「みんなと、いっしょに!」 (Minna to, Issho ni!)
“Together With Everyone!”

I was anticipating A-1 Pictures to pull out all the stops for the 765 Pro’s New Year Live, but they really outdid themselves with a fully animated, 2.5-minute special performance of “READY!! & CHANGE!!!!”, followed up by a second insert song, “Itsudemo mo, Dokodemo mo”, before wrapping the series up with one more ending theme. It was just about everything I could’ve asked for in IM@S’ finale.


「夢」 (Yume)

Up until about a month ago, it would’ve been nothing more than a joke to consider IM@S as one of the best dramas of year, but this recent string of episodes has really made a case for the series. Of course, it never hurts when the budget’s been blown for this episode, where we finally get a resolution to all of Haruka’s bottled up feelings.


「聖夜の夜に」 (Seiya no Yoru ni)
“On the Night of Christmas Eve”

It’s a tad bit early, but with the holidays quickly approaching, the timing of IM@S’ Christmas episode is probably about as good as it gets. Compared to recent weeks with Chihaya’s traumatic past and 961 Pro’s meddling, this was easily one of the more uplifting episodes to roll around too.


「まるで花が咲くように」 (Maru de Hana ga Saku you ni)
“As If A Flower Were Blooming”

A follow-up to Chihaya’s subplot, a resolution to the 961 Pro/Jupiter problem, and an unexpected performance by Kotori that ties Takagi and Kuroi’s past? Suffice to say, IM@S continues to push forward with its mini drama, providing an extra dimension to the series that one wouldn’t expect.