「神様の役割」 (Kami-sama no Yakuwari)
“A God’s Role”

So after the story-defining flashback last time, we’re quickly taken back to the lighthearted side of the series during a late-summer getaway. Leading up to that, even Kirio didn’t appear all that bad anymore, suggesting that the Hyuuga family will remain relatively civil until Amaterasu comes into the picture. Moyako’s trip to Tokyo seems to support that suspicion too, since it’s hard to imagine that Koushirou and Kirio will act as they please with her around. In the meantime, it’s nice to see the focus shift back to Aki and a sympathetic Hibino, who asks the question that I’ve been wanting to know the answer of as well: Why is Aki so obsessed with Kyouhei?

Going two months back to the season preview, I had already mentioned that Aki’s purposely provoking Kyouhei to try and awaken the dark power within him (along with what he believes to be his true nature), so the revelation here wasn’t really what I was after. The question I have is what he’s hoping to achieve by doing so. As Hibino pointed out, he seems more than capable of exacting revenge on the village if that were his goal, meaning it’s doubtful he’s trying to enlist Kyouhei’s help to do so. I considered the possibility that it’s at least partly because Aki wants Kyouhei to realize that he’s no different than him, but as for his main goal goes, I’m wondering if it’s simply because wants to see Kakashi spread havoc in the world.

It would sort of be a twisted way of getting back at Karakami — exposing its cult-like secrets and putting it under country-wide scrutiny — which is already sort of happening now that Kuuko’s father Kyousuke is investigating the village. To that end, Kyouhei going on a rampage would probably be a beautiful sight to Aki. Of course, the easier explanation is that he’s doing whatever he wants, having lost faith in the world after what happened to Chihaya, and killing anyone who rubs him the wrong way because he feels that’s what Kakashi are for. I still get impression that it’s something else altogether though, given how Aki could’ve harmed Hibino to push Kyouhei over the edge, yet held back to a certain degree. Whatever the case, he’s definitely proven to be a misunderstood antihero of sorts, so all eyes are what he plans to do next.

As for Utao, all that training looks like it’s finally paid off, after seeing her save Hibino in the midst of a typhoon and even surprise Aki in the short scuffle between Kukuri and Kuramitsuha. Story-wise, I found it pretty ironic for Kyouhei to be reassuring Utao that Kakashi are what she makes of them when he stepped down as a Seki out of fear that he would lose control and do something he would live to regret. I don’t see how he can preach about something he doesn’t even have confidence doing himself, which made the beating he received slightly more befitting. In terms of humor, Utao calling Kyouhei out for being unfaithful pretty much speaks for itself. I kind of wish Kyouhei fired back with a snark remark about how they’re siblings just to see how Utao would’ve reacted.

Anyway, this turned out to be an unassuming episode that quickly picked up in the second half. It’s just too bad we were shortchanged on the first beach half and had to make do with Utao’s imagination and Hibino changing into her swimsuit in the dark.

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  1. i wanted aki to be a good hero before this ends, someone who will help kyohei in last battle(evil within the village) together with his friends(koushiro, kirio, etc)

    and as alwasy, hibino’s breasts are really annoyingly large 🙂

      1. “I would probably enjoy this series 300% more if Hibino had standard size breasts”
        – so true! if her breast are within my grasp *i hope you get it :)*, this series will go up from 5/10 to 6/10 for me.

        kyohei and aki fighting together wont satisfy me, i want all of them fight against the true enemy! so much for my daydreaming.

    1. I thought it was just me!
      I mean if you’re gonna have em that big at least have her be the fan-service character.
      But it seems that they really dont want her to be exploited that way(that much) so why make EM SO BIG!!?
      Its like throwing a queen’s blade body on a character in a random slice of life show.

    1. I agree, I think what Aki is after is a true companion of sorts, one just like him and he’s seen that kyouhei can be just like him after he snapped seeing all those people dead and taking Aki down. That’s why he’s always pushing him, he wants him to go over the edge, kyouhei is the only “friend” Aki will consider at this point.

  2. Rather nondescript first half, but the second half really picks up. It does tie in a little with how the Kakashi can do good.

    The Kakashi having ‘human’ hearts is as grey as it is an interesting concept. Knowing it, it can house both good and evil, which makes everything it does a manifestation of the Seki’s emotions and intentions. What got me interested is the last sentence that Aki said to his own Kakashi. Can’t say I wasn’t amused by the image I have of it scything wheat in a wheat field.

    Interestingly, Aki becomes less and less of a madman he appeared to be in the first few episodes now that we know his backstory. As for Kyohei…Lucky and unlucky at the same time? oh wait…Falling over/accidentally peeking/unconsciously hugging Hibino is getting to be pretty normal. XD

    Seriously though…I’m wondering if this inner dark side of his Aki talked about is similar or perhaps even more insidious than his own, which COULD link back to the untouched Kakashi, Amaterasu.

