「囚われの日々乃」 (Toraware no Hibino)
“Kidnapped Hibino”

Is it such a crime to have big boobs? Is it!? As distracting as they may be, viewers should start feeling sorry for Hibino when she’s not flaunting her curves or seducing Kyouhei and still gets kidnapped by a crazy bitch who gropes the hell out of her. On second thought, that’s kinda hot. With Hibino’s hands tied behind her back, she looked like an “oppai mouse pad”. The flustered look on her face was a nice touch too. It’s funny how it’s all fun and games when a girl’s on top and having her way with another girl, but it’s a whole different story when a guy (i.e. Shimoyama) even suggests he’s going to do the same. Isn’t this kind of sexist!? (I kid, please don’t send me death threats.)

Amidst all the more relevant developments, like reemphasizing that Kyouhei opened Kukuri’s left hand against Amaterasu, I’m still amazed by how seamlessly Kami-sama Dolls has been able to inject comedy following Mahiru’s arrival. If there was any doubt, the previous episode was not a one-off case, as this recent one builds on the delivery and makes it even better. I’m hard-pressed to think of another series off hand that’s been able to throw in comedic elements without upsetting the story in any way, shape, or form like this. (Sekirei perhaps?) At times, it feels like I’m watching a romantic comedy that will degrade to sheer slapstick humor yet it never does. Instead, it even uses some cool-looking scenes to get the jokes across. Most importantly, it doesn’t take away from what’s going on and actually serves to drive some of the progression. Quite frankly, it’s a bit unprecedented to see this perfect balance of story and comedy — a realization that has given me a new-found appreciation for this series.

I dare say I’ve kind of lost sight of the fact that we may not see Amaterasu again in this adaptation as a result. From the look of things, the show is heading towards a conclusion involving Hibino’s rescue and dealing with Hirashiro in some way. At the moment, there are no signs of any Seki making an appearance, but there is the possibility that Kyouhei will take matters into his own hands. (Maybe take control of Kukuri momentarily…?) I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea if they left things at that for now, since it does leave the door open for a potential sequel down the road. Two episodes to go.

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  1. When Hibino’s on her back, those boobs were the 3rd person in that scene. Poor girl, I’d gotten the impression she was for more than holding them up and carrying them around.

    In any case, this series has felt like it should have been made a decade ago; perhaps the music just feels like a throwback to me. One of several throwback-feeling shows this year, which I like!

    Is the manga worth reading? As in, is there significantly more story than we’re getting and does it run well past where this has gotten? Does it devolve into mostly battles or does it keep exploring its characters and nature of the village at a good balance? Does Hibino ever get to do anything beyond being a display case?

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      The manga is at 50-some chapters and heading for its conclusion. The village and its politics has a big focus later. I’d give it a thumbs up, but translations are way behind.

    2. Actually, Mahiru’s theme music is some of the worst of the series. I didn’t like it last episode and I don’t like it now, not just because it sounds jarring, but because it undercuts the seriousness of the scene, and her mental issues. Mahiru’s antics may be fun in a metasort of way, just like watching Utao’s childishness is fun. But Mahiru is much older and more dangerous. And the show needs to keep that in mind.

      I’m not certain it will, however. Based on Kyouhei’s comment that Mahiru really isn’t that bad of a girl, I’m guessing the show is going to side step around her psychosis and conveniently keep her from killing anyone (although she’s threatened to do so multiple times and, I think, actually tried with Hibino and Utao during the original fight), just to preserve her innocence. The show didn’t do that with Aki, and it didn’t need to; he still manages to be halfway sympathetic. Why is it handholding Mahiru through it?

  2. I agree that this series yearns a sequel. I did however spoil myself with the manga after watching this episode because I couldn’t stand the fact that Hibino was going to be taken advantage of by some other guy right before the episode ended. It didn’t make me feel any better though. But at least, not any worse either.

  3. Mahiru may be one heck of a nutjob, but goddamn is she fun to watch. Especially the groping scene, its funny and hot. And of course the Utao faces. Its kinda weird how they can mix fanservice, comedy, and then suddenly take a dark turn with attempted rape. Yet somehow my enjoyment isn’t diminished. This show is definitely a sleeper hit for me.

  4. This is/has been a great run. I hope there’s (an)other season(s)!

    I’d like to see verification that Kyouhei has control of Kukuri –
    it seems plausible, but they are brother and sister.
    Again, it’s hard for me to imagine that he took control without being aware –
    just my 2¥.

    I’m sure they’ll be in time to rescue Hibino, but she of reminds me
    a little of Freezing – she’s not aware of how gifted she is 🙂

    I wonder if Utao (and her brother) will play a larger role in all of this –
    and it makes me wonder – is her “brother” really a boy (I’m just thinking of
    that after bath scene). They hid him for so long, is it possible they his
    his gender as well – or it may have just been comic relief.

    Anyway, interesting to see how this will all wrap up…

    1. There are a few translated versions but it only stops at chapter 14 volume 3 and there’s 9 volumes. idk if they’re being translated or the scanners stopped. it’s been a while since they’ve updated it. but there are raws out there.

    2. the best you can do at the moment is to obtain the raws and look at the pictures and figure out the story from there.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Which was why I mentioned before that I felt both satisfaction and dissatisfaction at the same time for doing so. I can read Japanese without any problems, which sort of intensifies those feelings even more. But I was prepared for that anyway.

