It’s finally December and that means it’s almost 2016! Crazy how quickly the year flies by and Stilts and I have been incredibly busy this month so we apologize that this post has been delayed. A lot has been going on in the RC background, along with US Thanksgiving and of course, the end of the season/year. Anyway, I hope everyone has been enjoying the fall season.

After posting these Monthly Impressions for more than a year now, I’ve decided that after the end of this season, I will no longer be continuing these side posts. One of the reason I started doing these posts was because, as a reader, I used to love these added extras. It was a good way to get a snipet of the anime airing during that season and it covered a lot of shows RC couldn’t on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, as a writer, these posts are also a huge weight on top of the weekly coverage we already provide. It also forces us to keep up with 20+ shows a season which is fine to watch, but takes even more time to prepare a post. I hope you understand just how difficult it was to purpose ending these posts. We want to continue to provide value to readers and we’ll definitely have more projects on the horizon next year, but something has to give. Stilts and I will be posting once more at the end of December though so be on the watchout for that!

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    Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans
    17:00 MBS (10/4)
    Yuru Yuri San☆Hai!
    26:05 TX (10/5)
    Hidan no Aria AA
    23:00 AT-X (10/6)
    Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkou ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Gets♥Sareta Ken
    23:30 AT-X (10/7)
    Subete ga F ni Naru
    24:55 CX (10/8)
    Heavy Object
    24:30 MX (10/2)
    Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka??
    21:30 AT-X (10/10)
    Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!
    22:27 MX (10/4)
    24:30 AT-X (9/23)
    Noragami ARAGOTO
    25:05 MX (10/2)
    Owari no Seraph 2nd Season
    22:00 MX (10/10)
    Comet Lucifer
    22:30 MX (10/4)
    Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru
    24:30 MX (10/7)
    Shinmai Maou no Testament BURST
    25:40 MX (10/9)
    Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry
    23:00 AT-X (10/3)
    One-Punch Man
    25:05 TX (10/4)
    Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai
    25:05 MX (10/7)
    Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen
    25:00 MX (10/3)
    Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou
    25:58 MBS (10/3)


    Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans
    Episodes 06-09

    Stilts: When some stories take the meandering path, it feels like they’re stretching the tale out. With Tekketsu no Orphans, it doesn’t feel like that. I had initially assumed they would go straight to Earth, but the detour—-through the battle with the Turbines and the meeting with Teiwaz on the Saisei—enriched the story rather than just prolonging it. The theme of family was a strong undercurrent through this month’s episodes, which is a natural topic when your cast is full of orphans, but no less striking for it. For me, I’m constantly impressed by how well told this story is. From moments of weakness and doubt from Orga, proving that he’s still the kid he biologically is, to some of the older Tekkadan members wandering off to get laid (and being appropriately insufferable about it), it feels like no time is wasted. And the battle against the Turbines, zam! It was a very Tekkadan way to win, pulling off insane stunts like boarding a ship at speed, and it was thrilling too. They just don’t have the same sense of self-preservation that others do, which is both their strength, and a sign of how fundamentally warped they are from their upbringing. This one is still firing on all cylinders.

    Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!
    Episodes 06-09

    Stilts: To quote Takaii from the season preview: “Besides hitting all the typical slice-of-life elements, there’s always just enough genuine character interactions that make each and every chapter worth reading.” Amen, brother. This month’s episodes were enhanced by the introduction of Ootani-kun, a short boy who wants to be depended upon just as much as people depend on Shuri. While I for one am diametrically opposed to short guys dating tall girls (the tall girls are mine!), the burgeoning crush that Shuri seems to be developing for Ootani-kun is adorable. I like that Ootani is legitimately dependable, and while he may get called a pervert for looking at the girls in their swimsuits (even if he really just wanted to swim), he’ll call Shuri a pervert right back when she does the same thing. Hah! I also appreciated how, when Megumi got hit on at the beach, she was freaked out about it instead of bragging. It’s those curveballs away from comedy and into earnest character moments that make Komori-san wa Korowarenai! such a good show.

    Comet Lucifer
    Episodes 06-09

    Stilts: If you dropped this show a long time ago, you’re a smarter person than I. Comet Lucifer is bad, folks. Not entertaining bad, not depressing-because-it-could-have-been-so-much-better bad, it’s just bad. Mediocre bad. I endeavor to play the optimist in my anime-watching hobby, but to call this anything other than a failure would be to sugarcoat a turd. Ever since Felia grew up it has gone from bad to worse, with Kaon being sidelined, Captain Gus going yandere, Sougo’s group improbably surviving (not to mention winning) against trained soldiers shooting to kill, and now one of the show’s few redeeming features is gone, because Do Mon is dead. Every opportunity is squandered, every good idea is wasted, and the writing is utterly atrocious. I have a hard time imagining how they’re going to pull out of the death dive this story is on, and I don’t even think watching it splatter on the cliffs below will be any fun.

    One-Punch Man
    Episodes 06-09

    Cherrie: I’ve been waiting for the past one and a half months to see when One-Punch Man would deliver something outstanding and I think this is it. The past two episodes (and the month in general) have given a lot more continuity to the story and an overarching goal for Saitama. Since the beginning, Saitama has never really faced any true challenges nor was he ambitious for anything. This should give him something to strive towards will make for a more interesting anime to watch in my opinion. True to the style of One-Punch Man though, it still manges to deliver the same level of comedy, action and excitement. The animation quality hasn’t dropped off either which is an amazing feat. What really got me hooked this month though were the final episodes with Mumen Rider and the letters from “fans”. Even though Saitama is clearly the hero and he throws away any credibility for the sake of his hero collegues, he still gets the short end of the stick. Those few moments with the music and the letters just got me chocked up and I hope this is the route the anime continues on.