    And I’m still waiting for the mystery girl to come out! I think that was her talking to Hibino about…something in the preview. =3

  3. Well, dear Utao, do you see that helicopter? It can be used to lift cargo, transport people, rescue people from the sea and fire, carry the wounded from the car crash sites. But it can be also armed, and sent to bring death and destruction to innocent village in far away country. It can be also used to hunt down criminals who try to run from justice. Ultimately what becomes of it is for the people using it to decide. Kakashi are exactly like that. This is your responsibility to use it for the good of the people. I hope Aki can see it someday too.
    As for the Aki and bringing out the dark side of Kyouhei, it seems Kyouhei is more aware of that dark side than Aki realises.
    Well, anyway the rival seki team has arrived in the city and things are bound to get violent soon. Of course chances of them running into Aki in metropolis size of Tokyo are minimal, but looks like plot induced probability is at full power.
    On a last note, Utao is worst bro-con since “Onichan no koto…”. Period.

  4. So… what exactly was the point of the first half this episode?

    I’ve got to say, at first I was a huge fan of this series, but now, I just don’t really care about any of the lead characters at all, except for maybe Utao. I felt like the confrontation between Utao, Hibino, and Aki in the library and outside was just incredibly mind-numbing, especially when Hibino sits down at the table and acts as if she’s surprised to see Aki. I mean, how many twenty year-olds do you know that have white hair?

    1. Uh…You know instances where you aren’t really paying attention to your surroundings when you’re walking do happen, don’t you?

      The first half doesn’t look like it serves much purpose. In fact, I’d almost agree that it feels redundant, except that it reiterates yet again that Kakashi can be also used for a nobler purpose, especially after the bloodbath we were shown in the flashback last episode.

      1. Well, to be honest, I just found this episode to be fairly… odd. To me, it’s pretty strange that somebody wouldn’t check the weather before going out to the coast or wouldn’t notice that a major rival isn’t sitting at your table. Of course, those pretty forgivable flaws – heck, I wouldn’t even call them flaws. But I did think that the first half was just completely unnecessary and that the “Kakashi can only be used to cause despair” bit to be really, really typical =X

  5. I keep watching this hoping that the main dude will actually show his “dark side” for once, but it never happens. Now I’ve given up and am rooting for the silver-hair to just kill everyone…. LOL

  6. Divine wrote:

    Story-wise, I found it pretty ironic for Kyouhei to be reassuring Utao that Kakashi are what she makes of them when he stepped down as a Seki out of fear that he would lose control and do something he would live to regret. I don’t see how he can preach about something he doesn’t even have confidence doing himself, which made the beating he received slightly more befitting.

    I don’t believe this is ironic or hypocritical. An individual who does not have the ability to do something but recognizes that someone else does (perhaps doubly so because they don’t have the ability) should be encouraging the one who has the ability onto the right path.

    I think the example here for Kyouhei and Utao is:

    If you know your own personality and know you’ll lose it if someone provokes you, it’s a good idea to avoid those situations. If you know someone else has a reasonable chance of being able to resist it through better emotional control or a more positive disposition, it’s worth them trying.

    Kyouhei has consistently demonstrated agressiveness and rage during tense situations (much of it directed at Utao for messing up doing said situations) while Utao has exhibited panic, which is much less destructive. Kyouhei feared what he would become, and all indications so far show that he’s right in fearing it. I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time till he loses it and has to go through a redemption cycle [probably courtesy of Utao and/or Hibino]. Utao doesn’t suffer from the same emotional bottlenecks and issues that Kyouhei does, and thus is in a much better position to actually focus on being good, doing good and being completely in control of herself. Thus Kyouhei’s advice on believing you can do good if that is what you aim for is applicable to Utao while being unsuitable simultaneously for him.

    Hibino probably has it the worst off, her father was probably right in trying to keep her away from the village, and although things are getting crazy around her, she isn’t disentangling herself from this mess. I suppose there would be no fun in that. She’ll only have herself to blame when she gets physically or emotionally hurt by this at some point. Curiosity killed the cat.

    I think this show getting a little better at balancing the comedy and drama. The transitions didn’t feel so sudden. Either I’m getting used to it, or they’re handling it better. I’m not sure which, I’d like to think that they’re getting better at handling it.

    This continues to be a very interesting developing story with characters that aren’t painted in black and white morality. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

  7. I don’t see how he can preach about something he doesn’t even have confidence doing himself, which made the beating he received slightly more befitting.

    Maybe he is confident that Utao, being more pure of heart can be a Seki that he himself cannot.


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