「そして、彼女たちはきらめくステージへ」 (Soshite, Kanojo-tachi wa Kirameku Suteeji e)
“And So, The Girls Stand On The Sparkling Stage”

Wow, what’s with all these Miki episodes? Someone should really remind A-1 Pictures that there are eleven other idols in IM@S.

…Yeah right, who am I kidding. Like I’d really say something like that. You guys know me better than that. 😛

In all (anime) seriousness, I don’t want every episode to be about Miki, but it did make sense to give her some focus after the promise she made with the Producer last time. It was nice to see her make good on her end of it, pushing her idol limits to win over the Ryuuguu Komachi-hungry crown, get some well-deserved attention, and perform two songs back-to-back. Her second song, “Heart of a Marionette”, was particularly impressive (see INS13.1 below), so it looks like I’ll have to retract my statement last time about Miki’s singing not being as “pleasant” as Chihaya’s. It looks like all she needs is an upbeat song and a stage to perform the dance for it on to show her true abilities. A determined Miki who gives it her all dazzles, much like Hibiki does (fang and all). However, if anyone really deserved the spotlight this episode, it was our heroine Haruka for rallying the girls again like only she can.

As cool as it was to see group come together in the latter half of the episode, it still felt like a bit of a tease to feature ten insert songs and only have shorts snippets of most of them. At the very least, I really wish they left the opening performance of “THE IDOLM@STER”, as I’ve really taken a liking to that song ever since the sixth episode. I got pretty excited when I heard the song start up and saw the girls line up on the stage, so it was quite a letdown when they just cut it off shortly after. Yes, I realize that this isn’t just an anime version of IM@S performances, but I’ll be damned it would be pretty awesome if they did it for one episode. I’d be all on board even if it completely blew the budget, especially in this episode where the flashback ending sequence suggested that A-1 Pictures was prepared for the possibility that this would only be a 13-episode adaptation. It may be asking for too much considering that this was already a finale-worthy showing that featured two “full” insert songs, but I’m willing to overlook all sloppy in-between animation if they slipped in one more. (There was plenty of sloppy in-between animation anyway.).

While this was intended to be an episode about all the other girls in 765 Pro, a part of me still wished they included a short performance of Ryuuguu Komachi when they finally arrived. From a story standpoint, I can completely understand why it was left out, but I just can’t get enough of fully animated synchronized dance videos. I just love watching them so it’s good to know that IM@S will have another cour where there will be hopefully a lot more in store.


INS13.1: 「マリオネットの心」 (Marionette no Kokoro) by 星井美希 (長谷川明子) (Hoshii Miki (Hasegawa Akiko))
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INS13.2: 「自分REST@RT」 (Jibun REST@RT) by 天海春香, 星井美希, 如月千早, 高槻やよい, 萩原雪歩, 菊地真, 双海真美, 四条貴音, 我那覇響 (Amami Haruka, Hoshii Miki, Kisaragi Chihaya, Takatsuki Yayoi, Hagiwara Yukiho, Kikuchi Makoto, Futami Mami, Shijou Takane, Ganaha Hibiki)
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ED13 Sequence

ED13: 「i」 by 765PRO ALLSTARS
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  1. Miki shined and saved the show! She rocked and looked beautiful while at it! one my favorite episodes not only since Miki is the star but because of the many songs and performances we got to see!

  2. Murphy’s Law, truly the bane of any plot. How convenient for a freak typhoon to give the others a chance to shine. Its pretty obvious that the budget was blown for the two final dance numbers, especially with some weird faces on distance shots. It was worth it though, loved the use of a panning camera for the performance.

    Next week, judging from the disguises of the cast, 765 has a new enemy: Popularity!! Poor Yukiho will be crushed by her phobia.

  3. The budget really has no limits, huh? 😛

    Anyways, I thought it was a good episode. Some parts got a little cheesy, but only a little. I kind of wish that “THE IDOLM@STER” actually did have more than a teaser though, especially since I’ve become a huge fan of the song every since the promotional video. Now I’m just really excited for the second half. Looks like things are turning out great for 765 Pro!

  4. That’s what you get for not trusting Miki you unworthy faithless scum!

    Azusa = 3 idols? with Chihaya and Miki included that was tough.

    For some reason I was not expecting much yet ended up watching the damn raw 2 times. That’s IM@s for you, but with some sloppy work here and there! I am paying attention ¿eh?

    I was actually worried when the fans started to murmur about the delay of RK.

    DO WANT! Today, tomorrow and next week! *an apple a day…*

    Ah! did I learned how to do hyperlinks? It was one hell of a war.

    Lectro Volpi
    1. From the look of things, each of the Ryuuguu Komachi members got full pages in the brochure, while the other girls only got a third of a page. It makes sense because they were the main draw of the 765 Pro concert and the other girls were hoping to get some limelight from their rising popularity.

      1. Yeah, it was pretty much a given. I edited out some “that’s popularity for you” out of that sentence as Azusa is not better than Chihaya, Miki, and Haruka together… ah, you get my point.

        I am watching a popular blogger from Argentina reading some creepypastas. I let my attention to your comment with the tab playing and some “knife-like” sound came from the other tab and I creeped out… thank you.

        Lectro Volpi
    1. This really seems to make no sense. Ryuuguu Komachi and Jupiter should be aimed at completely different audiences. If it were say, the girls from the sports episode I could buy it, but…Jupiter?

