「因縁の渦」 (Innen no Uzu)
“Spiral of Fate”

Is it just me or does every series get instantly better when a Hanazawa Kana-voiced character is added to the mix? I could get used to hearing her in clingy roles too, especially when it’s opposite Hibino, who seems completely disinterested in our male lead. “Kyouhei-sama” has a nice playful ring to it too — at least when Hyuuga Mahiru says it. She gives new meaning to the “Girl Meets God” series tagline too. I figure that’s supposed to be in reference to Utao and Kukuri or possibly even Hibino/Kyouhei, but there sure isn’t too much exciting stuff happening relationship-wise between those pairings. It’s one thing for Hibino to give Kyouhei some time alone with Moyako, but it’s another story when she gives way to Utao too. Even after six months living under the same roof with Hibino, Kyouhei probably still would’ve gotten shot down if he confessed. Utao’s reaction says it all about that.

If this episode was any indication, it looks like I’m better off entrusting my hopes in Aki. Paired with the promiscuous Kuuko, it’s somewhat refreshing to see the girl take the initiative on top. Granted, it only works as well as it does because Aki doesn’t seem to give a damn about her, nor her attempts to seduce him for that matter. A quick glance at those two and a look back at Kyouhei and Hibino make me feel like I’m watching the show from the wrong perspective. The whole antihero character type works for me, and may get better if Moyako sees what’s going on behind closed doors. I get the feeling that our Utsuwashi heir still has some lingering feelings for Aki, even though he’s killed a bunch of people. After all, it’s not too hard to see Aki in a different light after the flashbacks.

As for Utao and Kirio, their subplot wrapped up with a whimper (for the time being anyway). It’s good for Utao, but does leave me at a bit of a loss on what to make of Kirio. On the surface, he’s quickly resigned to being a victim of the Hyuuga family, so I’m wondering if they’re going to leave it at that. I wouldn’t mind if that were the case, seeing as Koushirou’s been an awesome brotherly figure to him. If anyone’s going to be a true antagonist in this series, it’s probably going to be Hyuuga Sahei. Mahiru, I’m not entirely sure what to make of yet, other than the fact that she’s infatuated with Kyouhei, Kakashi or not. The preview hints at the possibility that she has some issues of her own though.

Production-wise, there sure were a lot of interesting top-down and bottom-up camera angles in this episode. They were so prominent to me that I considered it an intentional stylistic touch. It got to the point that almost every other scene seemed to have a shot like that. They didn’t look bad or anything though, so this is merely an observation on my part. In any case, more Mahiru next time. Now there’s something worth looking at from every possible angle.

* Surprise, surprise. It looks like they weren’t always that big.
* Mahiru’s been added to the ED sequence.
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  1. I guess I wasn’t the only one Hanazawa Kana left a huge impression on. After watching this episode, I promptly went back to read the manga to see who she really is. And I must say I’m glad the mangka realizes how boring a pairing Hibino/Utao with Kyohei is and added someone interesting.

  2. Moyako’s talk about Kukuri’s left hand beam gave the definate hint to us non-manga readers (I even went back to the Utao vs Kirio scene to listen).
    Also, WHAT IS WRONG WITH AKI!! No reaction from a hot crazy chick on top? Overly obsessed with Kyohei after the incident…

  3. Well, I now have extra evidence that Kyohei was in control of Kukuri at the time when Takemigazuchi launched that final lightning strike on Kukuri.

    Kyohei was the only one in centuries capable of using Kukuri’s left arm, as said by Moyako. . Also, in an earlier comment I made, the song Kukuri plays when in Kyohei’s control (Utao’s song is different) is the same as when Kukuri absorbed Takemigazuchi’s lightning. Let’s just face it and say Utao sucks as a pilot (no matter how cute she is) and is incapable of doing such a high-level thing as using Kukuri’s left arm.(See Episode 7 for Kyohei’s song and Episode 5 to compare)

    These two pieces of evidence go together to prove that Kyohei was in fact, in control of Kukuri during that final attack launched by Takemigazuchi.

    1. Although I definitely agree re: Kyouhei controlling Kukuri during that scene in episode 5, I still think that Utao will continue to be the permanent pilot. As I said a couple weeks ago, if you watch the OP closely, whenever you see the colored silhouettes of the characters, the ones who are seki have patterns matching their kakashi, and the others (including Kyouhei) are blank, just a solid color.

      If Kyouhei is going to take over from Utao, my bet is that the first place you’ll see it will be in a change to his silhouette in the OP.

