「だから僕はそれをするのさ」 (Dakara Boku wa Sore wo Suru no sa)
“That’s Why I Do This”

“Seizon Senryaku” is back and everything in the Mawaru Penguindrum world feels right again. Well, about as right as it can be with Ringo getting dragged into this alternate dimension for the very first time and making her mark on it almost immediately. The look on Shouma’s face said it all about seeing someone else fall into the pit that he normally does, which I got a good chuckle out of since I sensed some feelings of relief. Before that thought actually sunk in, Ringo climbs back out of the void without her hands and rushes “Himari” head-on and takes her penguin hat. I know she’s Oginome Ringo, but seriously, who is this girl?

On the more relevant side of things, Ringo didn’t really reveal too much about her “diary of destiny” when Shouma manned up and asked to see it. Judging from her reaction, it’s almost as if she was embarrassed about someone finding out about her make-believe stalker diary. I know she says it’s a diary with the future written in it, but it never really seems like she’s completely convinced herself. There’s little doubt in my mind that it’s doing something, especially after “Himari” told Shouma to take it from her. I’m just not entirely sure that Ringo quite knows the extent of it since things keep turning out unfavorably for her. Whatever the case, she’s clearly in the thick of the Takakura siblings’ problems after witnessing first-hand the effect on Himari without the penguin hat.

I knew it was coming when Ringo chucked the hat away, but I have to admit that I was thoroughly amused when she did. It’s not that I wanted to see Himari die; I just wanted to see someone stick it to her arrogant other self and Ringo was utterly awesome in that regard. Kanba’s desperate attempt to recover the hat was a completely humorous affair as a result, which I don’t think was entirely unintentional. He somehow managed to not lose all his skin after getting dragged for god knows how many blocks, so it was an interesting mix of suspense and comedy. It also tied in really nicely with the flashback when his father Kenzan (Koyasu Takehito) weathered through a storm to get Himari to the hospital. It’s just sad to learn that their parents (mother Chiemi (Inoue Kikuko)) aren’t around anymore and that their uncle is considering splitting them up to live with foster families.

After seeing Kanba get some “penguin money” to prevent that from happening, I actually thought for a second that he may have been paid off to push Asami down the escalators. Of course, the more obvious suspect is Natsume Masako, since her black pants, brown sleeves, and feminine fingers fit what we saw much better. At this point, it’s probably safe to assume that she’s using Asami, but the question is to what end. Her laser-sighted slingshot loaded with penguin balls left me wondering if she has some otherworldly ability as well, akin to Himari’s hat and Ringo’s diary. For now, she is shaping out to be an antagonist of sorts who may be trying to frame Kanba for an attack on Asami.

With all that going on and the introduction of Ringo’s father Satoshi (Tachiki Fumihiko) whom she loves dearly, this series continues to raise questions faster than it answers them. However, that’s exactly why it’s been so captivating. I can do without the cockroaches though!

* All broadcasts of Mawaru Penguindrum are on break next week because of the Bon Festival. Episode six will air on Thursday, August 18th.


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    1. The plot is easier to understand if you dismiss the supernatural/impossible elements and look at it through reduction.
      It also helps if you have done some reading or study in humanities if you want to understand more of the symbolism and supernaturalism. None of it conclusively gives answers but it helps to see where the threads probably are.

    1. Seems it should be since it’s a spoof of the famous “The Kiss” painting by Klimt.

      It is possibly suggesting Ringo’s attraction to the teacher is a result of her mixed up feelings for her dad. Ikuhara plays with well-known classical tropes, such as Freud’s Elektra Complex. It’s a possibility, at least. I’m not saying it IS.

    2. I’ve taken a good look at the cap and, haha, yeah it has to be the teacher. The hair is totally wrong. Plus, the skulls taking out the cupid above them amid the dark clouds seems to suggest Ringo’s fantasy is doomed 🙂

      I’m not sure what to think of the ones toasting mochi!

    3. The very top of that painting surprised me. It’s in very steep contranst with the rest of the painting, especially given the way it was presented in the anime (slowly scrolling up to the top)

      I see the painting as a reminder that this show will most likely get very serious, despite the apparent light-heartedness of the show thus far.

  1. ….And Penguindrum is still the best show introduced this season. The characters are interesting, the comedy is consistently good, and the story has been great and incredibly well directed so far. There’s a few unanswered questions so far, but it’s just the right amount; with a 2 cour series we’ve got a ton of time to answer ’em. Plus the plot has been progressing really nicely if I may say so myself.

  2. Ringo rushing alter-Himari = epic win!
    Kanba rescuing The Hat = epic lulz!
    Laser-guided slingshot girl = major trouble for Kanba. I told ya someone is wanting to frame him!
    One(1) mystery solved: why the siblings live alone. Their parents are dead. Ouch!

  3. I tried really hard not to laugh at Kanba getting dragged by the truck, but in end I couldn’t hold it in. I know it was a serious part but somehow the prolonged dragging was funny…

    I’d like to know the meaning of the cockroaches (and all the other imageries as well while we’re at it); I’m really hoping that they’re not red herrings.

    Seizon Senryaku!

  4. This episode was good. It revealed how vulnerable “Himari” is, explained the background of most of the main characters, and finally push the plot forward. I didn’t enjoy Kanba getting dragged by the truck, it felt too forced. Then again, most of the episodes so far contain a scene or two that are like that. I suspect most of the things we see that are not part of the main story and wonder if there is meaning in them will turn out to be red herrings. Their parents may or may not be dead. That laser girl seems like trolling us with something again… sigh

    1. The glimpses we got of the pusher suggest it wasn’t Ringo.
      A girl with red heels at the station was mentioned in the diary but we don’t know if it means anything to Ringo.

      Most are assuming a misdirection here.

      Funnily enough, it’s an obvious misdirection so there’s really no way to say as a statement of fact who really pushed her.
      Just guesses.

    1. I’m late to this tread, but yeah, I thought most of these “magical” objects are coming from the gift-shop. Maybe Penguindrum is like Penguindrome, as in the Aquarium? Recover the items?

  5. Seriously? I have to wait two weeks? I’m calling ゴジラ!

    Ringo’s relationship with her dad has me creep’d out,
    is he a not-so-innocent dad – has been more than a dad to her?
    Does this spark her interest in older father-figure type men?

    After realizing that the hat is what’s keeping Himari alive,
    will Ringo have a change of heart and allow the brothers
    full access to her book?

    But I applaud Ringo’s tenacity to go after the “Penguin” and
    whack her – she didn’t appear to try to defend herself (odd)?
    Is Ringo the balance added to the brothers when dealing with
    Penguin? Ringo has suddenly become an interesting character
    in her own right!

  6. I’m really liking that there are about as many stops on the subway line as there will be episodes — this is 24, right? That gives this series a nice sense of progression, at least to me anyway.


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