either. Assuming that Saya comes from a bloodline akin to the monsters she’s fighting, I can even picture him “nurturing” Saya for some personal cause. That suspicion comes partly from the belief that they didn’t get this seiyuu, Nojima Kenji, to do the narration for no apparent reason, and because there really isn’t anyone else to suspect anymore. Talking Furukimono are the next best thing, except they get killed all the same every episode.

On that note, it’s probably worth reading into the idea that the Furukimono see Saya as one of them and that her generally cheerful and innocent personality is concealing a deadly blood-feasting Saya underneath. All this talk about feeding and only attacking Saya if she intends to get in their way sounds more like something one would say to their own kind rather than what they perceive as food. Unfortunately, Saya is just as lost as we are, particularly by this contract — or “covenant” — to the “Shrovetide” that they speak of, which she only has some vague memories of. It’s almost like that was a Saya from a previous life, which may be used to loosely tie in Blood-C with the first film, Blood: The Last Vampire. In any case, there’s little doubt in my mind that she’s no a mere human, and if her red eyes weren’t indicative enough, the ability to recover quickly after getting her skin melted off should be.

Unlike the baker last time, Saya did make an attempt to save the human victims this time around. The fact that she wasn’t able to left a somewhat ominous feel at the very end when Kanako made it sound like everything’s perfectly peaceful in their small town. The irony was a nice contrast to the killings we just saw, which were apparently gruesome enough to warrant some censoring. It looks like they’ll draw the line on someone getting picked apart. (Eaten whole is always okay it seems.) In combination with all the added foreshadowing, the series is slowly getting better while still adhering to the same formula.




  1. SHOCKING!!!!..I think………..but at least this time we got sum witnesses to witness “kind of” her private fights..

    OH YEAH!, and once again Her Glasses are UNSCATHED. AMAZING! them sh!ts must be glued to her melon!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  2. It seems that Blood-C has more ties to the original Blood: The Last Vampire rather than Blood+ that was more of an alternate story with no ties to the original but with many references, perhaps CLAMP has linked their own new Blood with the intention of making most of all a sequel to the original Blood, but with a touch of their taste that couldn’t miss, and that has made this Blood look more interesting.

    Now because of the flash memory Saya has which was of the scene when she killed the Chiroptera in the warehouse in flames just moments her former partner David throws her the sword to give the killing blow since they die the moment the lose enought blood from one blow. She fights demons in this blood instead of artificial creatures like Blood+, and in the origial she tells the school nurse that she fights demons, and she doesnt calls them Chiroptera.

    One point I think is that the owner of the cafe, Fumito, his special sweet for Saya, the Guimauve, are made of blood, same for the rest of the food he gives her since he makes her food separetly from the others, remember last episode with the coffe, and since every time he narrates the story, those blood spheres in containers appear, perhaps this sweet coffe shop has some skeletons underneath it, seriusly this guy gets me the creeps. Second one, I think Saya’s teacher Kanako might be relative to the school nurse from the original film since at the end she grows interest in her after her deathly yet beutiful experience, and her probably descendant wants to probe that, remember last episode and the end of this one, and that the other guy, Shinichirō more or less reminds me of Haji, Saya’s ever-faithful Chevalier from Blood+.

    For last, this show is getting better as a series should be, hope it continues that way.

  3. AS I said somewhere else:

    Anyway, another crappy episode.

    Characters still flat as sticks and as complex as firstgrader’s mind, the mood shifts have shitty execution and Saya is still annoying girl with stupid hair.

    Careful, BloodC, your 5 episode-till-i-drop limit is running out.

    I was at first VERY MUCH SO intrigued by the idea of CLAMP doing the blood anime(considering they had quite a few very good mood-shift twists in their manga, notably TRC, where we had a a cheerful and happy atmosphere of happy-go-lucky adventurers with some foreshadowing of something wrong out there and they turned it into dark messed up mindscrew with cast of liars, sadomasochists and broken people in a matter of one chapter and one simple plot revelation putting everything into its correct place.)

    However so far BloodC is as subtle as getting punched to the face with a log of wood. I bet they are trying something similar, but it is already screwed up and cliched/shallow/stupid/weak due to everything being one dimensional and unconvincing.

