「故郷へ・・・」 (Furusato e…)
“Going Home…”

Well then. Let’s just ignore what I said last time about Utao having no chance against Kirio. I was calling out from the sidelines for a Seki change after seeing Kukuri get electrocuted repeatedly by Takemikazuchi, but then an inexplicable reversal comes out of nowhere just to prove me wrong. This seems to be happening a lot lately.

I’m not too sure if I was supposed to be amused or excited about a big Kakashi battle over Tokyo, since there were plenty of comedic moments. It all started with Utao getting her priorities right (I think…) and separating Kyouhei from Hibino, counteracting the cool moment when he instinctively shielded her. Things then quickly shifted to a lot of yelling on Kyouhei’s part because they were cornered and then back to a humorous side when Utao couldn’t tell right from left. Then there was the tear drop on Kukuri, which added to the constant flipping between cool and funny during the first half. I was definitely entertained and could even understand Kyouhei’s anger when Utao didn’t just dismiss Kukuri, but I couldn’t really tell you what my predominant emotion was for all the action. I definitely felt bad for Kukuri, but they threw a real wrench in it when Utao broke down in tears. The end result was a roller coaster ride of emotions that came to a grinding halt — all in one episode. It sure made for some damn good entertainment though.

This was definitely the most exciting episode to date, plus it came with a lot of added development with the introduction of Hyuuga’s current family head, Sahei (Shibata Hidekatsu), his mistress Ayame (Kuwatani Natsuko), and of course, the sinister-looking Kakashi that no Seki can currently handle, Amaterasu (which Naruto fans will say should be in the hands of the Uchiha clan and not the Hyuuga). Mention of how Utao and Kirio could communicate with Kakashi while they were still in their mother’s womb and how they were perceived to be the ultimate Seki was interesting as well, since it suggested that one of them might be trying to control Amaterasu later on. What was weird was how all of the stuff that finally got me excited about Kami-sama Dolls didn’t have anything to do with Aki. The recurring appearance of his character didn’t really add anything new in the past few episodes, whereas Kyouhei’s return to his home town village of Karakami provided a better idea of their roots and even hinted at the possibility that Sahei set Aki free. I’ve been holding out for more story regarding Karakami village and the secrets its harboring — including Utao’s birth — so it’s great to see that it’s finally headed that way.

All the while, I’m enjoying the lighthearted aspect of the series a fair bit and how it’s injected fairly regularly even when I least expect it. It looks like that trend will continue next time as well, even though Kyouhei, Utao, and Hibino originally went to the village to try and get Kukuri repaired. “Utao-sama” seems pretty popular wherever she goes and Hibino might even have a rival of sorts. Let’s just hope her top stays on when Kyouhei’s hanging onto it. Or should I say, let’s hope her top doesn’t stay on…? I’ll let you guys decide.




Fast-lipped Fukuen Misato is pretty amusing to listen to when she goes from “Takemikazuchi iya” to “Kukuri suki” and then “Beam Beam!” crazy.


    1. I’ll just give some info on Kyouhei, just in case I put a spoiler tag, but I won’t spoil much.
      Show Spoiler ▼

  1. Amaterasu looks quite evil. I’m guessing it was the kakashi that went berserk in the episode 1 opening scene. The naming is quite weird seeing as how Amaterasu is a Sun goddess, but maybe their going for the whole hiding in a cave thing.

    Did anyone else have qualms about Hibino’s sweater in this screen:

    I’m also wondering how Aki and Kuuko are doing during this time. I could totally see them cut back to a scene with them in which Aki is totally tamed or bickering harmlessly.

    1. I pretty much agree with everything here. That sweater looked awful, the shading was confusing and is just too plain.
      I too want to see more Aki and Kuuko, especially to see how they react to the huge battle that just happened.

  2. That was a really entertaining post. I lol’d at the Amaterasu part.

    The lighthearted moments of this show never fails to amuse me and at the same time I’m also intrigued by the dark secrets of this village – why are they hiding something so evil like that.. hmmm

    PS: someone should make a gif of Utao spinning XD

  3. I have a funny feeling Kyouhei is inevitably going to end up becoming Ameratsu’s owner for some reason (the disaster he caused) but we may be wrong. Also nice to have Kirio’s face show up in the opening. Seems like we have one more Seki left to be revealed and I’m pretty sure it’s not the Kakashi Fixer we saw in the preview.

    1. I have a feeling that Kyohei will need to fight Amaterasu, which will be controlled by at least one of the twins (or they will have fused, sounds dumb but I can imagine it happening and driving them crazy and making them want to do something evil with Amaterasu) and that Kyohei will be controlling Kukuri. It wouldn’t really make for a good final showdown if Kyohei didn’t have to fight the big nasty that was shown in the very beginning of the series. Also, I think Kyohei was the one that made Kukuri defend itself, because 1) Utao was surprised by it, and 2)When Utao spoke to Kukuri in an earlier episode, it seemed that Kukuri had a personal attachment to Kyohei, which is why I think Kyohei will and can possibly already control Kukuri. Those are my predictions anyway.

