BLOOD-C – 11

「たれをかも」 (Tare wo Kamo)
“Who Might You Be”

I really don’t like all the negativity I exude when I talk about Blood-C, but sometimes it feels like CLAMP is purposely messing with me. I mean come on, the TWINS are getting sick and tired of this crap? That sure came off as CLAMP’s way of saying, bend over, take whatever we’re going to give you, and enjoy it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a memo with “orz <-” on it to summarize the feeling viewers should get after watching this episode.

BLOOD-C – 08

「よのなかよ」 (Yo no Naka Yo)
“A World Within The World”

Blood-C is still a ways off from redeeming itself from the sluggish start, but it’s finally giving me something to go on. The action picked up with Elder Bairns’ attacks in broad daylight, and most importantly, there’s enough of a story for me to anticipate where things might be headed.

BLOOD-C – 07

「うかりける」 (Ukarikeru)

I usually prefer the modest approach, but after I joked about how I would look like a genius if the “dog” talked back in episode four, I just have to throw in a (somewhat unconfident) “what did I tell you” as a follow-up to it. Voiced by Fukuyama Jun, our furry friend also hinted that this isn’t his true form, so the transformation part doesn’t seem so far-fetched either.