「真実の嘘・虚構の真実」 (Shinjitsu no Uso Kyokō no Shinjitsu)
“True Lies, False Truths”

I’m pretty sure that never in this history of anime – and maybe any other medium – has one boy kissed another full on the lips, then said “I better go to bed. I have to get up early to shave the dogs.” And that exchange tells you pretty much all you need to know about No. 6.

Watching this show immediately after Usagi Drop is certainly an interesting study in contrasts. Even with their usual habit of late in pairing a reality-based human drama with a sci-fi series, I’m not sure the block has ever had two series that were more fundamentally different. Where the former is understatement and subtle emotional shading, this may be the most theatrical show in many a season. I mean, it’s utterly preposterous dialogue is a marvel in the purity of its ridiculousness. I laughed uproariously at the above exchange – though as so often with No. 6 I’m not sure if I was supposed to. But if you’re enjoying it, does it really even matter?

I think at this point we can definitively say the oft-discussed “undertone” is officially a “tone”. The kiss was certainly a defining moment for the series, and as I understand it was also present in the novel – if so, I give kudos to BONES for leaving it in. I’m sure that the viewers that have been obsessing over the BL aspects of the series will only protest more loudly, but for me the kiss is an anti-climax in that it tells me nothing I didn’t already know. Shion and Nezumi have had feelings for each other since their very first scene together and though it was packaged with the requisite code-words like “good-night kiss” and “farewell kiss” we’re fooled no more than the characters are. It’s out in the open now, so let’s deal with it and move on.

This was an episode that was focused very much on the character dynamic between Shion and Nezumi – and to a lesser extent Nezimu and Dogkeeper – but there was still some plot movement. Karan’s reporter friend Yoming (Miki Shinichiro) steps in just as Karan is about to say something she shouldn’t to the same little old lady who spoke with Safu at the airport, and is obviously an informant for the Security Bureau. I was pretty worried for Karan there – not so much that she’d be arrested, but that the wasp theory would prove to be true with her as an example. For now, crisis averted – but she’s clearly under heavy suspicion Meanwhile, Safu is suspended in some sort of tank as the government scientists rave about what a perfect specimen she is for whatever experiments they’re running. She’s been erased from all public records, too, with all that implies.

What immediately struck me about that was the fact that Safu seems to have some kind of psychic link with Nezumi. If she’s perfect for whatever purpose they’re planning, perhaps he is too – and perhaps what he escaped from was a life as a lab rat (hmm…) for their experimentation. It would explain an awful lot – his self-bestowed name, his hatred of No. 6, his association with laboratory mice – but it’s just a theory right now. At the very least, Nezumi was already planning on a rescue mission which he enlists Dogkeeper’s help for. Their scenes are suggestive of a pretty deep and intense relationship between the two of them. Things take a turn when Shion finds out about Safu’s troubles via a coincidence that stretches credulity even by this show’s standard, leading to the climactic exchange of saliva, plus a couple of punches for good measure.

BONES appears to be mixing in material from the later novels, and they certainly have a lot of plates spinning with only 4 eps to go. Shion is trying to make a serum without the tools he needs, Safu is in serious trouble and Karan may be soon to follow, and if the preview is any indication there’s another completely new element to the conspiracy about to be introduced next week along with some sort of semi-wild tribe that captures Shion and Nezumi and speaks of “absolute power”. Yoming has feelings for Karan and I’m even getting a vibe that Dogkeeper has feelings for Shion – or is it Nezumi? – and I’m not even sure of Dogkeeper’s gender. What a mess of trouble for BONES to sort out, with not much time to do it. Wait – that’s actually pretty much every BONES series ever, isn’t it?




  1. We all knew the kiss was coming and being a supporter of their relationship I’m glad it did and must give kudos to BONES for not chickening out and not showing it because it won’t gel well with some narrow minded viewers. I like that they can add elements of male on male romance without making the series exclusively shounen-ai or yaoi series, it’s still certainly a sci-fi drama with ‘romance’ for me and that’s what I like.

    I’m interested how this will all play out in the end, I haven’t read the novels, but Bones have done a very good job condensing all those novels into 11 episodes so far.

    1. No, we don’t see it coming. At least not me. However for some reason I don’t feel the way I usually feel whenever the shonen-ai scene occur. For the same some reason, I actually feel that it normal for Shion to kiss Rat.

  2. Didnt read up to that point so got surprised but really doesnt bother me. what i really want to know it about Nezumi’s past. i cant help thinking its gonna end bad (the op gave me that feeling) now i just hope to be wrong…

  3. I give an applause to Bones. I wasn’t expecting anything until later on in the series but i guess what happened will do. Still.. i have a feeling some people are going to be like wtf on this episode.

