「たれをかも」 (Tare wo Kamo)
“Who Might You Be”

I really don’t like all the negativity I exude when I talk about Blood-C, but sometimes it feels like CLAMP is purposely messing with me. I mean come on, the TWINS are getting sick and tired of this crap? That sure came off as CLAMP’s way of saying, bend over, take whatever we’re going to give you, and enjoy it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a memo with “orz <-” on it to summarize the feeling viewers should get after watching this episode.

I kid of course, as I’m sure Ookawa Nanase and co. are really nice people. (No sarcasm intended.) It’s just not a good sign when a line like that is funny simply because I’m not expecting anything from this series anymore. I wouldn’t go as far as callling Blood-C a complete joke though, as the story clearly had this U.S. military/Japanese government conspiracy in mind to begin with. The problem lied in the execution. When the time came to pull the covers off this town-wide charade, there was such a sour taste in my mouth from all the “deaths” that it completely lost its intended effect. It didn’t help that Shinichirou, Nono, Nene, and Yuuka (or whatever their real names are) were protected by some charm that not only saved their lives but also faked their deaths somehow. That was rather convenient to say the least, and made me feel more cheated by their supposed deaths. Had they only killed off half the cast and left them dead like all the unnamed extras, I probably would’ve been more okay with this surprise turn of events. Instead, it felt like insult to injury when Kanako and the others went on and on about what they were promised for taking part in this twisted experiment without a care in the world for how Saya was going to have a panic attack. I was in no better position as Saya, learning of the truth for the very first time, so all their forms of mockery toward her may as well have been directed to me as the viewer too.

On a positive note, I was happy to see the change in personality in all the characters since it added to the messed-up nature of everything that’s going on. (It also reaffirmed my thoughts last time that Saya should just hack them all up.) The Motoe twins turned out to be some convicts, Tokizane a money-grubbing fool, and Kanako a Hyakunin Isshu fanatic. Kanako is particularly interesting because her interest sheds some light on the unusual episode titles, which I personally find hard to translate since they come from those hundred poems. The idea that Saya is an Elder Bairn in the form of a beautiful girl also works for me, because it confirms my suspicions that Fumito is interested in harnessing her powers for his own gain. At the same time, it takes that idea a step further by suggesting he’s taking her blood and experimenting with it to create a super soldier, as seen in the flashbacks where his men looked far from human. I presume the “contract” or “covenant” that the other Elder Bairns have been referring to is some sort of agreement between their monster-like kind to not attack one another. Saya was accused of being more repulsive than them, likely because she eats other Elder Bairns — a form of cannibalism if you will. All in all, these were climax-worthy revelations, so it’s just too bad that the series stumbled along the way to get to this point.

I can’t say I care too much about how things end at this point, but I am wondering if the Dog is the Elder Bairn that’s currently attacking them. It’s possible that he was one of Saya’s Elder Bairn friends from before. If he were to kill Fumito and co., we’d have a pretty dismal ending but an ending nonetheless. With only one episode to go, I don’t see many possibilities for a “fulfilling” ending. I say we just do this Higurashi style and have them all kill one another.

* Black and red uniforms so that blood doesn’t show so easily — that’s a good one.
* Shinichirou finally reminded me of Sakamoto Yuuji from Bakatest when he flipped out. Sometimes it’s easy to forget he’s voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki.
* The Motoe twins are also the bitchiest characters I’ve ever heard Fukuen Misato play.




  1. I’ve never seen so much tom-foolery in an anime before. They made you think they were revealing something to you but they were actually making things even more complicated. Next week has to be AMAZING to turn this series around.

  2. I knew Fumito was bad news and the man who was in the memories of saya (with all the blood and stuff) but the rest of the cast are worst than i thought; i really was wishing the same as you Divine. ClAMP is disapointing me more and more.

  3. seeing all pics of series & mention forums & blogs.

    one word to say from osaka Oh My GAH!!!

    indeed so many twist, reveal, unexpected, etc wonder is like getting ideas from shows like LOST for this?

    overall i so watch all of it now to what is going & yea this is so indeed like “?????”

    only thing left to make more twist have the dog be mastermind yea i’m looking at you tropes.

    so i guess now we can cake is a lie, coffee is bad for you, truman show, etc wonder is like getting ideas from LOST?!

