OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「輝跡 -kiseki-」 by 南里侑香 (Nanri Yuuka)
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「真実のヨシアシ」 (Shinjitsu no Yoshi Ashi)
“The True Yoshi and Ashi”

I’ve never seen an anime swap its opening and ending themes with new sequences to go for each, but somebody at Sunrise seems to have had a change of heart seven episodes later. Surprisingly, Nanri Yuuka’s “Miracle” seems to be better suited as an opening theme. I just find it funny how both singles are already released and are referred to as what they originally started as. I gather this isn’t a temporarily switch either, since the new opening sequence looks like a “proper” one.

On a somewhat related note, I’m wondering about the decision to drop all the build-up from the previous episode where Ruri thought she was a bother to Alma. Part of me wants to chalk it up to her professionalism given the situation, but it didn’t even come up as an afterthought the entire episode, making it seem like it was dropped altogether. Alma didn’t even have it weighing on his conscience either, and was fully committed to rescuing Ruri just because. At the moment, I’m giving Sunrise the benefit of the doubt under the assumption that Alma and Ruri’s misunderstanding will come up later on in the series, but I do feel they could have given us some indication that it hasn’t been completely forgotten.

In retrospect, that was my only minor gripe with this episode. The rest of it turned out to be the beginning of a crossroad for our protagonists, as they ultimately have to decide whether to believe Night and Fei or Kenmi. From our perspective, it’s pretty clear that Kenmi isn’t to be trusted and that’s without taking into consideration how Night and Fei are seen alongside Alma, Ruri, and co. in the new ending sequence. From Alma and Ruri’s perspective, it’s much less apparent though, which I’m actually quite happy about. Following this latest incident, it would’ve been really easy for Kenmi to show his true colors when he was suspected of experimenting on Sacred Takers, but he showed a little depth and complexity to his character by proving to be more conniving, which more or less saved the story from oversimplifying itself further.

As for the real draw of the episode, it had to be Fei hands down. I was already pretty intrigued by her character and perceived her as a victim in all this, but the added revelation that she’s a Yoshi (i.e. Good Stone) like Ruri puts an interesting spin on things. For one, it helped explain how she was making serums for Night from her own blood. It also made the similarities between Night/Fei and Alma/Ruri more apparent (albeit under very different circumstances), which opens the door for a better understanding between them. Given how kindhearted Fei proved to be, even surprising Ruri when she put a band-aid on her, it was pretty easy to side with her. The nail in the coffin was learning that her brother is Kenmi’s Subject Zero. I had a hunch about that being the case after she brought up how Kenmi killed her brother, but it’s kind of moot now since they already confirmed it. In any case, once Alma and Ruri learn about what happened to Fei’s brother, I think we’ll be well on our way toward an ultimate showdown with Kenmi.

Looking back on the past seven episodes, I’m a bit disappointed at how the scope of the story seems to have dwindled and that side characters like Wakana still don’t add anything to it. However, I am optimistic about some added depth in the upcoming episodes, particularly the next one featuring a flashback about Alma’s mother. The new opening sequence also shows Alma and Ruri during their childhood, so the backstory that was hinted at way back in episode two should be coming up as well.

* I seriously hope they went back and picked up all those precious stones from the box that Kagami handed Alma.
* The scene with Alma on top of Ruri is pretty funny when taken out of context.
* Only one full-length image this week.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「stone cold」 by FictionJunction
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    1. I’m thinking they are doing this as a promo. If it works, they going to make a full series of it. 24 or something. But I’ll be betting all my money on just a filler job until Gundam Age.

  1. I was quite surprised with the opening/ending theme switching as well, and the new opening animation has so much eye candy! *drools*

    At least now we know that the dood is evil. @_@

  2. I totally facepalmed at the “revelation” by Knight that Kenmi was the bad guy when Alma and Ruri have their “oh no” faces on. I like how Kenmi can say a few words at the end and they apparently withhold their doubt AFTER eyewitness testimony by the two abused teens and a wtf-my-bro-is-alive-but-a-monster moment with Fei.

    Contributing to the facepalm was gg’s absurd subs for this episode. Who the F came up with Squall!? Some of the translations were overly exaggerated for tiny phrases.

    I also hope the box of jewels didn’t get crushed.

    1. I know Ruri is rich, but for some reason I kept worrying about her financial status seeing how she can used up jewel that take 100 million to buy and seem to not care about the jewel box. If only they could show her to be as rich as Sanzenin.

    2. They didn’t withhold any doubts. They were clearly suspicious after Kenmi left. Also Naito has killed alot of innocent people and kidnapped Ruri. He isn’t really trustworthy either.

      Also gg sucks. Anytime people claim they are “funny” or “awesome” I just roll my eyes.