    Side note: i never read the novels so its good they left this episode pretty accurate (From what Guardian Enzo posted) I really hope this series ends pretty well. Keep up the posts Guardian Enzo. 🙂

  4. You spoiled the kiss! : D I mean, I just watched Usagi Drop, then almost started No. 6, “oh, let’s check if there is some interesting in RC… oh damn they did it” : DD it will be a total letdown for me, if Shion and Safu gets together after this. [And I pretty much laughed through all the episodes, that’s why I like this series.]

      1. I’m not easily convinced. : D I always think that even when the preview implied something, the story should be able to give something unexpected. Like you may see the same event in a totally different light or situation might end up differently. That kiss might have ended up on his cheek. Okay, it was expected, but this way I had fun waiting for it. : D
        Thanks for changing it and for the post [and I’m still happy for NY]

  5. I give this anime the award of – Most awkward kiss ever.
    What kind of kiss was that lol. I wouldn’t even call that a peck. xDDDD
    Looking forward to the next one~ Seems it’ll be more action packed.

  6. LOL This is why I dropped the show a while back. I mean, No. 6 is interesting– I really liked it! I just couldn’t focus on the plot since the BL tone kind of made me feel awkward… That’s why I just read it on RC. X’D

  7. Yay Kiss!!!

    I found the whole interaction and scene prior, during and after the kiss feel like Sion and Nezumi have been married for so long. Probably because they lived with each other for some time now. It just felt so part of their everyday life, as in kiss, now sleep see you in the morning or something like that. I’m taking the sun rising as a metaphor meaning that it just dawned on them that their love is a mutual feeling XD

  8. Lol it seems shion sure knows nezumi’s weakness.
    But to be honest I’m still shocked. It would even seem more natural is nezumi was the one who initiated the kiss. Shion is a bit too normal to do such things frontally.
    Imo the kiss doesn’t make them a couple though. They are way too distant to become a couple and I really prefer it that way

    1. well it was meant to be a farewell kiss. out of character or not, shion prepared himself to leave and is rather impulsive when he wants. he might want to work on his kissing techniques tho lol

  9. And it’s dropped. I just can’t concentrate into the plot knowing the two characters are gonna give each other little lover eyes in the future and what not. :c. But whyyyy….It looked interesting too. x_x

  10. Without question the tone was set in the first episode. (Unless you question it).

    For people dropping this because of kissing or “little lover eyes”, we’re 6 episodes in and that’s all that’s happened the whole show! The plot has always been secondary to their relationship.

    1. “The plot has always been secondary to their relationship.”

      Seconding this. Whether or not you ship them romantically, it’s always been about the characters of Nezumi and Shion and their interactions from the start.

  11. Dear Enzo,
    I love you. You wanna know why? Cause you didn’t drop this from a little bit of BL. You are the first man (I’m assuming?) who is man enough to be ok with this and even if you don’t enjoy it you accepted it for what it is and continued to watch it. I’m a girl and I have watched a few yuri animes and while they didn’t get my rocks off or anything I could enjoy them.

    I really REALLY love you for not dropping this and while Divine was my favorite, you may have just been kicked up right next to him for being equally (and maybe even more) tolerant.

    Thank you

    1. Shii, I thank you – though I know other males (I am a guy, BTW) who are sticking with this show. The part that’s weird to me is that someone would drop it now because of the kiss – if hints of BL bothered you, why were you still watching? I just didn’t see it as any change, or anything new – just a little more direct, I guess.

      My general policy is that genre and “undertones” don’t matter to me – I care if a series is good or not. Shounen-ai isn’t something I seek out, but it really doesn’t bother me as long as it’s tasteful and organic to the plot. Would I rather see Kuroneko and Lucy from “Fairy Tail” making out? Sure – but a little shounen-ai ain’t a deal breaker!

      1. I’ll answer that one for you Enzo. I’ll try keep it short so I don’t spark a Pro-Gay argument.

        I can love any of my friends as much as I love my wife who i’ve been with for 5 years which is why hints of Shounen-Ai are perfectly dismissible by myself but a kiss is just a step over a line which I personally see as something wrong.

      2. You know, I used to turn my eye around the shonen-ai scene. Often joke to use RKB loli and Yune to counter the shonen-ai. But for some reason, the kiss didn’t bother me at all. If anything I felt that it goes well with the scene.

      3. What I think is that if you managed to go through all the awkward conversations (which I always laugh at) between Shion and Nezumi until here and still enjoy the plot, the kiss isn’t much of a problem. It would happen sooner or later anyway, I just feel bad for Safu. XD

        By the way, I’m heterosexual male. ^^

  12. My bull**** sensor is tingling. When a main character is found suspended upside-down in a tube of liquid, the explanation is either going to be rational or insane, and after all the stuff we’ve seen so far, I think you know which way this is gonna go. I for one hope for Safu clones, or turning her into the queen of the bees.
    After watching Sekaiichi Hatsukoi last season, the BL elements barely phase me. I mean, it was just a kiss, it’s not like Shion raped Nezumi or anything. At least, not yet…

  13. Just watched the ep. Haha I thought the preview was a tease but can’t believe they actually kissed. I am shocked but still I love the No.6’s plot so I will most likely watch this show until the very end.

