「雲間に隠れる月の如く」 (Kumoma ni Kakureru Tsuki no Gotoku)
“Like a Moon Concealed in the Clouds”

For Takane’s episode, it’s kind of a shame that she’s also subject to more of 961 Pro’s ongoing defamatory attempts, but luckily she handles herself pretty well against a paparazzi named Shibusawa (Matsumoto Dai). It also led to some really adorable moments care of Hibiki and Yukiho when they thought Takane was going to transfer agencies and join Elder Records. That, along with Takane sensing that someone’s been tailing her, actually made the episode not too aggravating to watch. The last thing I would’ve wanted to see is a repeat of Kuroi getting his way and 765 Pro just taking it for the most part, much like we saw in Hibiki’s episode.

Compared to the alternative, this was definitely a better way of going about it, and even injected a little inadvertent drama when Takane didn’t want to worry the others about it and they suddenly became suspicious of her behavior. It was more enjoyable watching everyone hound Takane out of fear that she might actually leave 765 Pro, rather than getting frustrated about Kuroi’s persistence, so hats off to our silver-haired princess for directing their concerns elsewhere. Takane may have felt bad about doing so, but I was grateful for it as the viewer. Incidentally, the best thing to take away from 961 Pro’s latest attempt is that Jupiter finally caught wind of their president’s underhanded tactics. While Touma may not be able to do anything about it, the fact that he’s aware of it should help clear up the misunderstanding he has about 765 Pro. Hopefully he’ll also learn that 765 Pro hasn’t been trying to defame Jupiter in any way and that it all stemmed from Kuroi.

As for the best thing to take away from this episode as a whole, it had to be Takane’s perceptiveness on everything that goes around her — and I don’t just mean the pun she made about how the fundamentals of their job are reporting, contacting, and consultation (hourensou 「報連相」), and the key to their victory is spinach (hourensou 「菠薐草」), even though that was a clever play on the Producer’s words. She’s one of the oldest idols, second to only Azusa, and arguably one of the smartest of the bunch, so it’s rather befitting that she’s the first person to pick up on how something’s been bothering Chihaya. That something’s been hinted at for three episodes now, and it’s finally confirmed here that it’s the death of her younger brother that caused a rift in her family, including the divorce of her parents. It’s clearly a traumatic experience for Chihaya, as she feels responsible for letting go of her brother’s hand and allowing him to get into a car accident (judging from the flashback in episode sixteen), so I’m really looking forward to seeing how she overcomes it (and Kuroi using it against her). The preview is the most serious and sentimental one to date, so the the next episode will likely provide a new element of depth not seen in IM@S yet. I’m looking forward to it.

* That off-the-shoulder look! I can’t get over Miki’s speech either, e.g. “Miki-teki ni wa”, which translates to “Miki-ly”.
* I like Hara Yumi’s deeper singing voice. It’s a nice change-up from the cutesy voices heard in a lot of the other characters’ ending themes.
* Full-length images: 04, 25, 34.


ED19 Sequence

ED19: 「風花」 (Kazehana) by 四条貴音 (原由実) (Shijou Takane (Hara Yumi))
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  1. Thanks for your continued blogging of this series Divine…I may not actually be watching the show, but I damn well dig the pictures…The full-length images are a real treat too!

  2. Oh Takane, you’re so mysterious. Hara Yumi’s deeper singing voice is definitely very refreshing. Is she a new seiyuu? Don’t think I’ve seen her in any other roles.
    Kuroi Pro needs to try harder next time. Seriously, can you even consider jumping ship to a bigger and more successful talent agency negative news?

    Seishun Otoko
    1. As I’ve said before, the notoriety in beating out subs has greatly diminished with simulcasts, so it’s not something that I’m overly concerned about anymore. I’m not exactly in a position to do so either, since I’m at work during the day and can only get around to watching/blogging anime in the evening. The key thing is that I’ll never be held up waiting for subs, like I’ve already shown with IM@S and Mawaru Penguindrum on some weeks.

  3. This episode might be the best of them all, and also one of my favorite episodes ever. The offering part of Hibiki’s croquettes and Yukiho’s tea are my favorites. But let’s not forget of her pwning a paparazzi.

    But it’s been a while ever since but I am looking forward for a another Chihaya episode.

  4. Finally watched it. I honestly don’t have much to say about Takane. I like her singing voice but her whole “mysterious” vibe didn’t really work for me. Her perceptiveness is funny though, so its good that it came to play here. It was adorable with Yukiho around Takne too. I must be one of the few who ship TakanexYukiho.

    Speaking of which, I’m annoyed that Chihaya took some of the spotlight. Though its great to finally see her story happening. And it looks like they are taking her story from the game. Mainly the fact that she is losing her voice.

  5. In the end, Takane is still a mystery. 🙂

    While Chihaya’s subplot of losing her voice due to stress (both physical and mental, based on the IM2 plot) is expected, what I didn’t expect was for the reason behind it to end up being exploited underhandedly by Kuroi like that.

    Kinny Riddle
  6. Thanks for blogging this show Divine. It may not be a very deep series but it’s very entertaining and I love it nonetheless.

    It’s a shame it’s not receiving as much coverage as it should imo, and only one group’s subbing it (Thanks Chibiki subs!).

  7. Finally watched it with subs!

    As Mr. Charlie Shin at atalude stated: Takane stands out in the Oujosama department, and I have seen a lot of Oujosamas too (Cecilia my favourite girl from the IS bunch, Karen Ayanokouji from Akaneiro, Saki Tenjōin from To-Love-Ru, Saori from OreImo, Eri Sawachika from School Rumble), she is wise and can lecture people of Chihaya´s caliber. No one lectures her, producer just forced one on her this episode.

    Being weaker than Makoto is one thing (totally acceptable), but damn wimpucer get your shit done!

    Touma finally got to his thick head that Kuroi was not a white lotus flower (Om).

    Lectro Volpi

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