      1. Kenmi himself said that they should have some doubts but they withheld them as in saved it for later. Unless they storm Kenmi’s complex next episode to demand proof, I think they got too easily placated for something so evil sounding.

  3. Good episode. Better than the last one. Where is Wakana 🙁 ? I guess she won’t amount to much in this anime. Kind of anticipated that. Though I wished it was different.

    I bet they forgot the stones, and Kagami had the maids do clean up for them.

    Correction: The scene with Alma on top of Ruri and Fei is pretty funny when taken out of context 😛

  4. …Kenmi’s lab experiments on the rockies *GASP*

    Just WTH do they think ppl do in a LAB all day, play cards, bah. But anyway, PLOT!, a overly watered down plot where Kenmi needs to be taken out but atleast they moved away from the rock of the week.

  5. I…just have one question.
    Very important question. Underlined.
    When I watch the episode on Himawari Douga, lots of comments were saying that Fei is…a boy, after the scene where Kagami recalled Fei and Night’s profile (EP6) and then again in this EP when Kenmi talked about them. I didn’t bother to go back and watch the part carefully again, thinking it was a Rukako Joke…but…

    Is it…true?

    Jellyfish Marine
    1. I can’t really answer your question with confidence but when Fei address himself he use “boku” which is a male indicator self. There are no longer any indication that he is a she, apart from his voice and her looks.

  6. “I’m wondering about the decision to drop all the build-up from the previous episode where Ruri thought she was a bother to Alma.”

    Yup, I agreed. I mean what up with that, if you guys is going to be kidnapped then don’t bother with that fake drama in the first place. But still it could be for the following episode where they finally show Ruri and Alma childhood memory.

    “I seriously hope they went back and picked up all those precious stones from the box that Kagami handed Alma.”

    Yup, was thinking that too.

    “The scene with Alma on top of Ruri is pretty funny when taken out of context.”

    Yup, glad I’m not the only one that ecchi.

    P.S. Did I do anything beside saying “yup”?

  7. nice episode… here I thought the sub group awesomely trolled with their OP/ED swap, but I guess that is not the case there. so the OP suggests that Alma gets a sword as well later, and he indeed has a past relationship with Ruri 🙂 those are good to knows. and I like the new ED animation a lot better 🙂
    In terms of the actual plot, I Hoped that Ruri would give Fei a gem of hers so she can transform Night to the true form… but that wasn’t happening, so I hope they would later on. Kenmi picked up the super villain arua at the end, but at the moment he isn’t that bad ass yet. Should be interesting to see his new “card” he talked about… Can’t wait for next week!

  8. AWESOME episode. I loved it. Fei was great. Nice to see development and action finally.
    Has anyone noticed that the scarf young Alma had is similiar to the one on his Megaman outfit?

    “The scene with Alma on top of Ruri is pretty funny when taken out of context.”
    Naughty,naughty, didn’t notice that at all…

  9. Somehow, someone else also thought that it could be possible that it was Ruri’s sister instead. Also, glad to note that Kenmi was actually the antagonist. They have to show more of how he’s evil though.

    Sora no Kaze
  10. I was hoping that arma was gonna transform into his old form and keep sane with the help of the serum. even if he’s clearly suspicious, it would be awesome to see that old form back 🙁

  11. While the exact power of a Yoshi (beside using ridiculously expensive stones to transform a Aishi) is not clear. However, we can reasonably assume that Fei can most likely transform Naito as well using a piece of precise stone in a similar manner to Ruri.

    As to how Alma’s classmates are involved in the plot, it’s probably that Wakana is going to find the stone Alma lost a long time ago.

    Also, Kenmi being the antagonist is not surprising. Naito was portrayed as a victim since episode 3 (afaik) and couldn’t be the antagonist in the final episode. We do, however, need to be vigilant and see how Sunrise explains the reason that Kenmi did NOT need Alma and Ruri for his experiments. One explanation is that Kenmi’s experiments already got him the results he wanted. Also, the fight in this episode is very perplexing; didn’t Kenmi fight an Aishi like Zero a few episodes back and got hurt? Was that the real Zero, aka Fei’s brother? Or did Kenmi suddenly gain good control over Zero?

    Anyways I really wish I didn’t follow this show. It’s so predictable that it’s not even funny anymore. However, I watched this much already so I might as well follow through.

    1. Too bad Fei doesn’t have 100 million to blow on a one-use rock.

      I agree that it was pretty clear Kenmi would be the villain. There are no other characters to choose from, and when is the scientist ever the sympathetic good guy? Besides, Naito is much more good looking, so yeah.

      I don’t think Kenmi really has control over Zero. He caught it back then, and then released it to distract Ruri and Alma. Also, Zero can apparently track Naito better than any machines and goes after him more than Kenmi, so it also serves to even the fight a little more. (Since Naito is pretty clearly superior to the suits Kenmi makes.)


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