「すれ違いの(課外)授業」 (Surechigai no (Kagai) Jyugyou)
“(Extracurricular) Activities While Passing Each Other By”

I finally understand how the end of the world will occur. There’s going to be a guy and a girl who don’t communicate properly because one side didn’t take the time to think before they acted. I’m not going to go as far and say that it’s a cliché story idea, because it’s always fun watching the protagonist get his butt kicked around from time to time. However, I wasn’t really enjoying how they handled it this episode. Yes, I get that Taito is dumber than the typical guy and gets so focused on a single thing that he’ll let common sense slip right past him. But it’d be nice to watch him learn from the mistakes that he’s already made.

At the same time, there’s been something that’s been bugging me for a while. Seeing how Taito is stronger than any normal human, with the skills to take out the top fights in Japan, can you imagine how ridiculously overpowered everyone he’s faced so far had to be? The only other logical answer I can think of is that Taito’s composure during battles just becomes so unfocused that he’ll allow his enemies to blow holes through him. I’m hoping it’s the latter since amassing a large amount of skill sounds more feasible than just getting ridiculously strong.

On the other hand, it was a pleasure to watch Gekkou get strapped into the slice-of-life side of things. Watching him constantly put down everyone around him with his infinite amount of insults started to get old, but not until life decided to play a trick on him. I couldn’t tell if he was being oblivious over what he was doing with Mirai, but it definitely looked like he went on date with her. In my opinion, the best part had to be the crane game at the arcade. The second the stuffed animal fell from the crane, I was delighted to see Gekkou’s face full of rage — serves him right for being so damn arrogant all the time.

Even with almost no references to anything in the past five episodes, I think that this has been the best episode thus far. I’m sure that my bias for slice-of-life elements and high school romcoms is butting its head in here, but I think this show flows a lot better when it’s not trying too hard to be serious. If I don’t give myself expectations for certain lackluster protagonists, it’s that much better when they manage to pull off something cool. Plus, it makes it easier to accept the random insertion of characters. The only thing I’m left thinking about is just what is controlling Haruka? Besides having some sort of relationship with the Seraphim, I just want to know why she tears up just thinking about Taito!




  1. This show is getting more and more ridiculously slow paced for an action genre anime. They should just bring out the Seraphim already and not let them stand on the fence. (pun intended)

    And Taito should just make his feelings clear to either one of the girls. Or just double-date them in the end.

    (Btw, why do all the character designs look similar with varying hair colour?)

  2. This anime is suffering from SOS syndrome, a fatal complication as a result of a dumbass going through the ringer every week. I wouldn’t mind Taito’s BS if he wasn’t so dumb. Other than that, this anime is slow enough to melt ice on a 33 degree day, which is also pretty boring to watch if you ask me.

  3. it was great until near the end with another taitoXhimea.

    yeah yeah we get it. they are the clearly official couple. no need to keep shoving it in our mouths. it will give us the natural reaction to throw up.
    I bet the show would get better if they lay off with the taitoXhimea at least for a few eps. to also focus on the deeper plot.

    1. Being a fan of Taito x Himea, I’d like to say I’m happy that the anime’s been focusing on them as much as it has, but I’m not. A good relationship is only so strong as its foundation, and theirs was pretty shakily displayed IMO. There’s not much point in hoping for more at this stage.

      As for a deeper plot, considering its ZEXCS we’re dealing with, I wouldn’t count too much on that. Much in the same way as Taito and Himea’s relationship has been poorly shown, so too has the main plot via the rushed fashion that the story’s been given. Any attempt at an in-depth showing of such would only serve to confuse viewers more than they already are, IMHO.

  4. Now pardon my ignorance, but did the same studio that did this series, do Higurashi a long time ago? I ask since Haruka looks like Rena and i’m curious if it’s just a coincidence or intentional.

    Episode wise, i’m really getting sick of Himea pulling the ‘I’m lonely and you’re my only friend’ card. When ever Taito hangs out with anyone other then her…or does anything with out her. It was kinda cute at first, but now it’s just getting annoying. LET THE GUY EAT HIS LUNCH! Also it seems that Haruka has been friend zoned and more or less forgotten about by Taito. So she’s gonna have to do more then make box lunches to deter Taito away from his clingy vampire girl friend.

  5. I actually found this episode disappointing, probably for the same reasons you considered it the best one so far. I wasn’t interested at all in the slice-of-life stuff with the “date-o”s, and just wish they’d focused on the plot. At least we got confirmation that Haruka’s possessing spirit is working against the Seraphim.

  6. since when has romance become a bad thing? it happens in real life too you meet someone you fall in love you get married and raise a family. sigh no body was saying stuff like this when Gosick was out and that had romance with its main characters.

    1. You are compleately right, love is the most beautiful of all feelings and gives meaning to the life of every human. In the case of this series, The romance betwen Taito and Himea drives the story foward, not to mention that Taito´s honesty about his love for Himea is something you don´t see every day in anime; unfortunately not all the male leads are so straight foward with the girl they love.

    2. You can’t make that argument with respect to GOSICK without keeping in mind that Kujo and Victorique’s relationship was developed quite a bit differently from Taito and Himea’s. Theirs was developed slowly but surely throughout the entirety of the series as they went through many trials and difficulties together, thus giving its viewers time to sympathize with the two of them and understand them bit-by-bit. Such is an essential when it comes to having a real emotional connection with characters, especially where romance is involved.

      Now, of course, anyone who’s read the light novel and/or manga will know that Taito and Himea’s relationship took off almost immediately, so don’t I sound like I’m contradicting myself? No. In this particular respect it’s even more important that ZEXCS not steamroll through volumes’ worth of story and detail so as to give we viewers more time to delve into their mindsets and why they feel the way they do towards each other.

      Supplementing the foundation of their relationship in this would’ve added depth and understanding on our part so as to make the mind-blowing trials they’ll undergo later all the more impacting.

  7. It´s so good to see there are characters in anime that learn from their mistakes. Taito really knows how to make up to Himea for his stupidity, but at least all he does is to protect her. I am curious about what new powers Taito could get; considering the level of Hinata´s magic Taito would need the equivalent to a thounsand nuclear bombs at the very least.


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