    Yuru Yuri San☆Hai!
    Episodes 05-08

    Stilts: Is it just me, or is this the most yuri season of Yuru Yuri yet? Generally I refer to it as “yuri-tinged,” because the lesbian antics had always stayed as subtext, but between Ayano and Kyouko going on dates, Akari and Chinatsu going on practice dates (complete with attempted kissing), and the usual Sakurako x Himawari antics, it’s feeling even more lovey dovey than usual. (Not that I’m complaining.) Perhaps my favorite bit this month was the one which followed the president as she helped people out by passing along the items she was given. With no dialogue and all score, it had a very Disney/Loony Tunes feel to it. I also enjoyed it when Kyouko and Yui met Sakurako’s family, and when Kyouko and Sakurako went to the arcade—Sakurako was on fire, apparently. I like those uncommon interactions. And my favorite gag? Definitely the “I am AHO” shirt that Yui picked out for Kyouko. It’s no I AM BOSS, but it’ll do in a pinch.

    Hidan no Aria AA
    Episodes 05-08

    Stilts: This is officially one of the most flagrantly yuri shows I’ve seen since Sakura Trick. (Though I’m not watching Valkyrie Drive -Mermaid-.) First we had Raika x Kirin, which is still amazing—Kirin has her “Raika-oneesama” wrapped around her little finger, and her bringing in her brigade of loli friends to scramble Raika’s brain (twice!) was hilarious. There was also Akari x Shino, which went up another notch when Takachiho-san revealed that she wasn’t mean, she was actually another yuri stalker out for Akari’s oppai, because why shouldn’t that be a thing? Sure, her characterization turned on a dime, but it was funny enough to work. That’s the kind of thing that Hidan no Aria AA does well—it takes things one step more ridiculous than you expect, which makes it funny (and outrageous) when it’s being silly. When it’s trying to be an action show, however, it’s third-rate at best. Kirin’s angst, the duel, the pool—all of these were great, especially since a case can now be made for shipping Shino x Takachiho (angry lesbian hate-sex incoming!). But the Quartet battle against Takachiho was shoddily written. Watch this as a yuri comedy, and it can be a ot of fun. Just don’t expect the action to be up to snuff.

    Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkou ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Gets♥Sareta Ken
    Episodes 05-08

    Stilts: With the exception of Hakua, who remains pretty one-dimensional, the past four episodes attempted to add more depth to our four heroines. Aika already had it, but I supremely enjoyed how she finally, finally managed to connect with her classmates through Kimito’s (and Shominland’s) help. That felt like a big victory, both for Aika and the audience. Reiko got more development as a rival/frenemy of Aika’s, and it actually kind of hurt when they had an opportunity to bury the hatchet, but didn’t. (What didn’t hurt was them wrestling in their underwear. Yum.) As for Karen, she’s still a total basket case, but the way she’s beginning to pursue Kimito is the right kind of trainwreck—ultimately doomed, but you can’t look away. But for my money, it’s the secret kiss from head maid Kujou Miyuki that most perked my interest. Why is the sadistic maid kissing him? I don’t know, but I want to know. None of this elevates Shomin Sample about the mid-tier harem romcom that it is, but it at least makes it an entertaining watch more often than not.

    Episodes 07-10

    Cherrie: For a story that’s so easily overlooked, I’m actually surprised by how much thought was put into this visual novel. When I first started watching DIABOLIK LOVERS, I thought it was generic, a bit of a guilty pleasure and simply hopping on the sensual vampire themes. I still think it’s all those things – but there’s actually some story here. Not a lot mind you! But the male leads in this story actually think and do stuff! It’s only the main protagonist that’s as dumb as a brick and fails to stand up for herself. She literally gets treated like a piece of meat and it’s even pointed out in an episode this month. However, putting our useless lead aside, I’m beginning to find favorites amongst the male leads. I still think they’re very cookie-cutter, but as the underlying story is being revealed, hopefully there’s a purpose for Yui and her harem. Otherwise, hey! I guess it’s just going to be another season of her losing mass amounts of blood and doing nothing… just with more vampires and names to remember.

    Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru
    Episodes 05-08

    Cherrie: I thought that after the initial month, Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru would start to dwindle down into a more overarching story. There are slight hints of Sakurako’s past and how she became who she is today, but for the most part, November has continued to deliver short cases week after week with some cliffhangers. There aren’t too many indicators as to what’s to come, but I think December will focus heavily on Sakurako’s unsolved mystery and this man in the hospital. Plus, we’ll see Satorou’s involvement in Sakurako’s life and I would love some closure on their relationship status! Come on! Quality has been consistent week after week, and the music and animation continues to amaze me. As long as this last month doesn’t take a nosedive, I would highly consider Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru one of the better mystery series this year. I love the character dynamics, not so much the actual cases but just the delivery and impact the characters have. There are so many feels! I give props to the writers for being able to create this connection between the audience and extras.

    Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai
    Episodes 05-08

    Stilts: Usagi and Suginami’s arcs couldn’t be more different. For Usagi, it was a stereotypically female plot—she was fighting not for what she believed in, but for her very right to choose. (That’s stereotypically female in a not so good way. See: Disney’s entire catalog.) That would annoy me if we didn’t have three other main female characters who are plenty empowered, so that’s not really a complaint. Usagi’s arc ended up being pretty good, for the strengthen it fostered in her character, which continued to show in her determination to save Suginami in the following arc. Also, the ecchi cosplay and everyone walking in on her naked with Takeru? More please. (Ditto to Suginami asking Takeru for a good-bye fuck. Classic Suginami!) As for Suginami’s arc, it combined some random reveals (Suginami is a clone who scienced herself into becoming a dark elf) with more bottom shelf sci-fi (nanomachines are the magic of sci-fi). But both of them did their jobs: They developed their showpiece characters while revealing more about the world, and also were entertaining (albeit rushed). They also furthered Usagi’s and Suginami’s haremette scores, because it wouldn’t do to have a female character who isn’t in love with him. Waiting on you, Lapis.

    Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider
    Episodes 05-08

    Cherrie: So admittedly, after sitting through the first month of Subete ga F ni Naru, I couldn’t resist the urge to just read the Japanese novel. Then… I found out that my Japanese wasn’t advanced enough to read the novel and watched the J-drama (with the same name). The J-drama features a lot of different cases (involving the same characters) besides the one the anime has shown. No spoilers from me though I promise! Let’s just say that the anime is much slower-paced than I would’ve liked and the story really boils down to that pivotal moment where everything is revealed. Up until now, you can probably piece together the story if you’re a very keen detective but even so, a lot of it is speculation. That’s what I don’t really like about the anime adaptation. They give you pieces but not enough for you to predict the outcome nor are they building up enticing characters. The J-drama does a better job giving life to Moe and Souhei, whereas the anime has made them almost too emotionless and flat. It’s difficult to focus on two separate stories well and Subete ga F ni Naru is trying, but we’ll see if it manages to pull off a unified ending.

    Heavy Object
    Episodes 06-09

    Stilts: Heavy Object is continuing as it began. It’s still stupid, which I say with a mixture of amusement and exasperation; which one’s the dominate reaction changes by the week. The main draw is still, as always, the banter and character interactions, especially between Qwenthur and Havia; the fanservice comes in a close second, especially episode six, which was chock full of it. Skimpy diagnostic flute suit? Sure, whatever! It even mixes in the occasional sign that all this might have a point, like when Qwenthur and Havia position themselves opposite the military industrial complex at the end of the Oceanian arc, or when Havia reveals that he’s playing the determined Romeo to Lady Vanderbilt’s Juliet, trying to become the next head of his family so he can put an end to their families’ feud. But the sci-fi elements are still so stupid, the Objects are overhyped, and the series constantly contrives thinly-veiled reasons to throw Qwenthur and Havia (and nobody else) into the fire, because otherwise we wouldn’t have a story. It’s not very good. It’s still a B movie. In fact, saying that might be a disservice to the better B movies. Yet I don’t hate it. I don’t hate it, but I can’t really suggest it either. It’s a silly bird.

    Noragami ARAGOTO
    Episodes 06-09

    Cherrie: With two months done and going into its final arc, Noragami ARAGOTO is consistently pulling all the right strings. It makes me incredibly happy, upset, sad, and hopeful all at the same time. There are so many things this sequel is doing right, but what I’m mainly amazed by is the seamless transition from season 1 to 2, even though we had an original ending in the first season. I love how much Yuki has grown (his maturity really shows) and how Yato and Hiyori’s relationship has deepened to a whole new level. I never expected Noragami to include any sort of “romance”, but now I’m completely sold on this ship. Seeing Yato finally get a shrine of his own brings tears to my eyes as well, all thanks to Hiyori. The story has taken a step forward and it’s no longer focused on just the main trio, but it now includes the other Gods, and the realm of which they meet and live. I can’t believe how far this anime has come and it’s a shame that I couldn’t get the chance to blog it again. If you’ve seen the first season and thought, ”It was okay.”, the sequel is highly worth watching.

    Shinmai Maou no Testament BURST
    Episodes 05-08

    Stilts: One part overly-complex demon world political scuffle, one part shameless hyper-ecchi fanservice. I wonder who thought it was a good idea to make demon world politics the focus of this arc? We don’t even like our own politics, much less the half-baked squabbles of some fantasy world. In case you can’t tell, this arc isn’t working so well for me. I think Shinmai Maou no Testament may have gotten too big for its britches, because it’s trying to execute complex plots and not doing so hot. Even the tournament arc—and for the record, I love tournament arcs—has been lackluster. Everything is too obviously stacked against the protagonists, which (paradoxically) makes it obvious that the protagonists are going to win. Tournaments are one time the protagonists can actually lose and maybe not die! What a missed opportunity. As for the fanservice, it hardly requires comment at this point, but I’ll try: This show is hella ecchi, y’all. It’s like the plot grinds to a halt once an episode whenever the director says: “Stop … ecchi time!” (Parachute pants optional.) The fanservice is getting so orgy-like that, whatever the in-universe excuses they have for why they’re not fucking, I just look at those scenes and go … uh, yeah. Just get it over with. Fuck already. You’re not fooling anyone.

    Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka??
    Episodes 05-08

    Stilts: It’s hard to create a sibling character which feels like a sibling—one that has that mixture of strong similarities and clear (sometimes purposeful) differences that come from growing up together. Cocoa’s older sister Mocha (Kayano Ai) is one of these characters done right. She’s so similar to Cocoa—or rather, Cocoa is similar to her, since we finally learn why Cocoa is so focused on being an onee-chan to Chino and others. The way Mocha made everyone (including Rize!) her imoutos so easily was fantastic! Other skits were good as well—Chino and Cocoa getting drunk on chocolate, Cocoa and Chiya’s silly fight, and the adorable multiple-stalking event (because yes, GochiUsa can make even stalking kawaii). Even so, Mocha was the star this month, easily. Not only was she funny, and added a new spice to the story, we learned more about Cocoa, and Cocoa and Chino grew closer as sisters. Is it just me, or is Chino-chan opening up more and more? It’s adorable. But then again, GochiUsa is always adorable.

    Owari no Seraph 2nd Season
    Episodes 17-20

    Cherrie: Plenty of action and conspiracy in this month’s Owari no Seraph. If you haven’t been following along, this is one month that you don’t want to miss. And yet… I wouldn’t say that you missed much either because even though there’s a pile of dead bodies shattered around town, our main characters are still intact. Yui still suffers from MC syndrome which makes him indestructible and a monster, but he’s not necessarily the protagonist that I’m cheering on. Guren (who reminds me so much of Mustang by the way) makes for a more interesting watch. He’s decisive, he’s strong and even though he might not be 100% “good”, at least he does what he thinks is right. It only depends on what your definition of “right” is. We still don’t know what the army is planning and where all the cracks are, but I hope that gets clarified soon by the end of the season. By the end of the season, I also assume we’ll learn more about the vampires and what Mika is planning all by his little lonesome.

    Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry
    Episodes 06-09

    Stilts: Once again, it’s not that Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry avoids the tropes, it’s that it knowingly uses them so it can twist, subvert, or ignore them when it suits the story. The Sword Eater arc was great for many reasons. Ayatsuji-sempai started off seeming all adorable and clumsy, but was actually deeply conflicted. Her battle with Ikki was one of the rare times I was rooting for the protagonist to do something stupid—to risk defeat, injury, and even death—to redeem his adversary. Then there was the battle against Kurashiki Kuraudo, the Sword Eater. I like how he seemed like a callous thug, until the revelation that he actually deeply respected Ayatsuji’s father, that the two of them enjoyed fighting one another, and that he and Ikki weren’t so different after all. I love that subversion, the spinning of our assumptions on their heads. Then there was Ikki and Stella in the mountain cabin. Oh my! It’s impressive that Ikki was able to hold back, and relateable that he was struggling with it. (To quote McLovin: Boner alert!) Though I feel like, “You’re sick, maybe we should wait for a better time,” would have sufficed as a reason to wait. Add to all that the introduction of Toudou Touka, the last haremette-who-isn’t-really-a-haremette, and this was another excellent month of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry. It’s lost none of its spark.

    Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen
    Episodes 06-09

    Stilts: It’s almost refreshing. We’re so used to anime that are rushing, rushing, rushing into an unsatisfying ending, it’s nice to have one that’s taking its time. And yet, I have to criticize Itsuwari no Kamen for exactly that: It’s taking too much damn time. Nine episodes in, and it’s all foundation, with little in the way of actual plot. I feel like it’s leaning too much on the original series, assuming that people will stick with it because of the Utawarerumono name, and while they may be right, I’m sure some people are already drifting away. At best, this will be one of those series where I’ll have to say, “It starts slow, but it gets really good at episode ____.” Which is not ideal! In the meantime, what we mostly have is nostalgia. First was Karura and Touka, then Aruruu, Kamyu, and Mukuru. For my money, the Karura/Touka episode worked much better, because it was more than just nostalgia—-it developed Kuon, giving Itsuwari-no-Kamen-only viewers something to appreciate. The Aruruu/Kamyu/Mukuru episodes was just nostalgia. As for the princess episode and the boat episode, they were too slow and too aimless respectively. This is a series in search of a point. I feel like there’s one underneath it all, but they’re being too stingy. I’ll repeat what one of my old bosses once said to me: I’m busy. Get to the point.

    Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou
    Episodes 06-09

    Stilts: There were a few laugh-out-loud episodes this month. I’ve always been a fan of large casts, including in comedies, so I enjoyed both the sports festival and the test of courage, with the test of courage being especially slapstick and surreal. I feel like this show has a good grasp of comedic timing, and it’s improving now that the whole cast is (re-)introduced. Even Jean’s episode had good comedic beats, though Jean is nobody’s favorite character. Though that’s why it worked—what’s the worst thing that could happen when Jean gets confessed to? That’s right. A titan. Er—is that racist? Probably best not to think about it. But I’m also a hopeless romantic, so I most enjoyed the summer festival, with Bertholdt pining after Annie. Somehow, his decision to do things at his pace was both touching and revealing. For a character I don’t remember much about from the original, that was nice to see. One concern: I think I’m catching some spoilers for the main series. Nothing is outright stated, but there are a few things you can intuit that haven’t been revealed in the anime yet. It’s nothing that I (unfortunately) hadn’t been spoiled on or guessed already, but if you’re a perceptive Shingeki no Kyojin fan and have dodged spoilers up to this point, it’s something to be aware of.


    1. Hey Stilts, do you remember your impressions of the new Utawarerumono from back around Episode 3? I should note that I’m part of the established fanbase, but I found Itsuwari no Kamen a lot more promising at that point than I do now. (Though episode six was excellent.)

    2. The thing about Hidan no Aria AA is that it has the ability to do semi-decent action and drama stuff. Episodes 1, 2, and 9 all had both in them, and all worked pretty well. They weren’t fancy, but they were functional. I think it’s just that episode 5 was handled so poorly that it’s poisoned the well, so to speak. What should have been a whole episode devoted to them showing off some good action scenes ended up being the exact opposite, which is a terrible shame, because what we’ve seen of the action throughout the rest of the series has been reasonably competent.

      1. That is true. That later episode (maybe it’s nine?) where Shino and Takachiho were fighting was good, and saving the loli who fell down the hole was legitimately thrilling. It’s just that the quartet battle was SO BAD. Just so bad.

        1. Actually that one is seven. I forgot to include it, but it was handled pretty well also.

          I really wish I could praise this series to people, but any attempt to talk about it requires a huge caveat of “there’s this one episode in the middle that just fails at everything it was trying to do. You can’t skip it, because there are actually plot-points in it, you just have to force your way through it. The rest of the series is notably better than that.”

      1. I am dying for this arc of Gintama, I wish someone would review it =) and I am glad someone else is watching Gintama! With that said, I went over 250 episodes in one week so I’m as fresh in my head as can be.

        I laughed at the bits of the show where they made fun of bleach, and now I’m re-watching bleach, almost 10 years later, 🙁 All these old shows have me rolling! I wonder what will happen in Gintama though, this arc looks so cool and now with the new animation I think it will be epic. reviewing Gintama would be great! Though I don’t think someone review a long running anime on here that much lol (if not going for the manga) Cheers!

      2. Ahhh Gintama. Every time a new movie/season of Gintama came out, I hoped that someone from RC would cover it (even if they didn’t cover the previous seasons). It would be really great if someone could post a one-time review of the whole arc when it ends because well, this arc > every currently ongoing anime.