    1. Havn’t seen the ep, but it (I’m assuming that furry pet thing in the pictures) looks like a fox to me. Specifically, similar to the nine-tail spirit in Naruto. Not that I watch/read that either.

    1. I thought so too. I also assumed that the job she quite had something to do with vampires, and the reason that teaching at that school is the only place she can learn what she wants is because she know what Saya is.

    2. My thoughts exactly. The teacher gave me the creeps there. Exactly like fumito. He MUST be the really really bad guy in the story because he just looks and acts too good to be true.
      I also thought that the peaceful nice world Saya is living in is only a illusion to keep her from going completely insane while facing all the deaths around her.

    1. it is much much faster than blood +
      but the only thing disappointed me that the fights became pointless
      the first fight was excellent, it has a plot and a trick(when saya dive underneath the deamon)
      but the last 3 fights were weak and with no idea behind them.

      1. oh a trick? So thats how over-stylized crap is called nowadays? I am sorry but Blood+ had a whole lot more of realism in the fights. BloodC fighting so far is the same generic shonen genre crap one can find in 99% of current anime.

        And faster? as far as I remember, Blood+ did not have the SAME EXACT episode be repeated for 4 times in row.

      2. Saya in Blood+ was a failure up in till her little brother got raped by her sister. I will not say Blood+ was bad because I really enjoyed it. Just that Saya didn’t do anything and watch her friends get their !@#$ pushed in episode after episode.

      3. GUESS WHY?

        Because thats how your average girl would act. It was very enjoyable watching Saya and “Saya” struggle in her. And how the more she had to deal with the whole supernatural the more of her own “humanity” in her personality she lost.

      1. Except they were not.

        Blood+ had way better characters even during first episodes. It fleshed out those characters, allowed them to develop, gave Saya a believable and REALISTIC personality and made sure every character differs from others. It also very nicely built up the big reveals.

        BloodC so far? 4 episodes of same episode repeated again and again, one dimensional characters and Saya whom 99% of viewers would want to punch in face repeatedly.

      2. Blood+ was not realistic. At all. And Saya there was a disgrace to Blood: The Last Vampire. Not to mention the huge amount of stupid characters and plot contrivance. Blood-C may have been have been disappointing but at least its a one cour series. Blood+ was way to long for its own good.

  4. This may sound ridiculous but what really caught my attention was that Mokona in Saya’s lunch.

    Its raining next episode, will we get our weekly dose of Saya’s “kyou wa ii tenkii”?

  5. luckily for me the subs I ended ep watching was uncensored.
    and I really liked how saya was gonna land on her feet and wouldve been fine but shinichirou instead tried to catch her.
    oh and the romance was at least good. most romance I find make me gag or facepalm.

  6. @UnknownVoice: You know what? Stop whining, drop the show already if you hate it and get on with your life. Also comparing Blood+ and Blood-C is like comparing apples and oranges. Stop shoving your opinions to those who enjoyed watching this show.

    1. I have every right to criticize kitsch when I see it. Criticism and opinions is what makes our race move forward and recognizing kitsch and separating it from art is what slows down the imminent cultural degradation of species.

      This is not some socialist country where only all happy and good opinions are valid. Our society is built on Democracy and Free Speech and I have every damn right to criticize this crap.

      1. There’s a difference between actual criticism, and screaming like an unproductive fanboy. Unfortunately, you have been doing the latter. You just keep saying the same thing every episode. It’s a mystery why you keep watching.

      2. Unfortunately, there’s always such people when it comes to a series that is popular and/or has multiple titles under its belt; people will either believe the original is the only “true” version or pick their favorite one of them, and everything else “must” be inferior in some way, so with each subsequent title (or any other) of the same thing, all it seems they WANT to see is the negative aspects of it (in their mind) in comparison to the original or their favorite one and anyone who says otherwise must be wrong.

      3. Yes, you have the right to criticize but I have to agree on fragb85 that you’re like a unproductive fanboy who keep whining that it’s the same thing all over again because you overlooked things.

        If you don’t like the show, just drop it. No one is forcing you, all right? Otherwise, you’re torturing yourself.