    You know its been confirmed ages ago but to me, even if Shion and Safu does reunite I don’t think their relationship will be dynamic enough as what Shion and Nezumi has. Shion already considers Nezumi as the most important person in his life and I don’t think Safu can ever match up to their unique, deep bond they share.

    Arg! And that evil old lady!

    Thank you for blogging this. I’m so glad you are opened minded not to drop this series just cause of a kiss LOL XD I love this show so much I even brought the novel versions of it online recently.

  14. Dont get me wrong the BL in this series does feel a bit awkward and i really do wish that there were just really good friends but i still want to see what happens in the next couple of episodes. Or at least the posts on RC

  15. You know, I’ve been crossing my fingers that it was just a whisper when I saw the preview for last episode. I would’ve continued watching if it didn’t go there sigh. I’ve been trying to look away from all the BL undertones ever since ep.1 but this just totally ruined it for me. I know everyone’s gonna hate me for this but yea I’m dropping it now. GAAAAAY

    1. MILF is nothing, they even have DILF covered (Goddamit Tiger! Stop being so sexy)

      Well I was expecting a kiss but certainly not how lingering it is. Even in Shojo anime rarely does the camera zoom in on the lips.

      That old lady kinda reminds me of O’Brien or the antique shop man in 1984 with her way of acting kind to lower her suspect’s defences.

      So looks like next episode we finally get the secret of why Nezumi hates No.6

      PS:For everyone screaming GAAAYYYY at least they exchanged punches unlike the slap in certain recent other series…

    2. If you are the one who is complaining about two boys kissing then you are the one with the problem. Grow up, this happens in real life every minute every day, and BONES did a perfect job sticking to to what happened in the source material and because of that I respect them. Sometimes it worries me that some people are still homophobic in this day and age.

  16. I have nothing against the BL but the acting is just awkward and the dialogues are…more than cheesy. That’s why I’m kinda reluctant to watch this. I have to agree though, what kind of a kiss was that? Pure awkwardness.

    1. Thank you because if they have this kind of technology just sitting around, why hasn’t Nezumi just gone and made a hundred of them and blew no.6 to hell…then again in the end it doesnt matter because i am going to just “go with it”.

  17. thank you sooo much Guardian Enzo for still blogging this show(excellent summaries by the way). i have been following random curiosity for years now and it seems like anything and all things BL is avoided like the plague. not saying BL type shows needs to be blogged but for the followers who do like BL tones its nice to see it summarized without the hateful messages people have been posting since the series started. but not just this series, uragiri wa boku was dropped on the episode that gave the evidence it had a strong BL tone. which was upsetting to me. so thanks again for not dropping the series on behalf of the BL tone. it means alot. and for the people who are dropping the show because of BL Tones, grow up please. don’t post the hate about you dropping the series. just stop watching it. no need for posting.

    1. You tell people that they need to grow up over their opinion that Homosexuality is either wrong or something they don’t wanna watch and then tell them they shouldn’t have an opinion that they can voice? Hmm…

      Not everyone’s comments abut dropping are down to hate, a lot of them just can’t or won’t string together a few sentences to back their reasoning up.

    2. you mean homosexuality as in guy on guy
      most guys think yuri is great and can’t stand yaoi- it’s a target audience issue, just look at how there’s very few complaints about yuri
      hell, it’s a deeply ingrained culture thing too concerning gender roles; two girls holding hands is normal… two guys doing it is just gay, and most people are still uncomfortable seeing that
      tricky subject

      1. proof you are completely right. i didn’t want to get too deep into the comment because i mainly wanted to thank Guardian Enzo. kurisu your comment also was spot on but u picked apart my wording with a fine tooth comb lol. i didn’t mean it in the sense of telling people not to voice they opinion but please, for those people who are voicing their opinion elaborate. but Spoof conveyed what im trying to say perfectly. BUT overall thanks again Guardian Enzo. seeing you not drop this series made my day. and also seeing how controversial this thread has become is very interesting.

    3. My Daddy taught me never to turn down a compliment, so I thank you genuinely and I appreciate having nice things said about me, believe me. I just don’t want to be portrayed as some kind of hero for not dropping a pretty good show because it has a little light BL in it that frankly would have shocked no one in an anime from 10 years ago.

      I perfectly respect folks’ right to be offended by this, even if I’m not, and they’re well within their rights to drop the show. I do wonder why they were still watching, though I can understand if some simply felt a kiss was a step over the line. Is there a double-standard among mainstream anime fans when it comes to BL vs yuri? You bet your ass there is – but it’s not unique to anime and it’s not going to change any time soon.

