「ようやく君は気がついたのさ」 (Youyaku Kimi wa Kigatsuita no sa)
“You Finally Realized It”

It was as if the stars penguin drums aligned this episode, as all my suspicions last episode somehow turned out to be correct. From Masako and her obsession with Kanba to Mario and the need for Ringo’s diary, there were plenty of confirmations to around. Best of all, they’re pushing the Shouma x Ringo pairing like I’ve been hoping. As funny as it was to watch Ringo smack Shouma around and give him those repeated forehead flicks (gotta love those crazy forehead flicks), I was more amused by the thought of her going all “tsuntsun” on him without even realizing it. Even as Shouma got his ass handed to him on a silver plate, all that came to mind was, “Aww, you got the stalker girl to fall for you. Good for you Shouma! She’s a keeper!” Because of that, I found the second round of beats he received really well played after Yuri helped Ringo realize her feelings for Shouma. I was kind of disappointed that she didn’t try his curry cabbage rolls (mmm, curry cabbage rolls), but that was a mere afterthought once Himari finally took rocked over Japan (minus the song) and told Himari’s “monkey bitch ass” to cry her heart out. (lol)

You just KNOW it’s serious when she doesn’t react to that, so I’m pretty pleased with the late curve ball they threw us. We already knew that Ringo was born on the day that Momoka died, so the whole “reincarnation of Momoka” bit was a strange yet understandable explanation. That left Shouma’s blurb about being responsible for Momoka’s death as the new plot development/cliffhanger. There are only so many things that come to mind on how his birth could’ve caused Momoka’s death and almost all of them involve Momoka sacrificing herself to save Shouma and Kanba’s mother, Chiemi. For all we know it could’ve been saving her from an oncoming car just like Shouma saved Ringo. I can only really see it being something along those lines, hence why I’m not really dying to know exactly what Shouma’s alluding to. However, I do like the idea that their characters are intertwined every since they were born, which while a bit cliche and convenient, does emphasis the notion of fate, destiny, and all that jazz. It also builds on what Ringo went through with the frog rituals that surprisingly work and kind of forces the issue that she’s fated to be with Shouma whether her “maiden” heart is ready to open up to him or not. Judging from how she stopped Tabuki from sleeping with her, it looks like she was already aware of feelings for Shouma on some subconscious level.

As for the suspicions that hit the mark, they were 1.) Masako is Kanba’s stalker and may not have ever gone out with him, 2.) Mario’s life is only being preserved by the penguin hat just like Himari, and 3.) Ringo’s diary is needed for both their survival strategies. The question is of course is who has the other half. I just assumed the voice-changed phone call that Ringo received at the hospital was someone working for Masako, but this episode clearly indicated otherwise. The only other character listed in the credits last time was a “nurse” played by Ashiro Megu (亜城めぐ), so the plot does thicken given that there’s some unaccounted character joining the fray. Hmm… not sure what to make of that yet.

P.S. Yuri is a fearsome woman, going with the flow like that when Tabuki was all, “I love you Ringo! Have my babies!”


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    1. “There are only so many things that come to mind on how his birth could’ve caused Momoka’s death and almost all of them involve Momoka sacrificing herself to save Shouma and Kanba’s mother, Chiemi.”

      One thing that comes to my mind is maybe their parents were members of Aum Shinrikyo. And thats why they had to disappear.

      1. I thought about that to but I dont think that it holds any ground. I forgot the episode number but it was when Kanba and his dad were rushing Himari to the hospital. That took place way after the gas attack. If there parents were part of the attack they wouldnt of been around for that many years after the fact. I agree with Divine. Momoko dying that day saved them somehow.

  1. I’m actually pleasantly surprised at the way this show made me like Shouma/Ringo. I wasn’t into it at first, but after this episode, it all fell into place for me.

    Kanba and Masako belong together, in my opinion.

    Also, Mario is wearing heels. Color me confused.

  2. The Tokyo subway sarin attack was on March 20, 1995. Since before the series began to air, there was speculation that the show would clearly reference it because of the (95) graphic and the Mawaru subway line is one of the real lines affected in the attack.

    It was shown earlier that Momoka died and Ringo born on 3/20, year unknown. Now we know it was 1995 and the boys were also born on that day.

    The ending scene in the train was the clearest reference that whatever occurred on that day within the story and ties these characters together was a fictional major event inspired (at minimum) by the sarin attacks. It seems unlikely that the incident back then was a small one of a personal level. How would Shoma know who Ringo’s sister had been back then and what had happened on the day he was born and how it related to Ringo? He didn’t even know she had a sister earlier and Ringo hadn’t said anything about how she died yet he knew when she said the date.

    I agree, Yuri is awesome. The confidence of a mature woman can be unnerving! Why she’s interested in that princess-type man is still a mystery. She’s at least twice the prince he is!

    Masako appears to have the front of the diary which is the piece Ringo dropped at the hospital. The missing piece seems to be the back half which was taken by the motorcyclist which totally looked like Masako. Maybe I need to go back and re-watch both scenes.

    1. Maybe it’ll turn out that ambulances were limited and there was a choice between Shouma/Kanba’s mom being taken to the hospital or Ringo’s sister. In any case, I doubt it’s actual fault on their case and more of an “as a consequence of this action, your sister couldn’t be saved”.

  3. I’m not sure why Shouma thinks they’re responsible, my best guess is like what hurin said and their parents were members of Aum Shinrikyo.

    But yeah this episode was another good one, the part with Tabuki trying to get Ringo was again dark and hilarious, I’m liking now that the whole cast is starting to get involved, can’t wait til next week, hopefully I’ll find some time to watch this while I’m at AWA!

