「初めてなんだ」 (Hajimete Nanda)
“The First Time”

It’s a bit hard to empathize with Jirou when he’s complaining about being stuck in an empty hot spring inn with a bunch of cute girls. Sure they might be a little crazy or have some strong BL fantasies, but you can’t ignore just how well-endowed they are! Maybe I should catch this dreaded gynophobia to increase my chances of achieving a similar situation…

Then again, in an episode full of hijinks and naked girls, it really says something when there’s still enough time to give our unofficial couple some time to bond. While it’s still rather difficult to determine if Jirou really has feelings for Subaru, he’s doing a great job making her fall for him. Even though I may have said that developing gynophobia might have some benefits; I don’t think I could live with myself if I couldn’t hold a girl who was crying in front of me. Which is why I think Jirou deserves some major credit for holding out long enough to cheer Subaru up.

Seeing how my daughter hasn’t been born yet, I can’t honestly say that I understand what it’d be like for someone to date her. But I don’t think alienating my daughter by being overprotective is the way to go. While I do love all the extra screen time Nagare’s been getting since he shines when he enter’s overprotective parent mode, he really hasn’t been leaving the best impression. Not only was he forced to sleep in a tent outside of a massive inn to avoid Subaru calling the police on him, but I don’t think he’s winning any points with Subaru with that tough-parent acting. By now, he should understand that the little girl who used to come to him for everything is slowly growing up!

But unlike other shows where things are dragged out to the point that you feel like ripping your hair out (Kimi ni Todoke, I’m looking at you), I’m ecstatic that Mayo Chiki is taking a different take on bringing our two protagonists together. With both the first kiss and sharing an intimate moment out of the way, there’s only one thing left — becoming an official couple! While I don’t feel confident enough to say that, “I can see the ending” just yet, I am slowly gaining that confidence after listening to Subaru nearly confess to Jirou.

But since we’re only on episode eight, I wouldn’t mind a few more weeks of watching Nakuru strip everyone naked, Punyuru just being Punyuru, or Kanade shaking things up in Jirou’s life a bit. With next week’s destination being a maid café, I can only imagine how bad/dirty things could get if Jirou, Kanade, and Masamune are all in the same room.




  1. Actually, I think that it’s pretty unlikely that Jirou and Subaru will become a couple at the end of the series. Or at least I’m hoping that they don’t, because personally, I like Usami better :P. Although, my gut is saying that they’re gonna leave this open-ended (which wouldn’t really bother me at all).

    1. It’s been so obvious from the get go that Jirou and Subaru were going to get be together I stopped watching after ep 2 it just didn’t some like much else was gonna happen. I mean sure there will be alot of hijinks but no drama or mystery but you know there’ll be a couple in the end. I give them thumbs up though the animation it great.

  2. It’s been obvious from episode one that Jirou and Subaru are the official couple-to-be. I think expecting any other pairing (the only other two who have any interest in him are Usami, who has no chance, and Kanade, who won’t make a move because of Subaru) is borderline delusional.

    I doubt this sells enough to mandate a second season, but the only way you’re not getting a definitive ending with Subaru and Jirou at this point, given the end of this episode, is if it somehow did. And even then I kind of doubt it.

  3. Wow is Subaru actually being upfront? That almost never happens in anime!

    I’m actually surprised how they were able to bring forth all the quirks of the other girls, such as Nakuru’s perversion, Usami’s upfront attitude and of course, Kanade’s trolling. I also liked Usami’s apparent rivalry with Kanade so I’m hoping we get more of these.

      1. You can still say it 😛

        I. CAN. FLY. !!!!!!!!! XD

        Does anyone know where this quote actually comes from? I know it was said in Denpa Onna last season, but I get the feeling it came from somewhere else.

  4. To all ladies out there. Please wear your underwear when you sleep. Especially if there is a guy there. He may not attack you but have some consideration for his blood pressure.

    There must be something wrong with me, why is Pic 3 of male Subaru more feminine than female onsen Subaru, or any other Subaru to date for that matter.

    Punyuru wins Kanade in a Yukata competition? Now that is unbelievable. Guess Suzutzuki did not participate as she did not want to kiss a stranger.

  5. Also, I wouldn’t mind if Subaru confesses to Jirou in the next episode and he accepts it. Then they have to avoid others (except Kanade, maybe) from finding out. Actually I think I prefer it than they’re dragging this out to the final episode. I wanna see both of them go lovey-dovey. 🙂

  6. LOL’ed Mirai? Danny Choo must be proud. They made sure you would notice it too through the back and forth panning.

    I don’t know if I can take the confession seriously or not just because it usually turns out to be some stupid misunderstanding that gets our hopes up.

  7. Something I hate about anime, is that the male doesn’t understand that the girl is in love with you before they spell it out. And I’m confident that Jirou didn’t understand what Konoe really want them two to be

    1. I’m with you 100%. Personally, I’m getting sick of it. Unless Subaru decides to explain what she means even more, which she really shouldn’t have to IMO, then the end of this episode probably won’t lead anywhere.

      I’m fine with comedy and all that jazz, but honestly, how many completely clueless male leads can people keep churning out? it got old a long time ago and isn’t getting any better.

      I’ve enjoyed this show despite some of the cliches it manages to follow, but if this keeps up then I don’t know how much more I can take.

      Baby Choo Choo
  8. Did anyone esle think the move Subaru laid on her pops was Sakura’s Ultra Combo from SSIV?

    Also noticed the butler style memory-erasing worked on Jirou this time, wonder why it didn’t work the first time?

  9. “Subaru nearly confess to Jirou.”

    Hmm, where is the ambiguity there? Rejecting the idea of being friends forever as she wants to be more then friends seems pretty clear to me. I guess he can talk himself into their being some misunderstanding, but apart from some delusion like that so is it very clear to me.

    1. He’s going to “No way. Nah that’s not possible. *shake head. She couldn’t possibly mean what I think she meant.”

      Anime males have this tendency to do the impossible you see.

      1. Of course, but that is just him being an idiot. It’s not like what she said can be considered anything else then a pretty direct confession. It’s not like she was vague in anyway in how she said it either as she was quite serious in her rejection of being just friends.

      2. The guy has no experience with girls. Actually he fears them. He would have no reason to think he suddenly got popular with the unfamiliar opposite sex because he groped a cross dresser.
        And Subaru is the one always saying you are “my friend”, “my first friend”, “precious because you are my friend”. Friend friend friend. Don’t blame the guy.

  10. Nice endorsement of Danny Choo, with Mirai in the background during the panning and Nakuru screaming ‘Danny!’ when she dived for the spectacles. =3

    Personally I think this is pretty refreshing, despite the qualms and gripes about having yet another clueless male lead. As Takaii said, this seems to be moving a little faster than the standard scenarios.

    Personally, I prefer The Tease more, so Kanade still wins out a little more against Subaru for me. She’s a complex character, this one, despite the cast of crazy characters and funny scenarios.

  11. My guess is that in the next ep, Subaru will just quickly cover up what she said, and play it off like Jirou misheard or something. And Jirou’s going to get hit for inquiring further into the issue. ie your standard anime routine.

    Still love how Kanade always manages to mess around with everyone

  12. The only time you can say “I can see the ending” is when you know what’s gonna happen, the repercussions of it, and however it ends. Apparently not just the ending… Keima, you’re a genius Show Spoiler ▼

    but your ending has some serious standards.

    Everyday Otaku

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