      Should folks be commenting about dropping the series? That’s up to them. When I drop a show I generally just cut the cord and leave the fans to enjoy themselves, but to each his own. There are different ways to say “I’m dropping this” and you don’t have to turn it into a judgement on those who aren’t, but I think some people don’t just not want to watch anything with a hint of BL, they don’t want anyone else to be able to watch it either.

      1. “When I drop a show I generally just cut the cord and leave the fans to enjoy themselves”

        **Sob** I know. My poor RKB. Just joking.

        Frankly I don’t see what is the problem people watching the show suddenly shown the kiss between boys. I mean we often see 2 beautiful girl kiss in harem show right, nobody complain. Beside if anything, we(boys) should be glad to see 2 bishonen hook up to each other. This way more beautiful girl will be available to us. Yay to HAREM PROJECT.

      2. @Ikaze it was only tag as Adventure and Sci-fi. See this and look at the genre. It’s still not 100% sure that its shounen-ai. I’m still 75% sure that its shounen-ai. My sureness will go up to 100% when Shion will tell Nezumi(rat) – “Nezumi, I love you” or “I think I’m in love with Nezumi” or vice versa charater wise.

      3. @Croos

        Haha, okay. Now I’m sure you figure out it at least 150% positive that it’s shonen-ai. The only thing that I don’t want will be for this anime to turn into full-fledged yaoi. Oh! and I didn’t know that they didn’t put the shonen-ai tag into the anime. I wonder why I knew before I even begin?

  18. I also thought the preview last episode was a tease… I really didn’t think they would kiss. Especially after talking about Safu. Been trying to ignore all the BL stuff going on but it’s hard to now. XD

    However, I still think the plot is promising and I think this episode especially was a lot more interesting. Will be sticking around.

  19. It could have been worse… A lot more worse actually. No. 6 could have turned in to full blown fujoshi bait, but it didn’t. That must have easy and in some ways difficult for Bones to pull off. For some reason the relationship between Shion and Nezumi reminds me of Anthy and Utena. And in a way I can respect that.

    Just thank your lucky stars this didn’t turn in to a Junjou Romantica clone. And kudos to Bones for sticking to the original story as much as possible.

  20. I personally think “exchange of saliva” is a little exaggerating. It only looks like the most they did was touch lips. It’s sad to see how some people these days get worked up over kissing your friends when it wasn’t such a big deal in the past or in other cultures.

    But it looks like the show is picking up next week and it looks very exciting. Hopefully questions will be answered.

  21. I for one welcome how things are developing between the two of them. I’m all for the inclusion of more variety in romantic subplots. People should have the tolerance to accept a homosexual couple even if they are not homosexual themselves. This isn’t a focused romance story after all. Their relationship is just one subplot of the show.
    I think if homosexual people manage to watch the many, many heterosexual romance plots in mainstream movies and shows without whining about it constantly, why should we as heterosexual people not be able to accept the other way around too?

      1. I’m not sure what you mean. Maybe I worded something badly as a non-native English speaker.

        I meant that even non-homosexuals should be able to watch a homosexual couple and a homosexual romance subplot without feeling the need to whine about it and telling everyone that the show would be totally better without it.

  22. kohaku06: Well said. I agree with you so much 🙂

    Anyway this series is doing so well in Japan so it just proves, anti-BL people dropping the show wouldn’t make much difference XD

  23. OKAY, just went through the entire comment. Everyone or most of them seem to be talking about the kiss one way or another.Other seem to be interested in the rat robot.

    Anyone here interested in discussing what kind of sample Safu going to be or will she even be saved? She could have been brainwash to be Shion enemy, anyone care to discuss about it?

    1. I feel like her being a perfect “sample” for NO. 6’s experiments, she will end up being used against nezumi and shion. I mean, I’m pretty sure she’ll have some sort of resentment against shion and nezumi’s intimate relationship (gay or not). After she becomes altered in some way she might have some sort of power at the cost of here personality or something.

      As for the very very very tiny elementary school kiss…I guess you just can’t blame people for growing up with close minded parents, friends, communities, whatever. I can guarantee you that I probably won’t be able to watch two dudes making out with a straight face. But that doesn’t mean I won’t accept them as human beings with preferences that just so happen to differ from mine. Some kids just make such a huge deal out of homosexuality no matter what the scale. Even though I can’t understand why people get so put off by animated zero saliva kissing, I won’t try and judge them too hard haha.

      1. I really really don’t want Safu to be Shion enemy. Truthfully I think this show really need a girl in place. Although I don’t mind the kiss and all but I really wish they don’t throw Safu away as a plot advancement only acting as damsel in distress or as occasional antagonist.

      2. I definitely don’t think she will be a dmsel in distress, but at the same time I don’t think she’ll just be cast off as a plot advancement either. The way I see it, she’s a victim too, but after being experimented on, i feel like it’ll take an episode or two for her to change back and maybe perhaps accept shion for what he is : attracted to men…or just nezumi i have no idea.

