Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10:55 NTV (10/2)
Tamayura ~hitotose~
09:00 AT-X (10/3)
18:00 TX
Busou Shinki Moon Angel
–:– PSN (9/22)
Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2
25:05 TVS (10/7)
Bakuman. 2
17:30 NHK (10/1)
Mobile Suit Gundam AGE
17:00 MBS/TBS (10/9)
Kimi to Boku.
25:30 TX (10/3)
24:59 NTV (10/4)
24:45 CX (10/13)
Shakugan no Shana III (Final)
25:30 MX (10/7)
C³ -C Cube-
23:30 AT-X (10/1)
Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle
17:30 NHK (10/2)
Shinryaku!? Ika Musume
26:00 TX (9/26)
25:05 TVS (10/4)
Guilty Crown
25:15 CX (10/13)
Last Exile -Ginyoku no Fam-
26:00 CBC (10/7)
23:30 MX (10/1)
Mirai Nikki
23:00 Niconico (10/9)
Mashiro-iro Symphony
26:00 TVA (10/4)
25:25 TBS (7/7)
24:00 MX (10/1)
Persona 4 the ANIMATION
25:30 MBS (10/6)
Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!!
25:00 tvk (10/1)
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
25:55 TBS (10/6)
26:20 TVA (10/8)
Mawaru Penguindrum
26:10 MBS (7/7)
Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon
26:58 MBS (10/1)
Legend: 6 Divine 1 Prooof 3 Takaii 4 Guardian Enzo 2 Guests Not covering/watching

Shinryaku!? Ika Musume has already premiered and the flood of new fall shows is going to follow suit this Saturday, so here’s a quick overview of what the other writers and I will be covering this season.

As usual, this schedule is tentative and we’ll cover the first episode of some other shows that we plan to check out. If something catches our interest, shows might be shifted around and this schedule will be updated to reflect any changes.

This season, we’ll be featuring guest bloggers to cover Persona 4 the ANIMATION. None of the other writers expressed much interest and I’m too bogged down to cover it myself with Guilty Crown, IM@S, and Mawaru Penguindrum on Thursdays, so I threw out the idea of guest bloggers to our IRC channel regulars and found there was some interest. I was hoping to find someone familiar with the game who can pick up on subtle things in the adaptation and was lucky enough to find two such individuals. They’ll be covering it together with one person as the “main” writer. You can expect an introduction post from them shortly.

** To those who have e-mailed me expressing interest in becoming a contributor for the site, please be aware that this is a special case to get help with a specific series. I’m still not looking to bring any new writers on board, as the site has more than it’s ever had already. **

Blogging-wise, I’m really pushing for the 15-image mini post format that went wayside in summer. I feel it’s much better suited for comedies where impressions can just poke fun at what happened in 200-250 words — i.e. what the filmstrip format was originally intended to be — so you can tentatively expect this condensed format for the following shows:

  • Kimi to Boku.
  • Shinryaku!? Ika Musume
  • Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
  • WORKING’!!
  • Lastly, I’ve encouraged all the writers to post short one-off Snapshots on an episode of any series not being covered if they feel compelled to say something about it. This is a blog after all, so it’s at times like that when posts should be written. I know I wanted to say a few quick things about TIGER & BUNNY on more than a few occasions, but held off simply because I didn’t cover it from the beginning. This is also intended to help offset the lack of Retrospective Looks to a certain degree, without the same kind of commitment.

    10/05: Enzo has decided to cover Chihayafuru.
    10/09: Kiiragi will be back to cover Ben-To (and only Ben-To). Prooof won’t be covering WORKING’!! anymore.
    10/28: Our guest bloggers will be picking up WORKING’!!.
    11/18: Takaii dropped Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon.
    12/15: Kiiragi dropped Ben-To.


      1. This has never been a schedule of everything that’s airing, or else you should be asking where Naruto, Beelzebub, Toriko, etc. are.

        It’s only a blogging schedule that includes this season’s shows, plus any carrying over from last season that we’re covering. It’s intended to show what we are and aren’t covering, broken down to days.

      1. Its funny how people base this conclusion solely on character design. Apparently they conveniently forget UC and its annoying child characters. Or for that matter, the first half of ZZ.

        But UC is perfect, faultless quality. *Rolls eyes*

    1. A bit disappointed that Phi Brain and Ben-To aren’t being covered, but I’m glad that everything else got in. Also a bit disappointed Divine isn’t covering Horizon, was really looking forward to reading his insight which is spot on a lot of the time. Takaii is good too ofc, just no Divine. :p

    2. I’m surprised Takaii’s not covering Bakuman 2. Shame, that. It’s fine though as it’s looking to be a great season so far. I really hope some of these aren’t that interesting so I have a reason not to watch and cut down on the list a bit!

