「攻め来たるは・・・」 (Semekitaru wa…)
“The One who Comes Attacking is…”

I didn’t expect to see Suou (Sendai Eri) again, but she sure made an immediate impact, snapping back at Utao’s cold behavior toward her goodhearted head and cheek rubbing. The latter made wonder if the series is intentionally trying to make Utao come off as a pet of sorts, especially with all the squeamish noises that Fukuen Misato was making. Along with the noticeable shift toward the lighthearted aspect in the first half, they sure made it plainly obvious that Utao’s completely infatuated with Kyouhei and dangerously close to brotherly complex-like levels. Not like it wasn’t apparent already, but if there was any doubt from the first two episodes, there shouldn’t be anymore.

Of course, getting confirmation wasn’t all for naught due to the cute factor, much like showing how Aki escaped added to the gore factor. With Aki back in the picture, there was a stark change in tension during the latter half, and one that I rather enjoyed after an episode and a half of the goofier side of things. Thus far, Aki’s proven to be a rather intriguing character, killing everyone who rubs him the wrong way except Kyouhei. His reasons for doing so still aren’t all that clear, but he did allude to how Kyouhei should’ve walked the same twisted path that he did, supposedly after the massacre that we still see regular flashbacks about. I feel like they’re overusing that scene, since I’m sure everyone gets the foreshadowing by now; however, this time it did suggest that Kyouhei was in on whatever happened back then and didn’t simply witness Aki killing everyone. The difference appears to be that Kyouhei tried to stop it, whereas Aki basked in it. Whatever the case, I gather we’re not going to be divulged the details until Kyouhei’s ready to someone else — likely Hibino — about it.

In the meantime, Hyuuga Koushirou’s (Murase Katsuki) arrival came with on unexpected development — Aki running away from him. Kyouhei’s childhood friend has done a pretty impeccable job of coming off as a heartless killer, so he doesn’t exactly have the type of personality I would expect to run away from anyone, even if they are a pain to deal with. However, I do like the implication that Aki isn’t the most powerful Seki of the village and simply can’t be restrained, since it adds some extra depth and complexity to his character. i.e. He’s dangerous because he’s calculating and manipulative, not because he’s all-powerful. Granted, he was up against the mysterious Hyuuga Kirio (Kobayashi Yumiko) as well, whom some people might remember from the season preview is described as a young boy that looks just like Utao. I’ll let you guys come up with your own speculations about that, but suffice to say, writers don’t point stuff like that out because it’s a mere coincidence. Let’s not forgot that they’re members of the village’s two big families either.

With all of that going on, they somehow managed to slip Kuuko back into the picture as well. I figured she’d make an appearance when I heard Sawashiro Miyuki voice the boy who saw Utao flipping cars out of the ocean. Bump into Aki and haul his ass away to interrogate him about the village’s secrets though? I can’t say I saw that coming. I suspected Kuuko would get pulled into the loop before long, but not on the wrong side of the fence. Now she’s stripping Aki down and hogtying him up, which I imagine will lead to an interesting dynamic between them. Interesting for me anyway. Absolute nightmare for Kyouhei and Hibino.

* That was a pretty long omake this week with a hyper Utao biting Kukuri. Fukuen Misato’s really pulling out all the stops with this role it seems. Maybe she’s taking a page out of Utao’s book and loading up on sugar by eating a lot of cake.





  1. First!

    Let’s see:
    – breast still disturbingly big…
    – evul twin still no show… except in the end…
    – omake becomes part of the anime
    – breast the size of melons

    The M0on DOgg
  2. I wouldn’t say that Utao is completely smitten with her brother. I just think that she’s protective of him. Anyways, Utao was adorable this episode.

    I kinda feel like they’re really milking that scene of Aki killing everyone. It’s the third episode and they’re still showing it. Also, that sword that the two men brought with them in the trunk better have some sort of significance. Because really, who would bring a sword to gunfight/giant robot battle?

      1. It somewhat boggles my mind why some people dislike big breasted girls so in anime.
        Do you react the same way when you see a big breasted girl in real life as well?
        I guess it disturbs the lolicons that not all girls are underdeveloped.

      2. IKR? There’s big breasts, and then there’s these balloon bullet breasts that seem to defy gravity or use bras of steel. That chest is like, 99th percentile or close to.

      3. @znail

        I like big breasted girl (well, maybe not to the size of queen blade or eiken) I like big breasted girl in RL too. Nice to sleep at.


        They need to defy gravity, otherwise it will be all saggy. Nobody like too much reality in anime.

        @Moon dogg

        I’m not a pedo but I like flat too. Louise is cute

      4. Well, they are definitely gravity defying, but that isn’t quite the same as complaining about them being too large. And it’s not like they are to large that a bra couldn’t keep them up. That they look the same even without a bra is something you can’t complain about as we didn’t get to see that.

        Personally I find her wasp thin waist a bigger break from reality as it’s difficult to get big boobs while on a starvation diet as they are mostly fat after all. The natural way to get a body like that would be to eat a lot while growing up and then diet away the waist while older, but I guess she is a bit young for that and the waist a bit too extreme.

      1. Not gonna happen yet because:
        Show Spoiler ▼

        The M0on DOgg
  3. I have a lot of dirty thoughts going through my head with Aki looking all tied up next week. Could be a good or bad thing depend on your tastes XD. Wonder why Kyouhei is tearing up.

    1. This and Stein’s Gate are the shows I’m most looking forward too every week. I’m not completely sold by the fights yet but the characters and the story make up for it.

      1. Steins; Gate is one of my favorites (currently running) too, but I haven’t been keeping up with it; not from a lack of time, but purposefully because I hate suspense in shows with complex plots. (You forget important details over the one week wait for the next episode, and reverse analysis helps tie together complex plot points that may otherwise be confusing.) Instead I’m marathoning it once it’s over.

  4. It’s still only episode 3 and they’re already removing some scenes from the manga. It’s a pity since some scenes were pretty cool/funny, Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Well, they can always show them later, right? I mean, Aki’s escape was suposed to be shown in episode 1 and was simply postponed, so why can’t these scenes? But yeah, it disappoints me that we couldn’t see most of the fight =/

      1. Yes, from what I could make out in the ending song’s preview, they are going to go into more depth with the Aki fight of this episode just like they did with Aki’s escape. I’m very interested in that style because it allows them to get to cliff hangers and then fill in any gaps. It reminds me of what Durarara! did with retelling stories from different character perspectives and I really liked that.

  5. Those breasts are annoyingly large. And they are not being used for fanservice nor do they fit the tone of the show. It’s like they were forced in but when they were there all they were was akward.

  6. I refuse to believe in Suou’s mangos. I refuse.

    Utao won massive cool points with me the way she took on danger without even the slightest signs of fear. For someone her age, that was amazing. I hope to go in the medical field with that kinda confidence.

  7. Brain’s Base is doing a great job with Kamisama Dolls. The sequence of the series of events is slightly different from the manga but I think it works better this way for the anime adaptation.
    More full length images of Hibino please ;D

    Seishun Otoko
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    Man, I got too much time.


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