「うかりける」 (Ukarikeru)

I usually prefer the modest approach, but after I joked about how I would look like a genius if the “dog” talked back in episode four, I just have to throw in a (somewhat unconfident) “what did I tell you” as a follow-up to it. Voiced by Fukuyama Jun, our furry friend also hinted that this isn’t his true form, so the transformation part doesn’t seem so far-fetched either. Now I just to need propose something completely outlandish, like the dog using his Geass on Saya and ordering her to kill Fumito, to completely discredit myself and make the world right again. (If something like that does happen, you can be sure I’ll be darting out the door to the closest lotto center and buying some tickets.)

On a more serious note, the dog sure is going for the roundabout approach, asking Saya who she promised to hunt Elder Bairns and who she thinks came to him asking to have their wish fulfilled. His comment about how it’s possible to conceal evil was less ambiguous though, since there’s only one person whom I think he could be referring to. Fumito’s migraine and memory loss-inducing coffee makes him suspect number one, which goes back to the beginning of episode five when Saya only had a faint recollection of her bloody battle the night before. My guess is that the “roofies” prevent Saya from getting closer to the truth and potentially giving way to her other red-eyed self — or at least, that’s the impression I get from Fumito’s inconspicuous look last episode to make sure she’s drinking it. Even if Saya does blindly trust him, one would hope she’d be a little concerned about how she’s been passing out and waking up in bed, but evidently our heroine is still too unsuspecting of others and continues doing as she’s told without question.

As for mention of a supposed experiment to see who’s right, I’m starting to wonder if there’s some wager over whether humans and Elder Bairns can coexist. If so, Saya may be a living experiment, judging from the statue-like Elder Bairn (Miyake Kenta) who implied that Saya’s actually someone else and has been living a lie up until now. I’m still leaning towards the idea that she’s half Elder Bairn/half human and is being used to go against some twisted agreement between the town’s residents and the monsters that eat them. The demonic-like hilt on her Goshintou katana along with the Bairn’s wild laughter over Saya’s belief that it’s a sacred blade seemed to suggest as much, plus they raised suspicions about her “father” as well. There haven’t been any photos or flashbacks of Saya’s mother now that I think about it, so I’m somewhat skeptical of everything he’s told Saya about her and the Elder Bairns. As far as I’m concerned, everyone’s suspicious, especially Kanako who was waving the “I am evil” flag like no tomorrow with her manner of speech.

In terms of progression, the death of the Motoe twins and the killings in broad daylight have been quite a series changer. They’ve also made me wary of anyone who considers Saya special or irreplaceable, except maybe Shinichirou. I’m still unsure as to whether he has any idea of what’s going on. The preview suggests that he doesn’t, so I get the feeling he won’t survive until the end of the series. I can already picture him sacrificing himself to protect Saya unless he turns out to be the mysterious hero that I originally perceived him to be.




    1. This was in front of our ears in plain.. er.. sound last week. We could have expected it by last episode but I know I didn’t.. Wait.. does this mean Lelouche is really Watanuki in disguise?!

  1. The dog is Watanuki, from xxxHOLiC, not Lelouche the Douche. Just clearing things up. 🙂 But yeah, you either got that or you didn’t- oh, CLAMP, you and your crossovers.

    I’m really thoroughly enjoying Blood C so far, despite all the criticism it’s taking. I think the buildup of horror is fantastic and I can’t wait to see what happens next. DIvine, have you watched the other Blood series by any chance? I think you’ll understand where the show is generally heading- at least with Saya’s true identity- if you have. 🙂

  2. I also think, that the dog is watanuki, it makes sence, because of the wish granting shop, and that the dog isn’t his true form…oh yeah, and his seijou is fukuyama jun(just like for watanuki)!:DD

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who instantly thought Watanuki from xxxHolic when the dog explained the wish shop!

    And wow, this week’s furukimono was the most human-like yet. He just looked like a giant samurai until he pulled out his Doc Ock/General Grievous cheat codes. Before that he almost reminded me of a Rurouni Kenshin villain who was gigantic, but still somehow human.

    The school closing down is an amazing plot device because it completely eliminates all slice-of-life school scenes from this show, increasing the pace by about 127% (a scientific fact).

    Mostly, I’m glad the dog has finally gotten involved (and confirmed that he is indeed a dog) and that Tokizane has finally made a move. I still think the Class Rep who loves Saya is in on the town conspiracy.