    1. I have to disagree here. As much as I loved FMP!, the balance was horrible. Seeing some of most hilarious scenes in anime then shifting to incredibly graphic violence and depressing backstories is incredibly jarring. Its like watching an episode of Looney Tunes and then watching an episode of a Steven Spielberg WWII drama in one sitting. Kami-sama dolls did it better in terms of balance. Its also why I love Fumoffu!! so much, since it focused entirely on the comedy.

  5. Can anyone explain how Aki was able to take back Doll w/o his blood or w/e in the doll. I really think Kyohei gets frustrated with the lack of skill from Utao and should momentarily take back Kukuri at some points.

    1. As Aki had been linked with the doll before so did it already have his blood sample inside it. That is also why Kyouhei can take control of Kukiri when stressed out. Utao is still his little sister, so he wont intentionally take Kukiri away from her, if he can avoid it.

  6. Oh YES. Been waiting for some more people to talk about the blend and almost perfect switching between comedy and development. Utao contributes a lot, and Mahiru’s appearance helped plenty. I couldn’t help but grin at her delusions.

    Hibino seems to be getting the shorter end of the stick thus far. I get the feeling that she WILL get involved more, but without the ability to interpret RAWs, just gotta get my fill from what I can understand.

    The producers did a great job hyping up Kyohei too through avid portrayal from the flashback and Mahiru’s extra large helping of dramatization. It seems to be building up towards the return or pseudo-return of Kyohei as a Seki. It’s more or less expected, but hoping that they won’t throw a twist that will end in a limp conclusion to the anime, not when it’s going good.

    1. Mahiru>>>>>>Hibino,

      I mean seriously her character is useless, the only thing she has going for her is her breasts. I know we used to joke about this at the beginning of the series, but honestly it is not an exaggeration, I don’t know why she deserves so much attention. I know it’s asking for the impossible but having Mahiru replace Hibino as the romantic interest would be much more satisfying.

      1. I don’t think it’s fair to put her in the ‘Useless characters’ category. Since she doesn’t see a lot of action and can’t do much, the most common thing to do is to assume would be that she has little use except for *ahem* aesthetic purposes.

        To be frank, I’m getting a little bothered by the ‘useless character’ categorisations. Granted, Mahiru/HanaKana came in like a typhoon (pun intended) and added more spice to the mix, but we don’t know how the characters will be used. Doesn’t mean one is more interesting than the other naturally makes the other useless.

      2. I don’t think Hibino is useless. I think her character is one we don’t see in anime that often (that of a mature adult), so we don’t quite know how to process her. I personally (and I still need to find a cause to mention this in one of my reviews) think her response to Aki’s question a few episodes back (“I don’t know [if I love Kyouhei]”) was both refreshingly honest and completely devoid of all the traditional tsundere denials (or obsessive affirmations a la Mahiru) that seem to characterize anime relationships. She and Kyouhei are actual adults working through a potential relationship in an adult fashion. How often to you see that?

        I agree her breasts are ridiculous. I’m not certain if having everyone lampshade the fact improves the show or demeans it–I was trying to ignore them as much as possible, because everytime the show brought attention to them my opinion of it dropped a little.

      3. I guess useless wasn’t the best terminology. It’s just that her characterization makes me feel no attachment, usually in a kidnapping scenario the kidnapped is a character the audience and the main characters feel for. In this case however; the main characters care for her but the audience does not necessarily (at least how I see it). It felt as if the main characters were overreacting to the kidnapping because it is not very important.

      4. I find it interesting how many that doesn’t consider Hibino a human being just because she has large breasts. Some even hate her for it. Being a violent psychopath seems more acceptable then having large breasts.

  7. Mahiru has quickly become one of my favourite Hanazawa characters, simply because I’ve never heard her using such a voice before.

    That- and the perfect blend of humour that you mentioned- one of my favourite scenes this episode was when she was twirling the taser around and it flew off into the corner. So very simple, and yet it adds so much to her character.

    Anyways- this has been an excellent show thus far- but I’m bracing myself for the finale, because that’s usually where adaptations tend to screw up.

  8. I’m having trouble taking this series seriously. While I thought that the shenanigans during this episode were exceptional (except when Mahiru crushed Utao’s box, which was a huge comedy failure imo), whenever Kami-sama Dolls injects humor into the series, it’s almost always completely inappropriate timing. And the whenever it tries to get back to the seriousness, it usually fails; the transition is absurdly choppy and the majority of characters lack any real depth (despite the apparent effort). I’d say that Kami-sama Doll is better left as a manga 😛

  9. Okay, I officially despise Bitchhiru now. At least Titino has a likable – if sometimes useless – personality and role. The constant spoiled brat factor of the little “I can do whatever the f*** I want because I’m so pretty and special and ONLY I’M GOOD ENOUGH FOR KYOUHEI, SHUT UP!!” just drives me up a goddamn wall.

    Hoping she gets some serious comeuppance by the end of this season. Hoping for a second season already, since I like enough of the cast and the plot to wanna see more. The music alone makes me happy for this adaptation, but the Utau/Aki/Kyouhei/Hibino is a really fantastic and well-built Love Dodecahedron that I want to see more of.

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