  24. Wow… I had to re install my google chrome thanks to this episode. RC is one of my most visited pages, and I have the most visited tab as my home page. What does this have to do with anything? well the image for RC on the most visited tab updated with the two fags kissing as the image. So I thought “yeah… Hell no” and uninstalled google chrome on the spot. It’s not that I have a real problem with faggots I just don’t want to have to deal with them. I don’t plan on dropping the show (not that anyone of you should care what I do)because I am hoping one of the two die, preferably Rat for being cross-dressing homo, and then Shion bleaches his mouth and gets together with Safu. Though in all honesty the show as way to many open ends to finish with the time it has left so I’m not expecting to much. You may call me “narrow minded” or what ever but social norms are normal for a reason. You don’t have to like it but it’s a fact, Deal with it.

    P.S. If you read that the whole way threw… Lol

    1. Re installing google chrome would clear the most visited tabs. So the image of them kissing was not on my home page. If you don’t know how google chrome works or you don’t use I would recommend trying it out. Hands down the best web browser out there.

  25. It’s amazing how homophobic and ridiculous Western males. TWO GUYS KISSED. MUST STOP WATCHING BEFORE MASCULINITY IS CONSUMED IN A VORTEX OF GAY!

    Stop watching because you’re bored, not because you otherwise liked the plot but saw two guys kiss… what are you really afraid of? That you’ll realize that you like it?

    Sometimes I think the boys who are the most averse to homosexuality are the ones that have gay impulses and thoughts they are trying to repress. They yell the loudest to cover it up. Real straight guys don’t feel threatened, and don’t care.

    1. WORD! lane, you spoke my mind.
      Really, some people here behave just ridiculous. (or maybe are 12 years old and somewhat insecure?)
      I’m a hetero female and never throw a fit when two girl kiss in anime. I just accept it.

    2. I don’t even see the problem to the kiss itself. There is nothing like lust or love in it. Just a sad and emotional goodbye(and never see you again) kiss. Beside if the plot of story interesting, why not?

      But I think I made this argument too many time in this post. So I’m going to stop now.

  26. Man all you pro gay people are really close minded. You’re so hung up on the fact that everyone has to think it’s ok to be gay that you’re being hypocrites. Sexuality has nothing to do with this, why is ok for you it insult them while you are being just as bias for the same reasons? Why is it ok for you to be predigest against the non-pro-gays while it’s not ok for them to be predigest against you?

    Whoa?!?! people have different opinions? this is ground breaking.

    Lol sorry I know that was a lot of logic imposed on you. My bad, I know this is the internet not place for actual thought.

      1. This exactly. There’s a world of difference in respecting others’ casual opinions, and tolerating opinions that continue to repress others’ lives and perpetuate a culture of nonacceptance and violence towards the perceived “abnormal.”

    1. Holy balls, two 2D drawn animated guys kissed on your computer screen and they are now going to jump out and kiss you too, you paranoid and insecure heterosexual person. All their homosexuality is going to rub off on you because you saw it. And it’s awful because it means you’ll like the same-sex as yourself, holy bejeez.

      But, ooh, the two girls kissing in your porn stash are so hot and sexy.

      *rolls eyes* Good lord, grow up. Sure, you can express your dislike for it. It’s okay that you don’t like it in the first place. But to be disrespectful about it and utterly offensive when no one is even making an attack on you because of your own paranoid insecurities, that’s the wrong what “pro-gay” people are trying to point out. Go ahead and have your opinions. But it stops being an opinion and starts being hateful when you start using slurs and try to insult those who are homosexual or are accepting of homosexuals. It’s one thing to have an opinion and another to push your opinions on others and try to hurt them because they aren’t like you. Meanwhile, I see heterosexuals everywhere kissing and even screwing in movies and tv shows. Do I gouge my eyes and whine saying “Omg, it’s so STRAIGHT! Ughhh! STRAIGHT!” Nope. And hetero activities are personally not my thing, but hey, I’m not gonna look down on you or hate you or think it’s bad.

      And btw, all you people who are saying “Omg, I’m dropping it because it’s gayyyyy! GAYYYY!!”… You’re using the word gay as an insult because of the negative connotations you’re putting on it. Someone with less intelligence would overlook it, but I know when someone is insulting me just because of my private sexual preferences.

      1. Yeah I have a pretty strong feeling you can’t read or you did not read what was being said. Well… I guess you could just not understand what was said because what you said was complete irreverent. try again please

      2. I take that back, you did a superb job. I was in the wrong. I guess I’m just butt-hurt from negative past experiences that made me be this way. *Hint my butt was literally hurting. O_O;;

      3. Indeed your bad, you didn’t read the entire thing at first it seems. It basically encompasses all the ignorant and pathetic filth that has been posted around here, not just yours you sad little instigator.

