Mayo Chiki! – 13 (END)

「揉んでください!」 (Monde Kudasai!)
“Please Grope Me!”

Even though it would have left a larger impression had the series ended with Jirou and Subaru’s kiss, this last episode was strangely interesting. While I can’t support this statement with any concrete details, this episode felt like it wasn’t troubled with the overarching story since the biggest problem was solved last week. Meaning I could fully enjoy all the randomness!

Mayo Chiki! – 12

「迷える執事とチキンな俺と」 (Mayoeru Shitsuji to Chikin na Boku to)
“The Butler who got Lost and I, the Chicken”

Instead of leaving things open ended to make us viewers claw at the chance of a second season possibly coming over the horizon, the kiss between Subaru and Jirou probably sealed the deal. However, the events leading up to that fateful kiss was classic Mayo Chiki madness.

Mayo Chiki! – 09

「しばらく旅に出ます」 (Shibaraku Tabini Demasu)
“A Quick Trip”

After once again getting my hopes up for a romantic encounter that wouldn’t end up going the completely wrong way, I get the feeling that I should stop hoping for the impossible. At least Jirou and Subaru have been upgraded to official best friends, which I guess is one step closer to even better best friends?!

Mayo Chiki! – 08

「初めてなんだ」 (Hajimete Nanda)
“The First Time”

It’s a bit hard to empathize with Jirou when he’s complaining about being stuck in an empty hot spring inn with a bunch of cute girls. Sure they might be a little crazy or have some strong BL fantasies, but you can’t ignore just how well endowed they are! Maybe I should catch this dreaded gynophobia to increase my chances of achieving a similar situation…

Mayo Chiki! – 07

「駆け落ちしよう」 (Kakeochi Shiyou)
“Let’s Run Away!”

I’ve been thinking this entire time, “Would there be any way for Konoe to slip into girl form while still maintaining the façade of being a male?” And coincidentally, it seems like an answer has been dropped into the palm of my hands. I’m sure everyone here loves Konoe dressed up as Suzutsuki’s male butler, but I’d love to see more of this.

Mayo Chiki! – 04

「あんまりジロジロみるな・・・」 (Amari Jirojiro Miru na…)
“Stop Staring So Much…”

I can’t shake the feeling that Mayo Chiki has skipped quite a few episodes of development to help explain the closeness in Jirou and Subaru’s relationship, but I am starting to wonder if it’s because I’ve been unconsciously brainwashed into believing that anime characters take an entire season before there are any noticeable changes in them.