  4. So… I understand that the charms protected them from the Elder Bairns, but did they actually fake the “main cast’s” deaths?? Or perhaps the so-called actors had figure out how to fake their deaths on their own??
    If it’s the second, then they did a really good job :T

  5. “That sure came off as CLAMP’s way of saying, bend over, take whatever we’re going to give you, and enjoy it”…heh!, they can blatantly say that if they want “i know ur being hypothetical” but either way, i’m getting this sh!t fo free. and i’m having a laugh fest!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. I actually wanted Saya to hack them all up just for the heck of it. The whole series did leave a sour taste in my mouth too – chasms of explanatory absence that cannot be possibly filled with one episode remaining.

    What added insult to injury was the fact that they KEPT on talking to each other about what they KNEW already just to explain us, the viewers, what the hell is going on… not only was it very disrespectful towards me as a viewer because I did actually like the series overall, but this episode completely cretinized everyone in my book. Their motives are stupid, the explanations were stupid and the whole concept is absurd and very un-blood+ like.

    Last episode is a pure failure of imagination and the suspense that I had before today was completely dissipated in a whiff of smoke now.

    1. Ah… So perhaps that’s why you don’t like the series. You’re comparing the series with Blood+ and perhaps that is why your expectations are skewed. The director and screenwriter already said in an interview that this series was going to be very different in terms of feel from the previous Blood series, so I went in with an open mind.

      1. Its a little irritating that its being compared to Blood+ to be honest. Blood: The Last Vampire should be the standard, and Blood-C actually has more things in common with that, rather than Blood+.

  7. The twins are too awesome now.

    It was one thing when they were just acting cutesy and all but now as sadistic criminals ( and, if I’m reading the hints right from their dialogue pimps) its a whole new level of awesome when they’re finishing each others sentences and speaking in unison.

  8. Wow. Faking an entire town to preserve/fool/mindfuck/control Saya? I know Fumito and Tadayoshi were suspicious but 10 episodes to build up the revelation between Kanako and Fumito’s “rivalry.” That’s just cruelly trollish.

  9. I actually found their new/true personalities hilarious like tokizane keeps on asking for his money. it also added more depth for their characters rather than being bland. I never did believe that tokizane liked saya since the romantic aspect was poorly done, especially considering its CLAMP.

    if I had to say it, this would be one of those “its so bad that its good” show(or at least funny).

  10. Hehe, didn’t watch this since the early ep reviews were so lackluster. But it really sounds like a typical CLAMP production. Way too long, complicated, loaded with cheap tricks, visually engaging but entirely devoid of any rational logic beyond shallow reasoning more suited to a gaggle of boy-obsessed 12 year-old girls playing with Barbies while high on crack.

    The CLAMP ladies have made a mint producing flashy fan-grade work. Yes, it’s pretty and people suck it up, but the cheap plot tricks kill it.

    1. That’s really way, way, way too harsh. Clamp did produce Cardcaptor Sakura, one of the, if not the best, Magical Girl series of all time. What you are talking about may only apply to some of their more adventurous works like Tsubasa Chronicles or maybe xxxHolic. But I just can’t see that ringing true for Chobits, Kobato, etc…

  11. The only case I’m watching this things would end good, is that the whole season was a prelude of some great the would happen in… a second season, maybe? Don’t know if that would be the case. Anyway, I hope CLAMP don’t dissapoints me. Haven’t done it up until now, but hey… would be the first time… so no big deal.

  12. This is the 1st time I’m commenting, long time RandomCer…

    i took some notes while watching this, and this is what i wrote down:
    1. O_O Boob grab NICE, then Saya fall to her knees.
    2. Twin Sister talk non-stop about nothing.
    3. Black hair dude is a greedy person.
    4. Saya is still in her knees. Motionless
    5.Back to #2.
    6. Dog-Monster popped out.
    7. Me thinking ” Yes finally some action !!!!”
    8. 2 sec later, Dog-Monster is gone . WTF. Back to more talking.
    9. my fist about to punch my monitor, RAGING SO HARD now.
    10. ok i get it it was all a project, experiment. Everything in town is a LIE. This was repeated so many time.
    11. Back to #2. there’s criminal bitches i GOT THAT.
    12. Back to #3. Home-boy want his fucking money.
    13. Waste of my FUCKING TIME.