    2. Dude… just… don’t do that man. Don’t start posting and calling people faggots then act like everyone’s against you when they call you on it… like come on man… you came here to piss all over people and to throw up some troll bait and start arguments on this. I honestly don’t care about you and your views on homosexuality, but just don’t act like the victim in all of this… seriously.

      1. More troll bait? Really? ;_; By the way, if I were you I wouldn’t be so condescending to others and act as if you possess superior (if any) intellect, when you clearly lack proper grammar skills, thought processes, and an ability to reason. And stop trying to play the victim; having a different opinion from other people is fine, but calling people faggots because they disagree with you is different.

      2. Lol I love how the whole internet is obsessed with trolling these days. No, I’m playing the victim in any way. I AM INSULTING not trolling the people who get so bent out of shape over people saying things are gay. I’ll be as condescending as a I want. It’s the internet. I have yet to see you offer any reasons why I’m wrong while I have offered examples why I’m right. Face it. you’re not even close to as smart as you think you are.

        P.S. Please fix my grammar

    3. “Man all you pro gay people are really close minded. You’re so hung up on the fact that everyone has to think it’s ok to be gay that you’re being hypocrites. Sexuality has nothing to do with this, why is ok for you it insult them while you are being just as bias for the same reasons? Why is it ok for you to be predigest against the non-pro-gays while it’s not ok for them to be predigest against you?”

      It’s not prejudiced (spelled correctly here) to call out someone making hateful comments. You’ve talked about social norms, but you realize that social standards change? That’s the reason black people and women were able to gain rights. Or do you think that the people who found those groups disgusting and “against the norm” to be unworthy of being judged?

      And people are not “pro-gay”, they are pro-EQUALITY.

      1. Hi Click, Women’s rights? sure what ever. Black people having rights? that’s a whole other story. There is a reason that they have been enslaved many times over the years. And as I’ve said before which you have clearly read all my posts. I have no problem with gay people. I’m only pointing out that they are being just as bias as anyone else, that’s a fact. You are never going to have everyone one agree hence why there is still racism and women who think they deserve anything for just being a woman. You can’t win this argument lol. Sorry I am no wrong points. Equality is mostly a matter of opinion rather than a flawless fact.

      2. Actually, that’s not me o_O. And I don’t have a problem with you not being comfortable with homosexuals, but with you calling them faggots and crying about people not agreeing with you, then playing victim. And I’m gonna keep my stance on all of this a secret, but to be honest, I respect people like you who take their stance on a rather unpopular side, while not backing down, despite being pressured from the other side (as strange as that sounds). I just don’t like people who play victim after people return fire for being called names. And that’s all, really. o_o

      3. Yes it is, And I think you have yet to realize that I have not been serious about one thing I said. I don’t care one way or the other. I’m just stating facts about things. Truth be told the kiss did not bother me at all because I knew it was coming, As for faggots in general they can do their own thing for all I care. The whole thing is I am making valid points about what people are doing. Can’t argue with that. I also have no idea where you got this “victim” thing. In order to be a victim you need some kind of wound inflicted, you pretty much just pulled that out of left field because you needed something to say.

      4. lol I’m not Seven. In any case, I don’t have to “win an argument” with you. It’s obvious that you’re just trying to be ignorant and rude and regardless of what you think you’ve “won”, it doesn’t matter because gay people will continue to exist and gain more rights in the world and there’s nothing that you or any other bigot can do to stop their presence.

      5. Why would you admit it if you where? that would just make you look dumb. What should I care if they get more rights, that was never even the argument. Anyway, I’m bored of this. When your reading skills pass that of a third grader let me know, we can chat it up again.

  27. Here let me sum up the two sides up of this so we can move on to better things.

    Person one: Lol gay
    Person two: wow you’re so bad for thinking it’s wrong to be gay.

    end of story.

    So anyone watch the news and know about the London riots with all the black people? I found it to be really! funny.

    1. That’s interesting… the riots are not racially motivated. And if you think they’re funny try seeing someone jump out of a window to save themselves as all their possessions burn in their own home. LOL. Not.

      1. Seven: Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong. The riots started with the “gangster” who was shot (for dubious, and probably racist reasons), yes. He was shot, and people close to him protested.
        This was then used by youth gangs – white, black, and so on – to start violence, since the protest was big enough to strain the police. More people jumped on this, including many middle class white people.

        Saying it’s “blacks” mainly is wrong, because mostly, it’s whites. There even was the white daughter of a millionaire who got involved. As a robber. Yes really.

        Yes, I know, in your country, you’re probably told it’s just blacks. That’s what many people want to hear, because it confirms their stereotypes and biases, and makes reality easy to understand.

        Reality is not easy to understand, though. It’s complicated.

