「駆け落ちしよう」 (Kakeochi Shiyou)
“Let’s Run Away!”

I’ve been thinking this entire time, “Would there be any way for Konoe to slip into girl form while still maintaining the façade of being a male?” And coincidentally, it seems like an answer has been dropped into the palm of my hands. I’m sure everyone here loves Konoe dressed up as Suzutsuki’s male butler, but I’d love to see more of this.

But as I stand in to cover for Divine, I’m feeling pretty lucky that I happened to get the infamous beach episode. In a show that isn’t too shy to show off cleavage whenever possible, it was a rather adventurous episode. A cute Suzutsuki is cute, but a moaning Suzutsuki trying to tempt Jirou into doing naughty things just ramps the awkward (and erotic) level up to the max. She’s an instigator to all the different situations that Jirou gets caught up in, so I’m afraid that she’s going to get written off as someone solely there to shake up Jirou’s world. You could say I’m even starting to feel a little remorse for her since she’s obviously interested in Jirou — except she probably won’t do anything out of respect for Konoe.

Getting back on track, it’s amazing how smart some of these side characters are. Even though Usami was a bit off when guessing about Konoe’s true identity, her ability to pick apart and blow straight through Suzutsuki’s lies was quite impressive. Instead of getting caught up in Suzutsuki’s pace, I thought she was getting close to getting Suzutsuki to concede to her! But after a short cut to Jirou and Konoe mending yet another misunderstanding, it seems that it takes a lot more than some gusto to throw the mighty Suzutsuki off balance.

Even with breasts flying around everywhere this episode, it was all overshadowed by the preview for next week’s episode. Back during the RL Post for July, I remember rooting for Jirou and Konoe to become an item before the season ended. With the awkwardness of a first kiss out of the way, all that’s left is for Jirou and Konoe to share in some sort of deep, life-changing experience. And with the touchy subject of death and Konoe’s mom appearing next week, I have high expectations for lots of romantic scenes between the two.

But if it doesn’t happen, that’s okay too. Since there’s still a good amount of episodes left for things to… elope.




      1. Oh, you were looking pretty far ahead. But since I’m watching this show, my brain already thrown out the window. I’m only thinking how all of them staying in one inn and my fantasy just grew out of hand. The wildest one will be nude pillow fight.

  1. Kanade is as awesome as ever especially with all the opportunities at the beach to mock Jirou. Usami however, quickly shot up on my approval when she was able to see through Kanade’s BS.

  2. If Kanade keeps pickin on Usami she might drive Jirou and Usami closer together as co-miserators 😛 It’s like a survival game. At least Jirou isn’t the only one now she can deflect some heat lol. I’d like to see Usami x Jirou but I think Subaru needs him just cause no other guy would probably survive her misunderstadings. >.<

    1. I feel a bit sorry for Kanade as she have kind of burned her credibility by being too playful. It doesn’t help that she is such a high class girl that he is likely to never even consider her seriously.

    1. Speaking of that shark it seems there is indeed a creature Kureha is scared of (let alone would fight) after all! I guess that’s what the training was going to be water combat lol.
      She just wasn’t ready for you yet Mr.shark.

  3. It’s great to see you picking up Mayo Chiki, Takaii
    I think you’re at your best when you’re blogging comedy & slice-of-life ;D
    Hoping there’s a chance someone will pick up IdolM@ster too

    Seishun Otoko
    1. Although I kind of expected it to be at the bottom of the poll, Idolm@ster doesn’t look like it’ll be covered. Which is a real shame too, considering how surprisingly good it is and how sparse the RC audience for it is 😛

  4. I really loved the parts with Usami and Kanade, especially the confrontation scene. Also the scenes with Konoe and her father were hilarious, especially when they started threatening to call the cops.

    1. Prefer Honda.
      Agreed though. Her dark aura comes out more but at least she treats jiro less of a punching bag and more if a human and friend. Starting to realize her own feelings too.

      1. I hate that fella, I wanted to wash my hand and only get a trusted fansub. But then again having a fansub available so much earlier than the rest is very tempting. VERY Tempting indeed.

  5. I’m hoping for some Jirou x Konoe next week too. I actually like all the girls in this series, whereas in others I just sort of picked one girl and stuck to her, but choosing Konoe from this cast was almost tough!

    Anyone know how long the series will be??

      1. I knew Zero no Tsukaima was ending next year but I din´t find anything about a 4th season. Where did you find that information?. I love the series so I was hoping to see the incoming ending animated.

      2. Behold the final season. It seem like the final season of Zero no Tsukaima will come out together with the ending of light novel. Not only that Sakugan no shana season 3 is coming next season too. Ohh I can’t wait for Divine to do the next season anime post. In fact I’m guessing they are doing it right now based on my awesome deduction.
        (Not that awesome just the fact that Scared Seven haven’t been blog before the fansub is out and maybe because Enzo in his timely blogging is slow on hanasaku too)

        P.S. Forgive me if my deduction is wrong.

      3. This is the proof that God exist!. Thanks for the information, you just made me a really happy man, all that is left is to pray that J.C. Staff don´t screw up the finale of Shana and Luis because I´ll have their heads if they do so.

  6. Now we have two girls completely inlove with Jirou, all the pieces are set for Kanade to start some of her best sadistic fun. I can´t count Kanade because I feel everything she does is to gain some twisted fun and has no real feelings for Jirou. By the way, I never thought there was someone besides Jirou who could see through her lies, Masamune has to watch her back from now on.

  7. Something that I wonder is what Suzutsuki see’s in Jirou. Jirou is a great guy, but what has he done that would attract her attention.
    I would guess that both Suzutsuki and Jirou have met in the past, because Jirou isn’t a guy girls would fall for without knowing him. But I’m excited watching how this anime closes up.


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