「一方通行の終着点」 (Ippou Tsuukou no Shuuchakuten)
“A Goal with a One-Way Path”

Damn Producer failing at being a producer. He just doesn’t understand the delicate hearts of 15-year-old girls! It’s a good thing Miki didn’t let him off the hook for simply bowing his head and apologizing, even though I saw it as Miki having him wrapped around her finger. It would’ve been way too easy if he got off with just that, especially when he scolded her for being selfish and leaving the others hanging. Clearly I’m biased when Miki’s involved, but hearing the Producer yell at her like that rubbed me the wrong way by reminding me of the unwavering Japanese mindset that nobody’s personal concerns are above those of the group. In some ways, that no-nonsense mentality is really commendable. In others, it’s kind of despicable since it doesn’t even try to understand what other people are going through. Luckily, the Producer realized after Kotori pointed it out to him, and unlike how he scolded Miki, she did it with the understanding that he’s under a lot of stress.

With his feelings in the right place, the lucky bastard was somehow rewarded with a make-up date with Miki. It didn’t look like one at first when Miki was all depressed and getting constantly reminded of Ryuuguu Komachi, but our Producer had the balls to chase her down and then follow her around to regain her trust. Granted, the cynic in me couldn’t help but see it as the Producer “preying” on the fact that Miki is really simple-minded. As soon as she got caught up in whatever she was looking at, the sneaky guy slipped in some conversation about it. There’s no question that he was pretty smooth about it though, showing that he understands Miki’s tastes better than I would’ve ever imagined, so he does deserve some credit for being dependable. The promise he made about turning her into an idol that rivals Ryuuguu Komachi’s level of excitement was kind of sweet too, seeing as she really made him work for it with that Kaga Rin-like face (a la Usagi Drop).

In the end, there was little doubt that Miki’s interest would be restored and that she’d return to 765 Pro, so the real surprise this episode was Chihaya. She had the same group mentality as the Producer, yet held back just enough to prevent her frustration from spilling out and making a big scene. It was kind of easy to tell that she was annoyed with Miki in the early parts of the episode, but the key difference was she didn’t blame Miki without knowing what happened. Anyway, the important thing is that Miki’s back, because her outfit is easily one of the best. Nice try Haruka for volunteering to check the size! Even Hibiki was quick to point out that they don’t have the bust size for it.

* As much as I like Miki, her singing isn’t nearly as “pleasant” as say… Chihaya’s.
* Full-length images: 22, 30, 34.


INS12: 「ふるふるフューチャー☆」 (Furufuru Future☆) by 星井美希 (長谷川明子) (Hoshii Miki (Hasegawa Akiko))
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ED12 Sequence

ED12: 「ショッキングな彼!」 (Shocking na Kare!) by 星井美希 (長谷川明子) (Hoshii Miki (Hasegawa Akiko))
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  1. We’re in the same boat. I’m biased when it comes to Miki. I love her.

    -pushes you off the boat to drown then swiftly rows away-

    Wait for me Miki! I’m coming! I’ll make you into a REAL idol!

    1. -presses the button on a detonator, destroying your boat with 15 limpet mines…which is overkill for such a size…-

      None shall touch Miki…for her destined partner is Makoto.

      Jusuchin (Military Otaku)
  2. I’d agree that her voice isn’t really my cup of tea either, kinda sad cause her character’s so dynamic. Then again her cover of “Tip, Taps, Tip” by HaliCali provides a really good showcase of her voice in the appropriate song.


    Definitely like Miki as a character though. She still seems naive, but she has a certain engaging quality to her. Mainly as seemingly the one idol that’s willing to actually go for what she wants without hesitating. Show Spoiler ▼

  3. I was disappointed there was no car coming out of the lake. Still can’t believe she twisted it to make it look like it was the Producer’s fault, when it was clearly her own doing.

    And coaxing poor P-san on a date, how evil of her.

    Worst episode for the worst idol.

  4. Well that was more low key than I expected. I was hoping Miki would end up being infatuated with Producer like in the games. It would just be more entertaining that way. Or maybe there was more to their Not!Date that I can’t see. Still it happened just as I expected, since it was an easy make-up scene.

