「隠し危険」 (Kakushi Kiken)
“Hidden Danger”

Better than halfway through its run, I have less of a handle on No. 6 than any other series this Summer. Both about where the show is going, and just what I feel about it.

For me, the strongest element of the sixth episode was the return to prominence of Safu. I don’t think it’s so much that I like her character any better than the others, but that she makes a nice change of pace from the over-the-top theatricality of Shion and Nezumi, and indeed the entire cast and setting of the West District. Shion and Nezumi speak like characters in a play – fittingly enough given Nezumi’s vocation. But it does get a little exhausting after a while. Safu, by contrast, is refreshingly direct and concise. She says what she thinks and gets it over with. Of course, that makes me wonder how she lasted in No. 6 as long as she did.

Some have speculated on an interesting coincidence – that all the known victims of the parasitic wasps have succumbed while expressing some sort of doubts about the state of affairs in No. 6. We don’t know too much about the first guy who died in the park, but we know Yamase (Shion’s co-worker on garbage bot detail) had voiced some concerns. Shion is obvious, and even the lady from the Twilight House was depressed about her job. Seems like thin reasoning to off someone, but is it possible the city is using the wasps to eliminate potential threats? If so, that certainly places Safu deep in harm’s way. I think it’s safe to assume everything she said in the Twilight House and everything she said to Karan (was I the only one yelling at her to shut the F&#* up?) is known to the authorities.

Speaking of the Twilight House, it seems as if my initial comparisons to “Logan’s Run” might not have been so far off as I initially thought. Safu is certainly convinced that all was not well with Grandma, who was bored and lonely. She’s even more horrified to discover that Shion has been arrested for attempted murder, though she immediately guesses from Karan’s demeanor that the boy has escaped. I was a little shocked at how freely she spoke, but it appears as if all the “number” cities may not be so identical in governing philosophy. Not only was Safu’s Picasso book OK in No. 5 but banned in No. 6 (confiscated at the airport like a Box of Cohiba Robustos) but a passerby (informant?) lamps out the fact that she’s been out of town because of a “wind” that follows her. The stink of freedom, perhaps.

So that leaves things in quite a mess. Karan witnesses Safu – on her way to try and find Shion – being kidnapped by the Public Security Bureau. She gets word to Nezumu via Priority Mouse, but he’s considering withholding the information, not wanting Shion to get himself killed trying to save her. And the coming conflict between the two boys seems inevitable, with Shion still wanting to save the city and Nezumi still hating it. Nezumi may be about as big an ideologue as you’ll find – his world is black and white and shows no room for compromise. He even threatens Shion with a knife, though Shion doesn’t seem too worried.

On the personal side, Safu finds time to confess her love for Shion – to his mother, anyway. That seems pretty fruitless based on Shion’s “most important person” confession last week, not to mention the last shot of the preview. And the translator at CR referred to Dogkeeper as “He” this week – though I have no idea based on what evidence the change occurred, so I’m more confused than ever. I guess that sums up my general take about this odd and interesting series, though I confess the notion of Safu and Nezumi’s paths crossing – and an ensuing battle royale over Shion – is a fascinating prospect I’d quite like to see…




  1. Just watched it myself, nice review of this weeks ep as always.

    One remark though, and i might be overthinking this, but the wind that follows her wich the old lady noticed could have something to do with the scene from last week in front of the stained glass window?

  2. I was actually thinking when Sion and Nezumi were talking in the hallway that their conversation did seem rather play like (with the balance of talking and action, not interrupting each other and they seemed to be facing the camera a lot), wonder if that was on purpose or not. And I was also surprised to see that No. 5 at least isn’t nearly as totalitarian as No. 6, initially I thought the cities might be overseen by an ever greater authority but this episode made No. 6 at least seem rather autonomous.
    *counts down until people explode over the preview*

      1. I feel like the whole of No.6 is a testing ground on not just humans but the environment as well. I mean the twilight house is fill with spring flowers during the end of winter. I’m almost certain the Storm is the first episode was man made as well.
        Safu survived the dogma of No.6 because she never had a reason to question how it runs. Coming back from No.5 she was staring to realize how wrong everything felt.

        That being said this show still leaves everyone feeling out of the loop of the “truth”. I hope this whole series isn’t just going to about chasing the white rabbit.

  3. love triangle, hell yeah! safu better remind shion of his promise. XD
    everything is so excruciating to watch really. from the overboard sexual tension to knowing safu is about to be kidnapped and killed/brainwashed.

  4. Lol Guardian Enzo, you weren’t the only one who was thinking safu stfu. Well she got her just desserts blabbing on and on. I was waiting for Karen to put her hand on Safu’s mouth. Lol last pic of the preview kiss scene XD

  5. @Piggy: I actually thought the overtones were toned way down this week – until the preview, of course. P.S. – I have the conch…

    @Wandering Dreamer: Having read the early parts of the novels, I think that’s very much intentional.

  6. I think the play like script is on purpose, especially with the sort of themes that have been present so far…
    Safu is totally annoying as hell but I’m guessing that there is a connection between her and Nezumi especially due to the stain glass business and not just because of Shion.