  28. I wouldn’t call it groundbreaking but Bones certainly has guts for keeping the scene with the gay kiss. To me, it doesn’t change anything and No.6 is still very enjoyable with its dystopian fiction and utterly ridiculous dialogues.
    I completely agree with you, Enzo. More than anything, I’m worried that Bones might end up rushing through the ending again and we all know too well how that can ruin the whole experience.

    Seishun Otoko
  29. Personally, the kiss left me feeling cold. I dunno. I didn’t feel a lot of the emotional baggage behind it. And then the abrupt scene change followed by more silly dialogue, haha.

    And this is coming from a fujoshi.

  30. Personally, I’m not sure why I’m still watching this show… The dialogue is silly and doesn’t feel natural at all. Shion annoys me and so does Nezumi for the same reasons. They have one-track minds that can’t stomach the idea of even considering how the other person feels or what the other has gone thru in their life to make them feel the way they do about No. 6. I think Dogloan is probably the best one of them all, haha!

    But I think the reintroduction of Safu and now she’s all captured in a tank… I think it’s what I’ve been waiting for. Waiting to find out what the hell are these people doing in that ridiculous beehive and is it some worldwide utopian foolishness. Sounds like No. 6 is the only one that operates like that with this “utopia” idealism and essentially sticks tracking devices on their test subjects — I mean, citizens.

  31. This has to be the first kiss between two guys I’ve seen in an anime (on the other hand, there’s only one or two shows with girls instead I’ve watched…), so it’s kinda cool actually. I don’t really get the problem with homosexuals, really, what is the problem?

    The only thing that bothers me though, is that it… eh, well, lacks impact. The characters, their dialogue and behavior, feels unnatural. And the story is also lacking. I enjoy No.6 the most when it focuses on the city itself, which it only does a couple of minutes each episode.

    1. And if you think about it, I’m pretty sure the series isn’t classified as shounen-ai/yaoi. It’s simply a scifi story, where in the future, people aren’t as bothered by little things like gender. They’re focused on big things, like conspiracies about evil corporations/cities. THAT’S the story here, a fight against a city. Loups-Garou is exactly like that, just without any real shoujo-ai.

  32. The amount of homophobic comments in this post is pretty disgusting. What, you guys gonna catch “the gay”? I don’t even watch the series, but I’m shaking my head at some of the ignorant comments here.

    1. It’s pretty horrid how some people are reacting. And here I thought people were generally accepting of these kind of things, but seems that a lot of people are not and are narrow minded. I bet if there was two girls kissing there would not be a single comment complaining about it from one of those people. :\

  33. Am I the only one who enjoyed the argument at the end? It was great. And about the kiss… it’s just a kiss, for god’s sake. Why do some people care so much? -.-
    If you don’t like it then don’t watch it. Simple, right? ;D

    @lane: You’re absolutelly right.

    The next episode looks awesome!

  34. The kiss scene felt awkward and clumsy to me, which was sort of disappointing because it didn’t carry off the emotional impact I was expecting. But I did enjoy the argument afterward a lot–lent more depth to Shion/Nezumi’s relationship than just a “farewell kiss” and walking away.

    Looking forward to next week. I’m reeeeally curious as to what’s gonna happen to Safu.

  35. Oh please. Nobody complained about this, but now everybody’s freaking out over nothing.

    I dropped this a couple episodes ago because of the awkward, long winded dialogue, and because Shion is a total lamer. But come on, really? This is what you’re freaking out about? .-.

  36. Wow…some of the comments here…wow…

    Personally, I’m not a big fan of yaoi/shonen ai but that’s mainly because I dislike the genre style then the idea of a same-sex pair. That said, this actually felt pretty natural and there’s still so much more to the show then just “OMG TEH GAY!”.

  37. Ugh at the morons dropping No.6 for ONE SPLIT-SECOND kiss.

    OMG but if the girls from K-ON were in a hot-tub making out, that’s perfectly okay! As a male fan of this show, it pains me to see most guys who, let’s face it, aren’t the most attractive bunch and here they are whining about ONE DAMN KISS. The hypocrisy is stunning: Yuri = Great, Yaoi = Demented, immoral, perverted.

    Seriously enjoy your stupid ecchi crap like Rosario + Vampire and leave us fans alone, thanks. Divine or Enzo if you’re reading this, something like deleting the comments would be very appreciated. I’ll understand if you don’t want to.

    1. Don’t assume that everyone who has dropped it due to the kiss wouldn’t do so also if they was both girls.

      I can’t actually think of an anime that i’ve watched with yuri in it.

      Probably Code Geass was the closest with that one girl who wanted Euphy but it wasn’t reciprocated.

    2. Please don’t assume that they’d not freak out over lesbian kisses – it’s wrong. These fools are STILL trying to deny the lesbian ship in hack//SIGN, which was confirmed as canon so often (commentary, light novels, the show itself) you CANNOT think it’s not gay. The anime was years ago. And they’re still denying it.
      They’re STILL freaking out over canon lesbianism in Mahou Sensei Negima. That stuff also started years ago, so it’s not exactly new.