    “Nice try Haruka for volunteering to check the size! Even Hibiki was quick to point out that they don’t have the bust size for it”
    Silly Divine, you clearly don’t know their bust sizes. Haruka’s bust(83) is the closest to Miki(84) followed by Ritsuko(85)!

    1. We all know who wins the bust size battles, and that’s Chihaya. i was never really fond of the Miki character since the beginning (probably have something to do with her third-person speech pattern).. This episode didn’t help establish some kinda place in me for Miki.

      Poor P-san had to right-angle bow to her >.<

    2. After studying in detail the heavy display of bikini shots in episode 5, I am absolutely positive Miki’s bust size is a few notches above those of Hibiki’s, Ritsuko’s and Haruka’s. The chart did get it right for Azusa and Takane though ;P

      Seishun Otoko
  5. Miki was never a favorite of mine as she was too whimsical but this episode did show some much needed depth to her that I didn’t see coming which I really appreciated.
    It was fun to see Miki “test” the producer during their date, that guy is scary good at knowing the tastes of a 15 year old girl.

  6. Haha. Given your love for Miki, I’m surprised not to see dozens of full-length screencaps.

    Personally, I have great difficulty picking any favourites from the girls- they all have their charm points, but I will concede that Miki just has that magnetic quality in her way and manner.

    Even though the production value is top-notch on this show- it’s a shame that there is a limit to how much budget a single show can have, and that there is the reality that Idolmaster will end (already halfway!).

    I hope we’ll get to see the studio pull out all the stops for the concert soon.

  7. Sigh, this episode was a bit of a let down. Was expecting more drama :p. Well, it was fun. Lots of good shots for Miki fans. Chihaya’s response was not surprising to me, though I can see some issues coming up later. The producer sucks, but we knew that from previous episodes already. The issue isn’t so much about 15 girls or anything, it’s just bad management not knowing how to handle those under you. Misunderstanding or not, lying or perception of lying is one thing that is the hardest to recover from. He got off lucky in my opinion, just appeasing her with a “date” and a reaffirmed promise to her. Next episode should be great.

    1. I don’t think people are giving Producer enough credit here. You have to take into account that he is dealing with nine idols, each with very different personalities. Ritsuko should be grateful that Producer is being gracious to her, considering she is riding her smaller 3-person gravy train while dumping everything else on Producer’s lap. You can’t possibly deny that Producer came out strong this episode. The way he handled Miki, was just smooth and touched Miki the right way and gave her new direction.

      If anything the way Producer is portrayed is faithful to the games. Nervous and awkward to the girls, at least at first. Eventually he should grow increasingly more confident as he gets closer to his charges. The only difference here is that he is dealing with nine of them. At the same time.

      1. You are right :), I was being mean :p. Having nine girls is not easy. Ritsuko should be more grateful, that is true. Honestly though, I feel that Ritsuko isn’t that great as a producer. She needs to give being an idol another try XD

  8. You biased bastard, I love you! watched this episode ASAP.

    Miki is young an act on whims, you need to be really dense to fail at noticing it. If you are going to fail do it with grace broducer-san! sugar-coating is the key when dealing with this girl (and she still has her attitude).

    More Chihaya development, she is strict but fair.

    Miki´s love for Onigiri amuses me.

    Lectro Volpi
  9. I think now Miki is getting the most screen time in the series (except Producer). In the mean time, Haruka, who I thought was going to be the one who drive the series forward at the beginning of the series, is getting so little screen time. :/

  10. Yes, as Kotori has pointed out, it is sometimes very easy for us to forget Miki is still very young in this cut-throat industry and just choose the convenient option of accusing her as selfish without understanding the circumstances.

    Miki is talented, and like most talented people, they require the right amount of delicateness if they are to be nurtured and develop into their full potential.

    Chihaya is a genius of a different sort, and naturally comes with her own ego as well. Though she held it back just enough to prevent it from clashing with Miki’s, knowing that it’s for the greater good of their fledgling unit.

