「心のカガミ」 (Kokoro no Kagami)
“Mirror of the Heart”

When there’s a big f–king gun that’s only good for one shot, it’s an absolute tease if it’s never fired. The rational side of me understands Makoto’s hesitation to use it when Ruri’s right next to him, but come on… shoot the Corundum Laser Cannon. With a name like that and an expensive ruby burned in the process, it’s just begging to have its trigger pulled. Makoto should really consider having his Engagement Suit modified so that it has room for a passenger, because that would’ve allowed him to bring Ruri inside and be done with the ancient Ashi housed in a pyramid-like ruins. Instead, the laser cannon was merely a test of tenacity on how long he could hold out for. Kudos to his quick thinking when he decided to cut through the bedrock and have Ruri pass on the ruby to Alma below, but it sure didn’t look like he had much of a plan just prior. Ruri would’ve been killed and our show would’ve been over. The thought of that is enough to get anyone upset, even Makoto himself.

It’s hard to believe this started out as a beach episode, which only consisted of Ageha and Nanami for the most part. There was only a bit of Ruri in a swimsuit and absolutely no Wakana since she was busy collecting rocks (quite a backbreaking hobby if I do say so myself). I wasn’t really hoping for any real fan-service, but they did get my expectations up a little bit when Ruri commented about the perverted look on Alma’s face. That was probably the first tease, followed by the aforementioned BFG right after Alma sensed an Ashi nearby. In actuality, the episode wasn’t really all that bad though. Makoto was on Alma’s case for making sure to protect Ruri at all costs and a flashback was shown about how the Kagami family always serves the Aiba family, explaining why he takes his job so seriously. That death flag-like moment eventually resulted in Makoto being appreciative of Alma’s help, and showing it by saying he’s going to put him through some proper training. I would’ve liked to see something more from the Ashi that was housed in the ruins to presumably harness its powers, but we still had a decent amount of character development from its involvement.

The finish was nice to see, mostly because of the scare that Alma gave Makoto for piercing right through his Engagement Suit and not hitting him, but there wasn’t really a lot else that particularly stood out. We basically had another school life-type setting with an Ashi twist like we did last week. I didn’t mind the change-up because I enjoy seeing Ruri in these scenarios (and in different outfits), but I am happy about seeing more of Night and Yuuji next time. I’m actually hoping to see more of Fei since she’s a Sacred Taker as well. I’ve been curious as to what her transformed form looks like.




  1. Is anyone else sensing love triangle/square flags with makoto, arma and ruri, and more? I really hope they don’t choose those routes though T.T everyone deserves someone special who loves them back!

    1. You have to wait a few days for the good ones to come out but Ep.4 was particularly atrocious … I though it was because I was tired that they were speaking in tongues. lol

    2. You are not the only one. It just can’t be help that the fansub seem to be coming so late, and there were all sort of fansub crap all over the place.

      I’m guessing if we were to comment on this blog, it will either have to be blind comment(commenting without watching the show) or outdated

    3. gtg’s fan sub was horrible. It started off ok and seemed to make sense for the 1st 5-7 mins then all of a sudden the words were in english but made no sense. I could not stand it after 10 mins and deleted it. Will wait for Horrible, Crunchy, Doki or some other decent fan subber group to do it.

      I try to avoid/boycott gg subs for what they did last season screwing with Hidan no Aria each week.

  2. Lol, I really feel nothing for this show. Rock of the week + BIG pockets + bland protagonists can do that to you. Blah anime aside, I think this stuff can pull itself out of the muck with some uber action. I just hope they don’t put it off until the last episode.

  3. Fire that BFG, damn it!
    That aside, it was still a very enjoyable action packed episode. I was very afraid this week was going to turn out to be another slice of life “character development” episode, not that I mind, but I think the story should move forward or at the very least, they should start blowing things up again.
    More Knight and hopefully Fei next week. Wonder how Knight managed to get by without the medicine he failed to obtained two episodes back.

    Seishun Otoko
  4. So whatever happened to the indiscriminate attacks from Night and the fact that he was attacking that compound to get some medicine for his uncontrollable Ashi? I guess were expected to assume he just hasn’t run out yet even though he didn’t get anymore? I am getting more and more disappointed ever since it turned out that the main Ashi antagonist from the first two episodes actually had an intellect and an intention that was less than world-shattering. Don’t get me wrong, I like this series, but it strikes me as having what I’d call “Blood C Syndrome” where it just doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere with the plot.

  5. Somehow, Wakana seems like the most interesting (and likable) character to me. lol
    And c’mon, if all she does is collect rocks, Ruri will easily steal Arma away. I definitely don’t want to see that (though that’s probably the most likely outcome).

  6. Thanks for your review Divine.

    By the way has anyone seen the pilot for the new Thundercats series??
    the new pilot was really great and i am really looking forward to the next episode.
    The new animation is more anime like which i find awesome.

    Greetings from Germany

    The White Devil
    1. Welcome to RC

      A new Thundercat huh, that nice. Maybe if Divine will make a random chat category because sometime I too want to say something regarding anime but not available in RC.

      1. the subs were just in between mediocre and decent, which is non-GG-like -_- But the OP was a masterpiece, and that is what GG is known about — making crappy shows look interesting.

        Trolling the OP of a crappy anime is awesome… Trolling the translations isn’t.
        It’s such a shame GG trolled Aria’s translations, and made it less interesting than it already was. They would’ve made Aria interesting if they only trolled the OP, not the translations.


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