「あかりとかミンミンゼミとかなく頃に」 (Akari toka Minminzemi toka Naku Koro ni)
“When Akari and the Cicadas Cry”

Gotta love the episode title spoof on Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, but well before Akari was sucked dry by Chinatsu, we had plenty of yuri moments care of my favorite pairing — Kyouko and Ayano. Total count of full-length screen captures this week: thirteen.

It didn’t occur to me from the preview last time that the girls were going to set out for Comiket, or “Comuket” as they cleverly disguised it as. That is, until the I saw the unmistakable Tokyo Big Sight convention center and the massive line-ups. I loved the surprise though, particularly at Ayano’s expense after it looked like she was expecting of an evening date with Kyouko. Then there was the forced cosplaying, where we just had to have the most reluctant participant in the most revealing outfit. Hats off to whoever designed Rivalun’s outfit and of course Kyouko for preparing one for Ayano to wear. The introduction of Rivalun also came with an added bonus — Yuuki Aoi voices the anime character opposite of Taketatsu Ayana as Mirakurun. This must’ve been one of the few occasions where Aoi clearly reused one of her previous voices.

Between Kyouko screwing herself over by forgetting she only had three circle member tickets and Chitose suiting up as Ganbo and realizing the lesbian haven that is doujinshi, this was definitely one of the funnier episodes thus far. On top of her usual wild fantasies, Chitose’s lesbian senses that somehow detected a real Kyouko x Ayano moment led to the most hilarious nosebleed action to date. I can only imagine the amount of blood loss inside that Ganbo suit. It couldn’t have been pretty. The first half of this episode made me think that these four girls could easily run away with this entire series on their own, but the first-years quickly showed what they can add with their own stupidity. What looked like Himawari’s younger sister Kaede (Uchida Aya) falling victim to Sakurako’s prank turned out to be the most roundabout guilt-tripping I recall seeing from a six-year-old. Of the four other girls, Sakurako is definitely up there with Kyouko’s level of hijinks, and that scene reaffirmed she has almost the same dynamic with Himawari as Kyouko does with Yui.

As for Chinatsu… damn. That’s all I can say about how she aggressively sought to use Akari as a kissing partner and manhandled her like there was no tomorrow. Her chances with Yui look like they’re pretty much gone after that misunderstanding (or was it really even a misunderstanding?). I can only imagine what would’ve happened if Chitose was with them. Oh how I wish they all decided to pay Chinatsu a visit after returning from Tokyo. As for Akari herself, the ongoing joke about her not having any sort of presence was pretty amusing in Sakurako’s delusion this time around. The same goes for her detachable hair buns, which sadly enough, have been the defining aspect of her character. However, I am growing more fond of her unfortunate character as the week’s go on and of Yuruyuri as a whole.

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  1. KyoukoXAyano, HimawariXSakurako and AkariXChinatsu FOR THE WIN

    Absolutely loved this episode. Kaede’s guilt-tripping of Sakurako was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. Her expression really sold it.

    And of course, Chinatsu revealed her true nature at last.

  2. “Chitose’s lesbian senses that somehow detected a real Kyouko x Ayano moment led to the most hilarious nosebleed action to date”

    I just lost it at this part. The ability to sense Yuri moments even far away, how awesome is that?

    The end scene just reminded me of something unpleasant, it always happen in the front door geez.

  3. Akarin Dango bazooka…
    Akarin finally gets some screen time 😛
    Akari-chan the introduction-ist
    Akari-chan the flower water changer
    Akari-chan the first-aid nurse
    Akari-chan the disposable chopsticks provider
    Akari-chan the button sewer
    Akari-chan the justice hero
    Akari-chan the kiss practicer
    Akarin gets so many scenes this episode 😛
    she should be glad she lost that first kiss to Chinatsu-chan instead of onee-chan xP (cuz she totally would)
    ^found in yuru yuri volume 6 manga
    wish I was Akari-chan xp

  4. Best episode so far!
    Jedi skill: sense yuri, level 3 – you can sense yuri action from a mile away, and say things “I can sense disturbance in the Yuri field” before passing out from nosebleed…
    Sakurako going to “kidnap and torture” Himawari’s imouto was straight from Higurashi!
    Last but not least – first kiss, forced yuri style! This pretty much pairs up Chinatsu X Akari, and if Chitose has really sense yuri at this level, she is probably at hospital now, recovering…

  5. Funny as hell episode.

    I’m surprised that Chitose brought so little at the Comuket compared to Kyouko.

    As for poor Akari, she was lucky to make it out alive at the end. Chinatsu was on raging lesbian mode as displayed the way she hunted down Akari in her house. If Yui & Kyoko didn’t stop by, I don’t think she would be just satisfied with a kiss only…. scary….

    1. I can understand how Chitose was only able to get one box of yuri doujinshis. There really just aren’t enough yuri doujinshis at Comiket! Your lucky when you hit a section for a yuri series.

      I can understand how Kyouko was able to get four boxes for a magical series cuz they milk those kinda series. I bet most of those were even hentai doujinshis. *nods*nods*

  6. “Sakurako is definitely up there with Kyouko’s level of hijinks, and that scene reaffirmed she has almost the same dynamic with Himawari as Kyouko does with Yui.”

    I totally agree with you. It’s one of the reasons why they’re my favorite pairing because they combine the best of YuixKyoko (osananajimi) and Tsundere vs Tsundere.
    Also, I simply love Katou Emiri’s enthusiastic performance and Himawari’s somewhat exalted style of speech. Hope to see more of them.

  7. Somehow the anime makes everything more… “yuri-ish”. I dont even remember Akari&Chinatsu holding hands in the manga while kissing. and somehow Kyouko had slightly darker skin than usual….maybe my eyes are just playing tricks 😛

    himawari’s little sister is super cute!

    1. Yes, very much the same feeling I had. As a comedy show they should have had a funny ending. Instead they had me confused with a guilty conscious for laughing where I might should have not.

    2. Actually, the Japanese pronunciation is “Comiketto” 「コミケット」. It’s short for “Comic Market” 「コミックマーケット」.

      The “mu” in Yuruyuri came from “Comic Extreme Market”.

  8. This episode showed at such a good time too. Comiket is next weekend.

    This leaves so many questions open. I wonder if it could possibly convert Akari or anyone else over to being a lesbian. Hmm… or maybe give Kyouko ideas for her next doujinshi!

    Akarin is officially now an “exciting” middle schooler just like she wanted to be.


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