「にゅ!」 (Nyu!)

The ball has finally started rolling, and there seems to be nothing in its way to stop it. Come to think of it, there’s only one episode left! For those of you who are following my posts, there has been only one thing I’ve wanted for a while now. And with where things are heading, I don’t think I’m going to be disappointed!

However, that’s all speculation until next week. At this point in time, it’s hard to watch how awkward things are between Jirou and Subaru. That is, until a little bit of alcohol is thrown into the mix. Not only is Subaru a complete lightweight, but it seems she’s the type of girl who gets turned on as she gets drunk. At times, it still baffles me how Jirou doesn’t understand just how lucky he is.

Even when he’s getting into situations that most guys only dream about getting into, it’s breaks my heart to watch him misread the situation and not take the opportunity he’s been given. Especially when the one giving him all this leeway possibly has feelings for him as well! Ever since Kanade let these types of looks slip out, I’ve been questioning whether or not she has feelings for him. Paired with all the times she’s taken the opportunity to hold him down in a certain position, there has to be some kind of feeling there!

But when Jirou actually did something to get out of Kanade’s grasp, I think I may have been just as surprised as her. It’s a little strange to say, but maybe she’s finally ready to give up on Jirou? If this were the case, then the only problem that’s left before my personal preference is achieved is that Subaru is still pretending to be a guy — which could end up being an insolvable problem had the bigest twist of the series not occurred.

As soon as Nagare relieved Subaru of her position, I was trying to remember the penalty that she’d face if anyone found out about her true gender. Seeing how his explanation didn’t involve any sort of punishment other than Subaru not being a butler anymore, I can only hope that we might see a female Subaru from here on out.

P.S. I know that the previews have always been a little dirty but this week’s takes the cake in being one of the dirtier ones. You always need to have mayonnaise on takoyaki (octopus balls) — and make sure you do it right.




  1. This episode kind of makes me uncomfortable. It might have something to do with the lack of Kanade’s hilarious trolling and the fact that she comes across as more serious than usual. Also its clear they are trying to inject some drama, which was never Mayo Chiki’s strong suit.

    There were some hot scenes at least. Drunk Subaru is unusually kinky, and my Yuri Goggles bliped alot with all the scenes with Kanade and Subaru.

    1. I have to agree. Without Kanade trolling the entire cast, it just doesn’t seem as entertaining. I was hoping that her hiccups were just another act to mess around with Jirou/Subaru

  2. My interest in the show has been waning because Episodes 9 and 10 felt like fillers. However, I’m much happier now since Subaru is the focus again. Because of the Jirou-Subaru relationship up through Episode 8, the show never felt like a generic “rom-com”. I’m hoping the season finale will be like that too.

  3. Marathoned!

    I don’t like how things were going the past 2 episodes.. But somehow I knew that the direction would eventually go down when I started watching. I still like watching the character interactions between Jirou and Subaru (and with Kanade messing around). Hope the next episode is interesting.. 🙂

  4. This series started out promising, but things have been more lacking and filler recently. Too much reliance on gag, and not enough character development.

    It would have been a whole lot better if they cut out all the side characters and just focused on Jirou, Subaru, and Kanade. I would be much more interested in how the relationship grows, rather than on wacky humor that only serve to take up time.

  5. Mayo Chikki wouldn’t be as interesting without Subaru crossdressing and Kanade’s trolling. If he wasn’t a butler the show would have to end. I’m expecting a confessions of sorts from both of them.I really don’t want a harem ending for this anime.

  6. I like the direction of where this is going. It’s obvious that Kanade is conflicted. On one hand she is obviously attracted to the guy, but on the other hand she knows Subaru loves the guy as well. Now that the question of Subaru’s role as a butler is back in focus, I think the story will move forward an inch further towards some change :p.

    I wouldn’t say this anime is perfect, but it is a lot better in entertainment value than some others with lots of hype this season. Even though there are times I wish they would elaborate more on some of the plots and stories, I think I’d say that this is a pretty good anime. At this point I think any kind of ending would be satisfactory for me. I didn’t start watching this anime with any expectations at all, and I’m not about to start thinking that it should end any particular way. Next episode should be an interesting one.

  7. Btw, there is actually 13 episodes (according to MAL), so that would mean there are two more episodes to go. The episode had a lot of forced drama, don’t know what I should take seriously and what not but in the end its enjoyable as always.

    1. I’m thinking people tend to forget that he has gynophobia and he has done a great deal DESPITE his weakness. I wonder how many people would be considered ‘useless’ if they didn’t do things that forced them to confront their weaknesses…?

      1. He played that card long enough. He touched enough bare boobies to get over it. Plus the love for konoe should be transcending this gynophobia thing by now. He needs to open up a can of garr and man up.

  8. … What the hell do the Japanese expect butlers to do. Hell, Jeeves would be fired in minutes if he were in this show. Bah, the drama was way too forced in this episode – “OH NO. YOUR MISTRESS HAS HURT HERSELF. YOU’RE FIRED.”
    It’s kind of silly.

  9. Damn.

    I always hoped for a bigger, better backstory on the Ojou herself, but apparently small signs of blushing was all I got for all my waiting.

    The reason for Subaru getting dismissed felt pretty hackneyed, but IF we are given the idea that Kanade’s or her family was strict to the bone, it might make some sense. For now, though, I share the sentiment that the drama felt forced.

    Despite that, I think the finale should be interesting to see how things turn out for our couple.

  10. I don’t know about everyone else but this episode just felt off. Everything seemed weird with how the characters were acting. Uhh, maybe it’s because I forgot how the characters were but I just didn’t like this week’s episode.

  11. A drunken Subaru, along with a ‘heated’ conversion between Kanade and Jirou, and a box of mid-evil nick nacks. This has all the potential of being an amusing episode. What happened? Sudden and forced drama along with a abrupt cut off? WTF?

    the series is 13 episodes not 12, so this is the second to last episode.


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