        Haters gonna haters!

      4. Not to mention that it can’t really be called “criticizing” if all the “criticizing” is nothing more than comparing it to something else they feel is better to them rather than on its own merits. That’s simply biased opinion otherwise.

        In the end, a majority of the bashing I see boils down to “it’s not as good as Blood+”.

  7. The teacher re-using lyrics. The men doing something suspicious in the water late at night. The one who spoke said something suspicious as well. Bet the whole town’s in on it, or something…

    1. Gee you think? what could have given it away? The horribly cliched secluded village, the creepy cliched father, saya’s idiotic character that makes no sense or about a dozens of anvils the show dropped that this is wrong place?

      The very moment the father started creeping around in the first episode, it was obvious that this is yet another cliched “village secrets” setting. Except executed poorly.

  8. Oh look stuff actually happening! Thank God! Both the teacher and that cafe owner give creepy vibes. And there were quite a bit of direct references to Blood: The Last Vampire which was weird.

    Too bad it only took 4 weeks to get something interesting.

  9. this series doesn’t seem as dark as blood+ or the original but i’ll still watch it:)

    oh yeah divine if you want to see the uncensored version go to the nico nico english website its also subbed:)

  10. i feel like i’ve watched episode 1 4 times now… i dropped Rosario Vampire because of its ‘monster of the week’ theme, and this anime seems to be following suite.

  11. I’m glad Divine are slowly having better and better opinion for Blood-C in the last 2 episode 🙂

    I like blood-C as it is and with all the negative opinion dominating this series, it’s always a good feeling to have the writer on the more positive side, I can tolerate the haters but if the writer itself starts bashing the show i feel bad.

    Thanks for the more positive impression Divine!

  12. I know Blood-C seems very random and slow, but (crossing my finger) it’s getting better. I become more curious this time, and I think it’s a good thing 🙂
    It might be a little bit slow, but maybe the anime series is a set up for the upcoming movie (after the anime ends).
    Several things that intrigued me this ep (a little bit of long rant too):
    1. Saya feels bad about the baker’s death…. I still think she could have saved him.
    2. Fumito’s actions seem rather ominous for me. Exactly like Divine said, he seems to be nurturing her. For better or worse, I still have doubts.
    3. Is it possible only Saya who can see the dog/cat??
    4. Way to ruin awesome cool character shinichirou
    5. I wonder how the result of the fight last night didn’t scare the shit out of the entire town. They’ve got gruesome dead bodies complete with the remains of the monsters, all drenched in blood. This time Saya fights in a very open place right, that can be visited by anybody. That should erase the peaceful albeit boring days of the town.
    Since the next one is about ghost stories, I wonder if Saya will get more leads. Probably the teacher or her classmates would tell a story about Furukimono slayer or something to trigger her memories!
    sorry for the long comment ^^

    1. 2.) It also doesn’t help with Saya going so far as to say she “loves” him, thus showing that she’s a bit dependent on him it feels like, like with him making her lunches, spoiling her with coffee and treats and such. It’s almost like trying to take over the father position it seems when you consider how much Saya declared how much she loved her father too.

      5.) Which also adds to the whole suspicion of the town itself. As you said, Saya just walked away, leaving the human AND demon remains behind right out in the open, thus someone should’ve found them at least the next day walking through the area, yet NO ONE is ever talking about it the next day. It’s as if the event never occurred. So either other monsters came out and ate up all the evidence (as shown, they are willing to eat eachother for one reason or another) of something else is obviously going on x_x

      1. For point number 5, I’m just afraid clamp will just leave it as it is and never give satisfying explanation :/ I truly hope that won’t happen!
        But yes, the biggest possibility is the entire town itself is just a camouflage for something big going on. Not to mention those 3 *idiotic* dudes say “this is not what they said it would be” or smthg like that

  13. While i can see the valid diffences both sides have on why blood + is so much better than blood c, i still think you got to give the show a little time to develop. Im a big fan of the blood + series and am also a little disappointed in the direction blood c is going as of now. But its a little to soon to decide that this series is a failure. The monster of the weak theme is annoying, as well as saya`s lack of use of her blood to kill things. But lets hope the writers direction gets better soon as the secret to whatever is behind the village and saya are reveiled.