      1. Agreed. I doubt Kyohei’s going to be a Seki anytime soon. I noticed the silhouettes sometime back.

        I, however, believe that Kyohei might act as a temporary Seki when Kukuri/Utao is in trouble but will never be a permanent Seki for Kukuri.

      2. We saw in episode 7 how Aki mysteriously took control of his Seki again. Who’s to say Kyohei can’t do that as well. When he will take control again…IDK, but I agree that it won’t happen anytime soon

  4. Is it me or anybody enjoyed Kuuko’s policeman father visit to the cafe with poor Utao practically screaming guilty? (oh Jhacks did!)
    Also lol @ his visit to his daughter. And Kuuko using his acces code to police database…
    re:Hanzazawa Kana her range of roles is simply astonishing, in 2010 and 2011 she must have been recording like few episodes a day, at least… and many of them my faves, too…

  5. “The whole antihero character type works for me”

    I’m normally okay with anti-heroes, but I honestly can’t feel empathy for people who kill just for the hell of it. It’s one thing to commit murder for self-defense or even money(assassin type characters), but after 10 minutes of episode 1 I already can’t think of any reason to like Aki.

  6. Hanazawa Kana is EVERYWHERE….and I’m loving it. =D

    I think I already like Mahiru based on her seiyuu too, and it does look like she might be half a crazy as well based on the preview.

    In a light-hearted sense, I’m starting to pity Kyohei. This guy seems like nothing in normal life but changes drastically when it comes to Seki, and with his timing and sense of atmosphere to make a confession….He needs some lessons, never mind being a university student.

    One thing that caught my attention was the direct comparison of how Aki and Kyohei both saw their situations. The former obviously cannot let go of his past despite leaving the village and saw the solution only in destruction, while the latter seems ready to move on by pondering about his ability to do things and change for the better DESPITE the presence of those who are in his past. This will certainly make for some interesting discussion considering the possibility that Kyohei might lose control of his ‘dark side’.

    Strangely enough, though Kamisama Dolls doesn’t quite provide cliff-hanging, seat-grabbing endings to their episodes the way S;G does, I still look forward to the developments in the next episode.

  7. What I look forward to every episode are their facial expressions. I can never get bored looking at the weird funny faces they make (especially Utao’s).

    A good alternative to Mahiru’s voice besides HanaKana is Shizuka Itō IMO.

    Jing Yi
  8. I chose my trump card: “Hanazawa Kana Card” to activate +10 rating to the series. in addtion with Utao’s moe card.
    But I guess that isn’t important. I’m really curious what the new girl is for. Hints are Mahiru isn’t a cute girl that will be pushed over judging from Hana Kana’s voice.

  9. *twitch twitch shiver cringe*

    AAAUGH. Hanazawa Kana sounded like she was in her “insane” voice mode for Mahiru. *runs away scared* Hanazawa will do an excellent job in the role, but as diehard fan of her quiet voice in Tachibana Kanade of Angel Beats, and her upbeat innocent voice in Kobato… this voice mode scares me <___<;

    The post ed theme this week was great: "Kukuri, yorokobanaide." (Don't celebrate) *all three dead stop* XD. (see large omake 02. … well 2 and 3. 3 shows the dead stop nicely XD.)

  10. Maybe Mahiru will finally lead to exploring more of the events that happened in the past when Kyohei was supposedly a great Seki as a kid. I’m still curious about that very first flashback during the first episode when they were all kids (farther back than the teacher flashback one). At least I think its different from the other flashback (ah! this is making me want to check the manga). Maybe that event is what screwed up Aki (and maybe Mahiru) in the head. Also, I’m not surprised by his lack of a reaction to Kuuko’s advances. You usually only see over the top reactions from characters who normally doesnt get any. And he didnt really react much when his teacher put the moves on him either. Guess he’s just the go with the flow type.

  11. Nah, I don’t think Hibino sees Utao as a credible rival at all. After she is a normal, well-adjusted person who does not believe in anime tropes like brocon. So to her, Utao could not possibly be interested in her brother that way. 😀

  12. No doubt, Hyuuga Mahiru was the girl with Aki and Kyoghei during the episode one’s flash back. It could be that she fell in love with Kyohei for saving her during that time. (I don’t read the manga so I speculate manga readers 😐 )

    Also: Wow, throughout episodes 1-9, without a doubt; Utao was my favorite character by far, but Mahiru could just be the person to take her thrown.


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