    Der Fur Shur
  4. No. 2 discovers the portable microwave.

    These penguins are seriously distracting. I find myself focusing on the penguins, rewinding and then focusing on the subtitles that I didn’t read properly. Not complaining though, they’re hilarious.

  5. The only entertaining part of this episode was watching Shouma get beat up. Sigh, can’t wait for the new season to pick up a new show to replace this one. The plot is starting to feel bland…

      1. Well, I’ve been free of meds for a while now :p. Seriously though, I find that this anime has a lot of twist and turns. However, every time the story behind a so called mystery is revealed, it turns out to be something really bland.

        The presentation and visuals might be really impressive. There’s tons of symbolism and references to popular culture. References to historical and for some in Japan, very close to home events. Lots of hints of the supernatural and many conspiracies. But I find that there’s a disjunct between all that and what has been revealed to be the story behind the main characters, which so far has been really bland in my opinion. Additionally, besides the main characters, the rest of the story feels very weakly tied together. Maybe I’m not smart enough to see what ties all those elements together, but it feels like a mess of lots of ideas that doesn’t do much for the story except to give an excuse to present a fancy or exotic visual.

        Right now, I’ll still continue watching it, but this is not enough for me to go on watching if something else that interest me more comes along. I think there are too many good anime coming up that will make me drop some anime. This is one of the first on the chopping block.

    1. Hey man I totally agree with you. This season overall was rather bland, and for that reason Mawaru stands out with all of its quirks and humor. But I don’t think this is a profound or amazing show or anything – at best its a curiosity and an oddball that I’m just watching because there’s nothing better really.

  6. Surprised no one else has mentioned the earlier reference to 16 years ago in this episode.

    Masako refers to the “curse of 16 years ago” and how it has ended up with both Her and Kanba in the same situation.

  7. I can’t think the timing of the Sarin attacks is coincidental to what Shouma was talking about, though I don’t buy the idea that his parents were cultists. They were present in the typhoon flashback and the Mom in the mirror one, so it’s unlikely they’re in jail. Perhaps Momoko somehow sacrificed herself to save them from the attacks.

    1. Doubt Momoka saved them or what not. Not directly anyway or their 2 families should know each other. Shouma clearly does not know Ringo or her mum. I’m thinking it is some weird or disjointed reason. Troll cliff hanger like the Shouma being run over.

      1. Why would Shouma not knowing Ringo matter? They weren’t even born yet and it was Momoka who died. For all we know, she could have sacrificed herself to save a pregnant mother and didn’t actually know the Takakuras.

      2. @Divine: if that is so, Shouma shouldn’t know Momoka saved them or even know she existed. He does not know Ringo’s mum either (i think). If Shouma knew who saved him/his brother/ and his mum. certainly, Ringo’s family should be come something like a family friend.

  8. It surprises me that the Sarin Subway attacks would be touched upon by anime, even after more than a decade. I guess I shouldn’t be since in America we started putting 9/11 things in films and shows within a couple of years. Maybe it’s more of the comedic, lighthearted nature of Mawaru Penguindrum that’s making me question the choice. But I’m not Japanese so I have no way of assessing or speaking for possible lingering feelings from that attack.

    1. Why should it surprise you that the attacks are touched upon in a anime? The dropping of the atomic bombs were made into a anime(Barefoot Gen). Anime can touch upon this tragedy just as good as any other way of doing it. Sure there is comedic nature to MPD but I never felt Ikuhara or Ikami were making fun of the Sarin attacks. If anything they are trying to make us understand how these attacks changed the destinies of the people affected.

    2. Supposedly the sarin attacks were very shocking at the time because Japan was known for having virtually no organized crime. The sarin attack is very similar to the anthrax attacks in America, not so much to 9/11.

    1. cabbage rolls was scary. i didn’t know what it was till reading this post; seeing that the penguin was pulling it out from below him (his bottom) + it was brownish + it looked really sticky + it was THAT kind of shape + recent mental imagery of frog sitting and going all slimy = ARGH!!!!!!! MY EYES!!!!

  9. Remember the money Kanba got from some masked “loan sharks” earlier on in the series; so that he could continue living together with his siblings? Well, I’m surprised that it hasn’t come back to bite him in the ass yet, and I suspect that it has something to do with his wealthy “stalker” Masako- she might have been his secret benefactor, and when the truth comes out it may allow Kanba to see her in a more positive light- which may have some romantic implications; much like his younger brother, he might fall for a stalker…

    I could be wrong, of course; it’s just my speculation. But I’m almost 100% certain that Kanba borrowing money to save his house was a plot-significant event related to happening which will take place later on.

    1. I agree. Rich Blonde controlling rich red head seems perfectly logical.
      As well as what Divine said: Since “nurse” is unlikely the possible candidates are Tabuki (too much of a whim), Himari (why would she?), or Yuri.

      1. That was Masako since she has the first half that Ringo dropped at the hospital. The one riding the bike is of interest. Probably Yuri. We’ve never seen her use the train so she could in all likelihood use the bike to get around.

  10. I wonder what relationship that stalker girl (Kanba’s stalker) has to Mario. Does she love him or something? Mikage loved Mamiya, but so far we haven’t seen the pink-haired Utena/Mikage near Mario.

    1. Isn’t she his sister?

      Man, Ringo in her stalker mode made me constantly roll my eyes, but thankfully the episode ended way more positive than I had expected. Hopefully that “Ringo chases Tabuki” arc is finally over.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought of Card Captor Sakura when I saw that!

      I’m not sure how many references this show has been making to other shows, but that one definitely seemed like a legitimate (and very subtle) reference.


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