      3. Here’s the funny thing about blogging anime: The more you write about anime, the less time you have to WATCH anime. Especially when we’re trying to do these monthlies, because we’re spending so much effort just trying to keep up with the current season that we can rarely go back to catch old series we missed. Hell, I’ve stalled in my Utawarerumono marathon AGAIN, and I’m blogging the damn sequel. That’s pretty high priority, but I still can’t find the time.

        That’s to say, we have very little ability to catch up on old series we missed, and Gintama, unfortunately, is one that I think all current RC writers missed. It’s just too many episodes for us to catch up on and remain at all current. Sorry, but I doubt you’ll be seeing any Gintama posts, not unless someone surprises me and has been marathoning it secretly.

        Ditto to fafner, alas.

      4. I follow the manga (though I hear the anime is better, so maybe I should get around to watching that as well), and I would agree that the current arc getting adapted is the best arc of the entire series. It blew me away week-on-week, and this is coming from someone who reads Gintama more out of habit than anything else. I’m sure the anime will do a stellar job at bringing the current story to life, because damn, it was really, really great!

    3. on Noragami:

      . It makes me incredibly happy, upset, sad, and hopeful all at the same time

      – every bit of that true, with the last episode, I think I reached the point of ‘dispair’.

      Amazing show of the season and by far, one of the few shows that is, to be able to really pull me in to the degree I’m left speechless with the consistency of the brain damaging cliffhangers.

      Ty for your review on the show, every word was true. M

      1. Noragami is a beautiful anime through and through. Unfortunately, I don’t feel the emotions that other viewers seem to feel :(. It may have been because I have read the manga and all those intense moments worked on me for the first time, but didn’t have the same impact when I watched them in anime form. My biggest gripe is that they didn’t adapt the Show Spoiler ▼

        1. I don’t just think it’s a case of over exposure. There are various series where I read the manga before I watch the anime. For example, there’s a scene in Akatsuki no Yona that I find really heartbreaking and it always reduces me to tears even when I’ve read it many times over and I have also watched the same scene in anime form, again, many times over and it always makes me cry. I don’t know why I don’t feel the emotions from the Noragami anime that I did in the manga, it may be because the pace is quick or the fact that I’m quite reluctant to watch the current arc because of the consequences that Yato faces afterwards.

      1. Eh I wouldn’t call it the worst ever, there are still a few good shows here. Not as many as there typically are, but at least it’s something.

        On the plus side too Winter is looking to make up for all the deficiencies.

    4. Whatever else you may say about Shinmai Maou (such as its unpleasant obsession with female submission), the second season has boosted it up to the ecchiest series ever, above even To Love-ru and High School DxD. It wouldn’t take much to make it a hentai (insertion namely).

      1. If anything, Enzo is just mocking or trolling his readers. And unlike other RC bloggers, he is the only one who doesn’t reply on any commenters in his blog showing his disinterest on opinions.

    5. It’s a pity if the Monthly Impressions won’t be continued after this season. It provides a nice overview of series that may not be covered here, or those which may but few take time to read the episode reviews.

      Nevertheless, I agree that this season could have been stronger, but it’s still a season where a new Gundam and Monogatari series have premiered (like them better or worse, no one can deny their brands, and during this fall they have proven to be very solid), and the action comedy party that is One Punch Man. The best of Fall 2015 is superior to the best of Spring and Summer.

      1. Thank you for the kind words, and I’m sorry we won’t be continuing them. We’ve been doing them because they’re something we wanted to see exist in the world, but they’re also threatening to burn us out, and personally they’re also impacting my other writing. I knew something had to give or I’d flame out and have to go on hiatus or quit. This is what had to give.

        We’ll finish out the season though, to end on a good note. One more post!

      2. Thank you! That was my originally intention when I started these… but overtime, it gets tiresome to pull these together every month. I appreciate all the help from all the other writers during this past year though =) And I love the fact that everyone else found them helpful too.

    6. I’m on the otherside of the fence here. I say this in hindsight though, but this season is one of my overall most favorite seasons.

      Fafner? Hell yeah. And it even went beyond my expectations. They managed to keep the feel of previous seasons, while still keeping the ball moving nicely. Plenty of action and really capitalizes on what has already been established previous seasons and media.

      Utawarerumono, sure it’s slow, not what I expected and somewhat, disappointing (expectations were not placed right). However, I still look forward to watching it every week so it’s at least doing something right. If the second part of the story next year proves to be what fans have been looking for, a somewhat grand fantasy adventure, then I could probably whole-heartedly forgive this season for it’s slow and slice-of-life pace.

      Owarimonogatari, ja~ I’m enjoying that as well. Although I can’t say it offers anything that previous seasons haven’t, but that’s why I love it. Owarimonogatari is EXACTLY what I expected.

      One Punch Man, I can let others speak for me on that one. Great screenplay and action choreography with a backdrop of subtle themes and character development. Most people are in it for the action (I included,) but it also has that depth to it giving it substance and context.

      Heavy Object may not be the smartest thing ever, but I can look forward to being entertained by it’s antics at the least.

      To be honest, this season is mostly being held up by Fafner for me. But that’s because of my niche and already established interest in the series. Second thing holding up this season is One Punch Man for obvious reasons I probably don’t need to state again.

      Goodwill Wright
    7. Sad to hear that Comet Lucifer didn’t get any better. I loved the style and animation, but the plot and characters were so mediocre I dropped it. One Punch man has been a standout for me this season thanks to its incredible animation and humor. While Gundam hasn’t quite blown me away, it is very good and somehow managed to avoid most of the pitfalls I’d feared… for now. Hackadoll has been a rather outstanding short, featuring one of the most shocking traps in recent memory as well as the most accurate depiction of an MMO in anime yet.

