Even in death, Itachi proves that he still had more techniques in his repertoire. He really doesn’t know when to stop showing off does he? Named the Yasaku no Magatama 「八坂ノ勾玉」, his latest technique looks a massive Sharingan-like shuriken, except it’s likely made out of pure chakra from Susanoo. It’s hard to tell if it has the same nerve-wracking destructive force as Naruto’s Rasen-shuriken, but I don’t doubt that it’s right up there with the explosiveness of B’s Bijuudama, a.k.a. Tailed-Beast Ball. Whatever the case, it’s a little hard to tell if Kabuto can release the Edo Tensei effect on Itachi as he pleases (going back to what I talked about last chapter), since he looked pretty intent on getting him under his control again. However, hopefully his attempt to do so means that Itachi will linger around for a good while longer.

Now is it just me or was everything leading up to the big explosion to counter Nagato’s Chibaku Tensei a big joke? B is always a given, but not once did I get a sense of urgency from Naruto even when he was getting his soul pulled out. I was going to jest about how it’s because he’s confident in his chakra tug-o-war abilities after making the Nine-Tails’ powers his own, but B already beat me to the chase. I really wasn’t sure if I was supposed to laugh at how nonchalant they were about facing a six-in-one Nagato. Even when they were caught in an “oh shit” moment, Itachi — Itachi of all people! — broke the tension by throwing a soft-spoken jab about how Naruto can attest to Chibaku Tensei being guaranteed death and be alive to talk about it. Looking back, I do hope that’s the comedic effect that this chapter was going for, since it was pretty amusing and I wouldn’t mind seeing more moments like that to cut the serious tension every now and then. It was almost like the silly developments that I’ve come to expect from filler episodes, except it was pretty cool because it took place during the main storyline.

In conjunction with the above, this chapter seemed to have a little bit of everything. Humor, epic action, and a bit of drama. Nagato’s last words before getting sealed away by Itachi’s Totsuka no Tsurugi were a little cheesy, though I did appreciate the sentimental effect the scene was going for. As for the action, I got a good laugh out of how intelligence still goes a long way for a ninja, after seeing how Itachi was quick to look for counters while Naruto and B were just going to wing it. His words about how every technique has a weakness also seemed to go back to how Kabuto claimed that Edo Tensei doesn’t and how Madara was skeptical of that. Whether or not they were meant to foreshadow a proper way to cancel the forbidden technique I don’t know, but it was the first thing that came to mind. I’d be all for it if that were the case, especially if it means that Itachi will get to fight alongside Konoha until that moment comes.


    1. How did he one-up him? Sasuke’s Susanoo can also go to the third stage, and grow a third arm (this was very fundamental; Sasuke’s Susanoo has this third arm even in the skeletal form).

      Also, in response to Itachi’s Susanoo being able to use such an attack, the circumstances are probably very similar to Sasuke’s. In Susanoo’s final stage (before the armor), Sasuke was able to obtain the power to shoot chakra arrows at lightning fast speeds. In this final stage, Itachi’s Susanoo must have learned how to use its own unique technique, musch like Sasuke’s.

      1. Erm could you direct me to the chapter that sasuke’s susanoo grew a third arm? What I meant was that itachi could go to the third form of susanoo so easily and sasuke needed so much rage and effort.

      2. Itachi made it look really easy this time because he is an undead. His eyes won’t go blind like before and not to say that his eyes can generate back as many times as needed. So right now, Itachi can fight at full power with no limits at all. On the other hand, when he fought Sasuke, Itachi was weak in going blind and he let his brother lash out on him too.

  1. @Divine dropping shows.

    Divine’s coverage of the thursday shows was just an effort to satisfy all of you damn kids out there 😉 (insert still-human-after-all comment here)

    Great work covering that many thursday shows for so long. Your effort is appreciated.

  2. at the end naruto poses as if he were the one who take down nagato. damn annoying idiot will always be annoying.

    annoyance aside, my favorite character and best ninja award goes for itachi! damn he really is awesome, now that he is free from deadly disease and immortal body as a zombie, he can now kick some ass of those who are called great deads 🙂 go itachi and please dont die as kabuto undo his edo tensei!

  3. i thought kabuto was waiting for the right time to unseal his master by forcing itachi to use susanoo’s sealing sword thingy then steal the sword… @_@

    maybe..just maybe…

  4. Did anyone else noticed when Kabuto said “ah yes one more has joined my capture list now”. Soo who’s soul did he get B or Naruto or for some weird reason maybe Itachi’s again. Still cool chapter apart from Naruto not thinking when he was getting his soul sucked out by Nagato.

  5. By the way, is Itachi really undead, or this most powerful eye technique not only did break Kabuto’s technique, but turned him back to live? I got a bit confused…

  6. Oh, please let Itachi live until the very last chapter! I want to see some more epicness like this! The final confrontation between the two brothers will make it all the more emotional and lets all agree Itachi is pretty much the star of this series lol

  7. Yes, Mandara is now going to have a hard time now. Itachi is back, better than ever. Now that he is immortal, he is literally invincible. Thanks to the Edo Tensei, he is over his illness and Sharingan side effects. Nothing can stop him now.

  8. Itachi~~~<3333 please stay longer and remain as funny as you were this chapter, we love your humor as much as we do Gaara's <333 but you're wayyyy cooler <333 please stay and make sweet sweet… nevermind let's not mention that on randomc =)

    Rise~N Seraphim
  9. How can someone not Itachi. He is the cooler character on this manga hope that he will outlive everyone with his new undead body I mean seriously he deserved a second life he threw everything away even his life for Konoha´s sake.

  10. Agreed with Divine on the whole joke part. The seriousness of impending death on Naruto disappeared the moment Itachi spammed Susano’o like it’s anti-cheat seeing as he doesn’t have any inner workings hindering him anymore.

  11. The fight was quite realistic.

    If you are facing someone as powerful as Nagato, the best course of action is to use your best abilities from the START. You shouldn’t be waiting until you lost an arm or a leg to start bankai-ing.

  12. I feel like Kishi is rushing things. Remember way back when Rock Lee couldn’t even use the Lotus without muscle strain? But Naruto doesn’t take any risks by using Kyuubi mode and hasn’t lost even a little of the Kyuubi’s power, despite Nagato ripping out his soul. I thought it could only last for a few minutes?

  13. Itachi needs to stick around, for the rest of the war!!! Kishimoto dont disappoint us!!!

    Nothing would be more satisfying than Itachi fighting Marada, and Sasuke again,though thats probably reserved for Naruto.

  14. I believe that Kabuto might be thinking of getting back/resurrecting Orochimaru who was trapped within susanoo and not Itachi who seems so more powerful now (being a jombie and all).


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