    And wow, Divine, describing Kanako as waving the “evil flag” was better than any description I could come up with. She may as well have shouted, “By the way Saya, I AM EVIL! MWAHAHA!”

    If I remember correctly, I believe Kanako said she used to be a research scientist who quit to become a teacher, which leads me to believe that she may be a third party (or fourth party? I can’t keep track anymore) who is studying the conflict between the furukimono and humans, possibly as a study in predator-prey oscillation patterns (okay, that’s enough with my scientific side lol).

  4. About this picture:


    Isn’t that the face of the guy who hugged Saya after the Ancient One was slain?

    Anyways, I think there are two theories on my head right now.

    1. Saya is an experiment, created by Kanako and Tadayoshi, as a half-human half-ancient one, to see if the two species can co-exist. Most likely, there was some sort of ceasefire between the two species negotiated by Tadayoshi. However, Tadayoshi later betrayed the Ancient Ones by creating Saya to kill them. Kanoko once mentioned that she used to be doing research, but later quitted; this is why i think she was involved. I can’t really say if she is evil, and what part that cat/dog and Fumito play in this.

    2. Saya was an Ancient One, who later became a human (probably through that cat/dog). This can be collaborated by the Ancient One of the day, who claimed to have met and fought Saya before. Maybe Saya was an Ancient One, then she did something that made her want to become a human. Then the cat/dog was involved in granting her wish. But in this theory I do not know what part Tadayoshi plays; Fumito is also not involved here.

    In fact, are we even sure if Fumito an Tadayoshi are together in this? :S… If I recall correctly, they have never had a conversation with each other; then again, neither did Kanako to those two men.

  5. here’s my guess.. saya is a clone and the real saya is in a deep slumber, the clone and the town being part of the whole experiment thing and then later on saya finds out that she’s not the real saya then…. ugh im running out of ideas.. but it would be interesting if she finds out that everything she knew about her was all made up just so they can go on with the experiment that was mentioned in this episode..

    1. I’m admittedly kind of enjoying the series, but at the same time I’m with you on the fact that CLAMP is turning part of the BLOOD franchise literally into one of their works. I’m disappointed, but yet since I did like xxxHolic, I’m intrigued.

      I’m actually catching up on Tsubasa right now so that I can try to learn more about it and how it tied into xxxHolic because for sure there are some xxxHolic elements at play, but something that I think would fit and explain why a lot of the BLOOD universe’s canon has been thrown out of whack from this installment is in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.

      I hope you don’t mind, but I’m just going to write out my theories here because I’m a little lazy and don’t want to do a separate reply.

      The dog I think seems really blatantly to be Watanuki in disguise, but as for how the wish and xxxHolic’s involvement in the BLOOD universe works, I would like to point out that Tsubasa itself was about multiple dimensions. I admittedly, just started that series, but in the earlier episodes Fai and Syaoran talk about how people in different dimensions might have different jobs or look different and such, but their personality and their core is the same. And then…Show Spoiler ▼

      I’m not entirely certain of these things of course, but the wish shop throws a lot of monkey wrenches into what you would believe is normal since there’s just a lot of weird things in there to begin with that Watanuki and Yuuko can pull out. The art style CLAMP decided on for this series seems like a neutral cross between xxxHolic and Tsubasa as well. It has hints of that Ukiyo-e-ish style that they were doing, but also more defined and pretty-ish as with Tsubasa with a BLOOD franchise color palette. And I’ll admit it is slow and kind of boring at first and not really the greatest installment to the BLOOD franchise, but I’m enjoying the idea of it linking up to other series I liked to some extent because it makes it a little less predictable than a generic vampire or monster fighting show.

      I mean, a lot of people are making comparisons to the original BLOOD+ and while that’s great and all, you would still probably be upset if they decided to make BLOOD-C mirror BLOOD+ every step of the way and made it end the same.

  6. i’m pretty sure they’re mixing xxxholic with blood: the last vampire. my guess is that at the end of blood: the last vampire, Saya made a wish. i don’t know what for, and how that relates to Saya now, at least we know that it isn’t ALL CLAMP and not ALL Blood. i just think that those two Saya’s are linked, it’s pretty obvious from all of those flash-backs she keeps having about the U.S army base. who knows? i hope Saya takes the Elder Bairns’ advice and asks her father to tell her who she is, the suspense is killing me, i have to know.

  7. The Watanuki dog had me chuckling. It’s even the same voice actor (Blood-xxxHolic maybe?). I was a little annoyed though that it was one of those “I’ll only talk in cryptic answers ” entities. God knows its so difficult to do a straight answer.