    Still, Producer will have to make sure he manages both these genuises properly next time, he may not get another “2nd chance” like he had with Miki this week.

    (Though he may consider using her lover good friend Haruka as a buffer should any conflict or misunderstanding arise. 🙂 )

    Kinny Riddle
    1. I was thinking if she doesn’t hit off the charm aspect to grab top idol status she’d make an excellent producer like Ritsuoko since she’s so devoted to the nuts and bolts of production and practice. Maybe in idolm@ster 3 who knows hehe. how appropriate in the pan shot of the group she’s standing by herself though. She almost looks like a assistant producer or a instructor already.

  11. Sweet episode. Even P-san isn’t so great (yet) at producing, I feel that he’s doing well learning about his idols as evidenced with him and Miki. I’m mega stoked to see the concert next week!

  12. Even though it seems most write off the producer as a failure, he puts effort into his work, is committed to it, and supports others ambitions. While he lacks experience and skill, the foundation of his character is one you can trust and depend on in that his intent is of goodwill.

    Miki’s is as some have said “whimsical”. But I would just say she is irresponsible. It seems that people keep looking at the producer for creating the misunderstanding but Miki was the one talking to him while on the phone. It was her inability to not correctly read the situation that lead to her misunderstanding. Just because she’s young and inexperienced doesn’t put the blame on another person. While it would be the job of the producer to confront her with the misunderstanding it’s not his place to apologize.

    She also is not willing to help those around her. While you could say that Japanese take it too far, she just left the group right before their biggest performance. Even if I could say that the producer was at fault, she did not care enough about the others’ dreams to even go through with the performance and then give notice.

    Even though I can understand it being heartbreaking to be so close to your dream and then it be taken away, and that the person who is leading you lied(front her point of view). To just up and leave the others, especially in that profession, and just because your not enthused anymore is just selfish. Everyone can get tired of something or not care anymore, but to just leave when everyone is needing you (for one performance) because you don’t care anymore is just ridiculous. Just leave afterward, her personal problems were nothing that required her to leave right then.

    1. I have to agree with you on this. I don’t really get why everybody is pinning this on Producer. Miki’s question was something like “Hey, can I wear stuff like Ryuuguu Komachi too?” (though maybe this question could be translated differently, I’m just going off the sub I watched!) and Producer said “Yeah, maybe.” First, she’s interrupting him on the phone, her question didn’t actually sound like she asked if she could JOIN but just get to be LIKE them, and Producer even said MAYBE. No promises were made Miki!

      She’s not my favorite (just don’t care for characters with her personality) but, I love Miki’s character design and some of her songs so, I’m not trying to hate on her character here! I just don’t see how this is all Producer’s fault and how no one sees this as Miki being selfish and irresponsible. Oh well, I look forward to seeing how the concert goes.

      1. I get on the producer’s case mostly because he is an easy target as a fictional character and a stereotype worker that’s rather slow on the pickup being put in a position where he has tons of responsibility. I guess I’ve been on the other end of the stick way too often :p (having bosses drop the ball when it really counts). I don’t have a good excuse for my unfair criticism, I should probably stop complaining about him XD

      2. What’s funny is even though I talk about the producers’ intent, in a results based profession he is no more reliable at the moment. Just in this case not his fault. I was just focusing on personality and that while if the producer failed at his job I would be content that he tried to help everyone, maybe disappointed that he tried with me but, at least he tried. Miki only considered herself.

        But from what I “think I” understand is they were all hired as novices to the industry and were given a chance to learn and become professionals, including the producer. So I hope what I said also doesn’t seem like I am hating on character because this is the time in their lives that they are going to make mistakes. I just didn’t think that “from what I can see” Miki’s mistake being put on the producer since he has enough of his own lol.

  13. Ah dear Miki, you never cease to amuse me after all you`re the only character in the whole iM@S series to have an epilogue. Wanting to see what´s all about that Kakusei Miki route… giving the development of this episode I don`t see that idea so impossible…
    P.S.: yeah still late with this series D= I want to see a ep. about Takane, I`m so intrigued about her, i.e.: why she always stares the moon?


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