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NO.6 – 11 (END)

「伝えてくれ、ありのままを」 (Tsutaete kuru, Ari no Mama wo)
“Tell Me the Truth”

Like it’s NoitaminA stablemate Usagi Drop, No. 6 ends on an understated, restrained and reflective note – a quiet and dignified final episode that reflected the nature of the series as a whole.

Oh, wait – no, it didn’t do that at all. It was a gigantic FUBAR.

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NO.6 – 10

「奈落にあるもの」 (Naraku ni Aru Mono)
“What Lies in the Abyss”

For such an earnest and seemingly old-fashioned anime as this often seems to be, No. 6 has quite the talent for slapping the audience in the face occasionally. Seeing a baby being nursed by a dog is certainly a first for me, anime or otherwise – and that’s just for starters.

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NO.6 – 09

「災厄の舞台」 (Saiyaku no Butai)
“Stage of Disaster”

Even though it isn’t always working for me, in a way I really admire NO.6 to sticking to its guns. Nine episodes in and it’s still preposterously theatrical, comically sincere and terribly muddled. But at least it doesn’t sell itself out and try to be something it’s not.

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NO.6 – 08

「そのわけは…」 (Sono Wake wa…)
“The reason for that is…”

Things are certainly getting BONES-y again down NoitaminA way. Mysterious female singers, byzantine plot developments, noble savages – it’s easy to see why BONES saw these novels as kindred spirits after its own heart.

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NO.6 – 07

「真実の嘘・虚構の真実」 (Shinjitsu no Uso Kyokō no Shinjitsu)
“True Lies, False Truths”

I’m pretty sure that never in this history of anime – and maybe any other medium – has one boy kissed another full on the lips, then said “I better go to bed. I have to get up early to shave the dogs.” And that exchange tells you pretty much all you need to know about No. 6.

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NO.6 – 06

「隠し危険」 (Kakushi Kiken)
“Hidden Danger”

I confess the notion of Safu and Nezumi’s paths crossing – and an ensuing battle royale over Shion – is a fascinating notion I’d quite like to see…

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NO.6 – 05

「冥府の天使」 (Meifu no tenshi)
“Angel of Hades”

Whether it was intentional or not, the fifth episode of NO.6 left me more confused and less sure of my footing than I was going in.  As with so much of this show, I’m never quite sure just whether I’m taking things the way BONES intended.

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NO.6 – 04

「生と死と」 (Sei to Shi to)
“Life and Death”

So here’s the dilemma I’m facing after the 4th episode of this series. I find myself laughing, repeatedly and uproariously, and not being sure whether I’m supposed to be laughing at all.

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NO.6 – 03

「生と死と」 (Sei to Shi to)
“Life and Death”

NO.6 feels very much like an anime that was produced at the time the first novel of this series was written – 1999. And I’ll give credit to BONES for being true to that.

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NO.6 – 02

「光まとう街」 (Hikari matō machi)
“City Adorned in Light”

Before heading off to university, Safu offers Shion what may the most refreshingly direct confession I’ve seen in a mainstream anime – “I want your sperm. Let’s have sex right now”.

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NO.6 – 01

「びしょぬれネズミ」 (Bishonure Nezumi)
“Drowned Rat”

If it’s Thursday it must be NoitaminA, if it’s the second slot it must be an edgy fantastical series, and if it’s BONES sci-fi the plot must be indecipherably complex. So far, No. 6 looks to be meeting demand in all three areas.

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