      1. Have you ever looked into Touma’s beautiful eyes? He’s f**king immaculate.

        Jokes aside, that’s actually… a pretty good point. But to be fair, Jupiter’s songs are actually pretty catchy I guess.

  5. You’re right, maybe A-1 did this and expected it to be 13 episodes since this one is really finale-worth episode.

    And I think A-1 is slowing turning everyone into Miki-faction… where’s the love for Hibiki =/

  6. I could care less about Miki, but yea she was stunning in this episode.
    I’m still wating for Takane’s, Hibiki’s and Makoto’s character centic episodes, since they’re still my favourites even though the first two barely had any screentime yet.

    1. General episodes:
      1 – Introduction
      5 – Obligatory beach episode
      6, 10, 13 – General story development

      Character episodes:
      2 – Iori
      3 – Yukiho
      4 – Chihaya
      7 – Yayoi
      8 – Azusa
      9 – Ami & Mami
      11 – Haruka
      12 – Miki

      So it’s pretty certain we’ll be getting episodes for Makoto, Hibiki and Takane, maybe Ritsuko if A-1 Pictures consider her an idol, albeit an ex one. And if they want to satisfy every fan, maybe an episode for Kotori as well. That’ll take 5 episodes off.

      That still leaves about 7 more episodes to cover 765’s impending rivalry with 961 as well.

      Kinny Riddle
  7. I know I said episode 10 (the idol athletic competition) was epic, but this blows everything away. Makes a good middle-of-series mark as well.

    If previous episodes has not yet swayed you, then this episode, with snippets of 10 songs, will surely lure you into buying the game at last so that you may listen to all of them. Already I’m thinking of dishing out for an XBOX360 (or just a PS3 if Namco-Bandai decides to port it to that console). 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
      1. I actually wouldn’t terribly mind if A-1 just blew the whole budget for the second half of the series to fully animating an entire Idolmaster concert. All the snippets did this episode was make me want MORE. So many great songs (Megare, Little Match Girl, Meisou Mind, Trial Dance…) I demand it.

  8. Best episode yet! I’m surprised no one mentioned anything about Chihaya’s behavior. Something is going on there. Miki really did her best this time, and I can sense a tiny hint of jealousy from Haruka. I agree with Divine, Haruka deserves the spotlight for this episode. The producer probably noticed it as well. After watching this episode, I decided to re-watch the entire series from the first episode. It was interesting to see how everything built up to this episode, it really felt like this was a finale of sorts. I hope the second half of this anime will get even better (fingers crossed).

  9. “I just can’t get enough of fully animated synchronized dance videos”
    I can’t get enough of them either! They really do get me pumped up to the point where I just have sing along even when I don’t know the tune to the songs…I’ll guess them! And it’s always fun to watch the fans in the shows like these getting excited and cheering along too.

    Miki’s “Heart of a Marionette” was a nice surprise, most of the songs I’ve looked up for her are too high pitched even for me but this was just perfect. Even though last episode was technically her character episode she never really won me over till now. She really did sparkle on stage *3*

    This episode would have been great as a finale so I’m glad there’s more. You know I probably wouldn’t mind an Amagami style anime of Idolmaster after this so we could could get full blown stories/performances. Dunno if that’s overdoing it though with 12 idols 😛

  10. Somewhere along the way i thought Chihaya might silence the stage and sing an emotional song to stun the crowd and get things going but I was wrong.. Miki’s little speech and two songs were an even better way to get 765 rolling.. Gotta love her winks

  11. IDOLM@STER is one of the few shows out there which has been consistently entertaining and I can’t think of a single episode we’ve seen that didn’t impress me. If I were to nitpick, it would probably be the lack of Azusa’s screen time over the last few episodes, but I love seeing how the girls motivate each other so I’m still a very happy man
    They should make the a concert movie for IDOLM@STER, heck, maybe even a Macross Galaxy like live tour at Budokan. I’m sure the tickets will sell like hot cakes 😀

    Seishun Otoko
  12. Miki is truly an incredible idol. She was able to completely turn the crowd’s mood around. Her voice just needs the right song (I didn’t like the one they included in 12 that much). “Heart of a Marionette” gave me chills! Can’t wait for the full song to get released!! Not to mention the fact she led two dance-heavy performances back to back with little to no break between them…

    Out of all the idols, I do have to say that Miki is the “full package”. Looks, personality, voice, talent- she has it all. She just needs the producer to help keep her on track, which it looks like he’s starting to get the hang of.
    Still holding out for a Project Fairy group of Hibiki, Miki, and Takane!

    As for voices in general, my three favorites are Chihaya, Takane, and Miki (solidified by this episode). Takane needs some screen-time to show off her skills.

  13. Watched it with subs and I could taste the stress!

    Hibiki messed Makoto´s outfit, she messed with Yukiho´s wardrobe and I think she messed with Makoto´s make-up too. SHE (Makoto) was angry at “someone” for messing HER make-up. Don´t mess with a girl´s make-up ¿huh?

    Live shows are such a tension-fest for the performers, even if all goes smoothly. I have been in plays and 5 minutes before the play everything suddenly becomes a mess! even the smallest mistake! hahaha!

    Lectro Volpi
    1. You think the performers are stressing, you should hear us Stagehands. XD Oh God we bust balls to make sure everything goes well. 4 years of that line of work (and hopefully many more).

      Also, I’m getting tired of Miki (gasp). I kinda echo Chihaya but then I wanted to Bright slap Miki for being silly.

      Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

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