「いっただっきまーす」 (Ittadakkimaasu)
“Let’s Eat!”

Boy did the dynamics of this week’s episode feel like they were running from one end of the spectrum to the other. At times, I was a little disappointed when the writers didn’t flesh out what should have and could been a very emotional scene. Instead, opting to create a buildup of feelings that really didn’t go anywhere except a rather obvious ending. But if you look past that, it was another quirky and enjoyable episode without our main protagonists.

Throughout the episode, I was trying to figure out whether or not I should feel bad for Kureha. Up to the halfway point, everything seemed to be going smoothly — awesome presents combined with an amazing venue should make the perfect place for a party right? But when Kureha started to have a few moments of sadness, I felt that everything from that point was a little awkward.

Be it from the sudden change in atmosphere or the rather weak flashbacks, it probably would have worked better had there been fewer but stronger flashbacks that could have left a bigger impression. But among all the buildup that didn’t lead to much, I did have a big grin on my face when we saw what Jirou had waiting for Kureha at home.

At this point, I wish that we could hop back on the Jirou and Subaru bandwagon. I don’t mind that we’ve had two straight weeks of side character episodes, especially when they have so many different pop culture references thrown in; but I’d really like for something to happen between the two. Be it something positive or negative, this is a high school rom-com after all!




  1. Another crappy episode… The last one was pretty bad and this is one was also not good. It’s funny to think about it because during the first 6 episodes this was my favorite series of this season. 7th and 8th, it was okay, and now the series is just being boring. Actually, I’m thinking about dropping Mayo Chiki.

    1. Yeah- I have to agree. This episode sucked. I love the series but this was a disappointment.

      The animation didn’t seem up to par- the inclusion of Japanese ghosts seemed out of place and the episode basically did nothing for character development. If they wanted to show how much Kureha loves her brother they could have done a much better job.

  2. You got to love the way Kureha loves her brother. No wonder he’s so traumatized that he bleeds spontaneously.

    A quick question; I know it’s a anime like others are, but I find it weird to think about a high school student living by themselves. I’m here in New York and this seems entirely foreign to me. I’m often confuzzeled and interested in Japanese culture. Is this a normal-ish thing in Japanese culture? Or is it just a scenario for the sake of the anime’s plot?

    1. They have a mom who pays the bills she just tours the world and is rarely home. However this episode I believe they specifically mentioned she WAS at home for this birthday. They just don’t show her. I was hoping to actually see their mom so it was disappointing to here she was there and just never shown.

  3. Average episode. Felt like they crammed in too much in there. Funny jokes with Kureha though, I suppose for Kureha fans, this is almost perfect. For a moment I did wonder if Jirou really did forget again :p . Is this anime really 12 episodes only?

    As for the mom, she is definitely not a normal mom in any sense of the word “normal”, why would she conform to Japanese culture?

  4. There was an odd balance this episode. They mixed alot of funny scenes like the cafe, with more sentimental diabetes inducing scenes like the scene with Jirou. Although Kanade once again makes this episode enjoyable, being herself, especially since its obvious she gets a kick for trolling Usami.

    Also Usami’s apartment is apparently haunted? Huh that was weird.

  5. Anyone else really annoyed by Nakuru? Her stupid cliche antics are really ruining the show for me. It’s one of the few times I wish the other characters would just kick her in the face to make her stop, especially episode 8 during the gun battle. The show was so much more enjoyable in the first few episodes when she wasn’t there… Just my opinion though.

    1. Gotta agree.

      It seems weird to me that you have a character whose appearance is already over the top (the tan, the ears) but because of her deranged actions, they have to grotesquely distort her form constantly. While it had been irking me for a few episodes, it probably was the worst in the paintball scenes last episode. She’s so much of a buffoon when she’s at her worst that when she does do something interesting or appealing, it’s hard to care.

      I thought I would like her character more but….

  6. As always, Kanade makes this series worth watching. I’ll admit that I don’t really care much about Kureha, especially since I’m not a fan of those little sister tropes.

    But, the 1st minute with Kanade was absolutely hilarious. I love how she puts on the cute tsundere front for the computer guys, then immediately switches back to her usual sadistic front once she knows she’s got those guys wrapped around her finger. Her expression and evil laugh afterwards was priceless.

    There is never bad scene with Kanade.

  7. I don’t know what to think about this episode in particular, because I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers and I don’t remember theirs birthdays and I don’t remember ever given a gift to my sisters. I am close to my brothers and sisters, however never understand Japanese culture when in anime sister and brother seems to love each other with some kind of sexual desire.

    Perhaps is just me that don’t make sense, maybe can also be my culture… damn culture

    1. I think it’s because when you celebrate birthday with your sibling every year and suddenly you forgot/somehow stop doing that without explaining anything, your sibling will get very annoyed/angry for sure. Also, it’s hard to forget the birthday of your sibling if you only have one.

      1. I can neither remember my mother’s or father’s birthday. The month is all I can remember. I only started to remember my brother’s birthday around 10. No one in family including me would be angry if one year there was no cake or present for me. I definitely would not resort to physical violence. Kureha minus 15 points
        Usami able to live with ghost plus 20 points

  8. Just realised that Suzutzuki and Usami has the same white ribbons… That fighting game sure was weird and I AM SURE THERE ARE BETTER WAYS TO THANK YOUR BROTHER. Only morning of the year, Jirou does not get a morning surprise.

    1. I noticed the ribbons before Usami came to the story cause she was my favorite character design and thought it might mean she was related to kanade or a S4 club thing or something…nope! lol Although there is a bit of red in Usami’s. I was so wishing they would have done her hairstyle in the Subaru look for that skit. I was pretty much thinking that Jirou was going to have to suffer to make Kureha happy lol. That sucks…seriously at least he can dodge Usami when she’s viscious lol.

  9. The only parts of this episode I laughed were the parts with the horror movie figures. It just cracked me up seeing a head popping into screan and to be truthful, I watched this late at night so I got a little scared haha ^^” thougt it’s gonna be a scary episode at first…

  10. Just askin’ – did the sub’ers (and animators) mix the beginning up with YuruYuri?

    I hope they paid the “Happy Birthday” royalty on time, just sayin’

    Good entertainment, this series. Nothing too serious, but in character…

  11. I seem to be the only one that really enjoyed this episode. Sure, I would like more Jirou x Subaru and I’m hoping I get plenty of it in the last 2 episodes, but the flashbacks made me smile and there were a couple moments where I did giggle.

    It wasn’t the best episode, but I personally found it rather enjoyable and it still just fits into the standard I’ve personally came to expect for Mayo Chiki!.

    But that’s coming from a huge Mayo Chiki!, harem fangirl ;3

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