    3. Oops, didn’t expect Divine to blog both Fate/Zero and Guilty Crown. I thought that GE would have been a likely candidate for Fate.
      Anyways, looking forward to the shows and the blog entries of the team. 🙂

    4. Im gonna make a wild guess and say that OMNI or other previous bloggers will be our mysterious guests ^^ OR maybe another blogger from another anime blog will make a cameo

      Divine Don’t push yourself too much this season k? We don’t mind shorter posts at all 😀

      1. Yeah I’m really interested in who the guest bloggers will be. It might just be a past writer…seeing as we got the old Louise banner back up might be an indication of that. Not counting on it though. There’s also been a change in colour scheme for the blog which yeah I know it’s not a big deal but it kind of feels like RC is getting pumped up for this season 😀

    5. I should have known that Takaii will be blogging Shana 3 since it is the final one of all and since he takes on slice of life shows more than everyone else. I wonder if he has seen the previous two seasons and four ovas that jc staff made over the years since shana 3 will be concluding the whole story.

        1. I’ve watched all the releases of Shana from S1 to S2, all the specials, OVAs, and movie, everything Shana, and I’m confident that Shana S2 is pretty weak compared to S1 as it focuses a lot on the love triangle that is going on, the side characters, and building up the new character they introduce. If I’m correct, at the first half of the season, about 8-10 straight episodes are used just for those with little to no action.

          Well at least someone is blogging it, and I’m definitely looking forward to it.

    6. I get that the color of the show’s block indicates who’s blogging it, but what do the little colored boxes underneath each show indicate? The bloggers who are also interested in that show, despite not being the one blogging it?

      I suspect Phi-Brain will be the best-show-that-randomc-doesn’t-blog this time around, but I suppose we can’t expect every show every season to be blogged (or can we!?), and it’s hardly in my top 3 (or 5) shows I’m anticipating this season. Last Exile, UN-GO, Mirai-Nikki (hrm, all G.E. blogs-who do you bribe to get the good shows G.E.?). Guilty Crown will likely be my mindless guilty pleasure.

      I have to echo a previous commentator in hoping Gundam AGE’s retro experiment ends up being a huge success, just to quiet all the haters out there, even if I personally am not compelled by the art and what looks like a five-year old protagonist. Who am I kidding though? It’s Gundam, and I’ll watch it regardless.

      Maybe Divine should try to get a woman on board, so shows like Chihayafuru got a chance at being blogged. And, yes, I know how incredibly sexist that sounded and I don’t care. You need some WOMAN on this blog Divine! 😀

      1. Luck of the draw! As far as Chihayafuru, I don’t think it’s a gender thing – I think there’s a lot of interest there, it’s just a question of somebody having time to actually cover it. I’ll do at least a first impressions at LiA and maybe cover it there if it wows me. If it really, really wows me, maybe I’ll see if I can “simulcast” it.

      2. The boxes below indicate who’s going to be watching a series (at least for now).

        For the longest time, people thought I was a female blogger. My writing and tastes came off fairly gender-neutral (or so I’ve been told).

        I already suggested that Enzo cover Chihayafuru on Tuesdays, but he said he wanted to cut down to three shows this season on RandomC. If he’s going to be covering it on LiA anyway, I’ll try to persuade him to publish his posts over here too. 😛

        1. “For the longest time, people thought I was a female blogger. My writing and tastes came off fairly gender-neutral (or so I’ve been told).”

          Have they read your blogs on Idolm@ster about Miki? That might change their minds haha

    7. Aw, too bad Chihayafuru isn’t being covered. But I appreciate all the work you guys do for this site so I’m happy anyway.

      But I have a question. Like you did with Tiger & Bunny, will you do the same for all shows that aren’t being covered? I mean, write about the first episode only as a “First impression”? Or will you work entirely with the shows you’ve planned to cover?

      1. As usual, this schedule is tentative and we’ll cover the first episode of some other shows that we plan to check out.

        The short answer is yes. This has always been the case with every season.

        The little boxes below indicate what we’re planning to watch/check out, meaning shows like C3, Ben-To, Phi Brain, and Chihayafuru will likely get their first episodes covered by somebody.

        I actually plan to check out the first episodes of Majikoi, Maken-Ki, and Mashiro-iro, so I might say a few words about them too.

    8. wow, divine taking on quite a number of shows. Unlimited Show-Covering Works.

      hmm, i hoping G-AGE might end up being like madoka, although on a less darker storyline since it is also used to aimed towards younger viewers.

      1. I’ll be watching the first episodes of all of them, at least. I’ve never gotten into Persona but the gamers tell me the last adaptation wasn’t faithful and I should give this one a chance, so I will. I wasn’t a fan of Fate/Stay night, but as it’s Urobuchi and supposedly the fans expect this adaptation to be better – and it’s a prequel – I’ll likewise give it a chance. As for Horizon, it frankly just doesn’t look that interesting to me. I’ll watch the first ep and hope to be surprised.