      By far my biggest disappointment this Fall is the new season of Garo. The characters and plot are painfully dull and poorly written, and the action and animation simply don’t hold a candle to the first season. The repetitive episodic nature of the show is killing the flow of the story, and while we’ve finally gotten the backstory of the main characters they haven’t really grown at all. I’m sure that all half dozen of the fans of the first Garo anime are just as underwhelmed by the second as I am.

      Doctor Hochmeister
    8. just ended watching ep 10 of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry…
      won’t spoil anything but sofar this was probably best fight of the season, in any show…
      still collecting the jaw from the floor
      plus, great emotional framing of the story

    9. By the way, I really appreciate you doing these monthly impressions. There have been a few times when they have alerted me to a series that you weren’t covering, but which was still good, and I found something new and worthwhile to watch. Thank you for the effort you have put in to provide them to us.

      1. *bows* Domo, domo. The goods news is that we’ll still be doing intros and END posts, and we may do MORE of those when we’re not busy with monthlies—I know that personally I’m not looking forward to END posts as much as I usually do, even though they’re usually my favorites. After all, I’ll have said a lot of it by then. (Also, will be busy with holidays and family and all that.)

    10. Seraph: Seraph’s author says Vol 11 of the manga, coming out this May 2016, will begin Part 2 of the Seraph saga.

      Vol 11 will also contain a special OVA, originally commissioned for last November’s Jump Festa animanga expo.
      Titled “Shahal the Vampire”, it’s an original oneshot story taking place before the Nagoya mission. It will feature the main cast and 2 original characters, the titular Shahal and Riko, a human girl kidnapped by him.

    11. I’d have to completely agree with your summary for Comet Lucifer, Stilts, it’s pretty much a chore to watch even now given how they messed up the character interactions. It’s worse than Gakusen Toshi Asterisk AND World Trigger (FYI, I only forgot to watch the latest episode for Comet Lucifer, but I’ll try to catch up tomorrow).

      On the oher end of the watchable scale, Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor – Exodus is still (IMO) THE underdog anime this year.

      Finally, the shows in the middle of this weird spectrum of mine – Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans, Heavy Object, Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, Gakusen Toshi Asterisk, World Trigger.

      1. Fafner needs a lot of investment before you can appreciate and enjoy season 2. But it is one of the very few animes with the most consistent and beautifully drawn animation and CGI all throughout the cours. The CGI mechs just blends well with the 2D background. Based Xebec.

    12. Dance with Devils: Devil’s anime director says that since the anime is preceding its upcoming PSVita game version (March 2016), there’s no pressure on them to give equal screentime to all suitor characters to satisfy the female fans.

      So the anime story will focus on the Rem-Ritsuka-Lindo love triangle. For Mage/Shiki/Loewen/Urie lovers, you’ll have to play the game.
      Here’s the full interview.

      Taimadou: Antimagic’s author talks about big boobs, from Vol 3’s afterwords.

      “Ikaruga was the main(girl of this arc, so now) it’s big tits turn. After last time’s tiny breasts (of Mari and Lapis), the breast size sky-rocketed.

      ———This work, Antimagic Academy, will continue to present you (with) various kinds of breasts.

      Don’t explode at me with “you’re not the one to talk about the big ones in the series”; from girls with huge breasts to a boobless fuel tank, I wrote it with my unchanging love for all kinds of breasts.
      In the end ‘He’ (my d*ck) came out, just how the heck does he pick the timing. And as scheduled, next time its big-breasted loli’s (Usagi’s) turn. It’s a big-breasted loli. Everyone loves big-breasted lolis. Even if not everyone loves big-breasted lolis, I really love big-breasted lolis.”

      I wonder what he thinks of the anime now, given the massive amount of content cut and changed from the narrative. He was also so proud and excited at his creation getting animated too.

    13. I agree with Stilts and Cherrie on Iron blooded Orphans and One Punch Man. IBO has been a good show so far with a lot of potential to become great and One Punch Man has been great the last few episodes. Like Samu I was worried the show would get a bit boring and repetitive after the first four episodes, but man did it prove me wrong.

      I really want to watch Fafner Exodus, but I remember so little from the original series that I’ve been holding off on watching it until I’ve re watched the original series and movie.

      1. Probably a good call. Although the stark animation differences may be jarring, but at least the characters and themes will be fresh in your mind making half of the thing that happen in Exodus make more sense.

        Goodwill Wright
        1. I wasn’t implying the animation was bad. Quite the opposite, the original had… average animation. Not bad, but not great either.

          I’m just saying coming into Exodus, the action scenes would probably blow your mind. The CGI fits in quite well, and the character designs are much more detailed (can be a pro or a con depending on your artistic taste).

          I meant jarring as in, going from an average production to a high value production.

          Goodwill Wright
    14. I am somewhat still watching those shows I initially picked so… let me do the ranking for this month. This is for episodes 6 to 9. I am happy that the majority of these shows got better (Starmyu, Concrete Revolutio, One Punch Man) while I am kinda frustrated with the current arc of Owarimonogatari and how Sakurako-san became a passable slice of life series.


      1. Noragami Aragoto – I can remember almost dropping this show in its first season when Yukine became the spoiled brat, Hiyori became useless, Bishamon attacking just because and Yato being the only character that is fun. Thankfully, I did not and I was rewarded this great sequel. It is a rare feat that a follow up is times better than the original and this show manages to mix action, drama and comedy seamlessly. With a plot that makes sense, mind you.

      2. One Punch Man – My main concern about OPM being a one trick pony is thankfully cleared this month. We now know what kind of person Saitama is (what a batman) and the intricacies of the Superhero department. The limitless stupidity of the crowd can be reduced for less cringe though. While the animation quality dropped at one episode (was that episode 6?), its level is now considered as one of the year’s best. Yet I am still not sold as to why this should be the anime of 2015.