    More on the plot, I’m starting to see a Truman show vibe to it. A gory bloody Truman Show anyway. It seems to set up a “trust no one” theme, assuming Saya will start doubting the people around her. I noticed that Saya looked she was ready to drink the blood pool though, so maybe she’s remembering who she was.

  8. Since Watanuki can never leave the shop,(not yet) the dog-cat is not him, physically rite? which means maybe Saya is not living in the real world. Maybe she’s dreaming. Watanuki can cross into dreams but usually he’s himself. This time, because of the wish, he has to be in that form.
    BTW, CLAMP makes the cutest, most adorable pet ever!

    1. At the end of xxxHolic Watanuki can leave the shop, being stuck there for more than 100 years. He’s probably the most powerful sorcerer now in CLAMP multi-verse after Yuko and Clow died.

  9. Oh god, the wish shop!
    Now coming to the dog suspects, it is quite clear that deliquent pal isnt him, so unless it is really CLAMPverse denizen, then it could be… Show Spoiler ▼

    As for cuteness, the dog is nothing compared to InQBator, but despite speaking in riddles he seems more honest (lol).
    When it comes to the “well hidden evil” my first thought was going to Saya herself.
    It seems some deal between humans and furugimono was on and now it is not being respected anymore.
    Re: the experiment, it seems it is conducted between the teacher (sceptic) and father (optimist) and deals in making Saya “human” somehow.
    (as suff notes:Kanoko once mentioned that she used to be doing research)
    Fumito either isn’t involved or cooperates with Saya’s “father”.
    After last episode broad dayligh massacre in centre of the town, it really stretches my suspension of disbelief that the town isnt crawling with military and media. Some EXTREME media/witnesses suppression must be going on. Now cops start dying I think it is ever more evident.

  10. I think they’re overdoing it with this show. Seriously, this is getting rather silly and I’m really dissapointed about the lack of fallout after the last episode’s massacre.

    Who is cleaning up all the bodies and blood before anyone notices?
    What’s with the lack of response after that slaughter on the main street last episode? No people panicing? Nothing?
    A policeman is asking about Nono and Nene, but no mention of what happened last time?
    What’s going on with that town?

    I’d really like some sensible answers before the show is over. There are a lot of things that bug me with this show. I hope I don’t have to consider it a total fail at the end.
    The silly blood fountains from every little cut or stab wound aren’t helping much either.

  11. I myself am a clamp fan as well and I think the story has been progressing quite nicely most blogs and other forums have beaten this show into the ground. when I watch a show I just let it progress the way it should slow progression sometimes is a good way to tell a story because you won’t miss significant details. btw Sayaxtokizane!!!

  12. This felt to me like a filler episode, nothing new was learned and the fighting was mediocre. The animation during the fight scene looked second rate and what?…. only one person dead? Not only that, the blood spewing was kill bill-ish. It seemed out of place. After two amazing episodes i felt unsatisfied. Looking forward to the next episode.

  13. elder brain of this episode: if i swing my arms wildly and aimlessly its not my fault if you happen to run into them. reminds me of the simpsons when bart and lisa used this same method but either kicking or punching minus the swords.

  14. Blood-C as a whole has some problems, from the lazy animation and probably the slow pace and probably poor directing. Nothing can be done with the story part but I hope all the censor scenes (the black and white lines) remove from the BD release. Also it wouldn’t hurt if the producer try being more creative with the BD release by doing what SHAFT is doing with Madoka in the BD releases, simply outstanding.

    As for episode 6, I’m pls. with how “finally” the story is slowly making sense, but the animation is very lacking. Again something that can be fix in the BD release.

    Also, adding some people in the town would make all the difference, not just random people added in the scene when the Furukimonos needed something to eat. Uhh…

  15. You ARE Divine after all, the username comes with some special powers, but idk if it’ll work in the rl, like lotto tickets. ;P

    If the dog turns out to be Watanuki (same seiyuu, but Jun’s voice is different?) from Yuuko’s shop and the wisher is either Saya’s mom, another version of Saya, or a CLAMP-crossover, I’m quitting. -_- Enough is enough. After TRC, I’m sick of crossovers. They’ve already pulled the “i’ll grant your wish at the price of ____’s memories” card again.

    1. This also disappointed me… it’s not even a full CLAMP show (I mean since it’s in another franchise). I really didn’t expect xxxHolic spoilers in here either but it was pretty obvious. >.<


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