    MY god, who wrote the scripts for this episode…


  13. My first reaction is that this episode is the most Blood+ -esque of all the episodes we’ve seen. Still finishing up Blood+, but the long-hair Saya chopping up monsters in a flashback, the sudden flow of memories, the uber red eyes, obsessive lab-coat teacher/scientist etc. really brings the blood+ vibe into the series.

    Oh, and about the ‘fulfilling’ ending, wait for the movie, cause I don’t expect anything for the next episode except for BERSERK Saya killing everyone in town.

  14. This series is kind of disappointing but i’ll admit this episode was kind of good especially how their personalities change.

    i cant help but think that truman show film while watching this episode:/

  15. Personally, I think this series would be saved if Saya really does hack everyone to death. But yeah, this show hasn’t done anything right…

    Not going to hold my hopes too high, but I will make sure to watch the last episode with alcohol in my system.

  16. This is the first time I opt for the kill them all fuckers ending. Damn you shinichirou, and the twins too. Although it is kind of baffling to see the rampage personality changes.
    On lighter note, I love how this episode manages to mock itself as a series. Can somehow feel clamp laughing devilishly after writing the script.
    The twist (if can be called like that) does explain a lot of things, but how the fuck fumito gets money to do all of that, except he is backed by government? And where the hell did the dog go to in the end!? I was so excited when I thought the twins and shinichirou finally got to die! Damn it!
    I really prefer it if there hadn’t been any plans for movie to finish the series. Is there was no movie, the whole explanation might have been done in episode 6 or 7, and that would definitely reduce the cheated feeling I got.

  17. Things are starting to make more sense now.

    Thing to remember is that comparing this to Blood+ is no good. Blood-C is very much based on Blood: The Last Vampire. Different universe, very different rules. The revelations about the cast make a lot of sense in this regard. In the Blood: TLV universe, humans are for the most part depicted as bickering idiots. With an organisation keeping Saya as a slave to kill her own kind, Chiropterans, which dangerous as they are, are clearly not nearly as much of a threat to humanity as war. The main cast mostly turning out to be shallow idiots makes sense in this context, Saya’s failure to save people is probably a result of her subconscious hatred of the humans who enslave her.

    My impression of what’s happened is a bit different from Divine’s. Saya has always been backed/owned by a conspiracy, but in this case it’s not them doing this. The way Fumito talks in the flashback indicates that he’s kidnapped Saya away from them for his own ends. Given his knowledge I’m guessing he used to work for the conspiracy but became obsessed by Saya.

    I’m guessing he struck out on his own, created his own pet Chiropteran with blood products stolen from the conspiracy, that Chiropteran being Tadeyoshi(sp?). Presumably using the same sort of controls the conspiracy has over Saya to keep her from killing humans to keep Tadeyoshi from turning on him.

    But that wasn’t enough for him, Tadeyoshi is just a copy of what a chiropteran should be… Fumito wanted Saya, so he must have set up the events shown in the flashback to catch her. I’m pretty sure the warriors Saya fights are actually just humans, they’re wearing a modernized version of Samurai armour, the demonic looking masks are part of that, used by samurai to inspire fear in their enemies, in this case probably to fool Saya into thinking she was facing a small host of chiropteran type creatures, and keep her handlers well back. then once they’d worn her down and tranqued her Fumito unleashed Tadeyoshi to knock her out (see big, shadowy and red eyed in the pics above).

    From there he drained her blood off to keep her relatively docile. (Important point here, you look at how many hoses are in her back taking blood… how many of those weird Galileo thermometers full of her blood there are in that room… he must be taking a pint out of her a minute and she’s still alive. For all their tricksyness ‘Elder Bairns’ die like humans. A soldier with an assault rifle and a magnum for the armoured ones could take one down. Blood: TLV Chiroptera need to lose pretty much all their blood in one go to die, which is why Saya and her sword are needed). From the what Fumito says he’s since given some of the collected blood to Tadeyoshi, presumably to enhance his abilities and possibly allow him to pass for a relative to Saya.