      3. Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans – Its quality didn’t drop (although episode 8 is really slow and is the main reason why is it not placed at the top 2), the above two series only got better. Well, episode 7 of Gundam:IBO is the best episode this season and I am much more willing to write a 500 word essay as to why it is. Episode 9 highlighted how these children were really forced to grow up to adults even when they’re not under duress. They now realized that their decisions will lead to consequences and these won’t be pretty. Fix your pacing Gundam:IBO and this is a near perfect series.


      4. Concrete Revolutio – The polar opposite of One Punch Man is really getting better for the past five or so episodes and I won’t be surprised if this ends up as my most favorite this season. I mean, the superhero deconstruction of this show is spot on mixed with snippets of melancholy now we see the Bureau’s true nature and Jiro’s growing disillusion with that department. Bonus points for interesting post-war commentaries. Episode 6 could be trimmed to 15 minutes though as the sides we will never meet again got too much exposure.

      5. Lupin III (2015) – It’s still fun for what it is (the Japanese opening is cool and the artwork remains true to its series) but Goemon is the weakest link in this show. Episode 8 in particular is half funny and half heartwarming with Lupin freeing some a hundred year old ghost from her misery. Episode 9? Not much. I am more interested with his ‘girl’ than him. Goemon is the anime equivalent of a wood in terms of enjoyment.


      6. Owarimonogatari – It seems like the Monogatari magic was all used up in the Sodachi lost arc and we have to suffer for Araragi-Kanbaru maniac banters for the first two episodes of Shinobu Mail. And. This. Is. Much. Slower. Than. The. Other. Monogatari. Arcs. Darn it. Move the plot! Or show me more Shinobu. Choose.

      7. High School Star Musical – I don’t regret picking this series as the representative of fujoshi bait ones it is the most fun and sincere among the three. I believe it is kinda underrated but it deserves more love. I can never get over with episodes 6, 7 and 9 for which I believe are the better episodes this season. The power of nakama is high in this one. Episode 7 did what to do in a laugh out loud episode for more character development (bears and Team Hiragi crashing through the gates just to make a music video? LOL. A bear breaking the vase? Tengenji’s brand of moe?) and episode 9 is the sad emotional fallout of the Otori brothers. For fujoshis, the shipping opportunities in this show are high yet there are no fanservice in StarMyu. Yes. It is some your squeaky clean and fun equivalent of Love Live!

      8. Sakurako-san It was a shame that the mysteries didn’t work as intended. Thankfully, the slice of life component in this show is decent to powerful and we got a couple of good episodes (the grandma episode is moving and the bones found in the school mystery is just sad). The side characters got their exposure too. I am not too sure with their roles as we are now in the final arc.


      9. Kagewani – For a horror show, it’s really creepy and manages to tell compelling stories under seven minutes. It felt like it’s a anime version of your creepy pasta for the last four episodes. Aside from the animation, it makes me want to ask now why does the main lead seems to know something but is ultimately useless in the end? Ugh.

      10. Young Black Jack – It is kinda sad that I was not able to see more of its medical and ethical dilemmas. What we got here is your anti-left wing sentiments thrown for the sake of the plot feeling like it was set in the 60s. Thankfully, some of the later episodes became better (Episodes 8 and 9 are solid, Episode 7? Not much. I irked with the negative portrayal of the movement for equality of the colors there).


      11. Comet Lucifer – What else not to say? This is how you do a series that does well at first only to do a long list of mistakes in the long run. Now why is it not listed as the last? The background sceneries are still good, the musical score is still on point and the fight scenes remain cool albeit with stupid reasons.

      12. Shingeki no Kyojion: Junior High – Just don’t do jokes referencing to your original series and I am fine with you. The quality seemed to drop in these episodes although episode 9 is kinda decent with Berthold being doki doki around Annie and the laugh out loud episode 6 where our lovable prick (Jean) gets the spotlight.

      13. Osomatsu-kun – I might be at fault here but I just cannot integrate myself with the Japanese centric jokes in this series. Sure, I am happy that this is projected to become the best selling series this season in Japan but… from a foreigner’s point of view, I cannot laugh with the jokes. Maybe it has something to do with cultural differences. What makes me want to watch this show even after I did not enjoy this is it knows that its absurd and it does its best in throwing off-the wall jokes even these do not land at all times.

      14. Heavy Object – Ironically, I think Comet Lucifer’s better because that anime has energy despite doing what not to do in an anime series. This? No. Just. No. I don’t need fanservice to distract my attention with what’s going on with the plot.

      I like this season better than the last one actually. I don’t know why. Maybe because of the sequels doing their business seriously. Haha.

    15. Can’t really blame you for quitting the monthly impressions. They’re incredibly long. And they must take a lot of work. I remember only a few seasons ago, they were even longer(with a write-up for almost every show of the season). Don’t know how you managed it.

      1. With no small amount of effort, haha

        Thank you for your kind words. We enjoy ’em, but yeah, there’s a point past which the work isn’t worth it. We gave ’em a good shot though, which I’m happy for. Good idea, Cherr *applauds* 😀

      2. It’d be incredible if there was a single person that could watch every show a season + blog on a weekly basis + do these monthly impressions… unfortunately I can’t, so a lot of the work actually comes from all the other writers too for contributing =)
        That also means that overtime, if writers aren’t contributing, these posts will eventually get shorter and cover less shows. Stilts and I have tried, but even we are human. We appreciate the fact that readers have found these posts helpful though ^^ that was the purpose of them.

