Yuruyuri – 12 (END)

「みんなでポカポカ合宿へ」 (Minna de Pokapoka Gasshuku e)
“A Passionate Overnight Stay with Everyone”

While all the Kyouko melodrama last time would’ve worked fine as a finale, an episode where the Fun Club and Student Council let loose with animal pajamas, reluctant cosplaying, oil barrel baths, and lesbian kissing works just as well if not better.

Yuruyuri – 10

「修学旅行というが、私たちは一体何を学び修めたのだろう」 (Shuugaku Ryokou to Iu ga, Watashi-tachi wa Ittai Nani wo Manabiosameta no Darou)
“It’s a School Trip, but Exactly What are We Supposed to Have Learned?”

Yuruyuri has always been a mildly amusing series, but this is the first time an episode had me laughing helplessly, stopping to catch my breath, and then laughing helplessly again. I mean come on, Chitose’s bleeding through her eyes! How is that not funny?