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Monthly Impressions – December 2015

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season with friends and family! We’ve been busy preparing for our routine beginning-of-the-year posts and we’re starting off with our last Monthly Impressions. If you haven’t already read our November Monthly Impression, I give a much more detailed explanation there. We hope you enjoyed these Monthly Impressions which we’ve been carrying on for more than a year now. We hope to use up this time to give you guys bigger and better things in the future. Anyway, here’s a quick peek of how the fall season ended and surprisingly, it was much better than I anticipated. With a ton of sequels and what people thought was going to be a mediocre season, it ended up exceeding my expectations. I hope you all found a little bit to enjoy as well and get ready for next season!

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Monthly Impressions – November 2015

It’s finally December and that means it’s almost 2016! Crazy how quickly the year flies by and Stilts and I have been incredibly busy this month so we apologize that this post has been delayed. A lot has been going on in the RC background, along with US Thanksgiving and of course, the end of the season/year. Anyway, I hope everyone has been enjoying the fall season.

Stilts and I have an important message after the jump…

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Monthly Impressions – October 2015

Wow, it feels like a lifetime since I last wrote a Monthly Impression post. A lot of readers have been asking about where they’ve been, and I stopped posting them last season due to a long list of reasons, but it mainly piles up to – ”I was busy.” The other writers agreed that it was best that we take a break after running for a full year because these posts aren’t easy to compile, and they’re time-consuming. However! With that all said, Stilts and I love you guys so we brought them back and it also keeps our butts updated with anime. Hopefully you’ll get a good glance at what we’re watching this season and what you should pick up if you haven’t already and what you can keep on passing up. If there’s anything missing from this list that you think we should hop on, let us know too.

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Monthly Impressions – June 2015

With all the recent posts, I didn’t want to clutter the front page with more impressions, but I haven’t forgotten about June’s finales. This wraps up our spring season and I’m sad to see it go because there were honestly some gems in here that I enjoyed more than I expected. As a whole though, there’s plenty of opportunities for future sequels here and some of them have even been confirmed already! That’s something to look forward to in the future. In the meantime, let’s take a step back and talk about ones that finished up in June. Love to hear what everyone liked/didn’t like and how their spring season went compared to their expectations.

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Monthly Impressions – May 2015

You’ll have noticed a bit of an absence from our fellow writers this month and that’s because it’s been a busy time in all our lives. Whether it be moving, traveling, graduating or just working a lot of overtime, we’ve done it all so we’re appreciative that the community on RC has been so patient and understanding. With that said, the month of May came and went very quickly for us and it’s time for another monthly wrap-up. As a house-keeping note, please refrain from simply stating that shows are missing from the list. Keep in mind that we’re human and we don’t watch and blog everything. If you have suggestions, we’re more than happy to engage in conversation as to why a show is worth a peek (or maybe other readers are watching too). Thanks!

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Monthly Impressions – April 2015

Spring is finally here and I’m so delighted that the weather has warmed up ~ I love the spring season because not only is it one of my most anticipated seasons, but the workload is generally lighter so I have more time to indulge in my hobbies. Admittedly, this season features a ton of sequels and for good reason – it just shows what a hit the original anime was. For all the new adaptations this season, there’s a lot of potential out there that I urge you to give it a shot. There’s nothing to lose by giving the first few episodes a chance and I hope our impressions below will help you decide what is and is not right for you. As always, your opinions are welcome too!

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Monthly Impressions – March 2015

As we’re all getting pumped up for the spring season, let’s not forget to reflect on the winter shows which recently ended. This post has been delayed (partially due to me) because we wanted to get all the shows wrapped up before doing our final impressions. This is reflective of most of the series our writers have finished this season and hopefully we can give you a good idea of shows you’ve missed which we thought were worthwhile. If there’s anything that we missed, please feel free to discuss those shows below and maybe it’ll give us some suggestions of what we should catch-up on. With that said, happy spring everyone! Hope it’s warm where you are!