    The rest I suspect was used to create the ‘Elder Bairns’. Last week pretty much told us the mythology explanation is just bunk. I don’t think the ‘Elder Bairns’ are ancient at all. From looking at them I think Tadeyoshi has used saya’s blood and animal products to create them. They aren’t Chiroptera clearly, but they’re somewhat akin to them while seeming more like various animals. I suspect the many armed samurai may have originally been one of the soldiers that assisted with taking Saya down for Fumito… in the end the ‘Elder Bairns’ are just more actors, presumably trained to avoid actually killing anyone wearing the little bell charms and even assist them in faking their own deaths.

    But what, as Kaneko and the twins ask, is the whole point of this little experiment? Of drugging Saya with coffee and hypnotising her to forget herself and accept the ridiculous story? Of this fantasy that has gone on for the whole summer? If Fumito wanted to study Saya he could just strap her to a table and experiment on her, if he wanted to be a chiropteran he could make himself one with her blood… if he killed her then he could be effectively a physical god on earth, unstoppable. But instead he persists with this endless experiment on Saya’s sanity. I think he’s obsessed with her, I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to have been raping her while she’s drugged up by the coffee.

    I think the promise, the covenant, the wager is this, whether Saya keeps on falling further into the fantasy or whether she breaks out of it. If she loses she loses the most precious thing anyone has, their memories. And falls further and further into the fantasy until there is nothing else. If she breaks free and remembers then he will remove his controls on her, but further than that there will be the Shrovetide. The time when permission is given to eat humans. He will take not just his controls away but the original conspiracies controls as well. Saya will be free and able to turn on humanity.

    The ‘Elder Bairns’ seem to be aware of this, they’re probably hoping that Saya will break free, once she does she’ll stop killing them, slay Fumito and then they can feast freely.

    Kanako wants this as well, she’s only human but she wants to see an unfettered Saya. On an intellectual level she thinks her plan is to unleash Saya, see that sight, watch Fumito die, and then take Tadeyoshi for herself so she can show the world the existence of chiropterans. But from the way she acts she appears to be obsessed as Fumito with Saya, making unleashing her the main subconscious goal.

    I think she’s guessed wrong though with the blood. Saya only eats it because she’s likely starving (think about it, she’s getting human blood only every few days, and then it’s just a tiny amount in the guimauve). The Elder Bairn blood is probably the equivalent of that moldy sandwich at the back of the fridge that tries to crawl away when you go to throw it out. What Saya really needs is copious amounts of human blood. I suspect that next episode Kanako will realise this and either sacrifice herself to Saya, or cut open one of the other main cast members to feed her.

    There is one other side in this whole thing though. the original conspiracy, who are presumably desperate to get Saya back. I suspect that the arty aeroplane shot at the end of the school massacre is actually a hint that this is a spy plane watching events. They’re coming to get Saya back and if they arrive in time Fumito and the human cast are probably going to die in a hail of bullets. If Fumito or Kanako don’t manage to unleash Saya fully first, in which case /everyone/ will be massacred by Saya.

    1. 3 things:
      1-long post that few will completely read, however, good premise that the “supposed base Is Blood TLV.then again She was “The las remaining original”, so all chiropterans might be man/made.

      2-The “Elder Bairns” might be the actual Original Vampires, sinse for example the armored Knight Saya fought implies she and her “Father” are being used in a way that he (or it) isn’t.

      3-The blood in the guimauve & coffe might be hers or of the elder bairns.

      + I think we over-analysed it, more than deserved

    2. “Saya’s failure to save people is probably a result of her subconscious hatred of the humans who enslave her.”

      This intrigues me, as I’ve been thinking that there had to be some kind of theory or explanation for why she couldn’t (seem to) save anyone (aside from those whose deaths were faked…).

