There was very little doubt in my mind that it would be Naruto arriving to the battlefield with a Rasengan, or the fact that he would finish off a Kage quickly to make an immediate impact, so the real surprise came in the form of his evolved Rasengan technique — the Wakusei (Planetary) Rasengan. With three small Rasengan orbiting the main one and spinning in the opposite direction, it’s nothing short of an absolute “clusterf-ck” when it hits its target. It may not have a wind element attached to it like the Rasenshuriken, but if the recipient is spinning one way and three smaller orbs are spinning the other way around him, there’s got to be a good amount of tearing going on. The way I see it, it’s like being fed through a grinder. If this weren’t a shounen series for kids, I would imagine limbs would be flying off in every which direction.

I kind of wished Naruto showed some more modesty about his sudden “Hyperbolic Time Chamber-like” growth, instead of acting all smug towards Gaara, but it was pretty cool to see them fighting side-by-side for the first time. (I guess the pursuit of Sasuke didn’t count, back when Gaara stepped in to help with Kimimaro.) Like I suspected five chapters ago, there really isn’t any notable ninjas left to deal with the former Raikage and Mizukage among Gaara’s group. Temari seemed to be the only one (as suggested here), so it highly likely that Naruto was going to make a timely arrival like he did. It was good kind of anticipation though, which in conjunction with the revelation that Sasuke’s Eternal Mangekyou is ready, really sets the stage for the inevitable showdown between our two main characters. At this point, it doesn’t really even matter what Madara’s up to, though I do still want to see what Itachi has planned to deal with Kabuto.


The Mangekyou designs continue to get more elaborate and creepier.


  1. So, did Sasuke just kill the original White Zetsu? Isn’t this betraying Madara to some extent?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Sasuke usurps Madara’s position as the main villain very soon. I hope the series will be concluding sometime soon.

  2. Sasuke’s Eternal Mangekyou looks really sweet, and I can’t wait to see him in a real battle. I mean, he’s using Susanoo on a peon, so imagine what he’d do in a real duel.
    I also liked that you incorporated more pictures into the post.

  3. Honestly, I think the whole Sasuke aspect of the story is the LEAST compelling. I’d be perfectly content never to see from him again. He was okay early on, but everything after the Genin exam has just been painful to watch.

    Hojo Joe
      1. Now that you mentioned it.. Bee won’t leave the original alone so that must be a kagebunshin. But I feel like the former tsuchikage and raikage are being cheated in battle if that was the case.. >_>

    1. Titles and ranks are just ninja red-tape (who thought ninjas had that too) the actual rank is based ones skills and combat power regardless of what exams they took .. and judging Naruto in the current chapters he is surely kage-level now.

  4. Needless to say, these Naruto clones are going to really help the war. The only question is how much of a help they will be. I can imagine that new rasengan took a lot of energy.

    On the good side, Sasuke is joining. He mentioned the first person he will kill is Naruto. I am wondering what he is going to meet first, the real Naruto or a clone. Hopefully a clone, since Naruto would be able to get a good idea of Sussano looks like now, much different from Itachi’s.

    I am wondering where is Hinata around this time. I would love it if Naruto would play the role “prince to the rescue” to save her. This manga needs more love.

    Code Fanboy
  5. “im sure it is not naruto”, “it is konohamaru obviously”, “it is minato”, “maybe jiraiya” “it is the kabuto’s trump card” << what can you say idiots who have said this last week? 🙂

  6. if I’m not mistaken I remember reading somewhere Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I doubt that, that sounds way unsatisfying. I mean, Sasuke is obviously not going to be killed by Naruto. I am surprised where you read who is not the final boss. Anyway, my bet is that statue, Mandara did say that he “would start his moon-eye plan.”

      Code Fanboy
      1. I agree with Divine. Another thing that good manga, like Naruto, are good at are how long they can go. Bleach was going to another 10 years, according to Kubo, I won’t be shocked if Naruto would go at least for another 5 years. If another arc did came after this, my guess is that the main villain is Orichimaru again. After all, Orichimaru isn’t dead, just trapped in an eternal Genjutsu. Or it could be another time skip where Naruto and Hinata are married, have kids and the main character is Naruto’s eldest child, if that was a case then I hope it is a girl that strongly resembles Naruto’s mom, yet has Hinta’s Byakugan.

        But, if it would really end with Sasuke vs Naruto, then it is safe to assume that maybe Mandara would be killed by Sasuke- he did kill the white Zetsu, so it wouldn’t be far-fetch to assume he would kill Mandara. Mandara did say he just plan to use Sasuke, but the plot twist is that Sasuke would kill Mandara and he is done using him. Or the plot twist could be Mandara having complete control of Sasuke, if he did something while implanting Itachi’s eyes.

        Code Fanboy
      2. I REALLY doubt they would seal away a villain like that just to keep a manga going and make more money…wait, let me rephrase that.

        Pretty much all of the threads in the story have already been tied up and the rest are to follow. Therefore, this feels like the final storyline. I mean, how can you one-up a war? Would FMA keep going just to Show Spoiler ▼

        And that NaruHina stuff is way too much speculah to actually happen. As far as I can tell, Naruto barely acknowledges anyone besides Sasuke.

    2. I totally agree, Naruto acknowledges no one besides Sasuke and the thing called Love.. naruto only has love for his mother for my opinion.

      what i’ve heard from a very reliable source which means a guy who uploads anime such as naruto.

      Naruto vs Sasuke is the final fight and then the series continue in some other way, not revealed yet

  7. LOL i just realized zetsu got pwned by team 7 first by sakura i believe with the backhand second by naruto with load of rasengans and now the godlike freaky type of massacre by sasuke

  8. I don’t understand. If Sasuke implanted Itachi’s actual physical eyes into himself then why doesn’t Sasuke’s Mangekyo Sharingan look like Itachi’s Mangekyo Sharingan? Just doesn’t make sense. I think Kishimoto is looking for an excuse just to draw more eyes using his spiral graph toy.


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