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Monthly Impressions – February 2015

February always feels like such a short month, even though it’s only missing a few days. There’s Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year and despite how some people say that this winter season isn’t the best, there’s still a handful (or more) shows that interest our staff. That’s enough to keep us busy so we’re sorry for the delayed post but without further ado… Enjoy! Keep in mind that even though we’re not watching or posting about a particular series, you are free to talk about it in the comments. You never know, it might entice us to pick it up as well!

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Monthly Impressions – January 2015

We’re already one month in the new year! I can’t believe how quickly time flies because this winter season has completely escaped me. Crazy! I don’t know about everyone else, but I live up in the North and it’s incredibly cold here so I just want to hibernate all day all the time. Thus, I haven’t been watching too many series this season but the ones I have picked up are definitely some great conversation pieces. Hopefully everyone has found something this winter as well and if there’s an anime that we haven’t talked about already, feel free to mention it in the comments. Maybe it’ll spark others to give it a try too.

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Monthly Impressions – December 2014

Happy New Year readers! I hope you all had a great holiday season and to wrap up the amazing year of 2014, we start with the December Monthly Impressions. This also marks the end of our Fall 2014 season so feel free to discuss all the gems, the uglies and everything else in between. It’s been a busy month for me so excuse the tardiness of thise post. The Winter season starts next week and you can all bet that the AOTY post will be up… very soon. Thanks again for all the readers that continue to support us year after year! And if you’re new to RC, welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay!

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Monthly Impressions – November 2014

This month has felt incredibly long for me – with five weeks in November, that’s a total of five episodes for each show that I’m watching. Crazy! Not to mention that the holiday season is quickly approaching which means another season finale, another season preview and of course, our year-end post! Hurray! But in the meantime, we’re here to talk to you about what we’re enjoying this season, what’s lacking and how shows are measuring up to our expectations. Feel free to discuss any shows that we’re not blogging (or are blogging) on a regular basis and provide your two cents here. We’d love to hear what you think so far.

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Monthly Impressions – October 2014

Another season, another monthly impressions. This season offers us a wide selection of sci-fi, fantasy and comedy series coupled with carryovers from the summer so there’s bound to be something that catches your eye. This post brings you our initial impressions of shows that we’ve been following for the past several weeks (plus any summer carryovers). If you’re wondering which shows have passed the three-episode rule or which ones you’re missing out on, give this a read through. On the other hand, there may be shows that haven’t met our expectations and you’ll hear about them here as well. We would love to hear your thoughts on shows as well so if there’s anything that we could have missed, feel free to discuss it here.

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Monthly Impressions – September 2014

Another Monthly Impressions post brought to you by the RC staff! This one’s a little different though. Given that it’s the end of the summer season (Noo! Summer is over!), these impressions will be a wrap up of our thoughts for this season’s shows. For all the readers that have been asking for our impressions of how the season compared to our initial expectations, this is where you’re going to get that information. If you wanted to get more thorough insights, most of the series will have their own finale posts available on the site as well. With that said, most of the anime I’ve seen this summer have been delightful and I can’t wait to get on to fall in… a couple of days!

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Monthly Impressions – August 2014

It’s that time of month again! And I’m proud to release the second Monthly Impressions post since we started up this category again. These have gotten a fair amount of positive reviews so far so we intend to keep on delivering as long as readers find value in them. It’s incredible how fast a month flies by and in another month, we’ll already be at our season finales!

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Monthly Impressions – July 2014

Retrospective posts are back and exactly 3 years since Divine’s last post. As hinted by some of our writers already, for the past few months the RC staff members have been discussing ways to bring something new to RandomC. After revamping the podcasts and bringing in fresh blood, we still wanted to do more. So we took all your ideas and feedback, put them into a hat and picked a winner! The end result was to bring back the monthly digest. Yay! For everyone new to RC, the goal of these posts are to summarize our impressions of all the shows that we’re watching regularly. This includes shows that might not be covered on a weekly basis, and hopefully spark some interest and discussions outside the daily posts. For those of you that have seen the previous Retrospective Posts before, these new ones will be a litte different.

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