    1. The whole “blood to kill things” is something made up by Blood+ though. Saya in The Last Vampire didn’t need that and this episode actually directly referenced it, so it seems its actually taking cue from the older show rather than Blood+.

  14. I get that, but to me her blade would have been broke then like in the other show. She got multiple swords from then to kill. I liked that idea better, than having a sword that doesnt dull or break kill hard things that are rock like without as much as a chip on the blade.

    1. SayaC: *tries to sing*
      Haji: *plays cello*
      *Half the bloodC cast drops dead*
      *Saya+ wakes up from the noise SayaC’s singing causes*
      Saya+: what the fukku iz dis shitto? *slices SayaC in half* *goes back to sleep*
      Haji: *still playing cello*

      1. You wish. Blood-C Saya has shown to be far more competent at fighting and killing in four episodes, than Blood+ Saya was in thirty episodes. Of course TLV Saya would own them both.

  15. I see a bunch of people here complaining that there was no need for the first three episodes, but I don’t believe it. Would the show have been more engaging if it jumped right in at episode 4? Perhaps, but then we would have lost the development of Saya and the other folks in the town. You might say, “I don’t care,” but you do not know the plot of the story. If any of these characters are important for the future, they had to be introduced. I don’t think this show is as bad as some folks want to proclaim it to be.

  16. I don’t understand why everyone sees the show as boring and slow? Why are people comparing it to other bloods also? This is not blood+ lol, and it isn’t trying to. This is clamps take on the blood universe which I find refreshing. They are the same in only premise and name. I personally didn’t care too much for blood+ and it was QUITE lengthy. But still it was good in it’s own right. This show isn’t really boring…the slow, peaceful beginnings and then climactic finish created a palpable contrast in each episode. If it was straight hack and slash we wouldn’t get the same effect. To that end, the show is building up suspense for the sh*t that is about to hit the fan. Many interesting loose ends that need tying and show is only getting better. I found the show good, as it is proving it is picking up speed right when it seems necessary. Can’t wait for more.

    1. YES. I find Blood C to be thoroughly engaging both action wise and also more subtle wise. While it does have its share of faults, it’s still really building up that eerie aura and that dwelling sense of something being inherently WRONG despite the false cheeriness. Now, whether this will end up becoming just a leg supporter for the movie or actually stand out as a complete show is beyond me, but I’m still enjoying it nevertheless.


    Sorry for caps, but i gotta make people see this. There was a HUGE revelation this episode, and the teacher singing SAYA’S song made it clear as day.

    Saya changes the lyrics each day, there is a god damn reason as to why we had to hear it. So how come the teacher said the VERY SAME LYRICS?

    Also, those three guys in the water “this isnt how they told us it would be” (along those lines)

    Enough with the examples, you can find them yourself, the HUGE PLOTTWIST is that entire village is a front, a scam, a joke, an illusion, and ONLY the adults know about it.

    Her father looking more and more serious when Saya know starts to doubt her duty

    And there is clearly some brainwashing going on, hence her memories of what looks like the Saya from the movie

    Its all to train Saya into a killing machine, heck even the monsters refer to her as being controlled and the same as them.

    1. It WOULD be a plot twist, if it was not already clear SINCE EPISODE ONE. ITs as plot twisty as seeing a huge piano fall down the building in slow motion for 3 hours onto you.

    2. i agree man i think its an illusion because when she kills the monsters she leaves the body there what happens to the bodys they dont disappear and everybody acts like nothing happened when she fights the guys you literally hear the ground explode and stuff and no one notices anything also how come theere is nobody outside at night like it doesnt matter where you live there has to be at least one person out at night and if there is somebody out is right where the monster is, it doesnt make any sense i agree her father, the teacher, and the guy at the cafe know that this is an illusion and they’re training Saya to kill the monsters instead of having her turn against them because if she did they are fucked and i also think thats not Saya dad its all part of the conspiracy that they have

  18. In a sense, Blood-C is kind of like Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. Not genre wise, but who knows how many people dropped MSMM before episode 3 and then — BAM! It’s a whole other thing altogether. Episode 4 of Blood-C I think proved it a bit. Perhaps episode 5 will do the same.

