「揉んでください!」 (Monde Kudasai!)
“Please Grope Me!”

Even though it would have left a larger impression had the series ended with Jirou and Subaru’s kiss, this last episode was strangely interesting. While I can’t support this statement with any concrete details, this episode felt like it wasn’t troubled with the overarching story since the biggest problem was solved last week. Meaning I could fully enjoy all the randomness!

Besides catching Danny Choo’s Mirai all over the place, the little bits and pieces that I love about this show somehow were all bunched together in a single episode. From Kureha’s feats of strength to Masamune just being her tsundere self, I was thoroughly enjoying every moment. However, that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t a little turned off by the last thing I’m going to associate this show with.

Besides just how random it was, I don’t agree with a NakuruxJirou pairing. Sure, the idea wasn’t explored until recently but the last quarter of the episode felt like a giant step back after everything that’s already occurred. Other than providing a concrete example of ironic moe, everything eventually boiled down to Nakuru getting a prime opportunity to grope her beloved glasses wearing senpai.


Final Impressions:

Had this series ended one episode earlier, or repositioned things in a way that would make episode 12 the finale, I think it would have left a stronger impression on the audience. Seriously, how can you build up everything to that kiss and than just throw in an episode where Jirou is fooling around with another girl!?

Honestly, I think it’s been a pretty interesting run. Ever since the first episode grabbed my attention with its interesting twist, I’ve had high hopes for Mayo Chiki. Especially when the lead roles consist of Iguchi Yuka, Kitamura Eri, and Hino Satoshi being rounded out with the likes of Hanazawa Kana and Ise Mariya; I could almost say that even if the show was downright horrible that the voice acting would make up for it.

In terms of buildup to that final kiss scene, I think that there were some serious problems in how this show built up the drama and then let it drop without utilizing all those trapped emotions. The best example is probably all of those slow episodes padding the middle of series — it felt like a chore to just get through some of them! The thing is, as much as I want to hate on the show for small problems like that, I can’t help but look over these things when there were other factors that kept drawing me back in.

Looking at how much I loved all the characters and how unique they were, I can only imagine how much bigger of a hit Mayo Chiki could have been. Kitamura Eri taking the role of a dubious troll named Kanade, Iguchi Yuka giving Subaru her indescribable charm, and Hino Satoshi using that voice of his that I love only helped in selling their respective characters that much more. Throw in a little bit of Kureha beating the life out of Jirou and Usami getting so close to figuring out Subaru’s secret and there’s more than enough variety to make even the slow episodes interesting.

Even if the series may have stumbled a bit, I think it would have been a complete disaster had Subaru not kissed Jirou. Seeing how it actually made it to a point that most shows rarely arrive at even after multiple seasons, I’d say that it should satisfy the thirsts of anyone looking for a good high school rom-com. In terms of being a good show, I think that watching Jirou deal with Kanade’s antics is more than enough to reel in the comedy lovers. If anything, the only thing this show lacks is something in the “will make you cry” department, which if you look at how well it does everything else, isn’t really all that important.

In the end, if you’re looking for a show that will surprise you with it’s interesting cast of characters and will provide you more than enough laughs, I’d highly recommend Mayo Chiki. From it’s cast to its story, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone who don’t take things too seriously.


  1. I agree. This episode didn’t feel like your typical last episode at all. Hoping they would extend this series to a two-cour, like how toradora was! There’s still things that can be talked about, and kanade’s interactions with jirou would most definitely keep me interested!

    1. think this episode is to show that, things ain’t over yet. Jirou still has phobia, chicken n subaru ain’t dating, subaru still has to pretend to be a guy….
      instead of ending with a kiss (normally marks end of the series) and suddenly starting a new season when, with all this problems, they did this to tell us that things ain’t over.

      1. Exactly, I don’t know why people feel just because Konoe kissed him, that just ends everything. I am a Nakuru fan, so this was definitely one of my favorite episodes(if not my favorite). To be frank, imo, Konoe wasn’t as strong as a Main female character should have been. Several other times she was out-shined by others, including Nakuru in this episode….whether you like her or not, if you can’t admit that her without her glasses isn’t the most beautiful one in the cast, you’re just a biased Konoe Shipper 😀 And don’t act like shows don’t do this, Sora no Otoshimono is known for ending JUST like this…..

        Anyway, this episode was excellent imo, and the best part is that not only should a second season be in consideration, but that things CLEARLY aren’t over and Jirou is STILL fair game. And if you think it is over, from what I’ve heard what’s in the novels, girls are REALLY gonna be stepping their game up, Konoe won’t have it easy anymore…..

        Tenchi Ryu
      2. I agree with you, there are just to many open issues with Jirou and Subaru to let this series end like this. I think this episode served as a way to leave the viewers with the expectation of more and know that kanade has made clear some of her feelings what comes next promise to be blast.

  2. This felt like an extra episode really. Probably to give some focus on the one character who didn’t get any character development throughout the series. I didn’t really think it was necessary, I never did see Nakuru as part of the harem but this episode seems to be implying otherwise.

  3. I really, really think that they should have put this episode somewhere in the middle. Just feels out of place, ya know?

    Anyways, I thought this series was just tons of fun. And that’s all really it really is, tbh. The cast is fun, the chemistry between the characters is fun, and many of the events are just plain old fun. And while I don’t think that the story was fantastic or anything special, this is actually one of few novel Romcoms where the two leads make progress in their relationship. And even though sometimes the series can get a bit stupid, it’s the best kind of stupid there is. Mayo Chiki is something which you can’t really take seriously, but that’s why it’s great.

