「わたしたちのごらく部」 (Watashi-tachi no Goraku-bu)
“Our Fun Club”

I always thought Chinatsu was a troublemaker, but it’s nice to finally get confirmation of it here. History doesn’t lie! Once a brat, always a brat! There’s little doubt in my mind that if Yui wasn’t Kyouko and Akari’s childhood friend, there’s no way Chinatsu would would bother hanging out with them, which is why I enjoyed seeing Yui kick her over more than words can describe. I say if they’re not making Chinatsu cosplay against her will, she deserves a “Certain-Kill Yui Kick” for my personal enjoyment. Who knows, she might like it too. I really wish Akari told everyone that it was Chinatsu they bumped into that day, because I would’ve loved to see everyone’s reactions, including Chinatsu’s. Kyouko’s stark change in personality leads me to believe that she would’ve had all kinds of payback in store, mostly in the form of having her way with Chinatsu. They could’ve devoted an entire episode to just that and I would’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

Even after the flashback with all the playground hijinks, this episode seemed to be filled with quirk moments throughout. From Kyouko’s random outbursts of “Yui, you jerk! Chinatsu, I love you! And Akarin!” to the girl’s questions on who the hell this diligent Kyouko is, and then Ayano’s disbelief to Himawari’s wish that it happened to Sakurako, it’s pretty impressive how they able to switchover from that to a very somber mood over the “new” Kyouko’s decision to get rid of her club. I was holding out for the possibility that Kyouko had already returned to her normal self and was continuing to troll everyone — in which case she would’ve gotten quite a beat down afterward — but things turned out much better in the end. As far as comedies go, I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better development in the second to last episode. We had a little bit of drama with a constant comedic touch. The Akarin discrimination at the end was good too.

This episode could’ve easily been the finale as far as I’m concerned, but when the preview shows Chitose locking lips with Ayano, I’ll have to reserve judgement until I see they really have in store. It’ll be pretty hard to outdo this episode from a “series appreciation” standpoint; however, there will be a whole new kind of appreciation if they go all-out with the lesbian stuff. One can always hope!




  1. lulzy pure lulz….i really absolutely prefer Kyouko in hyperactive mode the fun just isnt there without it

    This episode also really made Yui my second favourite character after kyouko watching her be tough and defending her friends really made me smile

    Ep Preview………….OMG ITS ACTUAL YURI not imagined or offscreen………..

  2. Chinatsu deserves everything she gets and more, but goddamn, I love her anyway. Shame this season won’t get to some of the really meaty stuff, the Akaza-Yoshikawa axis is supremely fucked up, and very, very funny.

    This does make me ponder an alternate universe where the girls are more like how they were when they were younger.

  3. LOL at the end…. Akarin forever lack of presence XD
    Oh come on Chinatsu, we all know you’re not being sincere there lmao.

    Next is the final ep ;_; Does anyone know if there’s enough source material for 2nd season?

    I can only imagine Chizuru’s condition in that kiss scene lol.

  4. I kinda think they overdid it a bit with the drama or it just doesnt work for me in yuruyuri. I read the manga chapter of this one, and I prefer the shorter one since it had only a bit of heartwarming and drama with yuiXkyouko and then immediately returned to its comedic pace. I just think that it would be better if they didnt make it this long or at least “fixed” kyouko the way they did it in the manga.

    I still like this ep due to the yuiXkyouko moments.
    oh and also because of their childhood days…

    1. Agreed. The manga chapter had the right mix of heart-warming and hilarious, but the anime version turned it into a cheap melodrama. Chizuru’s, Ayano’s and Yui’s tears felt incredibly forced, the background-music sounded like someone had just died and Chinatsu definitely PREFERRED the new Kyoko in the manga (even having a fit of jealousy when Yui said she liked the old Kyoko better). Everyone loves Kyoko, we get it, but this episode kind of slammed it into your face in a way that was really unbearable (I know Kyoko’s character type sells well but I still prefer the manga which treated all the characters equally regarding screentime and storyline).

      First half of the episode was amazing, though. Chinatsu’s funny xD And I wish Yui stayed the tomboy she was (well she still is, in a sense but…that band-aid on her face was adorable)

  5. I actually really enjoyed this episode. How emotionally invested I got in the characters (namely Kyouko and Ayano) took me by surprise. Oh, and seeing Yui kick Chinatsu was definitely the highlight of my week.
    Next episode is going to be god-tier if it’s faithful to the manga. Looking forward to it!

  6. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but there’s something warm and touching
    about this series. I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much.

    I love Yui!

    There’s definitely enough potential material for another run, too.

  7. Akarin discrimination was good? Dude I beg to differ Dx that scene almost felt like a higurashi moment with everyone pulling out weapons that could be used for murder, well aside Chitose. And she didn’t get a single moment to shine, and with the final episode I am deeply saddened that Akari’s onee-chan never made it to the anime 🙁

  8. The Title call, er the lack there of. “Akari, you WANT to do a title call and not have any screen time?! BE HAPPY THERE WASNT ONE!” <<;. lol, silly girl.

    Ep end was brilliant too, even though it's probably what they should've done in the first place for Kyoko, too. Oh, well at least they have a plan now for these things.


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