    16. Aw nuts… That impression of Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka?? makes me want to continue watching season 1 of the series (which I’d rather not marathon in one go lest I get a terminal case of diabetes) and continue to season 2 already. (You had me at Ai Kayano, although I could wait for a better version of S2…)

      Also on the same page as Stilts on Shomin Sample regarding Kimito and Miyuki’s…bizarre relationship. But the bigger question is: Will we find out why the sadistic maid kisses Kimito awake every morning before the season ends? And then there’s the implication that…
      Show Spoiler ▼

      Anyway, on to the other shows I’m following (and at least one more show I’ll watch later):
      Heavy Object: Expected a serious sci-fi show. Got an action-comedy show instead with the sci-fi elements merely a backdrop to the “crazy enough to work” antics of Qwenthur and Havia (and the occasional interactions with Milinda). Also, fanservice. (At least Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans manages to fill the “serious sci-fi show” quota–though it does have its funny moments–so it’s still a win-win for now.)
      Yuru Yuri San☆Hai!: So Kyouko and Ayano went on dates already? About fricking time, I say. Worth a marathon, at least.
      Aquarion Logos: Still a bit meh at times, though it has its passable moments.
      Show Spoiler ▼

      Shinmai Maou no Testament BURST: I’m gonna be honest–I’m just dragging myself every week to watch this show out of disappointment with how High School DxD BorN turned out. And while a lot of its fans say that the ecchi in this series is better than DxD (heck, borderline hentai), story-wise it doesn’t feel any better than DxD–maybe because DxD (or even To LOVE-Ru) had a better mix of ecchi and comedy? Heck, BURST isn’t any better than DxD BorN. One thing’s for sure, whenever I see that opening sequence where the protagonists fight against those giant “Heroic Spirits,” I can’t help but think…

      “Discount Attack on Titan.” *ding*

      1. I agree. Maya has really surprised me the most out of all of them. I personally like her development the best. Not saying any of the others are bad, but her is the one that really stands out for me.

        Goodwill Wright
      2. i found the tension of the previous season also very good, as if its about to happen. then they gave us an entire episode of full action (when they finally arrived with their rockets on the battlefield), and then continue to create tension.. But then this Future vision of this girl… i do not know, something inside me just broke

        1. I think the current timeline is already way past the supposedly future that Kanon saw. The current story arc shouldn’t happen to begin with if Kanon did not saw the Einharjar model into the future and build it on the present.

      1. The longer I do this, the more I see some of the same beats repeating. But there are also people like Goodwill Wright above, who (justifiably) think of it as a great season!

        IMO, only those of us who watch 15+ shows can really judge with any kind of accuracy, and we’re not always right. If you’re watching less than that and you get lucky, you could be watching every good show that airs a season, or vice versa.

        This fall is weaker than other fall season, but it ain’t bad. There are still good shows to enjoy.

    17. Personally I’m happy if there’s a few shows worth watching each season. To me, the worst season ever would be a season with nothing of value, however, that hasn’t happened yet. This certainly has been a weaker season, saved by some gems.

      1. Every season is different and depending on the shows offered, I think there’s always going to be something for someone. I don’t ever want to say a season “is the worst ever” because that depends on your expectations of that season. I agree that this season might be “weaker” because there’s not like 10+ shows that everyone loves… but I also like how anime isn’t so mainstream anymore and there are more paraodies and niche shows offered.

    18. This season has been amusing from an experimental POV, if nothing else. I’ve been watching Cavalry and Asterisk together, as if they were one big show. That’s how I’ll remember it at any rate, and it’s fun to consider how my memory will catalog the experience.

      As for Testament, I’ve long since just considered all those ecchi scenes were them actually having sex. After a certain point, it just doesn’t matter or make sense any other way, lol. It hasn’t quite gotten to the point of Seikon no Qwaser yet, however. After that show, I became desensitized to boobs for a few months, haha!

      1. Thanks for reading =) It was honestly such a hard decision to put these posts to rest but for the sake of the writers’ livelihood here on RC, we think it’s best to give yourselves a break once in a while. We’ll be back with more content and hopefully new “extras” for folks… but we just have to decide what that is first =P

      1. No worries. Those of us who do creative or public work are hardy folks, and much like camels we can subsist off a single kudos or an errant kind comment for weeks at a time! So don’t feel bad. It’s appreciated now.

        If you still feel guilty—and let me clarify that you should not—let me attempt to harness that feeling for good. If there’s someone else whose work you appreciate, tell them. Speaking as an author, I think people assume we hear from fans much more often than we do. It’s rare for all but the most famous in their fields. So if you have an author you like, or a band, or a news reporter, or an amateur shuffleboard player, find their email (or twitter, or whatever) and send them a nice note. For every hateful comment we get—of which there are too often many—a nice comment like yours today can buoy our spirits for days at a time.

        And even if you don’t feel guilty, I suggest it. I’ve done it myself. It’s a nice way to make someone’s day.

    19. No MI for Concrete? I had stopped at episode 4 because work + games, but didn’t know if it was going anywhere, SO I was hoping an MI would be given for it so gauge if it was worth catching back up =0(….

      1. Fear not, valued reader! I hear there’s an incredibly handsome chap who writes impressions for Concrete Revolutio every week on RandomC! My personal thoughts, though, are that it’s been getting better and better, but it’s still a genre mashup so enjoyment is maximised if you’re already quite familiar with all the various fantasy it sources itself from. If nothing else, it’s quite a different piece of storytelling than your average anime, and quite interesting. I do believe it’s going somewhere, but am not sure at what velocity it will get there.

      1. I believe that they run in parallel, now in Hidan no Aria AA you have heard of a case where someone is targeting Butei which would fit with the Butei Killer Arc in Hidan no Aria… Also we have seen Reki and Kinji in previous and current episodes…

        Of course that if the rom-com between Aria and Akari develop further in the next episodes, we may be watching something of a parallel universe, because it’s almost certain that Kinji and Aria have feelings for each other in the original series!

      2. I double-checked this last month, and confirmed that they run in parallel. All the AA characters have basically been retconned into the Hidan no Aria universe. It’s a weird choice if you ask me, since they don’t always fit snuggly with what the original characters should be doing at this time, but most of the time it doesn’t matter since Aria & co are only flitting in once in a while.

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