OP2 Sequence

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「変わりはじめた世界!」 (Kawari Hajimeta Sekai!)
“The World that’s Started to Change!”

From struggling idols to overnight sensations, girls sure grow up fast these days. It felt like just the other day episode that they were only our idols. *sniff*

Unfortunately, once you become popular, jealous bastards will take exception and use any underhanded means to be a nuisance toward your success. Nowadays, it’s practically an everyday thing on the Internet where people can hide behind the guise of anonymity (*cough*), but I’d imagine it’s even worse in the cutthroat showbiz industry. In the latter case, there must be a saying that goes, “It’s not about how talented you are, but how you use your authority, cash, or body to get your way.” When it comes to 961 Pro (Kuroi Pro), Kuroi Takao (Koyasu Takehito) deserves to be burned at the stake for using his connections to take away 765 Pro’s cover photo and replacing it with Jupiter.

I’ll have to agree with Miki on how that’s a pretty crap-tastic photo. Who the heck wants to see three arrogant bastards holding fruit instead of cute idols dressed up as fruit? Part of me really wishes the Producer didn’t stop Iori from using her family’s status to put Takao and Jupiter in their place. After all, it worked wonders before on Kodama Pro. Rather than “stooping to their level”, the bad role model in me prefers to think of it as “payback’s a bitch.” Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to fly with our Producer. He let those bastards stomp all over the innocent hearts of his idols and forced his righteous views on them about beating 961 Pro fairly. For a show like this, that wasn’t the least bit unexpected, but I do feel that the Producer and President Takagi Junjirou better make good on “politely” screwing over Jupiter in return — especially when this problem boils down to a falling out between Junjirou and Takao.

I gather this episode was to show that everything isn’t going to go smoothly for 765 Pro simply because they’re gaining popularity. 961 Pro showed its true colors and made itself out to be an underhanded rival agency, giving us an antagonist of sorts in the story. While I can see the intention, hopefully Jupiter’s involvement doesn’t become a regular thing, as I really don’t want to see their arrogant mugs taking up any more screen time. I’d much rather see more character-focused episodes where the girls get caught up in personal struggles. I’m not looking for realism when watching IM@S , so outside interference will just be annoying to watch. Granted, things still ended off in the usual uplifting way after Haruka used their fan letters to help everyone realize that 961 Pro doesn’t even matter to them. I thought for a moment that Miki rallied the group this time around, but nope, it was definitely Haruka’s optimism once again. She’s seriously the glue that keeps the group together and worthy of being considered the “main” heroine. That doesn’t mean I didn’t love Miki’s off-the-shoulder outfit and unenthusiastic reaction to her fan art though!

* Miki never called the Producer “Honey”. It’s all in your heads.
* A new opening was bound to happen at some point after we passed the halfway point of this 25-episode adaptation, but this episode had a really good insert and ending song as well where the IM@S girls were divided up.


INS14: 「キミはメロディ」 (Kimi wa Melody) by 高槻やよい, 萩原雪歩, 菊地真, 水瀬伊織, 三浦あずさ, 秋月律子 (Takatsuki Yayoi, Hagiwara Yukiho, Kikuchi Makoto, Minase Iori, Miura Azusa, Akizuki Ritsuko)
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ED14 Sequence

ED14: 「Colorful Days」 by 天海春香, 星井美希, 如月千早, 双海亜美&真美, 四条貴音, 我那覇響 (Amami Haruka, Hoshii Miki, Kisaragi Chihaya, Futami Ami & Mami, Shijou Takane, Ganaha Hibiki)
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  1. Haruka’s really getting a lot of screen time now, and it’s especially evident that she’ll be getting more due to the OP (which is good, considering that she’s one of the more refreshing heroines).

    Anyways, I’m really happy that the plot is even progressing faster. Now that the 765 Pro gals are gaining momentum, I really do want to see that delicious jealousy and envy that their rivals from 961 bring out. Also, I’m almost sure that we’ll get at least one character episode for each of the idols, and that Chihaya will get some more background on her past, which I heard was a great story route, since it seems like they’ve just been dropping clues about her younger self (like in the OP).

    It’s really surprising that this is still the show I look forward to most during the week, especially since I’m more of a Type A guy than a Type B. I just love how it’s been consistently awesome week after week.

    1. Yay! Haruka! As a Haruka fan, this makes me very happy! XD

      Yeah, this anime is the one I’ve been looking forward to every week as well. Even though there are other anime that I watch as well. Somehow the others hasn’t been as fun for me as this one. Though things might change with the new anime that just started…

    2. Yeah I find IDOLM@STER to be the most refreshing show of all the ones I watch. It always puts a stupid smile on my face. It’s sad that some Type A’s might actually disregard watching IDOLM@STER from preconceived notions that it can only be watched by Type B fanboys. As for me, I’m a type AB 😛

  2. loved this episode! love the new op! not loving how jupiter and kurio pro used their power to steal the girl’s spotlight. It was a nice sweet moment though for haruka to cheer up everyone by giving them their fan art and letters. Miki’s and Iori’s were the funniest but cute. can’t wait for the next episode. could this be the hibiki ep???? :D?