    3. This is the type of post I like to see; people actually using their brains more deeply rather than simply taking everything at face value and/or comparing it (also to face value) to Blood+ or Blood: TLV, and instantly calling Blood-C a failure just because they’re “not getting it” or it’s not as blood and gory fighting as the former and such.

      As I have kept saying throughout the series, CLAMP is known for their mind-screwing ways in various series. Even if we think we know what’s going on, there is usually even MORE going behind that that we fail to see and even some of the smallest things can mean something in the bigger picture in some way.

      I must be one of the minority that’s actually enjoying how things have gone overall and waiting to see just how twisted this will end up.

  18. Really? Where they expecting this to be a big episode..? I think everyone’s waiting for something like this to happen for the past 10 episodes. And what the heck is up with those dialogs? It’s no less than breaking the 4th wall. Sorry but, what a crappy script! Just how messed up a series could get?

  19. At this point it’s just a big joke, not only did the story drag until now but it’s revealed that this long suffering of waiting for a story to appear was for nothing… We watched a farce like the series itself said and are supposed to be entertained by the notion that the story was good until now because it was badly told on purpose. And the great plot-twist with this episode can’t really redeem what has been done wrong until now. The only thing left to hope is that the movie could get at least exciting since the series was such a badly told story that could’ve been good but is now only hilariously bad.

    1. I really don’t think the main focus of the show should be fore the plot. It’s the experience. Just hear me out. As someone pointed out above, the show has numerous dystopic elements and is similar to other shows that create elaborate false settings like The Truman Show. We watch the show to see how this charade slowly unravel and how the many inconsistencies slowly add up.

      Bad plot? What does that even mean? Was it supposed to be good? It’s obvious that the show knows that the entire set up is a farce from the very beginning and has slowly strung the viewer along to feel that way.

      1. Sure, in theory this sounds good but this mystery wasn’t “slowly unravelled”, for a long time the audience was purposefully left in the dark despite already noticing the inconsistencies (which created then the feeling of the story dragging behind the viewer’s knowledge). When I notice a part of a mystery and the series doesn’t acknowledge the existence of this inconsistency as I see it then I have to assume that it’s either just a plain plothole or that I know more than what the series wants me to know right now. And the way Blood-C piled up the “hints” which nearly everybody noticed without acknowledging them (which would’ve been what you call “slowly unravelled”) and then used other characters to push the plot forcefully by acknowledging the “pile of hints” after it was build up isn’t really good pacing, I think. This was of course largely due to Saya’s character who is so passive and powerless that it’s useless to root for her since all the unravelling happens through the other characters – first it was the dog, now it’s the main-cast. The other characters have to *force* Saya to remember because she can’t do it on her own and what she did on her own was just part of a play and therefore ultimately only an “illusionary success” (never mind how she did a poor job of protecting the “extras” also). Saya may not be a damsel-in-distres but she comes damn near close to it because of the way her rescue depends on other characters. One can have sympathy for her but one shouldn’t expect her to do anything significant – and that’s not really how a main-character should be, especially considering what image we have of Saya using Blood: The Last Vampire and Blood+.
        Sure, this series may try to be totally different but then why build the connection to the other two animes at all when it doesn’t want to be like those two anyway? Blood-C isn’t a series standing on its own, it’s a series in a franchise and there are expectations and some core-concepts linked to that. And this series does a poor job of handling that point.
        I think the concept of the show is just flawed if I have to see the mystery unravelled by being bound to the point of view of a character who doesn’t contribute to that actively. Because of that the plot didn’t seem to progress naturally through Saya but was instead pushed forcefully by other characters which made the storytelling too slow and dragging when Saya was on her own. The story may seem good but the way it’s executed just makes it a rather disappointing experience for me.

    1. If you’re speaking about the Truman Show then yes it does remind me of this show in some ways except for one major factor, Truman Show was actually good. You actually care about Truman since you are very clearly informed about his motivations, his tramatized past, and the guy isn’t a complete dimwit. Sadly this show lacks any decent characterization for Saya or the “main cast”.

      Shock value does not make a good anime, it just makes you not give a crap. Absolutely dismal anime with wasted talent and production.