      These people just can’t handle homosexuals existing. They’re the sad result of years upon years of gaybashing in our society. The right has used “the evil homosexuals” so often as scapegoats that people internalized that nonsense.

  38. “I’m pretty sure that never in this history of anime – and maybe any other medium – has one boy kissed another full on the lips, then said “I better go to bed. I have to get up early to shave the dogs.” And that exchange tells you pretty much all you need to know about No. 6.”……………………………………………………………………………………………………Ah,….. well then, brilliant!!! I guess my suspicions after watching about 15 min total of the series are confirmed “HAHAHA..not that there’s anything wrong with that LOL!!!!” I simply dropped it because i found it boring as all hell “way before the kiss”

    and to “Blah”‘s comment above…Homie i will punch you dead in your LOLI-POP HOLSTER!!!!! how dare you use ROSARIO VAMPIRE as your “benchmark” grader for generic harem tripe ish!!!!! them’s is fighting words heheheh, PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  39. Reading the comments on here make me sad for humanity.

    Really thinking about picking up this show as a quick watch- as the animation quality looks pretty damn good, and the opening has been stuck in my head for a while now.

  40. I’m not going to drop it….probably but I see why people are because if sion doesn’t end up with nezumi (homoratic relationship)by the end it will just make the writers look stupid and most people probably dont want to watch this drama play out any longer especially with two guys.

  41. Man, I sure feel accomplish. I made someone care so much they went out of their way to respond to almost all of my posts, and used the same name I do. I’m so glad that this episode had that kiss, I knew it would provide a lot of entertainment after the fact. It’s funny how petty people are on both sides of this, Ahh good times.

  42. Am I the only one who thinks the kiss made the show less funny? It used to be hilarious because it wasn’t clear whether they meant to be so homoerotic. Now that the subtext is clearly intended it cut the tension and the show is more interesting for it.

    It might be an anticlimax but it was so inevitable that it is one of the most real moments in their relationship because they shut up for a second.

    …of course Sion then has to get up early to shave the dogs

  43. My poor four fingers are red from smacking the table. I enjoyed it and am glad it did show up (the preview just begged for it). But well, if you drop the series just because of a peck (that ain’t no kiss) then you can never enjoy a good anime series. Nezumi is a tsundere and Sion a simple idiot fan so their dynamics remind me of a comedy duo. I’m looking forward to finding out the damn connection between Safu and Nezumi, plus who the damn lady singing voice is and whatever happened to Safu’s grandma’s knitting needle (I get curious of the little things). So, thank you, Enzo, for continuing this even though you might not be a fan of the shounen-ai thing.

  44. The kiss was a lie. [/portal] CHEW ON THAT BL’ists! Enh they beat the tar out of each other in the morning, they’re manly men! … … … pffffffft ok no couldn’t keep a straight face. XD;;.[/portal2]

    Time for an original comment!. … z3z;. Oh! I’ve got Inukashi, Dogkeeper, pegged as female. I think my brain cant take the thought of all 3 of those dorks being guys >_>;..

  45. I came in here after looking at the comments count and thought to myself this can’t be good right? After finishing this episode and the one before I knew lots of people are going to say a lot about that “suggestive scene” so I didn’t bother to read any of the 188 comments (wow!). I don’t know why I’m shocked with all the foreshadowing people keep speaking about, but I don’t mind the show of affection (I’ll say it like that cause how else are you suppose say your last farewell with someone while keeping your own reckless, life-endangering actions in secret). I’m not going to deny that the line has crossed over to the red zone imo and others will feel that way to stop watching. Anyways, I’m still going to finish this anime (I’m too close to the end of it) as I want to know more about Nezumi’s past which I think will be revealed next episode. That flashback reminded me that their meeting with each other was not only important that it changed both their lives dynamically, but also drastically proved that bonds bring and keep people together. At least that’s the feeling I got at the end of the episode. At this point, every character is in a real pinch. What’s going to happen to them? I have a bad feeling about it.

  46. This sure is a great anime, with a great plot. But I can’t enjoy watching it. When I’m worrying about the BL wibes in this anime! It’s just to weird… Something I’m excited to see is Safu confessing her love to Shion!
    Safu: I have always loved you, Shion! And nothing will changed that. So please go out with me, so we can have lots of sex!
    Shion: I’m sorry, but I can’t have sex with you, because I’m gay!
    Safu: WHOOTT!!!???

  47. I don’t quite understand Shion and Nezumi’s relationship. I wonder whether it’s really a romantic relationship or some kind of deep “guy love” connection (the Scrubs-kind, like between JD and Turk, just without all the goofiness). I don’t really get “romantic” vibes from them, but more the feeling of a deep brotherly bond.


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