「約束」 (Yakusoku)

With all the build-up toward Chihaya’s episode, this truly had the makings of a series finale and could have easily passed as one. The drama felt very real and the support that Haruka and the rest of 765 Pro showed Chihaya was incredibly moving, so much so that I couldn’t help but shed some tears by the end of the episode. This is easily the biggest tearjerker I’ve watched in the past while, and really showed that IM@S is much more than a slice-of-life series with an idol twist.


「雲間に隠れる月の如く」 (Kumoma ni Kakureru Tsuki no Gotoku)
“Like a Moon Concealed in the Clouds”

For Takane’s episode, it’s kind of a shame that she’s also subject to more of 961 Pro’s ongoing defamatory attempts, but luckily she handles herself pretty well against a paparazzi named Shibusawa (Matsumoto Dai). It also led to some really adorable moments care of Hibiki and Yukiho when they thought Takane was going to transfer agencies and join Elder Records.


「たくさんの、いっぱい」 (Takusan no, Ippai)
“Lots of, Lots”

Ritsuko fans will likely be both pleased and disappointed with this episode, as we got to see her stand in for a mumps-ridden Azusa with some of the shoddiest artwork to date. The quality has always fluctuated with some shortcuts taken when possible, but wow, this week was a doozy since it looked like the animators finished the episode in their sleep.


「真、まことの王子様」 (Makoto, Makoto no Ouji-sama)
“Makoto, A True Prince”

You know, I tried to go with the flow of this episode and see Makoto as a girl — I really did — but it’s so damn hard to. It’s like they designed her character so well that it’s practically impossible to her any other way. Sorry Makoto, you’ll forever be the idol prince who dreams of being a princess.


「みんな揃って、生放送ですよ生放送!」 (Minna Sorotte, Nama Housou Desu yo Nama Housou!)
“Everyone Gather, It’s a Live Broadcast, a Live Broadcast!”

There’s no holding 765 Pro down, as they’re popular enough to have their own live program now. If you’re looking for a “show” that’s purely about cute girls doing cute things, IM@S “Are We Live? Sunday” is definitely it.


「そして、彼女たちはきらめくステージへ」 (Soshite, Kanojo-tachi wa Kirameku Suteeji e)
“And So, The Girls Stand On The Sparkling Stage”

Wow, what’s with all these Miki episodes? Someone should really remind A-1 Pictures that there are eleven other idols in IM@S.

…Yeah right, who am I kidding. Like I’d really say something like that. You guys know me better than that. 😛


「期待、不安、そして予兆」 (Kitai, Fuan, Soshite Yochou)
“Hopes, Anxieties, and Signs”

As much as I enjoyed seeing Haruka spearhead the optimism in the group, I can’t say I like where things are headed with Miki feeling betrayed by the Producer at the very end. If she leaves 765 Pro for another agency, a huge part of way I started watching IM@S will be gone. God forbid, she goes back to rival studio 961 Pro, which she was an idol of in the IDOLM@STER SP game.