Sometimes I like to believe that manga authors are reading my posts just to prove me wrong, but I’m not so conceited to think that my influence in the anime blogsphere actually extends that far. Still, this is one of those times. After I gave Naruto the benefit of the doubt last time and said he’ll succeed in getting the Tailed-Beast Ball’s ratios down because B’s preoccupied elsewhere, Naruto not only fails miserably, but B is freaken taking a leak! A leak damnit! Talk about taking his sweet ass time to help out with the resurrected Kages. Good on Naruto for not even bothering to tell B to get his ass on the scene right away and whip out a Tailed-Beast Ball on his behalf though. That probably would’ve just been another failed attempt.

Instead, it’s interesting to see that Naruto’s Sennin (Sage) Mode still has its use even after obtaining his godly Nine-Tails form. It reminds me of how Goku would still use his non-Super Saiyajin form to attune with nature and create his Genki Dama, a.k.a. Spirit Bomb. In Naruto’s case, I would’ve thought the sheer speed in his new form would offset a slower reaction time but apparently not. A subtle implication this chapter is that Naruto is lacking power too, seeing as he doesn’t have a technique that could scratch the Third Raikage, yet the Raikage’s own ability could. There’s always the possibility that the Raikage wasn’t anticipating he’d have to endure his own attack, but it’s easier to assume that the Rasenshuriken won’t cut it and Naruto will probably need to enhance his bread and butter technique again, master the Bijuudama, or learn a new technique altogether.


  1. that somehow bothers me, wind is supposed to be poison to lightning and one would think a technique like Rasenshuriken should at least damage a shield of lightning, I find myself really bothered by that

    1. That just means that the Raikage was that powerful.. The only thing that could harm him was himself. I like the way Naruto defeated him in front of all those ninjas that couldn’t. It feels like a smack to their faces how a simple tech could go a long way. 😀

    2. I thought that applied only when the wind jutsu is stronger than the lightning jutsu otherwise they wouldn’t have needed Naruto if anyone with a wind element jutsu could beat Raikages shield.

      1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the case, the basic concept is that the wind base wins in terms of rock paper scissors, but only if the attack itself is on par with or stronger than the lightning one

        Rise~N Seraphim
  2. No, i thought Naruto’s Rasenshuriken was powerful but only enough to break the Lightning Shield of Raikage, not his body and Raikage’s just re-cast it again lolz, yay the ultimated shield of all time in the old genegation.

    Because of that Shield and Jigokudzuki Yonhon Nukite, he lost his lightning speed. With The Sage-mode’s speed, Naruto easily evade the attack. Well, this chapter was great =).

  3. really liked how he used his brains instead of finding a clever way to make a big attack hit its mark.

    also i kinda miss the nine tails and i’m hoping he plays a bigger role in the final showdown because while naruto is fast, there’s a lot susanoo to get around and sasuke won’t make it easy, being to go full beast will be helpful. also it’ll be a cool way to level some mountains!

    Hell Disciple
    1. Sage mode is not faster than Kyuubi mode, but it does grant the benefit of being more attuned to nature, hence a higher sense of presence and timing.

      If Naruto used Kyuubi mode, he still could have dodged the attack, but he would have to do so earlier. The Raikage would then have the opportunity to change his direction. Sage mode allowed Naruto to dodge at the exact last instant, so the counter attack would be too fast for the Raikage to avoid.

      So basically, Sage mode is better at close combat, while Kyuubi mode is more speed and power.

    1. that would be overpowered… but there’s probably something about sage mode and kyuubi form that contradict, maybe sorta like one is chaos and the other is tranquility (the way how kyuubi is basically pure chaos and anger whereas sage mode is form through patience and tranquility and uses nature chakra).

      Rise~N Seraphim
  4. Nine Tail will eventually come around (trusting Naruto’s ability to win over hate) and fully embrace its partnership with Naruto. Naruto is currently only using Nine Tail chakra from imprisoning it, but when the power is willingly given and shared, Naruto will finally go SSJ3. Believe it!

  5. At least FRS cancelled the Raiton Armor and put the old Raikage on his back. Well, that makes two opponents that FRS can’t outright destory:

    1. Old Raikage
    2. Kyubbi

    FRS would probably fail against Sasuke’s new susanoo too. It seems that Kishi didn’t follow the new generation surpasses the old generation rule. I would put Old Raikage significantly above Current Raikage. The one-finger hell stab would outright destory the current Raikage. In addition, the current Raikage does not seen that much if at all faster than the old Raikage.

  6. This was the single greatest chapter I have read in so long. The fact that he went sage mode and used such a clever strategy blew my mind. Got to give Kishimoto props for starting up a shonen cliche, but then kicking it to the curb.

  7. I bet Naruto would come to an agreement with the ninetails, if not be friends with him.

    Since that frog fusion technique can’t work with the kyuubi inside naruto. Why not let the kyuubi gather the nature energy instead? I mean he can’t be any stiller being imprisoned and all 😉

    Like that one time with pain where Naruto had senjuu mode and kyuubi mode fused? Where Naruto draws Natural Energy and Kyuubi giving his chakra? The new form would be (since naruto already owns the kyuubi chakra) Naruto going kyuubi mode and kyuubi gathering natural energy O_O

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