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OP: 「夏色サプライズ」 (Natsuiro Sapuraizu) by 中川かのん (東山奈央)(Nakagawa Kanon (Touyama Nao))
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「4人とアイドル」 (Yonin to Aidoru)
“4 People and an Idol”

There have been a lot of references to other shows in Kami Nomi, but this OVA takes the cake in the overall number of references that were made. So if it wasn’t clear what light music club the show was trying to reference, let me just list out a few of the obvious clues. Four girls trying to start a Light Music Club, Ayumi (Taketatsu Ayana) getting pumped up about being a motivated musician, and an anime highlighting a certain girl with iconic pigtails should have been more than enough to get that K-ON vibe.

While the OVA itself didn’t really bring up any plot points (like this Goddess I’ve been seeing in the comments) like I hoped it would. However, it did bring back a topic that the second season of Kami Nomi briefly touched on — how in the world does Keima deal with all the memories he’s made?

In terms of how awkward it must be for Keima to face girls whom he has learned everything about in order to capture their hearts, I’m willing to bet it’s close to an 11 out of 10. With pretty girls like Kanon, Chihiro, and Ayumi constantly remembering the feelings they’ve made with Keima and trying to figure out why they feel the way they do, it is impressive how Keima doesn’t let the truth just burst out of him. Sure, no one in the world would probably believe him, but whenever he gets stuck in these situations I feel like yelling out in rage for him.

All in all, the OVA reinvigorated my love for Kami Nomi. The second season was really good, and this OVA only makes me want a third season that much more. As unlikely as a third season is, there are still a lot of different things they could animate: like giving us more details about loose souls and a deeper look into Keima’s life since he’s finally begun to accept the real world! If for nothing else, I would settle for more Elsie.


ED Sequence

ED: 「初めて恋した記憶」 (Hajimete Koishita Kioku) by 小阪ちひろ (阿澄佳奈) (Kousaka Chihiro (Asumi Kana))
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  1. Yeah, lots of references in this one, even the title 「4人とアイドル」is a reference to「4人はアイドル」(The Japanese title for The Beatles album “Help!”).

    This is asking to be put in animated GIFs :p. Still hoping for a third season, as unlikely as it seems. I’ve heard that the OVA+manga volume is selling really well. More Elsie is always fun 🙂

  2. I have to admit, as soon as I saw this, I marathoned both seasons. It’s just that good.

    Keima trying to deal with his memories with the conquests makes me feel bad for him to a certain extent. I mean, I’m sure anyone out there would. But seeing the girls, especially Kanon, recognize Keima in a way made me grin. I wasn’t too fond of her during her arc, but seeing the aftermath gives me hope for a third season.

    If I’m not making much sense, chalk it up to fatigue and alcohol.

  3. hmm i haven’t seen the ova, but from the screen shots, if it’s depicting the chapters i think it’s depicting, you’ll notice the goddess references if you come back to it at a later time =D

  4. The OAD was great, even though it missed an essential scene (I suggest reading this in the manga… its around Chapter 54).

    I hope we get to see a third season one of this days. We were just about to be introduced to one of the pivotal points in the series when season 2 ended =/

    Oh… and I was expecting full-shots of Kanon somewhere.

    BTW… the Limited Edition of Kanon’s new disc includes a slightly-longer and non-credit opening.

      1. The director of the series does like it and is rather sad that it’s not more popular then it is and want to continue the series if possible. So the whisper might hint that they think they have a small chance of doing so. Maybe we will get another OVA at least.

  5. Show Spoiler ▼

  6. this is canon(pun unintended) as you can read it in the manga.
    its pretty good but too bad they missed out the special parts like elsie this to try and help out keima who got in a pinch:

    “yes, you defintiely havent met kami-nii-sama before. and you definitely have never kissed him before.”
    every girl then blushes at the last part. including keima.

    oh and im surprised none of you guys noticed that 5th girl in the ED song…

    1. One problem is that it’s not really the third season that people want to see, but the fourth season. But considering the hints dropped in this OVA so may they be considering skipping some content to do the arc that is most likely to sell well.

      1. That would be nice, but they seem to have trouble with funding for even a single season. But I guess we will see if anything happens after the end of the current arc in the manga. I doubt they will do anything before they know how many episodes they would need.

  7. Well, some of the epically funny parts were gone. Such as the “PFP breaking into half” or the “Kissing Part” but well, it was quite interesting LOL. Hopefully there will be a Third Season. Like i mean it would be such a waste if they didn’t animate the Show Spoiler ▼

    Especially with the heat turning up in the recent chapters….


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