  20. *sigh*

    Everytime I read about this seris I get more dissapointed. I’m glad I dropped from episode 1… which is a shame since I like the twist on those Twins. Too bad the rest of the series is that terrible…

  21. Am I suppose to laugh at these episode? It’s amusing and unbelievably funny, I was laughing from disbelief on all the revelations this episode, the way it’s executed, and the character reactions…this episode ruin things for me.

    On the good side, at least they try to establish a connection to Blood: The Last Vampire

    I don’t care anymore, I will finish this series hoping something good or at least something acceptable for me will happen in the ending.

  22. NO I don’t think that the dog is an Elder Bairn. 100% sure. The whole Tokizane personality changed worked for me now that it got me hating him. But I still don’t want him to die in any case. I wonder what Yuka and the class prez objectives are?
    I think this anime will conclude with the movie coming out next year.

  23. This episode makes me sad, and I haven’t even watched it yet. I feel so bad for Saya. Divine, initially I was against your suggestion that Saya “hack everyone up,” but now that we know she’s been played by everyone I think it’s just as well… Plus I’m really disappointed in the classmates’ true personalities, especially Shinichirou, no matter how much they make sense; his actions and previous personality had been bothering me for a number of reasons, but I didn’t think he’d be this big of an ass…

  24. To say that BLOOD-C was the worst series of the year coming from the same site that recommended “Sacred Seven” & “Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi” is what’s really laughable! At one time I took this site as the Gold Standard as to what I should watch in the way of new anime. No longer you get the bronze. I see no mention of you guys following the new Bakemonogatari series sequel coming up in Jan called Nisemonogatari. (Bakemonogatari – is pure genius by the way) So you gambled wrong.. So now you know how some of your followers feel on some of YOUR recommendations! :-p

    1. You talk like you’re the gold standard of anime, in which case, I would love to see you start your own blog and see if anyone gives a damn about what you have to say. I know I wouldn’t based on your arrogance alone.

      I never make recommendations either way; I just give my impressions on a new series based on any source material I’ve come across. It’s still better than people who read a second-hand synopsis, look at a picture (and maybe the staff), and then decide if they’re going to watch a new show.

      I enjoyed the shows I watched, and there’s a big fat disclaimer that tastes are subjective. The funny thing is, I was really reserved about BLOOD-C, but you conveniently overlooked that.

      Why the hell would we talk about Nisemonogatari? That’s two season away. Plus, you seem to have conveniently forgotten that I finished blogging Bakemonogatari too.

    2. Disclaimer: Regular readers of the site probably already know that my tastes are fairly diverse, but a quick look at MyAnimeList should give everyone else an idea of my seventeen or so years of history with anime. With that in mind, please be aware that I’ll often watch mediocre and even controversial series for the sake of variety, or simply so that I can make an informed judgement at the end. However, I would only recommend such shows if you’ve seen something similar, enjoyed it to a certain degree, and know what you’re getting yourself into. I still have my usual genres, so it’s usually not too difficult for me to decide what to watch based on premise, art style, production, and cast (a big one for me) after going through some source and/or promotional material. For the purpose of this preview, I’ll try to identify what appeals to me about each series, in hopes that it will help you determine if it coincides with your own tastes.

      That’s been found in every single Season Preview since 2010, mind you.

  25. Okay, just watched this episode, and I’m at least relieved that Itsuki’s soft spot for Saya seems genuine as ever so maybe Saya has a supporter in this after all… Can’t tell yet with Yuka. But the others can just die.

  26. im gonna go out on a limb here and say i liked this episode and series as a whole. It kept me wanting more, like any good series should do. THe fact that we are here at the eleventh episode and still watching is credit to that. Everyone who is complaining needs to just think about that. Why ARE you watching if you hate it so much? Answer: you don’t. You just don’t understand the logic behind this show. Not that I do, but Im open minded about it and am eager to see the final before the movie.

  27. Just another case of CLAMP having a good idea, but poorly executing it. Unfortunately for them they have to complete this because it in their contract to to complete it. Otherwise it would have gone in CLAMP’s file of “hiatus/we don’t know what to do anymore” mangas” (X/1999 anyone??)