  4. It’s good to know I won’t be seeing the title anymore. Really annoyed the hell out of me, and ended with me dropping it halfway. A waste of time slot. But I do commend the creators for not taking the typical safe route.

  5. I think this was really bad for a last episode. In fact when I watched episode 12, it didn’t feel like it was gonna end. I really hope there’s a second season just like Shinmarizu said.

    1. Read my first comment about this anime in EP 01. I was riled up but never watched a single episode! What can I say to my past self about this? hmmm… “hello” maybe?

      Lectro Volpi
    2. This should be the first time Mirai ever mentioned by Takaii right?, Usually it only available in the comments. Man, I sorta wish I could see the anime of Mirai soon.

      @Lectro Volpi

      did you also see Mirai in the twin angel?

      1. @Lectro Volpi

        lol, Yea I know the anime sux. I just watch the only episode that feature Mirai, then again it only as a side character. 🙂 It’s episode 4 if you are interested.

  6. Well, at least the show is smart enough to not reference better series. It managed to find one that was way worse, and another that is about on the same level.

    Poor Mirai though, stuck cameoing in such a crappy show.

  7. well i guess the series already end in episode 12, this episode kinda ‘extra’ to explain the revelation ship of nakuru with jirou. i also surprise they can even make aria and natsume make cameo appearances in the anime. but first thing firts , who is silver/white hair girl with nakuru at semi credit in the anime (credit tiem between the half of the anime ) ? i just curious .. possible new character or possible season 2 like kamisama dolls?

  8. They should put this somewhere between episode 7-10 instead of the end of the season because this made it looks like the episode is an afterthought of ‘Oh darn, we need to create one more episode for the show! Just put something there quick!’.

    Still, it’s an ok episode though, just badly positioned.

    1. Yep I also felt like that. It’s almost like a bonus DVD episode that they decided to air. The even slipped in a reason to put Usami in the shower humming Be Starters lol. I think if they wanted to they could have set this over 24 episodes and better paced a lot of events. The music and characters and the visuals for the most part were good enough for an expanded plotline. Either way it was fun though I’d watch it again.

  9. I disagree, i totally liked this episode. And the pairing of nakuru and jirou. I do feel like it should have been seen earlier, but man was i surprised at how cute she was without her glasses. And if you guys havent figured out yet this is a harm anime. Subaru aint going be the only one to get some of jirou. Over all not a bad ending for a good anime. Hope they make a second season!!

  10. Heh, I guess they have lots of confidence that there will be a season two. Maybe too much confidence. Well, it was a fun series. I have to admit my expectations for this one was all over the place, but overall it entertained me pretty well.

  11. I don’t think I really look forward to Mayo Chiki 2nd season. In my opinion, harem anime most important factor is character development and Mayo Chiki doesn’t feel like it develop much of the character if at all. I’ll rather have another harem anime come out fresh.

  12. kinda disappointed for this finale episode…
    I’ll just treat this like an OVA (like in Clannad/After or Amagami SS) then.

    Ep.12 is the finale of the series for me, and this is an interesting series that I run every week in the last season.

  13. I have a feeling Jirou is still stuck inbetween Kanade and Subaru as the top candidates. If there is a second season things can still go either way as one loves to tease him and the other does it mostly on orders.

  14. Kanade made this show enjoyable for me, and is the main reason I actually watched through all 13 episodes. I’m personally not too much of a fan of this genre anymore (ie Highschool rom-com / harem), but the way Kanade magaes to manipulate and troll every characer in the cast was, for me, the higlight of this series.

    I think it would be better to consider this episode as a bonus, rather than the “finale” to Mayo Chiki.

  15. No I object Takaii, I love this episode far more than any other episode. Good Ending overall. (YES, I can see a JirousXNakuru)

    Next off, I was actually looking forward toward to a Nakuru episode for a while now. I think they left it to the end because it was the most interesting. In fact, I can see a sequel coming for it.

    Oddly enough, I finally realized who voice Nakuru after she showed up to greet Jirou. (Nichichichichichichichichichi….)

  16. I wish it had ended with episode 12 :< Why let us believe that JirouxSubaru has a chance and then just step all over it?
    But aside from that, I loved this show. Perhaps too much.

  17. People really shouldn’t be thinking of this as a final episode; it’s just a bonus episode that aired; Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka did the same thing.

    I never found Nakuru quite as annoying as everyone else claims, so I was fairly content with this episode. I was also wondering why there was a lack of a Nakuru-centric episode (for all intent and purposes, she’s basically a girl in Jirou’s harem.), so this helped to clear that up a bit.

  18. Good ending. it IS a harem anime after all. nakuru was always my favourite character and i was VERY surprised that not a single episode really focused on her.

    Nice ending for a excellent anime – now all we need is season 2! PLEEEEAAASSSSSEEE ye gods of anime answer our humble prayers 🙂

    P.S. Random Curiosity is a great blog but really needs to add the comment thumb up/thumb down system (like/dislike) ASAP.

      1. That’s too bad. People like to scrutinize the comments of others but don’t like it when they get scrutinized themselves. I won’t mind though. I know that most of not all my comments suck XD. I might get a kick out of it to know how bad I suck sometimes :p

      2. Just to add also, the internet is filled with trolls who especially love to downvote comments regardless of what is written. It also tends to encourage a form of mob-thinking where if one comment gets several upvotes in a relatively short time, almost every vote afterwards will just be an upvote; the same being true for a comment that begins with many downvotes.


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