  7. I can handle the yaoiy feeling of this show but what I find extremely unappealing is the lack of direction this show is showing, currently I have no idea how this story is going to unfold. I m also rather disappointed as the show feels less sci-fi per episode and I know their plotting something big with the bugs and stuff, but jeez cant they increase the pace a bit more. On a side note Safu being back made my day, her being abducted predictable…

  8. I hope Safu ends up playing some active role rather than someone to be killed off for emotional effect like her grandma. To be honest, I like Shion and Nezumi, but I think it would be much more interesting if Safu ends up being a character we see more of from now on to help balance the series out. Shion and Nezumi haven’t been doing much of anything this whole time (in terms of plot progression), so hopefully Safu’s reappearance will move things along.

    1. Yea, I really hope Safu not just some cannon fodder to waste. I really like if she could add into the equation of Shion X Nezumi. Although I’m quite afraid she might be brainwash to be their enemy or something. Worst result: become princess in the tower that wait for Shion until end of the series. That would have to be sux.

  9. Enzo, I think your speculation with the bees emerging from dissatisfied/suspicious citizens is pretty much it. In the novels, the man who dies in the park was a cabbage farmer that engineered the perfect cabbage, but was still unable to sell it. He basically sat in the park with his cabbage, thinking about how fake everything was, right before his death.

    What weirded me out is that Safu was sharp enough to pick up the fact that Shion was alive from Karan’s demeanor alone, but didn’t figure out to it’d be wiser to keep it to herself that she found no.6 suspicious after many clues (the picasso artbook scene, the missing needle and scent, her suspicions with her grandma’s death). Assuming the citizens are only bugged, she could’ve written down her real thoughts in order to communicate and said something false out loud to throw the security off her trail. I was also surprised Karan said aloud that she knew Shion was alive and his location, because that indicates she came in contact with him at least once and should’ve got her in trouble too…?

    I think Inukashi is referred to with gender-neutral pronouns in Japanese, which is why multiple translations conflict.

  10. I’m surprised the authorities at No.6 even let students study in No.5, especially at such a young age and for such a long time. Unless they really believe that no one would ever question the way things work in No.6 (which they don’t, if the speculation on the bees killing only threats turns out to be right), sending easily influenced teenagers off to a more liberal place that encourages art and poetry for two years doesn’t seem very wise.

    1. Agreed. Too much knowledge and the citiZens would revolt. They’ll know right from wrong. Similar case would be that Chinese emperor who burned all the literature and philosophical books and killed the scholars so Boone would be smart enough to oppose him. Knowledge is the pen which is mightier than the sword.

    2. I think that’s a very valid question. Historically, totalitarian countries have been very cautious about allowing their citizens to travel – never mind impressionable teens studying abroad. But not always, and there are examples in the world today of financially powerful countries without much political freedom allowing college students to attend university abroad.

  11. ppl really gotta deal with the bl undertones lol. we all know thats how the show is, so move on or give up watching.

    regarding the ep, thanks for the review, i also think the wasp/doubt is linked but pure speculation. i really like the pace the series takes and wonder if its going to take a darker turn…

  12. I noticed that when Safu was walking to the twilight house, she sorta moved her scarf when the wind blew the same way that Nezumi had done once I think. I can’t remember if Nezumi actually did that too though~

  13. I’m just wondering. If the bees activate when people start rebelling against rules in No. 6, but in that case, Safu should have gotten the effect too right? She starts questioning and doubting everything. Those people before were actually just complaining before being killed.
    And if they’ve already had those bees, what is the use of correctional facility?

  14. Just wondering,what would the people that say they don’t like the shonen ai undertones say if shion was a girl,would they go “I like this show but I’m not confortable with the romance”?

  15. Whenever Safu left her scarf at Karan’s and was walking, I was sure she would end up with the bee infesting her at that moment, me being under the impression that the scarf was protecting her from certain death OTL

  16. Since episode 2 it struck me as blatantly obvious the bees were a tool to “off” threats. Because of that, I was confused when Shion later treated it like it was simply some sort of natural phenomenon. Every time someone commits ‘treason’ to the unflinching, unquestioning loyalty required of a citizen, a bee emerges and authorities nearby rush in, toss the body, and cover it up.

    It was so obvious to me I thought the show was using it as a red herring. If this was supposed to be subtle, it’s sure as heck not — anyone who’s heard of microchip implants from aliens, behavior control, totalitarian conditioning, neo-1984 fantasies, and so forth would facepalm. I can’t believe people are only noticing this now!

    George Collins
  17. Safu said the questioning how it works in no.6 words in the twilight house. She specified non during the conversation with Karan. Karan’s words are all safe answers, if inspected correctly.

    Re: Confession of Safu towards her feelings for Shion. Sorry girl~ Sorry.

  18. May not be important but what happened to the knitting needle that was the twin of the one she gave Safu? Why wasn’t it in her personal effects? Seems like it might have some significance for them to take it.

  19. LOOOL I better get NezumixShion kiss next episode but I doubt it… the anime-team is totally playing with the yaoi undertone knowing how popular it is!

    Totally a NezumixShion fan but I hope Safu won’t end up as a tragic heroine.

  20. Well, I was away for vacation so I missed almost two weeks of RC blog. And I finally caught up and watched this episode. I’m not sure if it was the subtitle change or not but it became apparent to me now that Dogkeeper is a guy too. And I also wanted Safu to keep her “meeting her darling” mission hush-hush, but she won’t be abducted otherwise. Shion’s third option is not a bad idea, even though it is unrealistic in how it’s going to happen. It will help in resolving Nezumi’s conflict (destroy No. 6) with Shion’s dilemma (save the city by changing its isolation aspect and stay with his friend). The plot is really picking up now that half of the season is over.


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