      1. I agree. That big nasty doll looks pure evil and I think it will be the final villian being controlled by someone from the Hyuuga (probably the boy twin). Looks like that mean bastard with the wooden sword made him so creepy with his mean and strict ways. He is on his way to being a full b lown serial killer but he is young. Maybe if Kyouhei can get him away from them they can straighten him out before its too late.

        Kyouhei will be controlling Kukuri and they will fight it. Probably with Hibino and Utao as hostages of some kind.

  4. Sorry, I’m a big fan of Okami. Hopefully under all those dark sheets and dirty rags lies our pretty pooch who knows a thing or two about fighting.

    And I’m also on the bandwagon that thinks Kyouhei will main Ammy.

  5. This series is running strong. The comedic timing is near perfect.
    The battle was a nail biter the whole way – I couldn’t see its
    outcome which kept me engaged.

    I like how it shows that while Utao is young, she has the resolve to stand
    her position and engage threats even at the potential of a high cost; her
    control of Kukuri is is not that of a puppet of her brother. She’ll listen
    to his suggestion, but ultimately controls Kukuri.

    Lots of meat in this series…

  6. Definitely best episode yet. I can see this going two ways: boy-twin takes control of Amaterasu and Kyouhei uses Kukuri to smack him down, or things just get really really bad and Kyouhei takes Amaterasu in a moment of desperation and wtfpwnz everyone. Kyouhei has to fight something or he’s kinda just taking up space.

    Next episode is probably going to annoy me. I can already guess everyone in the village is gonna treat Kyouheo like crap while worshiping Utao simultaneously. Cliche group-mentality and all that.

  7. Looks like this series is going to get an anime original ending. It was already apparent since episode 1 considering the part when Kyouhei and co. were kids and fighting the big kakashi(?) wasn’t in the manga, and now they introduce Amaterasu(quite possibly the said big kakashi). But since the manga has only been scanlated til chapter 14, I’m just speculating.. so to anyone who has read the raws: is Amaterasu ever revealed later in the manga?

  8. Now I don’t know which I want more, Kyouhei controlling Kukuri or Kyouhei controlling Amaterasu. I also really think it was him who did the redirect finisher at the end of the battle. It makes much more sense considering Utao’s bewilderment and sheer lack of control in the situation. I was really enjoying this series, but this episode brought it to the next level. Now it has a lot of interesting plot points that I can’t wait to see how they affect the rest of the story, not to mention an epic and emotional battle.

  9. The opening was updated by the way. It now includes Kirio in the scene with Koshiro as well as his respective place in the previously blank outline portion where it shows all the Seki. So now we just need that other female Seki to show up to get the complete opening. I assume its the woman whose back is shown in the opening but nothing else.

    1. I recall the manga had a character who looks like her: an old friend of Kyouhei and Aki. She repairs dolls that gets damaged. Next episode will reveal how the dolls are made and the materials used for them. Maybe it’s her.
      Amaterasu is in the manga. And the doll fight when Kyouhei and Aki were kids is canon in the Lightnovel.

      I honestly don’t think Amaterasu will be much of a threat. I’m more worried about Aki than a mere doll.

      The M0on DOgg
  10. Ten bucks says that kyouhei will take control of Amaterasu for one reason or another later in the series. He is the more experienced operator and it seems like he was the most powerful in his hay-day. It will be interesting to see what he does with it.

    1. Fifty that Amaterasu is nothing more than an OP doll with extra features. And Kyouhei will use Kukuri instead, since he’s more adapt to using Kukuri than Amaterasu.

      The M0on DOgg
  11. I think the one constant thing that for me is more telling about Kyouhei is he really is too hard on Utao. Kyouhei clearly thinks a lot of what he is asking commanding her to do on the spot is easy, probably because it was for him. He has failed, time and time to again to to catch the very obvious and mounting warning signs during the intense Seki use moments. I’m not sure if he’s just really bothered, focued and distracted during those stressful moments or simply lacks the empathy for Utao’s situation. Kyouhei simply refuses to reconize the obvious fact that Utao isn’t equipped or capable of controling her Seki with the degree of accuracy, precision and finess that he believes she can.

    This has been a moderately entertaining ride so far and I think the potential is there.

  12. This-


    IT IS LIKE A MAGICAL PIZZA- WHERE IT HAS ALL THE TOPPINGS IMAGINABLE (even clashing ones like anchovies and pineapple and baconbits) AND YET REMAINS DELICIOUS.

  13. Anyone else notice how the opening changes when a new character is added? Divine? Though I suppose there’s no reason to post new OP pics for a few updated frames.

    Kirio was blanked out for the first few episodes, but the opening finally changed to reflect his addition to the show. Next week looks like it will introduce the mysterious girl in the opening who is the last person blanked out so I’m looking forward to that.

    Also, Utao is the ridiculously cute and sugary sticky glue that holds this show together. There can’t be too much Utao. I demand more!


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