「真、まことの王子様」 (Makoto, Makoto no Ouji-sama)
“Makoto, A True Prince”

You know, I tried to go with the flow of this episode and see Makoto as a girl — I really did — but it’s so damn hard to. It’s like they designed her character so well that it’s practically impossible to her any other way. Sorry Makoto, you’ll forever be the idol prince who dreams of being a princess. I don’t think most Makoto fans will mind since that is her main appeal — even in the eyes of Miki — but I’m sure there are some who really like what lies on the other side of the mirror.

It’s really cute to see a bit of Makoto’s feminine side; however, her deeper voice and infallible tomboy demeanor are really hard to overcome. It would probably help her girlish image if she were to show some more signs of weakness and/or dependency on others. It wouldn’t hurt if she grew out her hair a bit longer either, especially after seeing her in that white one-piece in the ending sequence. Quite honestly, I’m torn over which Makoto I prefer, as one of the appeals of the reluctant prince is that no one will see her as the princess she wants to be. It’s very different from a very feminine girl with tomboyish ways who can come off as a guy if the need arises. I find the latter a lot more attractive from a personal standpoint, which is why I kind of want to see Makoto’s character shift in that direction, but it’s also a lot more common in anime, so it would mean she’d lose her unique charm in the process. I guess I should just be grateful that it’s not up to me to decide, as I really wouldn’t know which side to edge Makoto toward.

As for some plot-related developments (yes, they do exist in IM@S), the problems with 961 Pro continue to pin all the blame on Kuroi. Touma still believes that 765 Pro started it, while Hokuto and Shouta are completely indifferent to all the petty squabble. I’m glad that they didn’t get any more attention than that, as it doesn’t look like it’s going to be resolved any time soon anyway. The other bit of course is Chihaya’s problems with her parents, which continue to be built up for what I imagine will be a pretty deep episode centered around her. It doesn’t look like the next one will be about it though, as things shift back to Ryuuguu Komachi.

* I got a good laugh out of how Makoto was impressed by the Producer’s gaming skills. The cynic in me thought it just meant he’s a bigger geek than her. He does deserve praise for understanding Makoto’s feelings and treating her like a princess though.
* Full-length images: 15, 23, 27, ED17 02, ED17 03.


INS17: 「自転車」 (Jitensha) by 菊地真 (平田宏美) (Kikuchi Makoto (Hirata Hiromi))
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ED17 Sequence

ED17: 「チアリングレター」 (Cheering Letter) by 菊地真 (平田宏美) (Kikuchi Makoto (Hirata Hiromi))
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      1. Löl, that hurts just watching. xD

        Anyway… I meant the german text on the thing, like:
        Jede weitere Fahrt
        Erwachsene ?
        Kinder 3

        Showes the background artist used a German merry-go-round for reference.

  1. First Miki, now Makoto. Producer-san, I want your job!
    Has producer-san seen Makoto in that gorgeous white dress? He would probably be more open minded about her desire to record the show in a dress/skirt if he has.
    Less Kuroi is always good. More Ryuuguu Komachi and that means more screen time for Azusa next week ;D

    Seishun Otoko
  2. It’s really hard to imagine Makoto’s girly side with such a deep voice (still having trouble finishing my review for this ep…. jelly Miki is kawaii). Still, I think her inner conflict (going as a prince vs wanting to go as a princess) makes her one of the more interesting idols in 765.

    1. By the way:

      According to the English sub Miki says “Honey, don´t take away Makoto-kun”
      According to the Spanish sub Miki says “Honey, don´t exchange me for Makoto-kun”

      And the correct one is?

      Lectro Volpi
      1. Question – Would Makoto make for an awesome wing man or a terrible one? She could really fire up the ladies when moving in on them, but then again she’d draw all of the attention.

  3. So I finally got a Makoto episode I’m quite pleased with it. Basically hit up all the charm points I like about her. This episode pretty much made her both awesome and cute at the same time.

    Hot damn was Producer smooth here. He basically triggered a huge Makoto flag then made Miki jealous all within a day. We can also establish that he can handle himself fine in a zombie apocalypse. And yes, Producer that was a date, no matter what you say.

  4. Oh, Makoto, no matter how hard you wish to be a princess, you still act like a prince.

    I loved this episode, especially with Producer being all awesome. I especially loved the part when Makoto called their day a date back at the office, looking really confident and twirling that hat around.

    As for the Producer running into the punch, being in the heat of the moment, I bet going into the punch was the only thing he could do. If the Producer did take down the punk, it wouldn’t look good to others. 961 Pro and Kuroi could also use the Producer punching a punk as proof that 765 Pro isn’t what they are.

  5. https://randomc.net/image/THE%20IDOLM@STER/THE%20IDOLM@STER%20-%2017%20-%20Large%2004.jpg
    Perhaps Makoto ought to audition as both the male and female lead seiyuus for the comic she was reading in the beginning of this episode, much like one of the scenarios in the game.

    Was a bit disappointed Hokuto (the spiky haired Jupiter guy) didn’t do any flirting with Makoto as happened in her game route, no matter, as it means Producer gets to spend more time with our favourite tomboy.

    Yuri goggles: Would have been even more perfect had the episode involved Yukiho and Miki – Makoto’s popular fanon yuri harem.

    Next episode, it seems even Ritsuko gets her own episode, by virtue of her being an ex-idol.

    Kinny Riddle
  6. Uhmm was expecting more manly Makoto, but this will do too I guess. Lots of adorable expressions this episode and I loved the carousel scene at the end even though it was a bit cliché. I was actually hoping to see the scene with Hokuto and Makoto from the game too. Anyways loved this episode and I liked the little scene with MakotoxProducerxMiki at the end.

  7. I was expecting “Prince” Makoto but this was pretty nice. Between her and Miki, I really envy Producer-san (and I’m a girl xD). The Jupiter part was not as bad, seems that the guys really think 765 Pro started the conflict (but Touma is still a jerk). Seems that next is a Ryuugu Komachi episode and I hope it’s focused on Ritsuko, we already had Azusa episode and I really don’t like her >_>.


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