「エイプリルフール」 (Eipuriru Fuuru)
“April Fool”

Damn, Yuruyuri is absolutely ruthless with its characters. They weren’t kidding about Akari and Chinatsu not getting any screen time beyond the opening scene. It was like a brutally honest form of trolling, much like Chitose’s supposed lies used to mess with Ayano. Heck, even I felt a bit trolled when it turned out Chitose really does have a twin named Chizuru (Kuraguchi Momo). Eight episodes in and an important tidbit like that only comes up now? That’s like telling Akari eight episodes later that she’s not the main character in the series. (Oh wait…)

In all honesty, I have to commend this slice-of-life series for keeping something like this up its sleeve. I was pretty convinced that the cast of eight is all we’d see, since they’ve been more than enough to center all the light lesbian humor around. To inject another fantasizing character of Chitose’s level is pretty significant in my books, plus she’s proven to be much more anti-Kyouko than even Chinatsu. That’s no small feat, considering that she’s combined two of the eight character personalities and brought about an all-new one. Given how fond I am of Chitose, Chizuru is a natural extension of that. The difference is, she comes with a more reserved outlook on certain things. She’s also voiced by a different seiyuu, which helps distinguish her from Chitose even more.

Thanks to Chizuru, Chitose is placed into a wild delusion for a change, replacing none other than Kyouko. I gather it won’t be long before all yuri breaks loose and they both take off their glasses at the same time. For now, it’s fun watching Chizuru put Kyouko in her place, especially after Chinatsu caved a fair bit last time. Interestingly enough, the cast of characters doesn’t stop with Chizuru either, as the presence-less student council president, Matsumoto Rise (Gotou Saori), is slated to make an appearance next time. At the moment, I can’t imagine her having as much of an immediate impact in the group as Chizuru’s had, but when she’s as mysterious as she’s been and even more transparent than Akari, I get the feeling I’m going to be pleasantly surprised. My guess is that she’s going to be Akari with a twist, just like Chizuru’s proven to be Chitose with a twist.




  1. This is the only show this season where I actually enjoy the trolling XD . Though I pity Akari for all the abuse she gets. Chitose and Chizuru are like the perfect sisters. I can’t wait to see Matsumoto Rise next!

  2. One of the weaker episodes in my opinion (comedy-wise). I find it hard to believe that Ayano didn’t know Chitose had a twin – I mean, they’re all second-years and go to the same school and Ayano’s best friends with Chitose.
    I guess comedy doesn’t have to make sense. Just like the student council president who rarely speaks or word but was still chosen to represent the students…

    What I liked about the episode was Chizuru’s personality which seems somewhat more natural than her sister’s. And she dislikes Kyoko (which is good because for some reason, I think Kyoko’s getting too much love, enough to form her own harem), who can be very annoying and horribly stupid at times. I didn’t expect Kyoko to cry about that, though. It felt a little weird and I thought she was faking it at first. At least she has Yui to cheer her up (are they officially living together now? :D).

  3. I kinda compare this series with the randomness of Nichijō’s humour –
    they’re both very good at times but with a different underlying thread.

    What makes this show is that it’s humour is not without point to the
    characters and adds depth to its characters. Maybe a little overboard,
    but Kyoko’s attention getting antics show that she was genuinely interested
    in (who she thought was Chitose) Chizuru. Her final but brief realization
    about herself and her behaviour made her cry – but like a real person,
    really doesn’t change her ways that easily (since that’s who she is).
    To her defence, though, why didn’t Chizuru just ask Kyoko if she thought she
    was her sister? Ah, a plot hole!

    I apologise if I confused any of the ‘C’ names – it’s hard for me to keep
    track of the names!

    I get a big kick out of the opening – once I realized its purpose in the series.
    I wonder if we’ll ever see the camera-person – is she a Yuri too…?

  4. so that means rise will make her proper debut next episode? i can’t wait for that! i already liked her in the manga, and her scenes with the teacher.

    but the highlight of the episode was for me the yui/kyouko moment in the end – you can tell the anime is biased (i don’t remember that scene in the manga either…)

    1. I don’t think the anime is biased, it just amps up the yuriness for all the potential couples. Chizuru/Chitose got very little attention in the manga. Ayano/Kyoko got a Comuket anime-original sequence. Yui/Kyoko share a bed in the anime, but ch23, 30 and 31 which are shipteasing Kyoko/Yui were left out (part of me wishes they’d animate those chapters, but they seem to be past vol 3 already with Rise being introduced in vol 4).

      1. you remember the manga better than i did…since i just found raws i didn’t pay much attention to details but yeah. i also don’t remember the ‘thank you’ that yui said to kyouko after their dates.

        i would like to share the link where i get my raws but i am not sure if this is even allowed here

  5. Are Chitose and Chizuru really twins? When we saw Chizuru in school she was in the same class as the first year girl from ep 6 (the one who inspired Kyouko). We know that Chitose, Ayano, Kyouko and Yui are second years, all in the same class even.

  6. now we only need to see if chinatsu’s sis is a siscon as well and then we’d have cast not only full of gays but also of wincest!
    and loved the subtle kyoukoXyui near the end.

      1. I’m hoping we’ll see Tomoko and Akane introduced proper but I wonder if the series is going to get that far. From what I’ve read the series is only 12 eps I don’t know if they will be able to fit any Akane into it, unless they throw her in right at the end. I remember someone somewhere saying that Akari has a big brother instead of a sister in the manga is this true?

      2. I’ve heard that Horie Yui has been cast to voice Akane, so it seems reasonable to expect she’ll at least make a cameo. But I’m hoping to get at least half an episode centered around her.

  7. OMG, I was trolled – but only with one of supposed lies: after all there are no ghosts, right? Rest of them were perfectly viable and within the realm of the possible.
    And Kyoko is exactly the kind of person to smell someone’s shoes!

    1. funny that you should mention this. The manga actually jokes about that in one chapter and said that the characters would never age.
      Show Spoiler ▼

      I hope the anime will bring that up eventually…it’s one of the really good jokes in yuruyuri.

  8. I’m curious, does Chizuru have yuri delusions pairing Chitose with anyone else beside Ayano? We saw Chitose have a one off delusion for Ayano with Yui. Akarin and Chitose hit it off very nicely during their christmas date I wonder if Chizuru might have dreamt up a yuri pairing for them if she was there too.


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