Kami-sama Dolls – 03

「攻め来たるは・・・」 (Semekitaru wa…)
“The One who Comes Attacking is…”

I didn’t expect to see Suou (Sendai Eri) again, but she sure made an immediate impact, snapping back at Utao’s cold behavior toward her goodhearted head and cheek rubbing. The latter made wonder if the series is intentionally trying to make Utao come off as a pet of sorts, especially with all the squeamish noises that Fukuen Misato was making.

Kami-sama Dolls – 01

「神は来たりて」 (Kami wa Kitarite)
“God Arrives”

The adaptation of Yamamura Hajime’s action fantasy manga may not have ranked very highly in the seasonal poll, but I was pretty sold on what I read in the early parts of the manga. The promo material left me with a good first impression, and Brain’s Base delivers impeccably with this premiere episode, quickly reminding me of all the potential that I saw.