    I personally like this show and I believe it’ll get better. Thanks Divine for another post.

    1. Except that Madoka even in first three episodes had:
      – Kajura Yuki’s OST.
      – SHAFT-ish uniqueness.
      – Very good animation quality.
      – Intrigue.

      BloodC so far has neither of those.

      1. You don’t think Blood-C has good animation quality? It’s pretty good, in my opinion. Sure Kajiura Yuki is great(she’s epic) but not every single anime can have her. And Blood-C is pretty intriguing, considering that it is another adaption of the Blood franchise. Don’t you at least want to know how it finishes? It spins off a little diferently, but doesn’t that make it interesting?

      2. You don’t think Blood-C has good animation quality? It’s pretty good, in my opinion. Sure Kajiura Yuki is great(she’s epic in fact) but not every single anime can have her. And Blood-C is pretty intriguing, considering that it is another adaption of the Blood franchise.
        Don’t you at least want to know how it finishes? It spins off a little diferently, but doesn’t that make it interesting?

      3. UnkownVoice, you must be reasonable about everything
        blood + was very boring, specially at first
        any anime with a warrior hero must have good fights, why do you want an anime about a warrior with minimum fights??! imagine Samurai-X or Naruto without fights!!
        and if you want a realistic anime with warriors, there are many historical anime shows boring enough for your taste..
        I urge to stop watching blood c and stop whining
        I think this will be a good anime

  19. i think the dues that died this time pretty much deserved it she said run away not make a stop at the tree that was literally in front of the fight they should had run the fuck away but no they had to make a stop right there my god if i was Saya i would have killed them myself for them being so damn retarded.

  20. I see nostalgia for Blood + all over this board…

    But anyways, there are several real problems with Blood-C. First is that they chose a setting with very little potential for complexity. A small, simple town where everything isn’t as it seems. The key word here being “small,” as in bloody tiny. To the point that it doesn’t even seem to have a proper downtown area or anything like that. Setting variety for scenes is extremely limited- forest, shrine, random roads, transportation hubs, somebody’s house. Probably less than 20 sensible possibilities…unless CLAMP pulls off something crazy in terms of setting, which seems unlikely.

    The guy who talked about “pulling a Ga-Rei Zero” is right to en extent- rather than a change of characters, a change of setting is needed; it is the blandness of the setting that is rubbing off onto the characters and making them unable to shine. Setting is crucial to creating scenes where characters can demonstrate interesting parts of their personality.
    Different characters react differently to different settings. It’s the setting-reaction dynamic. And there’s three ways to make this work- one a large, diverse cast in a simple location, two, a large, diverse cast in a large complex location (The best but the hardest to work with), and third, a small, simple cast in a large, complex location.

    Shiki is an example of a show that did the small town setting right. Sotoba was a small town that was literally in the middle of nowhere, just like Blood-C’s little town. But unlike Blood-C, Shiki had a large (huge), diverse cast to back up the rather simplistic setting. The creators were able to play the characters off of one another to create a satisfactory level of complexity. But Blood-C has neither the location for proper set-ups, nor a large, diverse cast; the characters are relatively few and archetypical and their personalities are not nearly as diverse and interesting as those of Shiki. Thus Blood-C lacks the potential for complexity that Shiki had and played upon so well. And this is exacerbated by the fact that it only has 13 episodes- if this were a 2-cour show, I would entertain the possibility that CLAMP might be able to slowly develop the “small town” into a kick-ass setting, but this is extremely unlikely, and things stand now this is next to impossible.

    Secondly, and potentially the most damning, is that they’ve spent about 1/3rd or the entire one-cour series on intro and build-up. It’s almost never a good idea to have such a slow start up for a one-cour show simply because it leads to shallow plot development and/or rushed endings, for a lack of time. Unless CLAMP amps up the story big time within the next two episodes, I’m afraid there is no way Blood-C’s plot development and/or ending pacing will be satisfactory.

