Sacred Seven – 12 (END)

「セイクリッドセブン」 (Seikuriddo Sebun)
“Sacred Seven”

From the last boss transformations to our hero’s newly acquired power-ups in the final battle, Sunrise threw in just about every single video game cliche I could think of. They did manage to wrap everything up fairly well, but the surprise turn of events one after another didn’t leave a very good last impression.

Sacred Seven – 09

「転石するイシ」 (Tenseki Suru Ishi)
“Rolling Darkstone”

It may have been a little cliche and predictable, but for a series that’s going for the reluctant superhero approach, it’s hard to fault Sunrise for using some of the staples of the genre. This includes the tried and true mustering strength out of nowhere and coming in the nick of time to save the heroine.

Sacred Seven – 08

「マゴコロを込めて」 (Magokoro wo Komete)
“With Sincerity”

Ask and I shall receive, as Onigawara sets Alma up on a date with Ruri so that he can finally get a clue. It’s just too bad that it revolved around a misunderstanding over Alma’s overuse of the phrase “for now”, since it made him come off as an insensitive jerk for most of the episode.

Sacred Seven – 05

「心のカガミ」 (Kokoro no Kagami)
“Mirror of the Heart”

When there’s a big f–king gun that’s only good for one shot, it’s an absolute tease if it’s never fired. The rational side of me understands Makoto’s hesitation to use it when Ruri’s right next to him, but come on… shoot the Corundum Laser Cannon. With a name like that and an expensive ruby burned in the process, it’s just begging to have its trigger pulled.