        1. Very, very true about Persona. The last adaption was a terrible representation of the charm that the games hold. Atlus is an incredible storyteller, so I’m hoping that this doesn’t disappoint. With a two-cour they should be able to fit the whole story in. Be patient if it’s a little slow at the beginning- I can’t stress enough that Atlus is truly fantastic with the thought put into their games.

          If all goes well, you’ll be pleasantly surprised 🙂

    9. Takaii’s not doing Bakuman 2? Shame.
      Oh well I’ll look forward to his Waganai and Senjou no Horizon.
      And yay, Divine is covering F/Z. Would have flipped if no one was covering it here 😉
      I thought Enzo is gonna watch F/Z as well?
      And P4 covered by guests? Huh. Let’s see if it goes well, both the show and the blogging.
      At least most of what I’ll be watching will also be covered.
      A pleased man I am. Keep up the good work 🙂

      1. Who knows.

        “As usual, this schedule is tentative and we’ll cover the first episode of some other shows that we plan to check out. If something catches our interest, shows might be shifted around and this
        schedule will be updated to reflect any changes.”

    10. A few stupid questions (because this stuff has always confused me):

      Do the numbers with colons indicate air time? Would a time of “25:15” mean “1:15am”? And if so, are those numbers in Japan’s time zone- meaning the show would air “1:15am” in Japan?

      Super S
      1. This is actually covered in the Technical Note in the season previews:

        All times are given in a 24-hour, relative-day format where times are extended to show which day they belong to. For instance, Friday morning at 1:30AM would become Thursday at 25:30 to show that the episode aired late Thursday night.

        So to answer your questions, yes, 25:15 means 1:15 AM in Japan. I think the most confusing thing is that anime airs after midnight in Japan. Not a re-run but the first showing of brand new shows. Sadly, this is the only time block the majority of anime series can get. Hardcore fans stay up to watch them, hence the “relative-day format”, whereas normal people would PVR them or not watch them at all. Exceptions are shows targeted towards kids, e.g. shounen shows, that air in the afternoon (~6 PM) or early Sunday morning.

        The most coveted time slot is the Sunday 5 PM one, which shows like CODE GEASS, Gundam 00, Macross Frontier, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Star Driver, Ao no Exorcist, and now Gundam AGE have occupied. These shows generally appeal to both younger and older audiences alike.

    11. Seriously… why do we even need Bleach? That series is plain terrible. I would understand One Piece… but Bleach? Ugh.

      Hopefully the Persona 4 blogging is good… but I can’t help but be dissapointed by that decision.

        1. yeah, it’s disappointing to see that nobody picked up OP. The Timeskip was just awesome. and,robin’s not tan anymore XDD just like how she was supposed to have a lighter complexion from the very start since oda never tanned her. the manga as well DX with all those new strawhat abilities.

    12. Sad to see HxH and Phi Brain aren’t being covered. The only other shows I’m interested in are Gundam AGE and Guilty Crown which are both being covered by Divine this season. Overall this season didn’t really have that many shows that looked decent that wasn’t either remakes or new series of old franchises.

    13. All I can say is good luck to you all. I’m also surprised that Persona 4 is gonna get blogged by 2 reviewers. I know the game was awesome… but is it too awesome that a single blogger can’t handle it :p ?

      I hope everything goes well for Verdant and Unlisted, because maybe they could join RC as well.

    14. Great covering list, though I was expecting Divine to cover Chihayafuru and Takaii to cover Bakuman 2 so that’s a shame but otherwise all my other shows I’m most looking forward too are covered!

      There are a lot of 2-cour this season as well, and by the looks of some titles announced in winter it should follow on very nicely!

    15. aw too bad nobody is going to cover chihayafuru or tamayura (maybe this is a show difficult to blog about…) but you cover a lot of shows i plan to watch anyway, i’m looking forward to your posts!

    16. I can’t wait for all the madness Ika Musume has in store for us. Glad she’s back so soon. Bakuman was great the first time around with the spirit it raised within it’s viewers the majority of time. Here’s to the shifting, de geso.

        1. Ghostalker.. when you worked hard on something regardless of it being useless, you can’t just delete it if you have a way to store it. Same thing happens to us programmers, we can’t just delete created software even when they’re outdated. :p

      1. Too bad it being hidden for the readers to see. not to mention we will be not seeing another review of it if another ova comes. does google adsense really has better pay than other payperclick services?

      1. Some people have asked that it be enlarged for easier reading in the past, but I was against changing it because a lot of custom posts (e.g. season previews and Retrospective Looks) were designed around the original font size.