  3. This episode:

    -Hinted backstory with Kotori
    -Miki starting to call Producer honey
    -Miki butting in everywhere again
    -Chihaya plot incoming

    Pretty good, besides Miki butting in everywhere. Yayoi was so cute this episode.

  4. Oh come on Divine, you call yourself a Miki fan? How can you forget to mention that she now calls Producer “Honey” like in the games? Its confirmed now, anime Miki totally wants Producer!

    As for the episode, its great to finally set up the antagonists. If Kuroi is anything like the games we will see more of his dickish tactics. Now go back to the character-focus episodes writers! Where’s my Makoto episode?

    P.S. Colorful Days is one of my favorite iM@S songs. Its a great song to portray 765 especially with their signature colors.

      1. I’ve got a better idea. Why not purchase your very own iM@S game? Then you can be the Producer and then Miki will be your own waifu, and she can even start calling you “Honey”!

        Let this anime Producer have dibs.

    1. on Colorful Days me too. I was waiting for this song! With so full of a catalogue of songs we get treated every episode i feel. One of the great perks of this anime. I think it really compliments the games by adding these “not with the producer moments” towards the character development. They really hit the mark with this.

  5. Loved this episode. Lots of good shots of girls in fruits in the ED XD. More foreshadowing about Chihaya. This looks real interesting, with the direction it is going. This episode turn out more exciting that I anticipated.

  6. I lol-ed at your (*cough*), Divine.

    Setting that aside, I really would do what Iori was going to do in real life but for imaginary side and good consciousness , I would just let them go and do my best and beat the hell out of them fair and square(Like hell its going to happen).

    Lately I’ve been seeing Miki getting a lot of attention but I will give another thought about it since you said that Haruka was the glue that keeps the group together. She did dance pretty well with all her might while sweating last episode and I somehow I kind of like it.

  7. Woot, Miki has “half-awakened” and begins calling Producer “Honey”. lol

    Glad that the story has now moved to the next phase where the girls have now established their names on the show biz scene and beginning to slug it out with other rival agencies in earnest. It’d actually be pretty boring if the girls were still stuck in obscurity.

    Haruka x Chihaya fanboy spotted

    Kinny Riddle
  8. Haha if only the real “Terebi-chan” made idols dress up in fruit costumes instead of making them hold lemons. I hope they use it in the future though otherwise what a waste.

    Really interested on knowing Chihaya’s story now. And I don’t mind Jupiter taking a bit screen time as long as the girl’s still get some time to shine, it’s kind of moving towards a main story plot-line having antagonists and all.

  9. Jupiter and 961 Pro should die a painful death and rot in hell!!!
    I hope producer-san comes up with a credible plan to fend off those dick heads. Something tells me he’s gonna end up pleading on his hands and knees (the way only Japanese can) one of these episodes when 961 Pro screws them over again.

    Seishun Otoko
    1. Kuroi is ridiculously over the top in his douchebaggery. In SP for example, he fires Hibiki for the crime of getting 2nd Place in an idol competition. It kinda takes the edge of your idol winning. They never do show his face, but he might as well have a twirly mustache.

  10. New OP is rad! Haruka really has become my favorite. I might just be imagining it, but she always seems to be brimming with optimism and confidence. Well, that may sound like an obvious statement since that’s her character, but even before she says anything, you can see it in her expression. Again, maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s quite amazing how they’re able to pull it off.

  11. Loved Chihaya and Takane’s fruit costumes.

    Anyway, it would be nice if, somehow, Jupiter and 961 Pro got exposed as the bastards they are somehow, whether accidentally or tricked, then watch as it falls apart piece by piece.

  12. Yay, Jupiter appeared again! I think the real jerk is President Kuroi, not necessarily Jupiter (Hokuto and Shouta are kinda just laid back and Touma is a bit misguided and overly competitive). I want to see more of them, as I think they’ll also be one of the reasons the girls will work harder.

    1. It’s Idolmh@stah baybee!

      Fruit girls:

      Miki – Melon (haha! yeah)
      Haruka: Strawberry
      Ami: Lemon
      Mami: Banana
      Iori: Peach
      Hibiki: Kiwi?
      Chihaya: Grapple
      Makoto: Pineapple
      Yayoi: Orange
      Azusa: Golden apple or what?
      Takane: Apple (yes!)
      Yukiho: Cherry

      Yukiho´s wink was quite featured, huh!? DAT WINK!
      Chihaya is actually trying with the non-singing stuff, 80 points!

      Lectro Volpi
  13. I really didn’t think I would enjoy Idolm@ster this much. I had my reservations about it, thinking it would be some generic crap. What I got was something awesome that left me very pleasantly surprised! I especially loved ep 13.

    And this is the reason I watch anime. It’s ability to produce gems like this is what I’m always looking forward to every season.

  14. I should really pick this up. I can so tell from your entries that this is a happy, feel-good show, regardless if I’m familiar with the game or not!

    The main guy from Jupiter looks more hunkish in the game. ‘Not diggin’ his drawn version.

  15. It’s the fight between Presidents!

    A rivalry the was created when the presidents met during their school years. They attracted to each other (probably because they both have the thing of their face not showing) and became friends, but it ended in pain. Looking for President vs President fist fight.


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