Kami-sama Dolls – 12

「暴走」 (Bousou)
“Out of Control”

The girls in Kami-sama Dolls are completely off the chain, be it Utao, Mahiru, or Kuuko. The stuff they do never ceases to amaze me even by anime standards. Structured and predictable progression can’t hold these girls down, as they do whatever the hell they want in any given situation. Homicide? Pssh, oh please. Kakashi going out of control? Not on Mahiru’s watch!

Kami-sama Dolls – 11

「囚われの日々乃」 (Toraware no Hibino)
“Kidnapped Hibino”

Is it such a crime to have big boobs? Is it!? As distracting as they may be, viewers should start feeling sorry for Hibino when she’s not flaunting her curves or seducing Kyouhei and still gets kidnapped by a crazy bitch who gropes the hell out of her. On second thought, that’s kinda hot.

Kami-sama Dolls – 09

「因縁の渦」 (Innen no Uzu)
“Spiral of Fate”

Is it just me or does every series get instantly better when a Hanazawa Kana-voiced character is added to the mix? I could get used to hearing her in clingy roles too, especially when it’s opposite Hibino, who seems completely disinterested in our male lead. “Kyouhei-sama” has a nice playful ring to it too — at least when Hyuuga Mahiru says it. She gives new meaning on the “Girl Meets God” series tagline too.

Kami-sama Dolls – 07

「追憶の肖像」 (Tsuioku no Shouzou)
“Portrait of Memories”

With the opening and ending sequence taken out in favor of extra time, plus a new ending theme by Ishikawa Chiaki (Garden of Summer), this flashback episode felt like the lead up to the finale. It definitely surprised me with the way it unfolded, which was very different from what I had in mind.

Kami-sama Dolls – 05

「故郷へ・・・」 (Furusato e…)
“Going Home…”

Well then. Let’s just ignore what I said last time about Utao having no chance against Kirio. I was calling out from the sidelines for a Seki change after seeing Kukuri get electrocuted repeatedly by Takemikazuchi, but then an inexplicable reversal comes out of nowhere just to prove me wrong. This seems to be happening a lot lately.

Kami-sama Dolls – 04

「ヘルマ」 (Heruma)

As unusual as it may sound, there’s a lot happening every episode, but I still haven’t gotten into the story about a small village and its mysterious god-like dolls. I’m not the least bit disappointed about Aki escaping again, Kuuko butting her head into things, and Koushirou/Kirio showing up, but I’ve never really felt compelled to say anything about what’s going on either.