    Third is the excessive focus on the slice-of-life aspect of things. I understand that CLAMP wants to flesh out Saya’s character as a carefree, happy-go-lucky girl whose life is mired by the duty of the lineage, but again, with only 13 episodes to work with allocating ~2/3rds of 3-4 episodes solely to slice of life scenes is blatantly excessive.

    In conclusion, Blood-C the way it is now isn’t bad. But this show’s current direction, coupled up with the fact that it only has 13 episodes, is almost certain to doom it to mediocrity at best; forever remaining in the shadow of it’s predecessor Blood +, as so many here have pointed out.

  21. Im gonna go out on a limb and say that I LOVE where they are taking this story. Seriously, when this show was first announced, 99.99% of us were all like, “Yes, hot chick with sword and chevalier kill these crazy monsters, and whats more, the hot chick uses her blood to do it! I loved Blood+!!!” NONE of us thought we would be thrust into a world where the town seems to be a front for something else, and EVERYONE ignores the obvious. Bring it on Blood-C, you have a fan in me!

  22. I don’t think you were reading too much into the dialogue about the dog/cat/four-legged beast thing. I got the same impression: that Saya was the only one who could see it. I got the feeling that this thing will end up making Saya stronger somehow, perhaps through training or some sort of spirit-connection power up

  23. I totally agree with what Zen has just stated. I am a huge fan of the the blood franchise and I can see already what clamp envision but I can’t seem to get into it because it is rather bland. The mood is just not smoothly facilitated between scenes. it seems rather force. As someone watching the story unfold I already picked up what is wrong about the setting and that everyone are not what they seem to be yet. . .it doesn’t really sell itself to me. . .I just really want to hit the climax already because like someone said it before, the characters don’t really shine at all and I am just waiting for Saya to wake up. . .I mean literally she seems to be in her own world until the fight scenes where the demons are looking like regular caricatures of what I would find in a shonen fantasy adventure series. the villains so far looks generic and not one stood out at all. . .except wow. . .they can speak only they chose not to?

    I’ll be patient and keep an open mind. . .but I will have to say that this adaptation really pales to the original and blood+. . .Just to get it off my chest for the people who says that Blood+ was also boring at the beginning. . .You are extremely wrong. . .I didn’t find anything slow at all in Blood or blood+.

  24. This show is fine the way it is; I saw bllod+ and enjoyed it so i’ll enjoy this to regardless if it has a connection to Blood:the last vampire or Blood+. Besides I watch anime just to enjoy it not to a revelation at the end of every show or season. Anime sometimes doesn’t need plot progression or character developement to be good example Lucky star and Haruhi Suzumiya

  25. Is it me or is it the way our carefree cafe-master talked to Saya – but it had my inner alarm bells ringing. One thing anime seems to have in common with RL is “beware people acting too nice”. Also the teacher seems to know more than she lets slip.
    And Saya really doesnt get it but her “father” is really her controller. I assume it will be a major shock to her when she finds out.
    Flashbacks pertaining to the original movie are interesting, perhaps we shall get some magnificent “regaining memory” moment.
    Anyway with people disappearing front and right it is only a matter of time that someone connects the dots. Not betting on anyone in particular, but getting special investigation squad from metropolitan police seems imminent. Plus, possibly some more sinister agents along the lines of the original movie…
    I am not gonna engage in the discussion over qualities of this series compared to the original movie or + series – it would be comparing apples to oranges, at best, or simply flame war at worst. And if there is one thing I’ve learned from “Shiki” it is slow starting stories might end in epic conclusions. The same goes for Sora No Woto, btw. , and quite a few other shows I’ve seen.
    Plus fights alone make me watch every episode. Girls with swords FTW!

  26. This episode sure did surprise me. While I read Divine’s blog in advance before actually watching this episode, what I actually saw is beyond what I have in my mind – This episode is the best episode of Blood-C to date.

    There is something about the peaceful nature of the town that has yet to be revealed — something that is sinister e.g. like an organization that is actually feeding the demons, purposely setting the 3 people to be feasted by them.

    Animation-wise, the fight scene is really well done despite the censoring of some disturbing scenes.

