Who says you can’t learn anything from reading comics? Just look at Gaara busting out the chemistry to gain the upper-hand against the former Mizukage. I feel like I should geek it out further and say Gaara slapped a gold heatsink on Mizukage’s water-cooled vapor bomb. End result is a weighed-down clone that’s no longer overheating and blowing up over and over again.

Judging from the way this chapter ended, it doesn’t look like their battle is quite over yet. Either that, or we’ll get another chapter where Mizukage showers Gaara with more praise for being an exceptional Kazekage. Whatever the case, the Mizukage sure is an oddball, first telling everyone his weaknesses only to change his mind later when no one could stop him. If anything, he was just confusing everyone more, blabbing out his weaknesses and yelling at everyone for not figuring them out. Gaara definitely deserves credit for being able to think things through, and moreover, pulling out massive sand techniques left and right with no signs of running out of chakra. Last I checked, he doesn’t even have a Tailed-Beast in him either, yet he’s just creating mountains of sand like it’s nobody’s business. That’s pretty “boss” if you ask me.

Hilariously enough, there was still no sign of B even making his way toward the battlefield. Instead, it was good ‘ol Naruto rushing along. That kind of makes me wonder if our hero will have any further part in the Kage battle or if it’s going to finally wrap up. At this point, I’m actually hoping it’s the latter. The fight’s spanned so many chapters now that I’ve lost sight of what’s happening in other areas of the story. Something about Sasuke completing his transplant of Itachi’s eyes and gaining an Eternal Mangekyou…? Oh right, that. 😛


  1. As a Chemical Engineer myself is a happy feeling to remember my knowledge through some unconventional methods like the manga I read or an article about food, even the hated (or not) Seikon no Qwaser had something to offer. At least someone outside is using what we learn in school in other areas my only concern is how the Japanese use other languages but that’s for another occasion (I speak spanish… hello Bleach).

    At least these are fights to show that not only Naruto knows how to fight and that outside the main duo are people with power and knowledge to fight.

    1. But then you gotta ask, how much energy is that water clone using to generate so much heat? It doesn’t look like it’s lasting that long until it has enough to explode, but that might be because I read Naruto in 3-4 minutes (and Bleach is less than one, sadly). If it really is generating that heat in a few minutes, I’m curious at how much energy the shinobi expend every day and why the water in their bodies don’t simply boil away.

      I know I’m nitpicking, but even a thousand bowls of ramen would NOT sustain a ninja for a few minutes. Roughly estimating, you need 60 million calories to boil 100kg of water, or half of that for oil. So assuming the water/oil clone is a reasonable 100kg, that’s 30,000 bowls of ramen energy in a few minutes… Naruto, get eating.

  2. If you’re a believer of the theory that this really is the final arc of Naruto, then it makes sense that Kishimoto’s drawing everything out into super long battles. Mo’ chapters, mo’ money. Although, I’d really just like to get to the important stuff, like Sasuke’s new eyes or Madara and his team of jinchuuriki.

    Also, as if it holds any weight, I like this new font.

    1. Funnily enough, I thought this was just Kishi milking a dying cash cow too. Hmm… ever since Naruto and Sasuke fought at the Valley of the End in part 1, everything has either been filler or setup for Naruto/Sasuke powerups, with sprinklings of character development for the main characters (if you can even call it that, since Naruto is still pretty childish at times).

      At least it’s better than Bleach, where apparently everyone below vice captain (and Vizards) don’t exist anymore. Hell, those fullbringers won’t exist either after this arc. I’m calling it.

  3. Gaara’s probably the best Kage at the moment. As well as being the youngest, he’s fought three kages and defeated two of them. I can’t exactly say if he’s stronger than any of the others, but considering he’s the youngest, he’s pretty damn good. Also, I’ve suddenly had a certain liking to the second Mizukage. Compared to the others who are a little too serious, he’s more relaxed and seems to be more fun to be around.

    1. Gaara is very impressive this chapter, but he has an advantage since the battlefield is on sand, makes it a lot easier to use bigger jutsu. Kinda like when Kisame was in water.

      So I don’t know about him being the best Kage just yet.

  4. Pretty happy to see the intelligence factor playing a major factor in these battles. (Not that it’s uncommon per se) Naruto’s plan as far as defeating the Raikage and now Gaara showing how perceptive and quick he is to analyze and make use of every variable thrown into this situation. Makes the chapter that much more enjoyable.

  5. This feels filler!!!! I don’t care if there’s a lesson in the weak LOOKING being the strongest! I like bada$s characters. I like Ryu not RUFUS BECAUSE RYU IS COOL! Muu was a bada$s mummy or whatever but this Mizukage is a goofball and his moves aren’t that cool either! NO NO NO! Kakashi is strong and looks cool what’s wrong with that!? I’d hate him if he was fruity looking. Gosh and this battle is too long! For the love of the sage of six paths just stop prolonging the inevitable and let’s see some REAL sh*t go down! Holy crackers! Can I get a da*m bijuu bomb beast energy explosion ball blast thingy already!?!?! COME ON!


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