OP Sequence

OP: 「HIGH POWERED」 by スフィア (sphere)
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「侵略しなイカ!?/恋敵じゃなイカ!?/クラゲじゃなイカ!?」 (Shinryaku Shinai ka!? / Koigataki Janai ka!? / Kurage Janai ka!?)
“Aren’t We Invading!? / Isn’t that a Love Rival!? / Isn’t that a Jellyfish!?”

Well, there’s no knocking Ika Musume (Kanemoto Hisako) for trying to continue with her invasion plans, but seriously now, what’s a squid girl to do against the likes of Chizuru (Tanaka Rie)? If this episode was any indication, Ika’s options were a.) to prostrate herself as close to the ground as possible or b.) to prostrate herself as close to the ground as possible. She actually went the safer route with option c.), shed some tears of remorse and then proceed to prostrate herself as close to the ground as possible. Still, I got to hand it to her for regaining her fiery determination after Eiko (Fujimura Ayumi) called her out as a no-good freeloader — just like a certain cat god last season — and then sticking it to everyone to show she means business, even though this is probably the extent of an invasion she’ll ever achieve. Not that I mind of course, as this first episode was a quick reintroduction to naive and harmless squid girl that I know, backed by a simple yet lush color palette care of Diomedea.

Much like the first season, the humor always has a quirkiness to it even when it’s not overly hilarious. There are however moments that I find a lot more amusing than others might, such as the sight of Sanae’s (Itou Kanae) jealous and spiteful aura over Kiyomi (Kikuchi Kokoro) and her friends — Mochizuki Tomomi (Uchiyama Yumi), Nishimura Yuka (Sugiura Naoko), and Watanabe Ayano (Oribe Yukari). I have a whole new view on Sanae after hearing Kanae in Hanairo for the past six months, so it’s oddly amusing on its own to hear her go on and on about Ika. It’s even better when Eiko inadvertently gets in the way and notices the piercing eyes behind her back. The tried and true form of humor is of course Ika’s arrogance getting the best of her. The first skit had Chizuru quickly put her squiddy butt in its place, whereas the third one was a jellyfish bonanza at her own expense. I just love watching Ika bump heads with Gorou (Nakamura Yuuichi) over being the protector of the sea, since she always picks a fight with him and then screws herself over. The best kind of ownage is self-ownage.

Anyway, here’s to more Ika Musume this season. The cast seems a lot more comfortable in their roles now and are having a blast with them, as seen in Eiko when she blew her lid off at the three stooges. That’s like a whole new side of Ayumi I’ve never heard before.

* An opening theme by sphere sounds too normal compared to the ULTRA-PRISM’s “Shinryaku (x3) Shinryaku (x3), Ika Musume!” of season one.
* Kanemoto Hisako is featured in the ending theme, singing in a voice very close to Ika’s.


ED Sequence

ED: 「君を知ること」 (Kimi wo Shiru Koto) by 金元寿子 (Kanemoto Hisako)
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  1. Wow Ika is back!!! I absolutely adore this episode, it just gives me a big smile on my face.

    Anyhow, the colors in this season is vibrant and the backgrounds are definitely an upgrade from season 1. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  2. Not a bad recap episode in my opinion. I was kind of disappointed with the opening theme. Compared to the first season, this one felt too generic (and seem to have a bit more fan service feel to it?). I suppose it will grow on me as the season goes by. Expecting a good episode next 🙂

  3. Ika’s back to you beaches! did I saw some quality “level-up”?

    Got a lot of “tee-hee” from the second part. Glad to have some top quality light-hearted family friendly comedy back.

    It is weird as winter is coming close, you know, watching a “summer-feeling” anime.

    Lectro Volpi
  4. Lol it feels like I’ve watched this already ages ago. Must be because I’ve been following the manga since the end of S1. But it’s worth watching since the art here is to die for. Literally.

  5. Yeah the opening lost it mojo (though the original has some people cursing and swearing on its repetition). Loved her look when the alien invasion show ended. As a refresher episode and an into for new viewers who skipped season 1, its still good.

    Zaku Fan
  6. Am I the only one who finds the squid puns endearing. It might be funny at the beginning, but it gets really stupid after awhile, making her appear far more silly than she actually is. Yes, she has a “~de geso” (geso = squid tentacles) at the end of her speech, but that really shouldn’t translate to puns or random ’squid’ words in the middle of her dialogue in English. Squid-vasion? Seriously? Crunchyroll might have a ton of issues like region locks and quality, but I think one of their biggest issues is their translation quality… or lack there of. If they were able to do such a stellar job for Steins;Gate, don’t see why they can’t for this as well.

    Not to mention, why translate Ika Musume? That’s her name. It’s like translating Sakura as Cherry Blossom or something.

    1. well is ok because this anime doesn’t really have solid story line, but still i wound suggest to see season 1 how she meet up with the other character and what the reason she wants to invade

    2. No. Only because season 1 was absolutely hilarious and worth watching. (especially for Mini-Ika) But, seriously, you should. Because season 2 is a direct continuation so no one is going to be reintroduced at all. You won’t really “get” why a certain joke is funny for a certain character. I mean you’ll probably easily make the connections but it’s better if you’ve learned to love these characters and truly get why the jokes and gags are funny.

  7. Marathoned season 1 in two days just so I could enjoy S2! I love this show, it’s good for me especially after finishing nichijou. My hardest laugh in S1 was by far when the skinny white scientist made an indestructible ball cheered happily at how they could win and then SMACK breaks his hand and then he’s on a stretcher screaming for his mother and looking at his hand saying “oh my god! MOM!” all in broken engrish!HAHAHA! Joy-pain/suffering-hysterical screaming all in 2 seconds. Love it, and I look forward to that this season!

  8. actually hardest I laughed involved the scientists THAT one in particular, oh man the ray gun that wasn’t supposed to kill evaporated/erased that water melon and squiddie was gonna shoot herself in the head with it!LOL! While everyone is in awe at the destruction hes like “wonderful” then choking and the “we are good men!” then chizuru strips them with Kung-Fu…

    Ohhh man those scientists, get me every time, that and the character delusions.

  9. Is it just me or was the cast for Season 2 reshuffled? Eiko doesn’t sound as tomboyish as before. Ika Musume’s voice seemed soft and light. I think those are my observations so far. But since I’ve followed Season 1 and the manga, I can’t turn back on this now. Perhaps we’ll be seeing more jokes in the coming episodes.

  10. While the opening may not be as good as the previous one…

    …DAT ASS.

    There, I said it. Hey, it’s whoever directed the opening that had hern at such a fanservicey moment at the end of OP…


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