      2. The new font is better for my tired eyes. I try to save them by sitting far back at my desktop, and zooming in a lot on my phone. But I wish RC had textwrapping on more than just mobile browsers, but I realize that could mess up the format. I just don’t understand how my phone does this and Chrome and Firefox don’t.

        And is that a different color in the bars to the left side of every comment? details, details :p

        1. Automatic text reflow is a feature of mobile browsers so that they can view full websites better. i.e. eliminate side scrolling.

          The comment colors have always been there but weren’t as obvious with the other colors.

        2. I had the same problem but now Android and Iphone and blackberry work so well with most websites.

          I also linked my phone with my pc so I can watch and read anime via phone thru my pc lol.

          Great too see the old header back. Love it.

    17. thank you so much guys as usual for taking on the daunting task of anime blogging! i was hopping the guest blogger would be omni (<3), but verdant and unlisted sound lovely too. ty again. 🙂

    18. Personaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!1111oneoneeleven111!!!! Having to wait for this anime to come out is killing me!!
      On a totally un-related side not, thanks for your hard work as usual Divine.

    19. I love the idea for bringing in snapshots. Both the retrospective looks and the random musings were things I found as strong suits for this site. I believe the snapshots will prove to be another strong added touch to the site. Thanks for all the hard work as always!

    20. Yo, Divine,

      I just notice that the side banner containing the characters of Guilty Crown. I can’t help, but to wonder about the main girl and main guy. The girl has a very masculine stance similar to somebody saying, “Come get some!” while the main guy on the right has a very feminine stance which most girl typically stand. So does this imply that the main character will be weak and girly?

      I seriously hope not. I don’t want another re-run of Deadman Wonderland of a wimpy main character. But a picture is worth a thousand words…

    21. Wow I’m actually following really many series this fall season. I am quit excited to see every thing my list consists of the following:
      Guilty Crown;
      Persona 4;
      Mawaru Penguindrum;
      Last Exile(though can’t find any subs so far thus making it a bit difficult);
      Phi Brain;
      Mirrai Nikki;
      Kyoukai senjou no Horizon;
      Mobile suit Gundam AGE;
      Boku wa tomodachi ga sakunai;
      Maji de watashi ni koi shinasai!!;
      C3 CubeXCursedXCurious;

      So I’m pretty loaded this season and I’ll be sure to follow your post and discussions 😀

      Have fun guys and keep up the good work you’re all very appreciated (though don’t overdo it:D)

      1. That’s a matter of opinion. If they were to drop another anime to pick up C3, someone would probably wonder why the dropped anime wasn’t covered, and then we’d be at square one.

        1. I know is a matter of opinion i never ask anyone to pick up the series, I am just disappointed,which is my own opinion.
          Many people seem to put off by the first episode but the second epsiode is where the series start to shine.
          I am just suprise that some series that in my own opinion and according to the poll of the “most looking forward series” that is less interesting is being blog while this show is being left out.
          I know is a matter of taste and opinion or whatever. This is an anime blog the writer pick up whatever they prefer.

          I been reading RC for as far as I remember and barely post if ever, I guess the reason i make the first post is because some people really do following series base on the blog/review here and they could potentially miss a imo a great series of this season from what is shown so far.

          and no I am not going to reply anymore to anything relateto this.I just want to voice my thought and that’s it.

        2. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t trying to pick a fight. I was simply trying to back up the bloggers since your comment seemed to suggest the bloggers weren’t picking the right anime. But if you’re just out to spread the good word about C3 that’s fine.

          As a matter of fact i also like C3. That and Mashiro are the two i like that aren’t being covered, but I don’t mind since Ika, Guilty, Idolmaster, Fate, Mawaru, Chihaya, Horizon, Boku, Persona, Ben-to, Mirai Nikki, Gundam Age, and Un-Go are being covered. Quite the list isn’t it? Got to hand it to the bloggers at RC here. And that’s just the list of anime that I’m following. Several others are being covered that I’m not following.

      1. You can write a review on a single episode of it and send it via mail to Divine. You should also add how you’d got into watching anime, why you like it so much and your aspiration of what you want to achieve as a fellow member blogger of RC should you be accepted.

        Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Id recommend checking out Fate/Stay Night before Fate/Zero, its technically not required but I think it would help you get a better understanding of the series and some of the characters. Since Fate/Zero is going to be going on hiatus midway through anyway, you can take that time to catch up.

      1. Horizon has really gotten pretty good. Wonder if Takaii regrets dropping it.
        And sad that Kiiragi dropped Ben-To, considering how far along he was with it (episode 8). Might have to do with the comments?

    22. Ben-to dropped? That’s a sh*tt’n shame. I enjoyed them. I HOPE it wasn’t over a few comments. People will always have their useless opinions. Like my useless opinion for example. Dang.


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