    Other note:

    After 4-episodes I think it’s about time the viewers should already have the general idea on the format of this show really is. While I generally can tolerate all the whining and hating of several commentators here, what they whine and hate about Blood-C they just tend to repeat the same comments every episode which in my opinion is already laughable by this point of time. What I’m expecting right now is that they should have already adjusted.

    1. What I mean above is that the viewers should have already adjusted to the format of the show, which are:

      1. hate it or love it – Saya will sing her lines (I like it}
      2. Blood-C and Blood+ are only related with some of the themes, that CLAMP has a different approach on Blood-C
      3. People keep on saying that Blood+ is better, I tend to disagree (more akin to my #2 comment as to why)
      4. In terms of pure badassery on combat, Saya of Blood-C in 4 episodes is way better than Saya of Blood+ in 30 episodes (I put Blood+ on-hold after 30 episodes out of decrease interest in the series). I don’t have any intention of mocking Blood+ fans, but the Saya’s of Blood-C and + have both good and bad points.
      5. Others not mentioned…

  27. dude i like this show i love the fights they are well executed and i can stand the slow start up on the story but the only thing i dont like about this blood is the weird furby monsters strung out on crack i thought the old monsters were way better and i think they made the show but otherwise i enjoy it i will continue watching

    1. this is not linked to blood+, so i highly doubt that she is in any way related to diva. everyone has said that they are separate; blood-c is not like a sequel or follow up, it is an original take on the WHOLE BLOOD FRANCHISE! it seems to be leaning towards blood the last vampire rather than blood+, and her name is SAYA. not DIVA.

      *sigh*, it doesn’t matter ;P

      It may be a bit slow, but CLAMP is known to be crafty so i’m just waiting for some serious shit to go down. the wheels are starting to turn, so things should pick up at least a bit.

  28. as for me im really liking this anime its so mysterious i just cant drop it at all. maybe in unknown voices’s subconsciousness that was the case that’s why even if he has stated how he hates blood-c he still bothers to watch and even comment about it lol, XD

  29. It’s definite now. This is post Blood: The Last Vampire. Not Blood+. We get a shot of TLV Saya killing the chiropteran in the burning jeep garage, and there’s a blink and you’ll miss it shot of the opening scene, with blood splattering up the inner window of a subway car’s linking doors.

    I’m wondering if the weird puppy/cat thing is a projection of her sub conscious “Hey! Stupid! They’ve turned you into a pet!”

    The only thing I haven’t quite worked out yet is the Elder Bairns. They blatantly aren’t Chiroptera… if Clamp are going more the supernatural route with this, which is their general MO, it may be that Chiroptera are a sub-species of a larger group of supernatural creatures, and whatever is going on is Saya being re-purposed to fight the other types.

    I’m wondering if Shinichirou is one of the lesser, experiment produced Chiropterans from the Blood: The Last Vampire universe, that is, capable of taking human shape and not being a mindless monster like the ones in Blood+. The reason he’s got all blushy all of a sudden is because by the standards of his species he’s a freak and the cute pure blood girl is kind of hitting on him.

    Oh, and from what I can google, a Shrovetide is a period of celebration and feasting after a period of fasting. Which seems to fit with the actions of the Elder Bairns… have they been kept without the opportunity to feed on humans until recently?

  30. the only awesome are the fights what it takes 10 min of the entire show so for the rest … is really boring, so is the same in this espisode The most shocking thing happened during the fight

  31. I think so far every episode of blood-c has the aura of old school movies. Like them, there is only one final fight at end of each episode. Although this time frame is short, people are directed to wait so it gives them more satisfaction.

    Opposite of that, rest of the show(Day time) is plain, dull and cliche as a kindergarden-shojo but i believe that behind this illusional background, Saya is sitting idly like when narrator speaks along side at vials full with blood. We just need to wait to see…

    1. I know, it was sooo good! But now we have to wait a week to find our whether those two will be alright. I’m not sure how Nene (?) will react to it, though I got some vibes from that girl earlier who ran off in fright at the sight of blood-soaked Saya. It’s finally getting interesting, and Tokizane was awesome. The way he was looking at her… he HAS to be the Haji character.

      Can’t wait until next weeks ep!

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