  28. Finished catching up to this episode. Actually its not bad. Eps 1-5 were slow and seemed to be devolving into the monster of the week format but since i already read this review for ep 11, a lot of the monster’s dialogue made sense.

    Seems a lot of them know Saya personally too, like the multi armed samurai. From ep 6 it wasn’t bad. There’s a few faults overall
    i) Saya’s weak performance (however given that she unconsciously knows they are her enemies, her slowness in “saving” them is acceptable)

    ii) Trying to make Saya a sympathy character but failing. I think part of the idea is that the audience is supposed to feel sorry for Saya, so that this episode can have a greater impact. However since a lot of the series was just slashing and Saya being lost, very little sympathy was generated

    iii) Pacing issues. A lot of mysteries suffer this and BloodC is no exception. At least 2 episodes could have been removed without real impact. More if some of the parts in various episodes were simply shortened

    iv) Color issues. The constant dark colors in use (such as for the uniforms) made it hard to create a fake smurf-like “lalalalala” facade. Colors correspond to moods and manipulation of colors is necessary to create the mood. Madoka did it right with the bright colors shifting into dark when it went deeper.

    v) Lack of characterization. Most of the characters i have no feeling for and aren’t particularly memorable (looking at the fake love interest and fake class reps, so the impact of those being frauds are very much lessened

    vi) Gore and the censor lights. Either tone it down with the fire hydrant style or get the lights off. It becomes freakishly distracting.

    Originally was a bit wierd to see Saya with glasses since from what i remember, she didn’t have them. Loved seeing Watanuki as a crossover side character. His dialogue on “some pretty big things happened today” comes off as not talking about the “deaths” of the characters but rather, Fumito’s plan moving into a critical phase.

    I’m guessing that Saya made the wish (of having a normal life) and her price is being paid right now. Her “dad” is obviously some youkai. Not too sure on Fumito being a youkai as well.

    Also guessing Itsuki is some sort of undercover agent or acquaintance that is going to help Saya if possible.

    The most enjoyable ending would probably be Saya getting pissed and killing off everyone.

    Zaku Fan
  29. after seeing this all 5 things to say

    1.too many wham to watch on it

    2.yea so twisted to watch like what is going on?

    3.truman show anyone?

    4.so what is real or fake?

    5.cake is a lie.

    cause i feel thinking of don’t just a book by cover just look within the person to see truth.

  30. Thought the show was good and fresh very risky in that it wasn’t what everybody thought they wanted but I’ve enjoyed every episode and looked forward to the next. No bullsh*t in this. Cliche cheesy one liners replaced with slaughter and strange things we wondered how everyone in the show accepted it, actually noticed was strange! Uniforms etc. And what those fisherman said in episode 3 or 4… It all makes sense now 🙂 can’t wait for the end.

  31. It all seems to make sense now! And the covenant seemingly was to have furugimono eat’em’all swedish table once in, say, 99 years without hindrance in return for 99 years fast. LOL @ the characters revealing their true selves… I still wonder about 2 things – who exactly is backing Fumito – creating entire village for the “TruBLOODShow” costs ton of money, and hiring people does too… And is Fumito is related to nameless agency handling Saya in TLV or he is acting in opposition to them? Anyway, Saya is powerful fighter but not the brightest person on Earth… Even your average wiever could see blatant flaws in the “story”, if we keep the “cast” narrative… On the other hand she was probably heavily drugged most of the time. Now I really want to know what are Fumito’s motives…
    also, on the fanservice note, loved Kanako molesting Saya 😛

  32. I cant necessarily say that this was a horrible anime, they were very creative in some respect but when you take 10 episodes to build up to the actual plot YOU DONT END THE SERIES THE NEXT EPISODE!!! this would be a spectacular prelude to lets say a Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Conan or even Fairy Tale…Which all broke at least about and average of about 100 episodes. 12 episodes to end like that! thats like bangin a prostitute with no condom and telling you afterwards telling you “hey this might come as a bit of a shock to you but I have an STD and depending on how interested you might be to find out which one I might tell you but for now your just gonna have to sit and wait for my announcement at the next Comic Con you gullible S.O.B’s oh and by the way thanks for the views suckers.

    Anime enthusiast

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