Well it looks like the hunch I had last time proved to be true, plus another one I had back in chapter 546 that I had already dismissed. The more recent one was fairly obvious, where Itachi was pretty adamant that every technique has a weakness. Edo Tensei is no exception to that rule as far as he’s concerned and he’s now a (dead) man on a mission to prove his point. What he has in mind is anyone’s guess, but I think everyone was skeptical that Orochimaru’s forbidden technique is perfect. All it really took was Madara to have his doubts for that skepticism to catch on. The other hunch I had was about Naruto making an immediate impact on the battlefield. It wasn’t foreshadowed and was merely something that I thought of from a progression standpoint. I threw out the idea that he would help Gaara fight all the resurrected Kages, just to show what he’s capable of with his newly acquired powers, but that idea went wayside in recent chapters when Naruto and B ran into Itachi and Pain instead. Much to my surprise, that was the intention all along, as Naruto is poised to make his grand entrance next time. I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to his Kyuubi form.

More so than Naruto realizing that he should rely on his friends more, I was impressed by how quickly Itachi got his point across. While it’s kind of hard to ignore his words of wisdom when he uses Madara as an example, I couldn’t overlook the fact that Itachi would’ve been an awesome instructor. Granted, it helps when someone of his stature simply commands respect, but I like how Itachi doesn’t waste any time with convoluted explanations. I much prefer his approach to the more roundabout one Kakashi used to teach Team 7 about teamwork. Sometimes it’s better to let people figure things out on their own, but in cases like this, it’s almost better to lay it all out for them so that they’ll never forget. In any case, I suppose this is going to be a precursor of things to come, which means that all of Naruto’s friends will be involved in a fairly significant way in the chapters to come.


  1. I have a strong feeling that the person in the end is actually Konohamaru. I mean, we know that he learned the Rasengan way back during Pain’s invasion of the Leaf. And why would they bother to block Naruto in a cliffhanger? I’m calling it.

    1. Actually, it might have been the “Trump Card” that Kabuto mentioned earlier… I highly doubt that it is Naruto making a quick entrance when he seemed so far away from the Kage clash. A Konohamaru appearance is a little unbelievable for him to be able to strike undected by the (whichever)kage that Gaara is facing; unless he got some form of super power up that he has not shown.

      1. Yeah, while it’s hard to believe Konohamaru could actually do much damage to a Kage, I can’t imagine who else it might be, unless it’s someone new altogether, like the “Trump Card,” which is a possibility. As some pointed out below, it can’t be Minato or Jiraiya, as part (or all?) of Minato is sealed in Naruto, and Kabuto said Jiraiya is unreachable. I don’t think Kakashi would stray from his division, either. It’s also possible that Kishimoto is simply making us think that it’s someone else by hiding their identity, when it’s really Naruto after all. Hmm.

  2. yeah! naruto just got a bitch slap from itachi by those words. i was really agitated when naruto says, “i will do it! its my duty!” – yeah my ass, a war is fought by many lives not by a single soldier.

  3. If ever there was an example of just how Naruto has matured into his role as the village’s hero it was this episode. Old Naruto would have blew off what Itachi said and forged ahead with his “my ninja way” philosophy. Lots of us males use that philosophy when it comes to stoping and asking for directions.

    Adult Naruto listened to what he said and realized what he was doing was wrong. Now if Itachi helps Naruto to make Sasule see the error of his ways he might actually be saved. Then team 7 can go after Madara and Kabuto.

    Naruto and “Uncle” Bee are the 2 weapons the villages always hoped they would get from the tailed beasts.

  4. One thing I got from this chapter is that Naruto needs only a few minutes before he can use Kyuubi-mode again. He was tired at first after a pep talk right back to kyuubi-mode. Itachi needed to speak to everbody in the war if that the case. lol!!!

  5. So………… no one is wondering how Naruto needed 2 seconds to rest b4 going right back to kyuubi mode? And that was Naruto’s hands; there were flames on that hand.

    Azul Flamed Samurai
  6. The thing I liked best about this chapter was the Naruto finally is unable to use his signature Kage Bunshin technique. WOWWWWW! I’ve been waiting for this for years now. If he uses it he can’t be in Kyuubi mode. That was a brilliant move, Kishimoto!

  7. Last panel’s mysterious person can only be 3 person, Naruto himself, Konohamaru, or Kakashi. They are the only ones who can use Rasengan.

    Most likely its Naruto, because Gaara raelly wouldnt make a shocked face saying “You are…” if it was Konohamaru or Kakashi.

  8. Kabuto’s trump card would probably be something that make Madara afraid
    So my guess would go to his younger brother or something epics related to the Sage of the Six Paths, something we even haven’t heard about


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