「アタシと付き合いなさい」 (Atashi to Sukiainasai)
“Go Out With Me”

It only seemed like a year or two ago that Ise Mariya wasn’t really on my seiyuu radar, and now I’m looking forward to just about every role she’s in. It never hurts when she voices a character who can kick high either, much like we have with Usami Masamune. The best part of it all is that Masamune wedges herself between Jirou and Subaru, giving us some drama that I’m more accustomed to seeing in romantic comedies. Granted, it’s nothing but a huge misunderstanding on Subaru’s part as Jirou is blackmailed into pretending to be Masamune’s boyfriend, but it’s already led to a fair bit of backlash on Subaru’s part. Common sense says that Jirou should just tell her that he has to break his promise of going around the school festival with her in order to protect her secret, but that’s evidently too easy of a solution when an all-out war between S4 and Mimamorukai is at stake.

I’ll be quick to admit that I’m often torn over these type of developments to spice things up. On one hand, it went from a very cute Subaru reluctantly asking Jirou for something to a tear-filled Subaru with the most sparkling eyes I’ve ever seen in an anime, providing more of her girlish side that I love seeing. On the other hand, it comes off as a very convenient (and cheap) way to do it, which one short explanation from Jirou could easily rectify but we won’t see until maybe an episode or two later. A lot of unnecessary angst will almost surely result between now and then, with Subaru getting even more depressed and Jirou getting smacked around. It’s an all-too-familiar formula that shows of this genre seem to bank on, so ultimately what it comes down to is the execution. If the enjoyment in the scenarios that result far outweigh the misunderstanding that led to them, then the latter will generally be forgotten before long. Luckily, Mayo Chiki has been doing just that.

Anything with regards to Subaru is always a plus in my book, especially when she gets into kissing misunderstandings without Kanade’s direct involvement, and Masamune is shaping out to be a mini-Kanade of sorts, albeit with much more glaring weaknesses. I see them as a case of tsundere meets unconventional tsundere, so in that sense, the entertainment value far exceeds the stupid misunderstanding that got us here. There’s very little doubt in my mind that Subaru will feel bad about giving Jirou a hard time when she finally learns that he had her best interests in mind. Until then, it’s all about reveling in Masamune’s swimsuit cafe (nice touch with the mirror in that shot) and Jirou/Subaru’s gender bender one. I’m quietly holding out for the sight of Subaru in some cute clothes again, and for her relationship with Jirou to grow stronger when this is all cleared up. It looks like we’ll be finally seeing more of Nakuru too, which is never a bad thing when she’s voiced by Asumi Kana.

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  1. as much as mayo chiki is being clichée (like in this episode with the misunderstanding and etc) i am still enjoying this show.
    i don’t think it is just becuase of the visuals but still…it is more enjoyable than hidan no aria, which consisted a lot of clichées too.

  2. The most sparkling eyes? You probably didn’t watch Denpa Onna, then.
    Anyway, the moment Usami mentioned the fair, I could already see where this is going. Not sure if I like this development, as it seems to be a bit of a cliché, and I don’t want to see Subaru hurt, either. Jiro better turn the tables soon

  3. Fun episode as always.

    Masamune is kind of like a cross between Kanade and Kureha.

    I get the impression that there are more students from the school that already know about Jirou’s and Subaru’s “cross dressing” date.

  4. For the first time watching this series i got a twinge of the cliche cheapness when Jirou told Subaru he’d be going on the date exclusive with Usami, I thought he might have told her was going to make a bit of time for her while Usami was at her cafe. Maybe something to do with following source material. I haven’t read any of it. At any rate I’m very happy over all with this series. The part that got me with the swimsuit was the soft shine they put on it….well placed! I just had a feeling the pink haired lady would be my favorite at the first sight in the opening. I’m hangin on her motives now…the way she reacts toward Jirou makes me wonder if she really is S4. Or maybe just jealous of friendships she doesn’t apparently share.

  5. LOL @Jirou for almost awakening to FemDom fetish after his “encounter” with Usami. However, between her and Kanade-chan, i dare say Kanade-chan can awaken Jirou’s FemDom fetish faster than her. After all, Kanade-chan’s S-mode is just the tip of the iceberg that we are seeing all this while.

  6. twin tails are fine, but here we go with another tsundere… 🙁 not that I really mind it, it is just a bit over used… hopefully things will clear up soon. I would rather see Subaru’s cute form than her “killing rage” on Jirou :3
    and what in the world is that animal ear on the glasses girl, whatever her name was…?

  7. So technically, Jirou’s first kiss was Subaru (and vice versa), even if it was for CPR purposes. Kanade was his first conscious one.

    Not enough sadistic Kanade this episode. Something about the evil, twisted ojou-sama really rubs me the right way.

  8. Masamune ehhh? If I’m not wrong, that too is the name of the legendary blade Sephiroth weilded… Ohhh I see the connection…. Should be one action packed episode as Jirou fights his gynophobia aka “geo-stigma”against Masamune! The parallels are astounding!!! Almost….illegal lol on another note as soon as Subaru finds out it was all for her sake, and she was so mean, now she forgives him, and somewhere in there a bigger love polygon will form. I hope they keep the delivery of the story as good as they have.

  9. More cliche this episode, but at least its entertaining cliche. I’m not that fond Usami, but at least her protagonist beating isn’t too over the top. Probably because Jirou getting beaten has been a running gag on this series. It’s so blatant that she will eventually warm up to Jirou anyway.

    Still Kanade once again steals the spotlight with her constant trolling.

  10. He should just say the reason why he is friends with Subaru is that he is dating his master. Kanade won’t mind, maybe even happy about it. And the clubs won’t go after him anymore. At least not the Subaru’s fanclub. If there is a Kanade fan club…

      1. I think you are wrong there. A “So what have you been doing with my Ojou-sama behind my back all this time?! You KISSED Ojou-sama desu ka?” plus her own jealousy = Subaru’s innocent smile with a i wanna kill you aura behind her.

  11. I think the reason I enjoy anime so much is because I tend to unconsciously throw what I know out the window before watching it. So every show has a fresh feel to it despite the re-used story progressions. I enjoy this show a lot. Especially for the consistency in the artwork. (And Subaru. <3)

    Here's to the angst.

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